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Ali Albarghouthi – Muslim Tidbits 1 – Happiness

This is the first episode in the Muslim Tidbits series: short Islamic insights and reflections. Today, our talk is about human happiness and the reasons behind our unhappiness in this life. Please let us know what you think. Share with us your ideas, suggestions, or anything on your mind.

Ali Albarghouthi – Muslim Tidbits 2 – How To Solve All Of Your Life’s Problems

In the Second Episode of Muslim Tidbits, we point to the three common causes behind problems in our lives and how to overcome them. The book I mention in the episode is Hisnul Muslim (The Fortification of the Muslim). It is available as a free app for your phone.

Ali Albarghouthi – Muslim Tidbits 3 – The Dog And The Bone

Do you know why you shouldn’t envy a dog when he’s eating a bone? Listen to the third episode of Muslim Tidbits. Leave us your comments, ideas, and suggestions. Please share if you found this beneficial. May Allah reward you.

Ali Albarghouthi – Muslim Tidbits 4 – Living on the Edge

Are you living on the edge when it comes to Allah and Islam? In the fourth episode of this series, we understand what this means and what to do about it.

Ali Albarghouthi – Muslim Tidbits 5 – Be Like The Bee

Are we a positive influence? Do we benefit others around us and try to help? Do we make the places we’re in and people we meet better? Learn why iman in Allah requires us to be blessed just like the bee.