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Omar Suleiman
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As we begin by praising Allah subhanaw taala and bearing witness that nun has the right to be worshipped or unconditionally obeyed except for him. And we bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa Salam is his final messenger. We ask Allah to send his peace and blessings upon him, the prophets and messengers that came before him, his family and companions that served alongside him and those that follow in his best path until the day of judgment. And we ask Allah to make us amongst them, Allah him I mean, the brothers and sisters, we continue in the era of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he used to seek refuge and Allah from for things and again, if the

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only takeaway you get from the series of Holton bugs that you memorize the Quran that you say it every single day, then that is enough bitten then nothing Tada that the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam used to seek refuge in Allah frequently from for things and this is narrated by multiple companions and so you would hear the Prophet sign some of them making this dua with the order sometimes of the quality is different, but the same four things he used to say sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allahumma inni rubrica min Illman young woman call bin SHA one enough sin touchback woman dura in law you smell Allahumma inni rubrica Minh Edelman young woman Caliban Yaksha woman knifes in

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touchback woman dura in your smell, he would say some Allah Azza wa salam, O Allah, I seek refuge in You from knowledge which is of no benefit from a heart that has no humility no of you, from a soul or a self that is never satisfied. The cravings of that self, which we talked about last week are never satisfied. And from neurons from a supplication that is not heard. Now Subhanallah this particular parts because we've covered carbon Yaksha and knifes in law touchbar in Midlothian knowledge that is of no benefit. Sometimes, it's automatically assumed that if I'm not a student of knowledge, if I'm not someone that's trying to become a scholar, I'm not someone who's even that

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particularly interested in religion. I'm not someone who's really into the whole, you know, realm of anything in that sense, then this part of the DUA might not really resonate with me, but hold on, because every single part of this dua, is immediately relevant to you as a Muslim. And so what does it mean when the prophets lie? Some says, men and women lie unfair knowledge that does not benefit? And there are two things to separate here. Is the knowledge itself beneficial or not? And is your heart in a condition in order for it to be beneficial if the knowledge itself is beneficial? So is the knowledge itself that we're speaking about in the category of what is beneficial? And then the

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second thing, is there a proper receiver for that beneficial knowledge if it is indeed beneficial knowledge? And there is a profound narration from the Prophet slice Allah and it's what the scholars of Hadith with classes saw here the lady here it's authentic, because of the the numerous chains through which it comes with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Montana mill Elna Liuba here b Hill rhythm while you Jerry B his sofa while yours three Furby he will do her NASA Ed Attallah, Hula, hula, Johanna, profits ice and I'm said whoever learns knowledge whoever acquires sacred knowledge for one of three things. Number one, he said some Allah when he was going to yoga

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here below dilemma to argue with those that are more learned than him

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as a tool of argumentation, or what you God would be his sofa to shame someone who is less knowledgeable than him. So either to argue with someone who has more knowledge or to put someone down to shame someone who is considered less knowledgeable than Him those who are considered ignorance or your three Furby he will do her NASA la he to turn people's faces towards Him meaning what to be the center of attention. A taller hula hoop Johanna Allah would enter that person into the fire may Allah subhanaw taala protect us Allah whom I mean. Now Subhanallah what makes this narration so profound? First and foremost, is that every version of it ends with a color hula, not

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at kala Hula, hula Johanna Allah would enter this person into the fire, Allah would enter this person into Johanna and we know that the prophets lie Selim famously said that whoever seeks out a path of knowledge Allah subhanaw taala will facilitate the path to Jannah for that person, knowledge is a path to Jannah so how here does knowledge become a path to the fire? Now, if you're speaking to a person who's trying to learn this beautiful religion, then obviously you would talk about how important it is to not fall into the traps

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of trying to acquire this knowledge for any of the reasons that are mentioned in this hadith. But even if you are not seeking sacred knowledge or trying to become a scholar, this hadith is still applicable to you. Because the underlying spiritual condition of all three of those scenarios applies to every single Muslim, whether it's sacred knowledge or not. And so do you seek knowledge as an Islamic knowledge? So that you can when a whatsapp conversation, right or an argument online, do you seek knowledge so that people will turn their faces towards you to become the center of attention? Now remove the Islamic elements, let's say that you're talking about something completely

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irrelevant to Islam. Right? Everything's relevant to Islam, but completely irrelevant to the pursuit of sacred knowledge. All of this still applies. You're on Twitter and you want to win something, you want to appear to be a certain way, or you're in some sort of a dialog. So you want to Google something so that you can have the answer to prop yourself up or to put someone down. It could be fantasy football, it's still an underlying spiritual condition here. It still applies to you. Do you try to attract people's attention to you? Do you put people down in conversation and seek out knowledge, Islamic or worldly for the sake of trying to put someone down? And do you seek out those

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things so that you can have an argument or put yourself on a level with someone that knows more than you, because you don't like the feeling of being a degree less than anyone in anything, then it becomes just like a person who wants to build a house that is as big as someone else, because they don't like having a smaller house. Or a person who wants to outshine someone in a wedding because, you know, they don't want to be outside in this way. Or a person wants to dress a certain way. The only thing that changes here is that the tool by which those things are sought is sacred knowledge is in which makes it that much more dangerous. Because that means that you're craving for attention.

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Your pride and your ego, Neff, Sinhala, touchback connected to last week, a soul that has never satisfied a self that's never satisfied, will even resort to using religion in order to feed those cravings.

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So even the Quran like I'll use an eye of the Quran I'll find a hadith I'll, I'll learn some poetry if I have to. I'll do anything in order to become a center of attention or to put someone down or to argue with somebody because I have enough Sinhala touchbar Well, Calvin Ayesha a heart that is not humble, and a self that I have to keep on feeding And subhanAllah it becomes more flammable within with knowledge. Why? Because as Michelle haffi about the allot of time on hold, Rahim Allah, he said that I'd rather someone seek out the material world through becoming a singer than becoming a scholar.

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Why because at least you're using Boston to achieve Barton, you're using meanings of falsehood to achieve an output a falsehood versus using something that is sacred, to achieve something that is so lowly, don't use the Quran to try to win an argument. Don't try to throw in your religion thing And subhanAllah we, we see this, you know, and it is the case, right? That religion becomes the the conversation of the day and it becomes a form of gossip, it becomes a form of Mimimi becomes a form of all sorts of lonely things. And because someone wants to win an argument so bad or wants to appear education, you know, educated on something, they'll start talking about something they have

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no business talking about, why because I want to be the center of attention at the table. I want to appear to be knowledgeable, I want people to say certain things about me. So you have to solve the underlying spiritual condition, and certainly not increase it, not increase it with something that is so beautiful and so pure. So it's that sacred knowledge or Illumina Yun Farah, that sacred knowledge should never I mean, the worst thing you could do is take sacred knowledge and use it as a means of a false ideal And subhanAllah they're intimate say, look at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam who was more knowledgeable than also lost my son and it would be cool for him to say it's

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anyone but him. Right? He is the most knowledgeable person of this ummah by consensus. What did revelation do to him some Allah Harney was salam. No one tolerated the quote unquote ignorant the masses better than he did. He was patient with the headwinds when they would come to the masjid more patient than anyone from the Ummah, though he was the most knowledgeable person of this ummah. No one was more humble with the people. No one and I don't want to say shame people less because he never shamed you. sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he didn't condescend he was not condescending towards people. He didn't put people down and even when it comes to attracting attention Subhanallah look at

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the humility

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messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when he had to say something in relation to himself, he was Shai sallallahu alayhi wa salam. So he would mention that on the day of judgment as he was narrating the scenes of the Day of Judgment and how Allah subhanaw taala would privilege him in certain places, he would say slice on with his head down. Well, I'm not trying to boast, just know that I'm not putting anyone down here. I'm giving you the factual seams of the Day of Judgment.

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So what does that tell you? If sacred knowledge makes you an arrogant person,

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and it makes you someone who's judgmental and condescending, and someone who's slanders, and someone who gossips and someone who's in soap operas and dramas all day, just with their enemy, twist to them and knowledgeable twist to them. Either something is fundamentally wrong with the knowledge that you're pursuing, or the one who's giving it to you or your intention, as you're pursuing it, pursue sacred things with sacred outcomes in mind. Otherwise, it's like reciting his Salam. It's narrated that a Saudi Salam said that to give knowledge to someone who is pursuing it with the wrong intention is like dressing the pig with jewelry.

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Right? It's gold, but you're putting it on a pig, you have to change the condition of yourself. When you pursue this. Why do you want to learn? Why do you want to know? Why do you want to be hurt? Why do you want to pursue? What is it that you are looking for? Because the main thing that you want from this Edom from this knowledge is that it purifies you use a key him that it purifies you on the inside. And then it produces the beautiful fruits, the beautiful seeds that will go on to benefit you baby lucky to Allah for many, many, many years to come and be a sadaqa jariya for you, but you want knowledge and you ask for it. And the one thing that Allah azza wa jal told us to ask Allah for

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is Rob busy. Dini, Elma Oh my Lord, Increase me in knowledge. Increase me a knowledge, knowledge that fits the other categories of this knowledge that brings closer to the heart in Mr. Yaksha Allah, about the hidden knowledge that makes your heart more humble knowledge that curbs the ego knowledge that curbs the self knowledge that leads you to action that makes you hurt, because we know that your eye is heard when there is action to that drop. So you want knowledge that inspires the other things that are mentioned in this dua and someone might say, Well, what about worldly knowledge? What if I just want to learn something because it's cool, what if I want to learn

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something because it gives me purely worldly benefit? And the answer is in the Malama Lavinia.

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Actions are bought by intention seeking knowledge is an action. Therefore, if you're seeking knowledge for something that is halal, it is halal. And if you're seeking knowledge for something that is haram, it is haram. And if you're seeking knowledge for something that is praiseworthy, it is praiseworthy, if you're seeking it for a particular outcome, that's what's going to judge the very thing that you are seeking. Now, what does this mean for us as we study Islam, because we are not a people as Muslims, who should accept ignorance for ourselves? You know, when someone says I don't even know what's halal and haram because that way, you're kind of spoiling it for me, I'd

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rather just be in the ignorant because that way, if I'm in the category of the ignorant, then you know, I can, I can plead some version of the fifth on the Day of Judgment, it doesn't work that way. You have to seek knowledge or business element everyone is supposed to pursue knowledge, there's a collective Thorold of some sort to where you need to know something of your religion and you need to want to increase in your religion starting with the Quran, do not be satisfied. Do not be satisfied with memorizing a few suitors from just an AMA and then coming to the masjid and saying, you know, mashallah Quran competitions, have competitions, don't be satisfied with yourself with the Halaqaat

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and saying, why come to Juma? No, push yourself to do more. But once more from that knowledge and how you pursue that. And subhanAllah with all of the means by which things are available to us. I'll end with a couple of narrations one of them is from Ebisu little the Allahu Taala and

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which shows you how the Companions would read the Quran. Some of the tabs are in asked him How did the Companions used to read the Quran? Not many of them were far off. Not many of them were have fun. Not many of them memorize the Quran. Very few of them memorize the Quran. And he said a lot of the Allahu Taala and that we the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam can who you actually own and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Ashoka fellow who don't want to feel unnatural okra hut jamoma If he had the mineral in one Lamin Carlu, for alumna, the liminal in will Amman. He said, Well, the Allahu Taala and who were the companions of the Prophet. So I said we take

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10 out at a time. This is how the Sahaba used to study Quran. We took 10 out and we would not move on to the next 10 Until we sat and we

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pondered upon all of the implications of those 10 verses. And then we took those 10 verses and once we felt like we pondered the implications, and the application, then we moved on to the next time. So we would learn a lesson will Amman, we would learn the knowledge and the application of those verses simultaneously. Someone might say, you know, you say someone, why don't you memorize the Quran? Oh, because the Companions used to not memorize the Quran until they moved on. So you're going to stick to 10 Sutras of Judah and just say, well, that's enough for me, you're not going to do the shift or the Imam doesn't work that way. This is to infuse your heft with something else, to

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put something into the memorization of the Quran, the application of it as well so that you can see how you can further benefit from that knowledge because on the Day of Judgment, that knowledge will be approved for you or against you. It will be approved for you or against you. And then Subhanallah taking that attitude of not just how you read the Quran, but how you read everything else. One of my one of my favorite narrations in this regard, And subhanAllah the narration is from Imam athma Rahim Allah who narrates from a look here in a genre called the Allahu taala. And who Rahim Allah who narrates from Sophia Anna theory, Rahim Allah three of the greatest scholars of Islam, who were

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schools not just of how to learn but how to practice. These were three men that were distinguished by their piety as well as their knowledge. And guess who the last person being narrated from is Soufiane says I narrate from my mom. So Fianna 30 has a narration from his mom. He said, When I was a child, my mom told me and we were very poor. She said, It hub fuck global Ellen had to enter the military. She said, Go and learn, go to all the HELOC as you can I want you to learn, I want you to go to this scholar and go to that scholar and go to this car and go to that scholar. And she said, I'll support you with my sewing and my washing the dishes and cleaning up I'll do what I have to do.

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You know most of the moms had single moms. Most of them came from single moms Subhanallah that produced these incredible people. So if Jana 30 said my mom said, I'll figure it out, I'm going to earn this money. I'm going to spin and sew and wash I'll do all the odd jobs so that you can continue to go and learn from the best scholars in the world. But then she said to me, yeah boomerang. Oh my son, either cut up to Ashleigh to ahaadeeth. fondle or heltah Rafi enough Seika zyada 10 feet sciatica were held mica while we're choleric she said oh my son every time you go and you write 10 Hadith. Now, I want you to stop with those 10 Hadees. And I want you to ask yourself

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with those headaches because that was the end of the time go and collect the Hadith of the Prophet slice on it. Ask yourself, have you increased in your fear of Allah subhanaw taala? Have you increased in your humility? Have you increased in your dignity and your character? And if you have not farlam Anahola Babu, Aquila and Pharaoh know that all the stuff that you're learning is not going to benefit you or harm you. It's just information at that point. It's only knowledge when it transforms. It's only knowledge when you look at how to apply it in yourself. Think about what we teach our children in regards to learning this religion.

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We send our kids to learn the Quran, we send them to Islamic schools, we send them to learn how to eat we send them to learn this learn that but if they're coming home and they're not seeing a house of Quran, and a house of Syrah and a house of Hadith, you're teaching them early on cognitive dissonance.

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This mom is saying look, I'm going to do this and I'm happy to do this. But I'm not doing this so that I can put you you know hold you as a trophy. When you memorize so many athletes and say my son is Sofia nfld I'm doing this because I want you to take every time a hadith and see how you can apply them in your life and how you can grow closer to Allah Subhana Allah Brahim was married he said that the setup used to say Kunis there are no other hefted Hadith with Anna dB, that we used to in fact, memorize by practice, meaning what we learned to memorize this religion to memorize the sacred texts of this religion because we practice them daily. And we would tell ourselves that this

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is how we're going to keep memorizing them because they were constantly making the connection between everything that they do in life with sacred knowledge. And so when the prophets I said, I'm used to say, Allah hum in the obika men and women in fact, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from knowledge that is of no benefit. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to increase us and knowledge that is beneficial that transforms us. And it goes back to us being willing to commit the time and to refine the intention as we approach this knowledge, anything that you're reading anything you're listening to take the time to ponder upon it and see how you benefit from what you are listening to and what

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you are learning Allahumma Zina regimen Nafisa Allahumma. We asked you Oh ALLAH to increase us and beneficial knowledge. Allah has hidden our elemental Eman and we are Pina May Allah subhanaw taala increase us in knowledge and in faith and uncertainty Allah I mean Akula we had our stuff like documentary Solomon

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To me first off we don't know for Rahim.

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hamdulillah Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi wa Manuela Lama Philomena want me now to will Muslim you know one Muslim at Aloha Iman humble Mr. Tanaka semirara and Caribbean Mooji with their lot Allahumma Finnland our Hana why for ANA Allah to eliminate Robin alumna and first and our Indium Tathra and I will tell him that Anna Cunanan middle class in La Mina, careful and Kadima to hibel Alpha Phi for Ana, Allah Allah familiarly, Dina Robert Hamama, comfortableness era Robin I have learned them and as far as you know the reality now Kurata Aryan Jana Akina mama la Montessori one masala Athena famous advocate Aldemar baby llama is Islam old Muslimeen dealership Carol Academy

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and with them and Dean LOM adequate lighting in a good light I mean I thought it is number one and being inside I mean your brother lung Allah here a little bit I do understand what you tell them quarterback, well young Heartland fascia you will want to carry well Bobby you're gonna come to the Coronavirus Corolla has got to come wash Kuru island there man. Is it luck on one of the crew Allahu Akbar Allahu Ying Matheson, Arun. Welcome masala

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