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then handle the loads are going to stay over here and still fill up when we left the tile and then surely unforeseen our CEO Dr. Marina Manaphy level gyla Philomela on the plane further ahead DLM Why should you Allah Ilaha illa Allah who are devilishly killer for shadow Anna, Mohammed and Abdul whenever you also use a Latina and interpret la Haftar to party or like a moto nila, I'm Thomas the moon yeah you can ask for Rama Kamala the fella coming up similar hidden fella coming has no agenda. I mean humare Geralyn Kathy wrong when he says Waterfoot la Leonie Luna video la ham in Nevada can La Cumbre FIBA era un Latina and multiple La La Kulu Colin said either use

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the Nova code or manual player or Sue level for pedophiles or frozen Halima.

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Well, Praise and Glory be to Allah we thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness and we turned to seeking refuge with him shelter with him from the evil whispers

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within and without our souls in and around us and the evil consequences of our evil deeds or misdeeds, our sins, for whomever Allah guide to no one can lead astray and whomever Allah leaves with our guidance, none can provide guidance for them. And we justify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion of Allah alone, without any partners, the true supreme King,

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and the creator and maintainer of all that exists.

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The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was a deal with the Prophet

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and the servant that His Messenger through which he sealed revelation to humanity and fulfilled his name perfected disfavor upon us and fulfilled his grace to us by sending this guidance. Oh, people have emailed or you believe have the tough love of law, remain conscious of him, remain dutiful and obedience to Him dedicated to him, and do not die except in a state of Islam. Do not die outside of that state where you surrender wholly and completely lovingly and willingly to Allah Jalla Jalla Lu ISOCELL agenda mighty and majestic and exalted.

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To begin, we mentioned last week that our religion came not to do away with our human nature but to refine it. And so Islam did not condemn that it's part of human nature that you become defensive, you become angry, you stand up when you feel violated, and you are burned by that this is completely normal. But at the same time, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam attributed anger to Shavon, because she thought is an expert at using that natural tendency inside you are getting to ruin your worldly affairs to ruin your religious commitment to sabotage your dunya indeed, and we spoke about the dangers of allowing the tree of anger to settle in your heart, all the sour fruits that come out

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of it, all of the sins of the tongues and sins of the tongue, and so many of the sins of the joy of the lips. And we concluded by mentioning that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam gave us a list of things, such as seeking refuge with Allah is the either and sitting down or laying down if you're already seated.

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And we added to that, to leave the gathering or look at yourself in the mirror, psych yourself out of this, remind yourself of the virtues of patience, and with and holding yourself to sensibility to self restraint, to forbearance, deliberation, all of that, what we wanted to do today, and I believe I promised I would do with you now is to help you see that I will share the I did not just come to tell you anger is okay, but Shavon will usually use it against you, and how to protect yourself from it, but that this roadmap has actually work. And that it was from Allah's grace that this OMA took off on the right foot, it started correctly, so it wouldn't be hard for us to pinpoint. Can this

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really be applied or not? And so, of course, our greatest example in that the most shining light in this regard is the perfect example of Muhammad Ali who salatu salam, how he would react to be to anger and the incidence are so many of them and so I had Behati they said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was approached by a man,

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Canada who are they he did,

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for the province on sentiment borrowed an animal from him, it owed him a riding animal. Perhaps he used it for one of the companions that wanted to go with him on a military expedition or travel or otherwise, and to the man

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He came and he was very rough. He was very disrespectful in requesting his animal back

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until the Sahaba, almost attacked this man. And he said to them, that root for him that he sloppy been helped him upon. He said, Leave them alone because the person, the creditor, the person that has a right, he has the right to speak, leave him alone. And then he said, Give him another animal that is of equal age columella jedna Mifflin Sydney, we didn't find anything of the same age. When I can never get enough clay on me, we found something of an even better, a better quality.

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This is a man that just disrespected you in front of all those who respect you. He said after woofer in them and played ECAM. I said, Oh, cool. And then he said, go ahead and just give that to him. Because among the best of people are those who are best, most gracious and repaying debts. He dismissed the provocation right? He misses dismissed the thorough he did not demand an apology. They're not even pointed out. He just said give him what he wants and that's all this is someone that has a right he even did this Allah Allah Allah he was dealing with people that had no right whatsoever to do what they did. And they said pneumatic rhodiola, and Bukhari and Muslim.

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He said, Come to me, Sheila Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were amazed he will do no ninja Ronnie Yun lineable Hashi I was walking on to the Prophet SAW Selim and he was wearing a cloak cloak is something that sits on your shoulders wraps around your neck,

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a cloak from metal on from the police from the city of Milan that had a very rough collars the fabric was very rough.

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For a doctor who our be unified Jabba

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mean her she admitted that he jumped that's shady. That's when

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he says and then Bedouin man and the Bedouins are known to not be sitting people to be a bit rough around the edges more porous he came and he snatched the province also known by his collar,

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very roughly, he says to the point that I was looking

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for either for either

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a two fee hashy at MIT v sub HATYAI, Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Walker that talent has, she had to

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fill up our main sheet that

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he said, and then I looked and I saw the province off center. By time I looked from how rough the man pulled, I saw a mark in his neck. You can imagine you're sitting here in the masjid right now. Someone from the road behind you snatches. You just buy your shirt, right? A nice 100% Cotton shirts, and leaves a small mark in your neck.

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He says I saw from how hard he snatched he left a mark in the province I fell into the neck. And then when the Prophet SAW Selim turned to him, he said to him, morally Melynda him, let the end give me from the wealth of God is not your money. Just because you're the head of state doesn't mean it's yours. You have no right to this, give me from God's money that you that you are storing, that you're holding back basically, for the difference, he also loves them Allah Allah, He will sell them. So now he got it Thumma

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the alpha, the prophet is excellent turned to him. And like a human smile. He smiled, and he commanded them just to give him some money.

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You know, aside from this, showing that just the perfect impeccable character of the prophets of Allah, Allah you it was ALLAH

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and then he responds to cruelty with kindness. This is someone giving somebody something they don't deserve. You say I'm not going to back down right? Something they don't deserve just to warm their heart to protect them from their own demons if you will, to protect them from drifting farther away from Islam, the guidance of Islam and the examples of this are so many Abdullah administer with as you all know, says I use I look at the face in the province on salah, covered in blood, wiping his face and saying Oh ALLAH forgive my people for they don't know this was on the neighborhood and in the famous incident on fire, but you all know that he was not in the middle of a fight. Like how do

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you forgive someone right after a fight? If you've ever been in a physical altercation? May Allah protect us and you? It's hard to calm down. Like you just felt like you're intensely engaged in something where your blood is rushing, the adrenaline is rushing, your anger has gone through the roof, even if you've won the fight, and he does this with someone who's fighting with and then you up a notch at a bar if where he wasn't even fighting. It hurts even more when you couldn't fight back when he was humiliated ally salatu salam by being pelted with stones when they rejected his message and threw him out of the city of five besides the mechanics in Mecca, and they had the

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children the slaves stone him that

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why when I show that love Ana, she says, Have you ever seen a day harder than that day when you value unconscious and you broke your tooth, and your face was covered in blood and said yes, the day of a butterfly show, that was the only day tougher. And even then, when the angel came to him, he was able to restrain his anger. I used to love to sit down and say, when I kidney out a new feature, Allahu Allah slammed him. Many Agudo Allahu La usually cliche No, I'm hopeful, this can still be resolved. People can still make amends with Allah and His Messenger, maybe not them. Maybe there's potential in their offspring. I'll wait one generation an entire generation, maybe their offspring

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among them will be those who rise worshipping Allah hello and not worshiping anybody with him. Subhana Allah what's out.

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And you know, after the Battle of her name, a taboo after the veteran was taboo at the very end of the province Australians life.

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A man by the name of the Voicera people

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heard him saying that the prophets of Allah wa alayhi wa sallam these were Muslims, apparently Muslims, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had given well to the people from poorer he didn't give any money. He gave people to those from his town from Mecca, he favored them

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because he gave her a on the hillside and he gave others 100 camels each to warm their hearts over to Islam because of the leader becomes Muslim. Human beings are followers by nature, they'll become Muslim too. And so they said, This man is playing favoritism. He's not being just and so one of the concerned Muslims the sincere Muslims here should have Allah who I'm going to tell the Messenger of Allah and he runs to the province Allah hottie or send me in Forza what was said about it. Someone says you're not being fair. One of your kids, you find out that one of your kids was calling you cheap. How's that?

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Mama's cheaper. Baba is cheap. He doesn't give us enough.

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And so he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said we had women he had, you know, in the market, like, what's wrong with you? Who would be fair if I'm not fair?

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Like if the messenger of God is not going to be just an equitable, who is going to be just like, who could possibly be expected to fulfill that standard and it's not me. And then he said Ali salatu salam Rahim Allah will Effie Musa who the actor Amin had for someone. May Allah have mercy on my brother Musa. He was harmed way more than this. And he was patient. He did not exact revenge against people. And that was from this humility, Galleon, salatu salam that he identified with the prophets before him and removed themselves from the situation. And likewise, we identify with our Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the same way the companions did, that was the trick and that's why this whole

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hook was for this reason for you to see how the Prophet SAW sent and did it and how the Sahaba found enough in the example of the Prophet SAW Selim to do it as well. Like take it easy when someone offends you. You're not the prophet of God. And even if you were the prophet of God, this is how the prophet of God acted. I used to love to sit down. And so what is mentioned about alberca severe for the Allah who I knew that when he became the Khalifa, now he succeeds. The Prophet SAW Salem, a man came and just for a VA who label attention, he just made him irate, natural find you being disrespected or not moving is weird, you're supposed to be offended.

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And so I will notice that when he saw this, he saw the man like Allahu Allah Murthy said that he's being a little buckler, his mother threatened to kill you. He said to him, then only an elderly couple. Do you permit me to execute this man? Can we just finish him off?

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I will bottles that says for adding habits. Kelly Marti Ivanova who me saying that made everyone can calm down or be Allahu Allahu I definitely went to his house.

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So he went away. So before he gets tempted film out of Salah in a year then he sends me a message to come inside. And I came inside and he says melody. What did you just say a few minutes ago? Is I said to you, would you like for me to

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get one would you like for me to do that?

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He said I couldn't fit that no amount two, could you actually do that if I commanded you to call and he said yeah, of course you say the word I'll do it.

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Now a monkey man can be very bad and

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he said absolutely not. This is not the right of anyone after the hundreds of Allah Allah is the point Muhammad Sallallahu sallam said for those that right so who are we to think that we have to exact revenge against people? Or I'm gonna move above similarly.

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Abdullah had not bet so the Lavon you know, was one of the closest consultants of

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Rama, you will keep them very close, if not best isn't selected because it he says that the Rowena Hilson was another

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historian, a man that came and stayed with his nephew and who ruled not based on the fate of another one that was very close to him. These were great scholars that were very young than normal clothes because of their because of their valuable indispensable advice and counsel they would give you so when Ariana Hudson came to Medina and stayed with his nephew discolored Coronavirus, he says to him, Do you have good rapport with this Amir? With this leader on blogs and yes columnist that really added that as permission for me to meet him I want to meet this guy.

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Ahmad Falun Dafa Allah Allah He arena so Rama permitted and then what are the health lenses? The first thing he says above is what he says he and you have no Hapa for what he meant or phenol just what I did it he just goes off and

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he talk goes off on who on the president on the ground with him he says is the matter with you will be cut off I swear you don't give us much like you don't give us enough you hold it to yourself. He doesn't know that aroma hold held himself to a higher standard than his followers right and live the tighter simpler life than he expected of his subjects. He says what law you don't give us much nor are you fair with us in judgments for having met a new guy or woman of them hubbub was this close to attacking almost almost lived his life and dealt with so much out of fear that Allah would say you messed up and this guy is just completely dismissing all of that and so the nephew jumps in and hurt

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him the place jumps in and he's yeah you don't want me in Allah Tala called only the VE could enough work what motivated you out of it JD Allah said to his profit is profit his profit and Susan are off could it take what is given freely? You know, I first what is extra, right? And so meaning whatever they give, you just don't have high expectations of people, just whatever they give out, settle for who they are, what most of them are off and command people with goodness, what I was on in Germany and just ignore the ignorant, the foolish. The nephew says about his uncle what has an agenda and he's clearly one of the foolish, right we have to be very is clearly one of the foolish.

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He says if not best for the long run says for what Allah He managed was that hieromonk Hina tele What can our coffer in the determiner and what hola he or Omar never move beyond the verse he never violated the verse from the moment he heard it. And he was always like that he would always stop dead in his tracks when it came to the book of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And many Sahaba were like this. I mean, I don't remember on the Lord slate Muslim. And I mentioned to you before this famous Hadith that he was beating one of his slaves as an institution of slavery was an ugly institution, that the province of Allah Azza them slowly, systematically exhausted and transition them into the mainstream population.

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And so while that happened, they were still in justices. So this slave owner was extremely angered by his sleep by the disobedience, the fines whatever it is, and so he kept hearing a voice he's saying he's

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the one who did this. The culprit at the time said I heard someone saying unreadiness rude careful levelness What what are you doing careful and I didn't know who it was. Until finally I realized this is the prophets of Allah Allah He was and I'm talking so far that he owns a school fell in love with the devil. I think Kevin Kenny, Allah is much more powerful over you are much more capable over you than you are over him. Carla who

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isn't okay, I free him. So when you another lesson is when you lose your temper. You figure out how can I fix this? The bare minimum is to admit I'm sorry, I messed up. How can I show you that I regretful right. And so he says, Hold on, hold on. Yeah rasool Allah. And so the prophets Allah Allahu alayhi wa sallam said to him, let them testify. Let if he had can now if you had not just done this, the fire would have had access to you the fire would have scorched would have touched you. And it touching you is enough, of course. And so these things need to be made up for a person who cannot say or think I'm excused because I'm angry. We have to get past that obstacle in our

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life. Another thing that is very important before we sit down regarding this hadith is how many people when they're angry, when they're angry, they can come to their senses fess.

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People, anger

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As they say, is the sister of insanity almost lose your mind if you let yourself get too angry, who in their anger can check themselves quickly?

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This as we said last week is the product of making a love the center of your life of much worship. You see, I've almost loaded Bidri had that ready he knew Allah was more capable, that was pre existing inside of him. He just needed someone to remind him. And so once the province of Allah close enough God intimate enough and said to him, he came back to his senses and that is the true safeguard. You already know Allah the last days is actually shaytaan working behind the scenes and so when someone reminds you of this, it's easy to come back from it.

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A full of all the Hello stuff

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hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala manana Vietnam that Chateau La la la la la la, la sharika Portia Donna Muhammad and Abu Dhabi whenever you are solo

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and so when people have this reality pre existing in them of the greatness of Allah and subsequently the humility of themselves and how Shavon is working to manipulate behind the scenes This makes your mission your anger management

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much simpler of a test

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you will not be as easily manipulated when you realize all of these things you're looking from the top of the mountain now you know what was said that a worker Sophia for the Allah Allah man said to him once let so Ben Nick, I sent Ben yet Hello, Monica.

00:21:46--> 00:21:58

I'm gonna curse you out so bad it's going to enter your grave with you, meaning I'm going to humiliate you I'm going to ruin your reputation in a way that you're not going to be able to escape the rumors. It's going to stay with you till the day you die.

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That's how small I'm going to make you I will go so dear for the onset to him.

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But he had

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no no it's gonna enter you're greeted with enough money and he walks away that's it one statement and out you are not willing to engage in such lowly behavior.

00:22:17--> 00:23:06

And when a man had once angered I'm gonna knock that is easy, right? You know Allah, the great Khalifa. He jumped up and then he pulled himself back. And then he says he said to him, our and your stuff is Enya. Shavon be sad so far. For an adult Minka. metanarrative who mainly valid Holden in South Africa, Allah Fela Hodges Alana Fimo politic it's available upward. He said to a man that had him on the verge of snapping. He says to him, you want to look and notice he's on top of the mountain, right? This is a mountain it's gonna take time to climb. Again, it's not gonna be the whole goal or two. He says to him, you wanted shaytaan to provoke me through the pride of the Sovann

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meaning you wanted me to feel like I'm so fun. How can you speak to the salon like that you want it to give shape on the access point to waking in me the pride also fun.

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He says and then I attack you in a way or take from you something violate harm you in a way that will give you the chance to harm me tomorrow, meaning on the Day of Judgment, you see, he sees the scene, he sees what's happening here. So you'll Wallah he will never happen get out of here. I have no purpose I have no interest in exchanging words with you. You're going to see some things I'm going to say worse and then you're going to speak about my pattern. So I'm going to speak about your parents and their parents. I I don't go for that point doesn't work with people like me.

00:23:52--> 00:24:08

And other Aviva no Leung says that I want a man who once came to affiliate with him as one and he said to him so and so is condemning you so and so is saying something about you. And again put yourself in the scenes like I'm sitting here in the masjid someone says so and so says right?

00:24:09--> 00:24:11

so and so said something about you.

00:24:12--> 00:24:19

And so funny because one says to him, am I allergic to the shape? Ah, no, I hadn't yesterday Febby he

00:24:21--> 00:24:24

didn't shape on find anyone

00:24:25--> 00:24:27

to use but you.

00:24:30--> 00:24:56

And he said in another narration that we have nm and MRR who aren't going to spite the one who commanded him to do this, yourself. You love me you will obey Allah forgive me and the man who spoke about me, and they said, Who commanded to do this? Like who set this whole thing up? He said Trayvon did. So I'm going to spy Trayvon for trying to spite me. How am I going to spy chip on not by giving into his manipulation? But by refusing to get angry and by saying My Allah forgives me and him

00:25:00--> 00:25:06

What happens when a professional logo is the one that says didn't say find find anyone else so use this toy Yes, his mailman but you

00:25:08--> 00:25:39

and a shabby right? gola was once cursed at a shop you can imagine is like the head of the room right at the time a scholar that was unparalleled. A man came and just humiliated in front of the people. And so a shabby says, and this is just so beautiful. There's such prospective, such wisdom. He says to him in Quinta saw the font for the for Allah holy war, Inquisitor Kennedy but for law for level, like, if you're telling the truth about how bad I am, may Allah forgive me. It's possible some of what people say about you is true.

00:25:40--> 00:25:43

And if you're not being truthful, may Allah forgive you

00:25:44--> 00:26:06

even omit the data so far that the second one came up and dug down on the Allah Tala and it was also known as El Mundo that a man came to her and said in the fallen and you have coffee gear and garden money. So there's a person who's basically framing you with the Khalifa optometric that will make you Khalifa, he's saying basically that you're calling him an illegitimate ruler, he's trying to get you in trouble.

00:26:09--> 00:26:49

And her response was just above and beyond. She says in novella, B malaise Safina Illuma. In noteburner, Lena Lisa fina, Safar lemon zucchini, NaVi Malaysia Fina. So what's the big deal? If I'm being accused about something that's not really true about me, I have for a very long time been praised with things that are not really true about me. Like people are always saying, I'm so righteous and I'm so God fearing and behind closed doors, and I pray at night and, and of course, she's saying this about humility, out of humility. But this is our reality. If someone says something wrong about you, not something right, something even if it's wrong about you,

00:26:50--> 00:27:14

they have touched many times, said things that were good about that may not have been true. Perhaps if Allah would remove his veil from me and from you, people who refuse to give a salon, if people who see us in the message saw us behind closed doors or in times of conflict, perhaps they will lose all respect for us. So she's saying that stuff's been said a lot, but good stuff. So what's the big deal and it gets countered with some of the bad stuff that's being said.

00:27:15--> 00:27:35

And so let your project after the hotbar or add to your project that I need to start flipping the ratio a little bit be like one of these people one time it slipped five times. Okay. So next time, you'll do it twice, and you'll slip four times, and then we'll become a three three ratio that we find inshallah.

00:27:37--> 00:27:39

And slowly, it will become your norm.

00:27:42--> 00:27:44

And you ask Allah to help you throughout, let's say,

00:27:46--> 00:28:21

this is something that happens with training, even among the Sahaba I wish to tell you the story about without until they will try their luck allow it, perhaps next week, we will begin with it being delayed to Allah. This is a person that slowly slowly took him decades to get this out of his life, but he was bent on doing whatever it took to get it out of his life. Don't just sit there and know what makes you angry and let yourself get into a situation every single time. So I don't know I just flipped out. May Allah forgive me. A person of brothers came to me that I cannot stop every time I get stuck watching these bad websites. And then I cry because I regret it so much. But I keep

00:28:21--> 00:28:32

going back to and it's been 10 years it's been 15 years. Anger is the same way. You fearing Allah means you don't put yourself in the situation that you know you're going to get to be here.

00:28:33--> 00:29:03

When he tells you don't be angry, don't be angry. Don't be angulata Blah, blah, blah. What does that mean? You can't control your emotions. Don't put yourself in the situation where those kinds of emotions that you can't get control will flare. And that's what we will take the next week from the story of the Allah Tala Andrew Allahu Mahina. We accent love, love, love the the accent in Thailand. It was really fabulous a year. Yeah. They also report I'm nessa yeah he learns among Medina Divina for Jana Silva even tell the Allahu

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Allahu Medina Divina. Dragonette seven the meditator love mean and

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laughter when Dharma Wallah, you want to do it that will help a Muslim actually the full senator was the key hands

00:29:20--> 00:29:26

until you have a longer months on Islam or is it mostly mean while Hina little heads?

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A little offensive Ceylon Lana, la SallAllahu wasallam are facing better yet hammered while he was Marian 111