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Assalamu Aleikum

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everyone would like to buy a house or build a house. Many people are renting houses on earth for a short span of time. And we like to make sure that the facilities within the house are good and usable. Everyone would love a beautiful bathroom where the water comes out nice and hot, and where the pressure of the water is good. Everyone would like a lovely Kitchen, where Subhanallah you can cook and you can enjoy. And it looks nice. People would like a little lounge a place to sit, where the living room we can sit, the guests might sit, family members can gather around and perhaps benefit in one way or another. And people would love a beautiful mattress. And a lovely Devey

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perhaps pillows that are amazing. Imagine that Egyptian cotton, imagine so much of beauty. Imagine a lovely cool room with air conditioning. Everyone would love that. Imagine if that was yours, I think many people actually earn in order to pay the rents part of what they from part of what they earn, or to be able to pay towards the purchase of the house. Or to be able to build a house.

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So you either build it, or you buy it. Or if you're renting it, you're working hard to pay towards the rent. Mashallah. I know, may Allah bless us with beautiful homes, one of the gifts of Allah is that you have, you have what is called a spacious home and Bay to Lhasa, you know, as a home that you consider spacious and spacious in Islamic terminology would refer to the feeling within you that you would love to be indoors, you love it indoors, you don't want to rush outdoors unless you really have to go or once in a while, but you like it more indoors than outdoors. That's called a spacious home, even if it's not so big SubhanAllah. So my brothers and sisters, the point I want to raise

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today is very important. We work hard in order to pay the rent, or in order to live a little bit comfortably. And we work very hard in order to be able to buy a house ultimately our own or build one. But we forget that that is only going to help us for a few years after that, we will go back to our maker, and we will need a house there. That is the eternal abode, the eternal home. Just like there is an effort required to build something temporary, there is also an effort required to build that which is permanent. But guess what the effort required to build that which is permanent is less than the effort required to build that which is temporary.

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If you were to fulfill your obligations that Allah has placed on your shoulders, and you were to abstain from the prohibitions that Allah has said or prohibited, then you would automatically through that effort and an effort is required to do those. Through that effort, you would automatically be earning the currency of the hereafter which is known as deeds. And the minute you have enough deeds, you have your house set, you have a beautiful bed, you will have a recliner, you will be having rivers flowing beneath at home, and the gardens that are plush and amazing, beautiful, you will have fruit trees of whatever you wish you will have what you desire. But in

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order to get that a little effort is required. Perhaps your five daily prayers within 24 hours may take you 24 minutes or a little bit more. But 24 minutes out of 24 hours to work in order to be delivered the best and most beautiful house ever.

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It's very cheap. So panela it's actually a bargain. That's what it is. Similarly, to be able to dress in a certain way. And just by merely dressing in a specific way you're earning the currency that you're going to need for that eternal. And what's that deeds, so good deed, beautiful deed. And I tell you when it is very difficult for you to do the right thing, and still you do it. You've earned double triple 10 times 100 times 700 times your salary. You've earned a lot because it was more difficult. If one thing if doing one thing is so difficult but you did that particular thing, a beautiful thing an act of worship or staying away from a prohibition. It was so difficult but for

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the sake of Allah, I quit this bad habit. Trust me. You've earned the currency to be able to pay for the house.

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house that's being built right now for you and I, in the hereafter. You can purchase that house you can build it so panela the currency, that's what it is. Similarly, when you go out of your way to spend on the poor, when you go out of your way to build maybe a Masjid or to do something that the benefit of which is going to last beyond your death, Allah says, we're going to clock a lot of reward and the deeds considered Giardia, Giardia, meaning continuous earning continuously earning deeds. It's like an investment and your returns keep coming even after you've died. That's amazing. So remember build your house not just in the in this world and I pray that Allah grant all of us

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could beautiful homes, who wouldn't want beautiful homes a beautiful ride a lovely holiday somewhere Mashallah costs money. And that money, we know, we've got to work for it very, very hard. Well, to do the same, and even more importantly, to be able to achieve that house of the hereafter also requires an effort and like I said, you won't believe it, that effort is actually less than the effort that you've put in to the temporary pleasures. I've gone on holiday for two weeks, I've spent so many $1,000 or pounds Subhan Allah. But Allah says, You know what, if you were to divide that, or check how much how long you worked for, in order to be able to afford the holiday, you would find

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that if you worked with that type of dedication, for the house of the Hereafter, you would actually earn a much better place than you would when you know for the worldly life. So my brothers and sisters, remember to balance things. I'm not saying don't enjoy, don't build your house here, etc. But don't do it at the expense of your house in the hereafter. All it requires is develop your relationship with Allah build a proper relationship with Him every day. Remember, it's the day of Allah. Allah Almighty has granted you that day, say your prayers, five times a day dress in a beautiful way. What does it cost you? What does it cost you to dress in a specific way if people

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were to turn to you because of a beautiful dress code that you've developed for the sake of Allah so what the fact that they've taunted you already makes you earn beautiful deeds by the patients you bought. sobre Allah says in nama you are for sale by owner jambalaya is up a lot of rewards patients and those who bear patients with a, an unlimited reward. Imagine your

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deeds which is the currency of the hereafter would be unlimited as a result of patience because they mocked at you, they laughed at you, they swore you they may have persecuted you to a certain extent, simply because you dressed the right way. Simply because you carried yourself in a beautiful way it will happen. The messengers Jesus May peace be upon him Mohammed May peace be upon him Moses May peace be upon they will mocked and scoffed at and so on. It did not reduce their value in any way to elevate their status, if anything Subhanallah so my brothers and sisters here goes, let's prepare for the hereafter as well my building my house, I want to purchase it I want to build it, inshallah,

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through the good deeds and I will be the best possible version of myself, I will not harm others. I will not hold grudges, I will not make others lives difficult. I will not abuse or say vulgar words and so on and I will fulfill my duty on to ally in the best possible way. Like I said, worshiping Him alone, following the example of the messenger peace be upon him to the best of my abilities and inshallah Allah will give you contentment and happiness in this world and the next up Luca was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh