Friday Jumuah Khutbah – March 26, 2021

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Allah Allah

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Thank you

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make sure I don't

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and shadow

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I still feel whenever you look into a scenario mean say it in a minute

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for my ukulele for the other

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sum of all

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who free from wanna see beat up over here

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come up all the warm water had a bad

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day bye

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it took a while back

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in the scene where he was coming handsome jaha were better than me German.

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What up a wall?

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I know that he was

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in a mall? How can I promote

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my brothers and sisters, every single day, every single week, every month, every year that passes in our lives, we think to ourselves, how will we send before Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, as the person that I have become? Or the person who I am, we take into account our own selves, our own lives, who am I? What have I done? Where do I go? How do I see what do I earn? What do I spend on what do I eat and so on and so forth. And we think to ourselves, will I be able to spend before Allah Subhana Allah is on the day of judgment will I be from amongst those who are under the shade on the day of judgment? Will I be from amongst those who cross that bridge with with swiftness right

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very easily very quickly, will I be from amongst those who fall short?

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Whenever you will.

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And so today we learned about Alessi

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almost accountable for data one of his names is either hessie we could translate it to mean the pinner or to make it easier for us to understand the accountant, the one who takes into account all of our deeds, everything that we do

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Got anything to yourself, when you look at your earnings throughout the year and you send your taxes or your you know your income statements to the accountant, right, your accountant.

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And they calculate everything they say, Hey, you know what Brother, you fell short here or you did this or you all more in taxes are you going to be getting more in return, we are always thinking about what the outcome is going to be until we get that email or phone call from the accountant, you're good, you're clear making some

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governments can pay you back, or I'm sorry, you didn't pay enough you have to pay this much back.

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Or whatever the outcome is. And so when we think of that, and we apply it to our deeds as who we are, how will it be, and we spend before Allah subhana wa hasi, when he takes into account, the prayers that we've missed the first thing that we haven't made up yet, this is a card that we never even began to pay in our lives. The headset was compulsory upon us 15 years ago, but we prioritize going on vacations and doing other things.

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The children who were supposed to raise it on the dean, and we just let them go and be free in the world that they live in. The spouse who we're supposed to educate every single Friday as brothers when we learn from the hook button, go back and teach them what will the outcome be.

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And Hussey

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is going to take that into account.

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But now I see there's not just a one who's going to look at the accounts and say okay, this is how many

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almost hundreds

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of mahane dues as

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a movement.

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Agenda jumbo, but we know that a loss of a helmet is worse.

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And so this month of Ramadan is coming before us. have we taken ourselves into account? If we looked at who we are right now, are we ready for this month of Ramadan? Are we going in prepared saying you know what, this year, I'm going to benefit from the amount that my rewards are multiplied by, because the loss of customer data has given me this opportunity throughout the year to benefit so much. Am I going to look at an IC and say I did what you asked for me now multiplied and also handed over to Anna says what Kathy

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has seen

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and the law is sufficient for us is enough for us has

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been working almost the kind of data that is sufficient for us. And the best of planners or the best of protectors has been a model and everyone lucky almost kind of always had a sufficient for us. And

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we had our little wife, Sophie,

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me to live in what we suddenly was sending more identity at

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the same time.

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Now we know very well that we can't do enough good deeds on our own to earn paradise. We know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaches us that it is with the mercy of Allah that we attain hardness. That's an indication that every single one of us is weak. We know and we accept our weaknesses. As believers in Allah we know and we accept that we are weak. That is not so much. We now will apply tawakkol in Romania to work can add a law for the White House. And whoever has tawakkol in awasum have more to add trust in a wall that he will do what is best for us because we tried, we made mistakes and then we try and we made another mistake and we sought forgiveness and we

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tried and we continue to make mistakes. And the most cannaboids I had is the one who we put trust in when they are talking to whoever has that to work with that trust in a lump sum who has on one is enough for us he will fix what the accountant fixes for us we say oh there's a loophole here a tax there this that we can play this you know I do this I do that this you know, distance I travel than I could write this office taxes among listeners do anything on Justin. He tells us in advance for the good deeds that you do, they will be multiplied for the sins that we commit to will be written as a sin. So the notice is there in it.

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the question is are we going to take advantage of the good deeds that are right in front of us and this is also one of the reasons why we gave everyone the opportunity to take advantage of a good deed that is placed there was placed right in front of you today these boxes in front of you are part of the ability to finish paying off this mustard that we encourage every single family family

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and we expect 1000 families to take one box each and to bring back at the end of the month of ramadan as you see on the banners in front of you just $300 as a phantom if we can achieve that this ramadan hamdulillah if we can achieve more a lot more about even better even greater and we asked the hesi to multiply our goal is to increase our earnings to balance out the earnings and to give us better clarity what we've made so that we can get more for the sake of allah so

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we conclude of course by sending peace and blessings upon the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam alumnus on the island

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machine although

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a lot more

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a lot more

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colossal except for every single one of us to make us from amongst those who are able to stand in front of the rest of this world and showing them an example of the believers and the followers of comments on a blog it was not to lose out on an answer to our email and our dean we asked them also currently added to protect our children we asked the boss academy data to put in our earnings and we asked for loss of halloween data to remove this hardship it's upon us this pandemic and to make a means of easy success for us in this life hereafter i need

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your money

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these pictures

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are you

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love love

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sit down we're at a call

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Brothers and sisters for your cooperation like we said before if you can, if you feel you're able to please bring that box home with you collect $300 from your friends, your family, your relatives, your neighbors and bring it back to the mustard once here complete in sha Allah make this a class for you throughout the month of Ramadan

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out of the park and you're using your product in your family as well.

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then second

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positive I recorded it too I can check it