Ebrahim Bham – Is There A Need To Reinterpret Quraan & Shariah

Ebrahim Bham
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a call made by Islamists to try to convince people to reinterpret the Quran and the Sun airline. The reasons for the call include the need for a no reform movement in Islam, the desire for a no reform move in Islam, and the belief that Islam has its original form. The history and importance of Islam are discussed, including the creation of the Bible and its use of the word "the Quran," and the importance of reinterpretation in Islam. Reinterpretation is necessary for the originality of the Bible and is not possible to change the definition of good and evil constant. Any individual who refuses to change their behavior will face consequences.
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wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Allah Allah Viva

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La Mulana Viva la Vida, de la vida kitabi Allah Sharia Tabata Shariati a mavado vena homina shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem with la de Maya to Nabina Kala Larry Nana Yara Generico

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area haha

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Alma punto de Nova de la woman tilaka in FC in a W e la yo ha la Serra cola when azim respected elders and brothers.

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They have been calls by individuals and organizations,

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in various guises in various parts of the world, sometimes even by Muslims, that we have to reinterpret and revise the Quran and the Sunnah and our Sharia. And these are calls that you see emanating from time to time from various quarters. I had recently been in a trip and I've seen this happening that people are making these type of calls. And we these types of suggestions and

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calls being made. And of course some of call for the Sharia. Now what does that mean Sharia means Sharia means a way to a water source. The way to a water source is known as the literal meaning of Sharia. In short, it means a path in a way so Medina aka Sharia terminal Amma for

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our Latina moon, says Allah in the Holy Quran follow the Sharia, the way the path of Allah and Islam Sol, while Allah Allah, Allah, Allah moon, and do not follow the desires of those who are ignorant. So the Sharia is derived from the primary sources of Islam the Quran and Hadith. The Quran gives us the main principles, while the Hadith provides us with the details of those principles. But of course we know that this is a call that is made as koderma inferiore semi torpor Quran can a tabula or nursery sonica mattala Chiara Han Mei Chen masa manvi shama. Now, why why would this call be made? Let us look at the reasons why would people be making this call? Firstly, it would seem that

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the Quranic injunctions and the Quranic commands on sensitive issues of today, like gender issues, like sexuality, freedom of speech, liberalism, human rights, now these, the Quranic views, which we believe are correct, they are not palatable to many people. So, therefore, for them, there is a need to review it in accordance with trendy concepts or what is more acceptable, at least in some quarters in today's time. So the pressure from the dominant civilization to conform and to modernize is one of the reasons for the scholar to own character kaneka methodic kunisada sonicu j. k. qurani. ahkamaat. Archie Hassan mosyle kimata. With me, that is one of the reasons why people need another

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reason which we have I've heard and I've heard it been said in many forums, that and this comes from the feminist quarters and what does it say is that all And by and large, the mufa serene and the Anima and the Mahatma thing have been made. And therefore the interpretation of the Quran and Hadith is male centric, right? It is male centric, it is it has not favor the woman and it is there to establish patriarchy and it is anti woman therefore, there is a need to re interpret the Holy Quran relook at the Holy Quran. But Luca Khanna capstick Zahra thermophore surina macusa murtra or ohana, auto koscielny Raka Eliyahu Bella, I have heard this in a conference even in India. I have heard

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this been saying from a forum once when I was in a conference where it has been said that most of the people who interpreted the Quran and Hadith they were males and they have not taken to account the female perspective. So this is also another reason why people would like

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To call for the reinterpretation and revising of the Quran and the revising of the Sharia. Another reason is modern day Christianity and Judaism have been through a series of reformation proofs process processes. over centuries, there have been 1000s of reformed, reformed churches and synagogues. And of course, the feeling is, and the thought is that this has happened to other religions. Why can it happen in Islam? why shouldn't it happen in Islam? In fact, not why hasn't it? Why shouldn't be it happening in Islam? And why not Islam? Why did Islam go through a reformed reformation process? Why does it go through a process of a Martin Luther, which has been in

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Christianity? Why is it that we know Martin Luther, in Islam, and in fact, you know, it is a perplexing thing for those who are looking at Islam from the outside. And unfortunately for many, instead of them reflecting on this issue, why is the no reform process in Islam instead of them reflecting on it, it causes them great rage and jealousy and hatred, you know, and therefore, you will find, it is a measure of the intensity of such a desire, that today, an ignorant person with a Muslim sounding name in the Western media and in certain quarters will become an automatic celebrity, if he has to declare that Quran needs to be updated, or the Sharia needs to be rethought.

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He becomes an instant celebrity. And in those particular quarters, he is very well fated. So this aspect is also is giving us some of the reasons why is this call made to reinterpret the Holy Quran? Why is this called made to revise the Sharia? Obviously, why there is no reform movement in Islam? Why is a no reform move on Islam? The way there is? There is in Christianity or Judaism? Well, amongst other reasons, one of the reasons is that, unlike the other isms, and ideologies and religions were the original scripture is not in its original form. Islam has its Koran in its original form. It is in the way that it was revealed upon our beloved nebia Karim salatu wa sallam.

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It is the only divine book to start off with his claim, the helical kita Eva fee. This is a GitHub in which there is no doubt who the lil Mata teen is Hidayat for those people who fear Allah subhanho wa Taala. Therefore, there is no reform movement with regard to it. There is no reformation with regard to it. Because it is revealed the way it was given by Allah subhanho wa Taala to other jabril amin and then through the means of development, our beloved Nivea Creme De La Hawla wa sallam. Having said that, before I go on to respond to the call with regard to interpretation and give certain answers to it, we must understand that there is going to be adaptation. Sometimes we have to

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adapt to certain situations that you find yourself in. And there has been adaptation in the history of Islam. Like look in the time of our beloved Livia Karim sauce alum, the Quran was not in a book form. The Quran was not in a book form. The Quran was written in, in leaves, upon the the bones of camels, it was on different you know, ways it was written, it was written. So in the time of Abu Bakr radiallahu, when so many of us were martyred in one of the betters Amaro de la to came to America and said, we need to put the Quran in one, one and compile it in one book form. Abubakar said I'm not doing what maybe I didn't do. But when he saw the need for it, he did it. So there was

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an adaptation. If there was a need to do that adaptation because of the circumstances that you found yourself in. In the initial stage of Islam, there was no there was no educational institutes, there was no data rooms, the way you have here, that we have a seven year cause, or you have a syllabus. It wasn't those anyone who wanted to learn the Sharia. He went to an individual who studied he learned Quran and Hadith. So there wasn't this syllabus, there wasn't the aspect of an educational institute with his principles of a proper running educational institute. They were this there are certain situations that we find ourselves in, we believe what the Quran it says, but we are unable

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to manifest it. And then the Holy Quran says we're sorry, we're sorry, to facto idioma

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the person who steals and according to certain conditions, his hand must be cut. Now that cannot be done by individuals. It has to be done by an authority. Click, there are certain commands of Allah that requires authority and when you don't have authority, you cannot keep

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Jihad according to

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lolly, can only be declared by an authority if individuals who are out in carry out Jihad and individual organizations carried out you get the chaos and you get the, the, the

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unacceptable manifestation of jihad the way you see many parts of the world if it is done by individuals or individual organization it has to be done by authority. So the Quran was sorry for Sarika two factor why the oma go into the hands of a theme. You can go if a person is stealing something and say the Quran says I must cut off your handgun cut off his head, you got no right to do so because he's in a temptation. The temptation is that that particular command has to be done by an authority. It cannot be done by an individual. So there will be a temptation with regard to the commands of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. However, those are also done within the framework of

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the Quran and Sunnah. It operates under strict principles and methods. It's definitely not second guessing of the Sharia by an individual according to his own woman senses, it is done within the Quranic law, it is done within the Quranic paradigm, it is done within the Sharia, it is done by the scholars who have understood and who have studied the Quran and Hadith. Now with regard to the aspect of reinterpretation of the Quran and Hadith. Now, let us look at what for example, the first thing is, if you want to understand this, then look at the word the Quran itself itself, and I recited in it in the Holy Quran of the Holy Quran in surah Yunus in the beginning with La La him,

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una de not Allah de nada generika Anna Tiburon innovatory hada obaidul when you recite the Quran

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and when you recited to those who do not believe in the

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key somniferum bertoia Sula to draw a circle who do not believe in the asset What do they say it to be put on in a very hot bring another Quran oh but dill or change it? doosra Quran like yo yos put up deal

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with a tutorial

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the Quran is very Paul tell unto them oh prophet of Allah, ma yaku kuno li n opa de la woman tilaka enough See, I have got no right to change it on my

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I have got no right to change in my own in a W Illa. You ha la I have been commanded to follow what Allah has said in the inner sight. I feel just obedience to Allah. And Allah will call me to account on the Day of Judgment. If I were to change the Holy Quran

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will set the heck me up later have set up in a

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minute yet omega darbhanga if I have to change it, I will be a disobedient person to Allah subhanho wa Taala Yeah, you are a soul believer

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or a soul go and propagate what Allah has revealed unto you, respected brothers. When the nebby of Allah could not change it then who on earth can have that authority to change the Quran?

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Quran Macaca Quran kobita de la casa de Atacama Nabi saw Solomon

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rasika hecate Quran parnas rissani como de la Bocca di. So that is the first aspect with regard to it. The second aspect with regard to revising and reinterpretation,

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revising something and re interpreting something becomes necessary, when you no longer have faith in the applicant, applicant in the practicality of the original, you no longer believe in the enduring quality of the original, you feel you find that Eliyahu belaga originally is found to be one thing, it is unfinished, it is incomplete, there is a defect in it. Therefore, you need to reinterpret it because the original is no more practical, it is allowed to be law found to be one thing, it presupposes there is a defect for example, you are running an organization we have a constitution, and when you have a Constitution itself for a particular purpose, after a while you say that listen,

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there are new situations, that original Constitution is no more practical, it no more serves a personal purpose, we have to change the constitution. But we find that now if for example, you need to reinterpret something. Now if you look at that, the originality of the Holy Quran, now who is there, and on what basis is he to detect

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Love for but the imperfection of the Holy Quran, let those who call for reinterpretation. So show us by which literal intellectual and moral standard is quote unquote, unquote, the imperfection to be judged. So you one of the reasons you look and really look at the original is to say Eliyahu Bella, it is no more practical or it is found to be one that it is imperfect. There is nothing like that with regard to the Holy Quran. The Quran in the Sharia is perfect, and requires no revision from pitiful adherence to an alternative Islam or to an alternative lifestyle, Islamic Habibi Cami neeti you have to reschedule.

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Then the third thing which is very important is, you know, when people talk about reformation, then reformation is based at something is wrong, therefore, it needs to be reformed. Islam was never deformed, for it to be reformed.

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Let me repeat it, Islam was never deformed, for it to be reformed. Islam was never dated for it to be outdated. Many times you get one of the reasons they say it is time is no more relevant or applicable to the time that we are stay steady, since when did you ever find in any Command of Allah that it came that this is only data it is only applicable to the year 1900 or 1800. Islam was never deformed, for it to be reformed. Islam was never dated for wait for it to be updated, to be outdated, or to be updated. Islam and the Quran will always give us commands it will always be life giving commands, which which will always be a solution for the for the, for the problems of the

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community and society, those who want to accept it to it for their own good. Those who are not accepted Tu Tu, Tu, Tu Tu to their own detriment and harm and do it to their own peril. This is one and many times people you know we make this sometimes we make a statement, you know in Rome do as the Romans do in Rome do as the Romans do. Well, I must tell you, that we as Muslims do wherever we are what Islam tells us to do. We don't do in Rome what the Romans do.

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Because if you start doing that, what do you have? We have no more Islam leftover. You will never South African version of Islam in a Zimbabwean version of the Holy Quran, and a Serbian version of the Holy Quran wouldn't happen with Islam. In Islam, we don't do what we don't do in Rome, what the Romans do, we do what Allah subhanho wa Taala has told us to do. That is what we're supposed to do. And thereafter, let me just conclude by saying one of the aspects that is so important with regard to understanding reinterpretation revision is right and wrong are eternal. Right? definitions of good and evil have to be constant, otherwise they will lose all meaning in a world of shifting sands

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of good and evil. It is a great blessing to us as Muslims that Islam proves that constant, what is good will always remain good. What is evil will always remain evil call law yester will happy to welcome our Java caucus.

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To the people of Toronto the people who prefer of Almighty Allah subhanaw taala will never be equal. What is evil and good will never be equal law. Yes, Camila. Nice.

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Job Bora Bora Hara Hara cha cha cha Haida, even if, even if evil becomes rampant, and becomes widespread.

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Even if evil becomes attractive in your eyes, what is evil, what remains evil? What is good will always mean good. And therefore, my dear respective brothers Let me tell you, they have been setbacks in our history. They have been setbacks in our history in the history of Islam. Many times people look at what is happening in Palestine, they feel hurt, we should feel hurt, right? There is oppression, that Nigeria is under the control and authority not all of Muslims. Right? The land of Jerusalem is not under the control of Muslims, there are setbacks. But remember, there has been setbacks in our history, things have not always been rosy. There were time in Islamic history for 90

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years, there was no other imagery.

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for 90 years, there was no solid material material was used as a stable for horses. Right. So there has always been this particular situations that there have been situations with regard to it. But Islam always re emerged. It has a staying power above all other isms and all other faiths. It scripture is Quran remains intact and uncorrupted. It is a Fatherland, grace of Almighty Allah that we can read the Quran which may be a currency

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are celebrating. Its profit is revered and love the way no human being has been loved in history.

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You and I will someone Smith as soon as our father and our parents were buried per day someone swears our profit in front of us. This profit is always revered in love. It is a it is a deed which is adhered to by people in different fields. Today you find sports people taking pride and say we practice upon Islam. It is a religion of one fifth of the world's population. It by it binds a diverse multi ethnic communities from different parts of the world into one oma, this is Islam, submit.

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Don't try to reinterpret it. Don't try to revise it. Submit to it for your own benefit that we conclude with as it was a part of your mouth and one day he was sitting and he was eating and he was having meals and he was having meals and he picked up something that had fallen off from the plate that way maybe sauce limit said don't let anything go to waste. And when someone told him this, he said that don't do this year people look badly upon such a thing. What did he say? at that? ruku Sunita, Habibi, Leah? Bula hamaca am I going to forsake the pseudoknot of my hubby for the sake of people? We don't need no reinterpretation. We need to submit ourselves to the Sharia for our own

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benefit. And in that sometimes you will have weakness, our weakness will ask Allah to forgive it but we will not make any justification. Anyone not try to change the Sharia. We will change ourselves to the best of our ability to abide to the commands of Allah for our benefit in this world in the after. Our fellow gorilla

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