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Ammar Alshukry
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the nearity of Islam to men and how it is a result of actions like reciting the names of Islam to make oneself closer to his deeds. They stress the importance of voluntary spending time near Allah's prerogatives and avoiding being in a fluid form. They also mention reciting the names of Islam to make oneself closer to his prerogatives and avoiding being in a fluid form.
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I'll keep the near you keep those who you love closest to you, then what about the one who deserves your love the most Alkhateeb means the near. And Allah subhana data calls himself the near and the verse For stuck field ortho Matobo LA, in our beer Caribbean Mooji. So as forgiveness from him and repentant to him, indeed, my Lord is near and responsive. Allah subhanaw taala is near to us, even though he's risen above the throne, he's near to us in his knowledge, he's near to us in his care. He hears and sees all wherever we are. I was once giving a write to someone who is considered to be the most senior scholar in North America. May Allah preserve him. He spent the 15 minute ride

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answering my questions asking me about myself alternating seamlessly between Quranic verses and Arabic poetry. I was loving it. And every couple of minutes, however, he would all of a sudden raise his hands to the sky, and start making passionate and you're out facing the windshield. And then he'd go back to talking to me. And then he would start making drive again. And then he goes back to talking to me, and we're just going back and forth like that. And so it got very awkward for me, because I'm like, Am I interrupting your DUA, but him going back and forth between me and crystallize the concept for me? The province level lightest said it was asked by GBD What is your

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SIR? And he said that you worship Allah subhanho data as if you see him anytime that you have a third person in the car. So say you have two people in the front, and then you have a third in the back? What do the two people in the front always do with the person in the back? They engage them, right? So you say, hey, what do you think about this party? My work? Right? You engage that person because they're there? Allah subhana data says, My Hakuna Amin Nigel FLSA team in law who arrived at home with our constitution in law who has this home? Well, I think I'm in vedika, well, AXA, ilaha IL, Allah says there's no gathering of three except that he's there forth. There's no gathering of

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five except that there's that he's there six. And there's no gathering of more than that, or less than that, except that he's with them wherever they are. And so him engaging ALLAH SubhanA data in that way engaging a curry being aware of ALLAH SubhanA wa diatas nerdiness. It crystallized that concept for me. So when God asked the province, the licen, what is it said, and he said to worship Allah as if you see him and if you don't see him, to know that he sees you. The third who was amongst us, was unseen to me, but for him, it was as if he saw him. Now when we talk about Allah being Khadi near there's two manifestations of Allah's nearness, and there's two manifestations with

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many of his attributes, a general manifestation and a specific manifestation. So the general manifestation is that Allah subhana wa Tada is near to all of us, he's near to everyone, when it comes to his knowledge, again in his power, but when it comes to the specific manifestation, Allah is nearer to some than others. And the way that we come closer to Allah, and we experienced more of that nearness is the more we ascend in our Eman, our Taqwa are good deeds, the closer we become to a clip. So how does one come closer to Al Karim? How does one become more near to the close veneer himself? Firstly, it's by doing the obligations and Hadith reported by the body of the Prophet

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sallallahu Sallam he says that Allah Subhana Allah says ma Takadanobaba, Ilya IDB che in the My service does not come closer to me with anything that is more beloved to me that mascara to it, what I've made obligatory on him. And so we know that the thing that Allah Subhana Allah loves the most from us is the obligations and so me praying my five daily prayers is more beloved to Allah subhana data than anything else fasting the month of Ramadan, obedience and kindness to your parents. Paying your obligatory is a cat wearing the hijab avoiding the things that are haram, because avoiding the Haram is also obligatory. So doing the things that Allah Subhana Allah obligated are the things that

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bring you closest to Allah subhana data. And this is really important because there are times where people don't pay attention to that. So even in Ramadan, you might find that this person prays that are weird for two hours and then goes to a cafe for a couple of hours and then comes back for 200 for another two hours. And then they get so tired, so exhausted by being up all night that they sleep through Fajr. And so now they did the voluntary at the expense of the obligation. Or you might have a person who gives charity throughout the month of Ramadan, so because they saw for that, so the possessor for that, but they never remember to calculate there's a cot, and so they give

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voluntary charity, but the charity that is obligatory on them, they don't give so the thing that Allah subhanaw taala loves the most from us, even if it's less is to do the obligation. Allah Subhana Allah loves that we give our Zakah even if it's less than to give much more 10 times that amount in voluntary charity and the Hadith continues. Allah subhana wa Tada said says when I evaluate a caribou Illya I've been no I feel had that okay, but Allah says my servant will continue to come closer to me with voluntary actions until I love them. So then this person will continue to come closer to Allah Subhan

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On our data with extra prayers, fasting, Mondays and Thursdays fasting, the few ideas giving sadaqa after they've covered the obligations they do the obligations. They continue to do more voluntary actions until they garner the love of Allah Subhana Allah data until Allah loves them to continue to do more hedge more Omura one after the other until Allah Subhana Allah Allah loves them. Allah subhana data says something about this one that he doesn't mention about the first, he says until I love them had that Riba and ALLAH SubhanA data knows best. The motivation for voluntary actions is different than the motivation for obligations when people do obligations. Yes, part of it is powered

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by love, but part of it is also powered by fear. A person prays their obligatory prayers because of I don't do this. I don't want to go to the hellfire. But when a person prays a two unit prayer, completely voluntary or recites chapters of the Quran, or fasted day of the year outside of Ramadan, that is completely voluntary, fast. Is there any fear at this part of that? No. It's an act that's powered by love. And because it is powered by love, it is reciprocated with the love of Allah subhana data. Our third way of coming closer to Allah is to spend a lot of time in solitude because Allah Subhana Allah says, can allow to tear who was Jude Wachtell in the last verse of surah. Al

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Allah, Allah says, prostrate, and come near and the province of Allah it has said, obsess that you are closest to Allah when you are in sujood. So make a lot of dua, when so every such that that you make becomes an opportunity for you, it becomes an appointment with loss of Hana data for you to have a close audience with Allah. So take advantage of it. You're in an audience with the King of kings in this moment. So make a lot of drought while you're in subdued. And this brings up a popular question and a very popular obstacle. And that is, what if I don't speak Arabic, I'm being told that such this great arena where I can complain to ALLAH SubhanA thought about my problems and talk to

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ALLAH SubhanA died about my aspirations about my fears about my problems about my, my goals, but how am I supposed to do that if I'm also being told that I have to only communicate to Allah in the Salah in Arabic, how am I supposed to passionately be able to make do out for the things that I want if I can't even articulate myself in the language that I'm not fluid in. So the scholars differ with regards to whether or not you're allowed to recite in a language other than Arabic in the Salah or speak in a language other than Arabic in the Salah. There are those who didn't allow it completely. There are those who allowed it for people who don't speak Arabic, and didn't allow it for people who

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speak Arabic independent of your circumstances in your fluency of Arabic. And for those who are interested in in the detailed discussion. I would encourage you to read Jelena chef when he was doing his paper on this topic and filthy issues with regards to new Muslims. We'll leave the link Achala down in description of the video. But what I do want to mention is the conclusion that was made by the American Muslim jurists Association, which is one of our most senior fifth bodies that we have in the United States after their conference on contemporary issues facing new Muslims. They mentioned in their declaration that in general people may supplicate in their native language during

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the prayer regarding any issue in which is permissible to supplicate outside of the prayer of religious or worldly matters, meaning that a person is allowed to make dua in the Salah for anything that they want in their native tongue with regards to this world, or the next inshallah Tada. Now, the fourth way that a person can take advantage of the Name of Allah subhana wa, Alkhateeb and come closer to Allah is by taking advantage of the last third of the night. Or in the times where loss of Hannah dad is closest to us, the province little lightest element over 40 Hadith he says that Allah subhanaw taala descends to a summit of dunya, after 1/3 of the night has passed, or half of the

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night has passed, or two thirds of the night has passed. And he asks three questions, who is seeking forgiveness for me that I may forgive them? Who is repenting to me that makes up the repentance, who is asking me that I may grant them. And so taking advantage of those time periods, and making dua to Allah subhana data, because as our scholars have said, that if a person says they want something, and can't wake up to pray, tahajjud for it, that it must mean that they don't really want it. Allah subhanaw taala is the one who is near to us. Every time you come closer to Him, you find ALLAH SubhanA data coming closer to you. Allah subhana data says in Hadith, that whoever comes closer to

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me hands, man, I come closer to them a qubit and whoever comes to me walking, I come to him racing. So the question that we all have to ask ourselves is if a person ever feels distant from Alkhateeb, then they should ask themselves, who moved

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