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William will be making a dish called "monkey" and a traditional dish called "vermicelli." The dish is made from beef, tomato sauce, and vermicelli rice, and is popular in Lebanon. The chef explains how to make the dish and eat it, and provides recipes for the dish. The speaker also discusses mixing ingredients and adding seasoning and spices to make the dish rich and flavorful. They cook rice with canola oil, water, rice, and oil, then mix ingredients and add water, rice, and oil, and then cook the rice and spicy rice, and then cook the rice again. They thank everyone for their help and look forward to the next week's recipe.

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All right, I'm so happy to be here. It's

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newer here on if you're special, you made that remark. And I am here with a special Chef William.

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I'm going to introduce him. He's going to introduce themselves now and what we're going to be making today. Oh,

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thank you, Nora, for this

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introduction. And welcome everybody. Happy Ramadan. First of all, happy Ramadan for everyone. We wish next Ramadan will be no lockdown. Yeah, no this restriction, and will enjoy Ramadan as usual. So

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now we're gonna welcome you in our cooking show. From your favorite brand Paramount high boots.

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We came up with some traditional recipe, like out of Paramount menu. So for everybody at home to be able to make it can be able to afford it, or to make it

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for people like me who don't cook. So this is really, really good. And I'm really excited. But definitely, I'm telling you that after today. Exactly, exactly. You gotta be able to cook. Okay, so we're gonna start with our first meal.

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That would butcher

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the traditional name for it is the old butcher.

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So and they call those Bashar and our sacral belagavi an Arabic language. So like those Bashar, the Big King and his army. Yeah, so the Big King will be the meatballs, and army will be the O'Neill slice.

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And all of them in the tomato sauce

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Okay, so we're gonna start mixing it and then form it as a bowl. Okay, after that, we're gonna start making the source the tomato sauce, and at the same time, we're gonna start making white rice or vermicelli rice. Okay, let's do it. So let's start with the meatball. So this is a How can we just take all

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500 gram?

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Yep, a little bit. So, like

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a spoon. Okay, most teaspoon called spice.

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So there's something important here like always, I like to start with the salt and the spices directly on the meat. Not on the veggie. I need to spice the meat. No. Okay. Yes. So now the onion back here, as I mentioned to medium on finally chocolate.

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Almost like four tablespoon

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finely chopped parsley.

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Could you make up this recipe on your own? Absolutely. So this is a traditional Lebanese recipe. So everyone in Lebanon looks like almost every week they have the they have the captain.

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So this is properly all the ingredients. So this is the way so we start from bottom to top. Okay, and round it like this and you keep flipping everything. Yes. Got it. Okay.

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So when you finish with just open your finger and mix it like this

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and you can start smell the smell it smells amazing. You see like it's equally makes a sordid if now you can you repeat again. Okay, now, we're gonna start rounding

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what we use the two hands for exactly. Got it. So we're gonna take them. Yep, I'm gonna give you some so it's good to have like, equal equal signs. Yeah, so all of them. Yeah.

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Okay. Okay.

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So a proportion like this, like how many people do you think it could feed? So this like 500 grams of meat usually with? It's very good for five people. Oh, okay. Meatballs. Ready? Yeah. So here, there's many ways to do this different way. So some people they put in the oven degrees and roasted in the oven. And they start here. Some people they started the first thing in the port, okay, and they continue to other other ingredients. The best way but the best way to start with honor. Start with the onion. When you're ready, then you start with this one. It doesn't need to be cooked. Okay, so actually, when you cook it inside the oven,

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you're gonna lose a lot of fat lot of flavor on the tray. When you cook it here. Again, all the flavor is gonna be combined with the sauce and it's gonna be so rich and flavorful.

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Yes, okay. So we're gonna start with this and the same time I'm going to start do the white vermicelli rice. Okay, so this is very popular, right a kind of rice, Lebanon.

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masala rice

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we'll start with that I will first of all like canola oil

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can you cook rice with canola oil only or can you go with other things you can like use butter you can use ghee ghee, which is the best way but like it's too much calories

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options. So I'm gonna start with canola oil and then vermicelli which is very fine kind of pasta

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spoon we're gonna mix through

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wait until get golden color

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and then we put the record and then the water, the water and vendors sold if you have anything you'd like to add any seasoning, spices you can put this last when the water is boiling the put the rice

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we have here the rice, the water, the soul, the oil, all the ingredients, we're gonna wait for it and to get the guy to take like around 20 to 30 minutes. But this time we're gonna start with that

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All right, okay.

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So it's gonna be like kind of tomato sauce flavored with the pomegranate molasses that sort of a man. We're gonna start with the dude Basha. First of all we're gonna cut

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onion, onion, we'll start with on and then we'll cut the tomato

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I have the tomato paste, just in case the tomato is not red enough or it's not ripe enough. So I must use the magic nice color no

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more for color, not for flavor, color and the thickness and source to make the sauce more sick. So we're gonna wait for it and boiling. And then we're gonna drop them in. As you can see here like so it's simmering, the onion is cooked, the tomatoes cooked. Just the color I don't see it's enough red. So I'm gonna add some tomato paste. So make it thick and more red. So this time like because the tomato is ripe enough you don't need water. But in case that you see it like little bit take us we can add some more to you if you just eyeball exactly, it's gonna be runny like like, you know, and I'm gonna add some salt.

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Pepper, all spice. And now the time for

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the old butcher which is the maple.

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So okay, it's not cool. We're going to be cooked here. How long does that mean? Does it mean it's gonna be after this step. So we need to wait maybe 1015 minutes.

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Then gonna be ready.

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So I'm just gonna break them gently straight so we don't want to break break the meat bone

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so that they're all kind of in gold simmering inside the source.

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Let's check on the rice here. The rice looks perfect. Perfect and the most important part we're gonna wait a little bit just 1015 minutes until get cook and then we'll scoop it and our our course will be ready for laughter so we can see here like after a lot of meat

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cooked after the minute it looks and smells.

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You can see the smell you can tell the rice as well already and you can see how nice fluffy

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and this is the good thing when Middle Easterners to sow the rice and the meat and the sauce on top of each other. I love it. Okay, so then put me up some

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another two here

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on more here

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it's gonna be done. I'm gonna put some pomegranate molasses

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All over

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some firstly,

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pinch of green

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and the program fresh sits on top all

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okay Nora, so we're ready

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to give it a try. I'm sorry. Let me know. Thank you so much.

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that is so good.

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Thank you so much. So

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that was delicious. You're more than welcome to like it and enjoy it. Absolutely. Thank you so much. This was amazing. Everything tasted so good. And that's because everything was fresh from the kitchen from the farm Paramount is amazing. So thank you paramount. Your mother, welcome. Thank you, Laura, and thank you for Esna and I thank you so

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much. Thank you, Chef William, thank you paramount and thank you ISNA for allowing us to all do this. We are so excited to host next week next week's episode as well where we are going to be making me stay with us we're going to be gonna be like amazing another amazing recipe Lebanese, capable Lavon and of course from your favorite brands paramount.

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Thank you, everyone. Bye