Zahir Mahmood – How to attain success in your youth

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of using youth as a time to enjoy oneself and others. He uses the example of a young man named Siobhan Nasha who lost power during online gaming. Nasha's parents had a negative impact on him and he wanted to avoid them. The speaker suggests that weak people do things like selling cars and drinking, but strong individuals do not.
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Use is a time of temptation.

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Use is a time where you're looking for direction. Use is a time where you want to enjoy yourself, your own YOLO and you really looking for something you know your friends are enjoying themselves. They got really no responsibilities, no maybe directives, strong directive in life, and therefore, they are enjoying yourself themselves. And you want to enjoy yourself.

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And this is why a law will specifically ask the second question, your youth

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or young man when you were young?

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Where did you spend those hours? Were you in the nightclub? Do you wining dining womanizing, were you committing Hara were you drug dealing? Or were you in the machine? Were you read the Koran? were you doing good Acts where you didn't sell the car? Will you do the hymn of your parents when you did have your neighbors? And this is why out of the seven people who will be under Allah shade on the Day of Judgment is be a young man who grew up in the worship of Allah, a young man who sang the temptations which were around him.

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And he wanted to worship and lost power. That's it.

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He was strong enough.

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He was strong enough remember his word, he was strong enough to shun the temptations? Because generally weak people go with the flow.

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And what all his friends and all those youngsters around him, were doing that which was Haram, or that was which was wasteful. He was

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and is this I mean, look, 24 seven, he was in the

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youth, our youth, but he didn't incline toward her arm.

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He did things which were beneficial for him. He was in the head of his parents, when his parents said to him to do something. He listened to his parents. It was an hours on online gaming, and you forgot everything around you

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or outside hanging on the street corners or womanizing or in the nightclubs.

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But this was Siobhan Nasha, Atiba Tila, the young man who grew up in the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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