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The transcript is a series of food videos and tour of a bakery where different dishes and ingredients are made. The speakers discuss making different ingredients and seasoning ingredients, including Ky effort, Ky sound, and the lemon sauce. They also discuss a recipe for a yogurt dish that requires practice and use garlic and olive oil. The recipe is updated and thanks the audience for their help.

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filarmonica guys, welcome back to our last episode Have you made that, and I am nuda again, here with Chef William, the head chef of Paramount again, we are so excited to have you guys here on our last episode of the cinema Bond series in sha Allah and we are going to be making something very, very special towards Lebanese culture. And so I'm going to give it away to shuffle William again. And he can introduce himself and what we're making today. Thank you.

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Welcome everybody on our new episode. So we're gonna be making Kybella sound like Arabic Kurata record Lavon Lavon meaning yogurt and kibitz ground beef kind of ground beef mix it with a cracked with some on your own and especially the mix of spices and salt. So this is the we're going to make the difference the base first and then we're going to make the stuffing, which is this ingredient. And after that we're going to form it in very nice, very nice shape and easy way like a football, you're gonna learn it. Yeah, I'm gonna clean it up to shape that up. We're gonna make the lemon sauce and then on top of it is going to be like kind of garlic olive oil and some fresh coriander on

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the top. So it's like four parts. The first main part, let's get started we're gonna have the cracked wheat, bourbon, and Arabic bourbon. Okay, so the same amount of correct weight and the same amount of ground beef, ground beef, it has to be named in externally leave so zero fat. Okay, otherwise it can be we'll get broke when you cook it.

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Okay, same amount. I'm gonna get some onion, chopped onion, finely chopped onion. And how many onions do you need? Like almost like today with spoon two and a half? Okay, okay. He like one teaspoon.

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And I guess some people make like more salty or less. So it's up to the test. And here's the secret ingredient, which is the affordability okay. He just says this is the spices not too much spices. Yeah. Like always in harmony, we use simplicity. So simple things simple. So just basil marjoram and some cumin, and all spice. Okay.

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You can have it, you can buy it ready from our butcher shop. That's amazing. And the good thing like as as always in today's video, we will make everything easy. So you can go to Paramount butcher shop and get this ready.

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Because they're just ready to go.

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Can be paced is ready, we gotta let it sit in the fridge. Okay, by the time we prepare the stuffing for it, okay, sound to the fridge. Now we're gonna start with round two, the topping. I'm going to make small amount.

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So we put the oven on Hi. Hi. Okay, I'm gonna use some canola oil.

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not too much. And after the canola oil we're going to put the chopped on and this part of the cabinet is what the inside or outside this means it has to be like wood fat mix it with has some fat, so it's only covering

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up this so Daniel, we're gonna caramelize them we taught them a little bit.

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Okay, okay, so we'll put the canola oil first and then the onion. We're gonna continue with the ground beef the spices sold. And finally with the warm up sounds good. So when we put the ground beef we're going to make sure we mix it properly before it gets

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kind of put some spices so what kind of meat is this?

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So the top side, the top side.

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It could be lamp or as well.

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For me, I prefer the beef

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Okay, well he'll have the stuffing ready. I'll see you smell how bright or shiny we are. Let it cooled down and drain it drained all the excess oil.

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So by this time I knew this one was gonna get cold. I'm gonna start with the lemon sauce, which is okay source of the yogurt yogurt. I'm gonna have some canola oil and a

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little bit just

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onion, onions, to like, three tablespoons, three tablespoons of chopped onion. So just

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when on stuff like being soft, we're gonna add the yogurt. Okay, to add the yogurt right away to something hard. Gonna break. So this is what to avoid this. So some people do use eggs, or like starch kind of stuff, cornstarch, or potato starch, or flour, you know, so I'm gonna use stash to spoon

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And I'm going to add, put them some water called water it has to be it has to be cold water has to be what happens if it's warm, if it's gonna be like jammed all together combined.

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And it's gonna be like a flam scramble inside.

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So, and this one this way, like it's very, very good to have when you're Whenever you're cooking at home, any thing that sauce or gravy, make it thick. It's the best way to thicken the sauce. So we're gonna combine it with the yogurt.

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So if you put right away the slash on the yogurt, there's gonna be like a chance to have lumps and crumble inside.

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Do we have to wait till the caramelized

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ground lead gold light gold. Got it cooked, just hold on no color. Because if you have to brown or golden, like dark gold is gonna be affected the color of the yoga has to stay white, but some dust of green

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diamonds and aquariums so you can see here, down here and start

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to bring cool I'm gonna have the yogurt you will put the holes there. It

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started here that's still in the pot. Absolutely. So smooth a little bit

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creamy. And do we put all of it in there? So how much is this 750 grand Oh yeah, we're getting we're making lectures let me like four or five people Yeah, yeah. For formula of five.

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So when you put the yogurt on the heat, you can stop

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keep stirring keep stirring and in the same way. Okay, do you want me to put the next little bit to mix

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the start here

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a little bit here.

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Why don't we switch I'll stir and then you know we're gonna come

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and stage most of you can see the edge if you come closer with the camera the edge of the fourth

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nanoparticle that is the yogurt will never break and being like pop

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bubbling and the yogurt still combined. Turn up the heat of

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summer. Okay, and now now

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from the campaign,

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okay, make one in front of you. And then okay. You gotta take small amount of me

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give me an Ramadan. Like for everyone. You can make it the beginning of the month and you can freeze it whenever you need. You just take from the freezer. You can fry it or boil it to use it here or for me, I like to cook it in the yogurt. So some people they boiled the QB before they put in the yogurt or fry it and put it here

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yeah, let's see. Okay.

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Okay, no, let me put some stuffing in

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regionalists yes but inside

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so now it's just giving good they're here the Qbo have to reformat I boil it like a pasture like the way same we build the pasture and hot water for three minutes okay take it out so it's firm it's not good all the way but just firm doesn't break not gonna break in the soft side the source and now after report the Quebec we are not allowed to use this one anymore because they're gonna break the campaigns so just drop the Quebec dobutamine

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okay and the good thing with this like if your family and like half of the formula is not here to start either one or the other half camp so you can drop the clip and how long does it take to cook so here guys like 10 minutes we're gonna cover it similar similar to the source

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coverage one

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so did not start breaking Yeah, cuz if the boiling was medium heat for 10 minutes you're gonna be ready Okay, okay and then a proper sunrise by the time this will be ready we'll have the restaurant it sounds good but we still have so he blamed flavor plain just was put on your landfall. So we need to flip

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up we're gonna use

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an RV somewhat Tasha Tasha Tasha okay

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we're gonna use olive oil Olive Oil Olive Oil finally

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couple school that was cool. All right, Miss God. And so what do we do with that? Do we put that gonna be on top of

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the plate this is gonna be on top and this gives us the whole flavor. That's it This ties the flavor together and coriander

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and mint. Together.

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Together are here.

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So we're gonna wait for it to get hot.

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Okay, so here we have the garlic chop garlic when it was good last slide.

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But garlic this garlic garlic. Remember the top garlic? Oh yes.

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And against the start cooking Okay, and the whole flavor changed the whole experience of the kibble and so it smells amazing. Oh well just fried garlic smells so good.

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And I like to do the coriander fresh and we'll put it this way. It will stay green doesn't turn black as well.

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I think this is ready now just golden brown.

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And do we put that on top now? No on its plates.

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So now it's ready.

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And our hibbett should be ready

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oh nice creamy sauce how creamy It's so creamy. start breaking the yogurt you can see the spoon

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so is it ready now? Yep

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so we're gonna have she will get the rice yeah we got the rice

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so here to convey some

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some source

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and this is goes really well with what we were missing the rice like last time

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yeah, guys if you want the recipe for vermin solarized just go back to the preview of episode and you can find look at this now here. Oh wow.

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Oh my god that smells amazing. So here you can have as well. The Nuts Pine nuts. You can put some Pinus roasted I have some discussion. I like green with the green. I love pistachio. Oh, that looks amazing. Yes. And some so gardeners everyone

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sees fresh.

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Okay, just like back home. Exactly. And here we go. So we're going to have the campaign and of course was going to be served with the Vermis salary

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we have this and we're going for it oh

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that is so good

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this is Nick topping ties that together perfectly

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imagine this after a long fasting day how refresher? I feel oh my god I feel refreshed now imagine after fasting

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okay thank you

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thanks for multimedia box for a snack Canada and Paramount Fine Foods and for the new program we made it we made it you made it we made it.

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Last Ramadan and Eid Mubarak.

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Ramadan without pandemic yeah

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thank you