20 February 2023

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The importance of good deed in shaping behavior is highlighted, along with the need for individuals to be mindful of their behavior and avoid harms. The speakers also touch on the negative impact of actions that lead to negative behavior and the importance of small deeds for society. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a woman who caused a dog to drink water.

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Sit down want to come up with

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a long white wooden block like

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a Walmart

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she had an

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Hi Ileana Sala

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Hi Lee

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Hi Fi

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hi fi

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in Alhamdulillah

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nana no one asked no one asked of Pharaoh when I was a villa him in Cerulean fusina ominto at our Molina and yet the love Ramadan Lilla oh my god little fella had yella

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why shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa ala Sharika wash Hello anna Muhammad Abdul Hora solo yeah you already know I'm gonna tap Allah haka Ducati Walter mattina Illa one two Muslim one. Yeah Johanna SUTA Kurata Kamala the Halacha Kumi nafcillin Wahida a hologram in Huzzah. Jaha Bethanien humeri. Jalan cathedra on one is a What's up hola hola de tous Luna be here with arhaan in hola como la cumbre Viva you hola you know I'm gonna talk la wa Pulu colon city then use locum Allah como clear looking dooba calm?

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Well, la hora Sula, forgot Pfizer frozen Alima AdMob ad for in NASDAQ, Alhaji Karim Allah had you had you Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mashallah Maury Matata to her Aquila more than 13 Buddha or could be doubting Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah to infinity.

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The Prophet sallallahu Sallam tells us of a story of a man

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who was walking one day

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and as this person was walking,

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he found this branch

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that was blocking the road.

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And specifically this branch had thorns on it.

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And this person saw this problem

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this hazard

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and all he did was he moved this stick off to the side of the road

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so that it doesn't harm people.

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Fall Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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by bein Mr Rajan and yum Shibori wotja wotja Wassenaar Shokin ilottery ACARA HuFa Shaka Allahu La HuFa Ferrara he found

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In this stick, just a stick at thorns on it.

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He saw that this is a problem. This is a hazard. All he did was he moved it off to the side to prevent people from being harmed.

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Look at the to

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reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala first Allah subhanho wa Taala appreciated Allah acknowledged.

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And when we say that Allah subhanho wa Taala appreciates and acknowledges,

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as one of the names of Allah is a shockula Obviously it is different from the way how we as humans appreciate one another.

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Allah when Allah when Allah subhanho wa Taala appreciates and acknowledges

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it's not because almost hunger, Allah needs it later can we feel he che there is nothing like Allah is proud to Allah does not like anything, any creation out there. But when Allah subhanho wa Taala thinks and appreciates, and acknowledges it's not because he needs it is because Allah subhanho wa Taala

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does not be little any good deed that you do.

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This hadith teaches us the importance

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the importance of not belittling any good deed out there.

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Even if you were to think that that action is so insignificant

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See, this hadith did not say did not give us a details on the size of the branch. Did he kick it away? Did he use his hand he just simply said that he removed it

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belittling good deeds brothers and sisters

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is something that the prophets are Salam has warned us about in which he Salah Salem says

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let's run them in Mr. Fisher

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Do not be little.

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Any good deed out there.

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In another narration, lotta run che a mouth roof. And Tatia don't belittle any good thing that comes your way

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that would prevent you like you think, Oh, this is beneath me.

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And the person said to him, he says, while anti-alcohol could be what you believe, and in some narrations pulk

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even if you were to meet your brother,

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with a smile on your face, it doesn't cost you anything to smile.

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But don't think that that act itself Allah subhanaw taala does not notice.

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valuing the importance of good deeds is something that even the pastor sell himself, that even if the day of judgment was to be established, that you do not be little the good deed. What is the proof of this the process of themselves that if one of if one of you has in their hand,

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a sapling

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a small date palm tree very small. And the Day of Judgment is about to be established.

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What do you do? You plant it?

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You don't say? Well, David judgments about to begin, who needs to do this who cares?

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Every single good deed that you do is a value brothers and sisters.

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I'm spending some time to talk about this issue. Because be in the light Allah Ramadan is dawning upon us.

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And most of us when we think about Ramadan,

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we think of Ramadan in grand gestures and big steps. We think of Ramadan as Wow, this huge thing that we're doing so we focus on wi Malay in the Torah we we focus on the fasting itself which is important Absolutely.

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But do not belittle the small things that you do.

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Because you do not know which small thing could take you into paradise. Brothers and sisters. Look at this hadith the Prophet SAW Selim, he says in an extended version of the Hadith, let actually run the Minalima rule fishy wallow and tortilla silly little huddle. Do not belittle any good deed that you do. Even if you were to give someone an accord extension

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And he certainly had something to extend the rope of something else.

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One of

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the sheets are now even if you were to give someone in our case, shoelaces,

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wallow and tansy I mean, dealt with phenol monster spray. Even if you're at the well and you are pulling up the rope to drink water or in our case at a drinking fountain or something like that, and someone comes and wants water, and you give it to them.

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wallow and Turner he ashaming a Tarik

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mean prettiness UD him even if you were to remove something from the road from the well traveled from things that will harm them.

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wallow and teleca haka or watch who can lay him on Pollock even if you are to meet a brother someone in your face and you're smiling

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Willow and Tulpa haka for to sell them la even if you are to meet your brother and to say salaam to them wallow and Tunis el wash and

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even if there is someone who is unfamiliar, someone new someone that is traveling and they look a little bit lost and they're a little bit uncertain that you go and you befriend them and you help them

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and in Ramadan, brothers and sisters do not think that Ramadan as it is because as it is coming they are less prone to Allah give us the blessing of reaching Ramadan and observing it.

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Do you not think that Ramadan is just simply Oh, well, you know, I'm just going to fast and then go to the masjid. There are so many other deeds that you should be looking at. So many opportunities,

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a political thriller

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Al hamdu lillah wa salatu salam, ala Ali was about

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to give you an example,

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during the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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There were so many companions known for different things. Some of the companions were known for donating. Some of the companions were known for being war veterans in the battle, budget, battle, etc. Some companions were known for defending the process LM through poetry.

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Some of the companions were known for saving the province. I sent him his life

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for funding entire expeditions.

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But there was one companion to the process, LM noticed. And it was a woman.

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she used to come and clean the mess ship. She was actually a black woman.

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And so in that society, she was someone that people didn't look at, because obviously, she she's be sort of on the sidelines.

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So she used to coming to the masjid anytime there was like a small gathering of people she would come into the masjid afterwards, and she would clean up anytime

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and every time

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until the Prophet SAW Salem notice that she was gone.

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So here's this woman that used to come and clean the Masjid.

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A companion said, Messenger of Allah, she actually passed away last night, and we did not want to trouble you with her.

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Any In other words, if it was another companion, let's say it was a major companion that had passed away. They said, Okay, well, maybe it's justified to wake the person up but they said, Well, you know, she's just the machine cleaner.

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So the person seldom was annoyed.

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And he said,

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Show me her grave.

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And so the process LM left the masjid, and he went all the way to her grave site. And he made offer her

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the Prophet SAW Selim has never done something like this for any other companion in this fashion, where he would inquire about them

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and be upset

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that her action was being belittled and that is to clean the Masjid.

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So in Ramadan

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when you are eating at afar

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All it takes is for you to lift your plate and put it in the trash.

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To clean up after yourself,

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and the brothers and sisters that come and clean up the mess every day as well as during Ramadan. They are usually the invisible people, the people that you don't really pay attention

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when they're going and cleaning the plates and making sure that the carpet is clean and vacuum for the thorough you do not belittle those things. Those are important good deeds. They are doing an act of service. But in sisters, sometimes when Sisters, we belittle deeds, because we have arrogance in our hearts.

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There during the time of the processor lamb, a man was eating with his left hand. And so the person sent him says, Eat with your right hand.

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I think it's just easy switch from left to right.

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So he said last year, I can't.

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So pasta Salam knew because Allah informed him. He says, let's start

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my mother who ill Kibera Now you wouldn't be able to. The only thing that stopped this person from eating with his right hand was what? Arrogance.

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And another narration the process Salam says, May you never be able to eat with your right hand.

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And so for the rest of his life, this man excuse me, was unable to lift his right hand when he was eating. Why? Because he belittled the commandment of the Prophet Salah Salem

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that he simply explained it as I count.

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Brothers and sisters

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sometimes people belittle good deeds, because we as humans are really obsessed with grand gestures and posturing. We think that if we do something really big and grand, that you do it once hellos, and then you're done.

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And the promise of Salem actually teaches us what is contrary to this, that some of the best and most beloved deeds in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala is what the consistent ones, even if they are small.

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Finally, but then assisters

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the Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam tells us

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of a woman

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who was a prostitute.

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And she came to a well

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and you have to think of her in anything. Her position that she's in,

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looked down upon.

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She went into a well to get water because she was thirsty.

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When she came out, she saw a dog looking for water by the well.

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All she did was go back and get some water, fill it up, fill her shoe up with some water and she gave the dog some water to drink.

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And because of that,

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Allah subhanahu wa taala forgave her.

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Which is why brothers and sisters on the day of judgment

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you want to get to Jana, because you don't know which action will tip the scales in your favor. And that Allah will let you go into Jana.

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So if you are sitting here and choosing and saying well, I'm only going to do the big things.

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You don't know which one of those things is going to be accepted by Allah. Maybe the intentions were not pure enough.

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But take every opportunity that Ramadan is coming, whether it is to clean whether it is to read some of QA whether it is even read a verse

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whether it is to help someone do not belittle any good deeds in Allahumma like who the hell is Aluna Libby? Yeah, you heard Adina almond or Salah he was Telemachus, Lima Allahumma Salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad Kamal Selita Allah Brahim on early Ibrahim in Homido. Majid well that Muhammad Ali Ali Mohamed Khanna, Barack Talib Rahim Allah early Ibrahim in Amida Majeed Allahu wa Sahlan islam al Muslimeen Allah masala islam al Muslimeen or de la surecall Mushrikeen aka Deen Allah humans are one another must have our fee and a fee coolly makan in Europe Allah Allah mean about Allah in Allah Hi, I'm Robbie lightly when

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we're either in Cordoba when Russia you will move through a building here the Kamala come to the karoun Hula, hula, hula kabhi wash guru who are and Yanni he has it come political Allahu Akbar. Allahu Allah Mata stone.