Is it haram to break your fast late?

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Is it wrong to break your fast late? So I'm assuming is purposely your personally, your thought time?

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Oh, is it like to break it late as in like, like you don't immediately break it? Is that what the cause? Yeah, so like you're not you don't break it at the third time you want to push it and maybe do it like 10 minutes, 20 minutes or even like up to OSHA time right away?

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How many

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of you my coffee like, right after tomorrow after the date I did the coffee? I know I'm waiting for that second, I bet I hear that I hear that little whisper star and um, let's say right

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onto the date. Like somebody wants to delay. I feel like a lot of people might are assuming here that you might get more. And that's a question Is it like is it up to break or is it permissible? Under maybe some people are trying to attain more Azure but I'm not even allowed right? Huh?

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Okay, yeah. So, the thing is, is like we have this very, very beautiful Hadith of the Prophet lamp is lifted boats he will hide in a Muslim in which he says sauce Allah Allah is Allah NASA will be hiding ma jello fitara right.

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He says people will remain in a state of goodness as long as they expedite the far

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the implication is that if you delay your thoughts you are not in a state of goodness you are in a state of

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a sub optimal state not evil necessarily but falafel Allah you're doing something that is

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against the best practices that the problem is teaching us you're against your your leaving goodness hide towards something that's not good. We see. So it should not be done

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as a choice it should not be delayed if a person has delayed because you know that you know driving and they're still not home and they don't have anything to break their fast with that's fine. Right? But even then they should intend at Margaret to say I have my fast is done like you know hamdulillah my fastest finish the intended and that's good, that will take care of this sooner right. The eating they can proceed to when they get home or to get to wherever they need to get to right. by choice this should not be done. It should not be done in a way to think that there is any more reward or any more goodness in fact