The Choice of the Prophets – Tafsir of Surah al-Anbiya

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You know when you read the story they actually even same thing Carrie darling lamblia to where you read the story what you can see that these prophets and messengers you know the joy the way of worship Allah subhanaw taala about seclusion they turned him alone Thunder iPhone everything else and whatever difficulty they have got problem they have got, they are patient they do sobre to then they go to the gutter, you know some things in this world. But what I'm trying to say there Alibaba is karma, there is some results or risk formula so hotel to event they appreciate that risk, then they get I know some other risk as well in this worldly one. But actually the purpose of being in

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the prayer peace people still in the condition the sovereign, that is certainly the big big reward from Allah subhanaw taala and in that one they become very very close to Allah. There was a courier somebody was the prayer if I'm just giving talking because so close to Lhasa hautala to when you're turning your eye from everything, and you focus you become good in all cartels between allies remote, you know this actually what happened to Musa Islam, when Messiah Islam came to the meridian on a per answer Thumma Allah Allah will their musar turn to the shade. Too many people think it was sunny, and he went to shared you know, an E murderer. And I think really if you look in the Quran,

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you will find really the meaning now that meaning then he tend to play

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because other shared actually is so does that will he had no Masjid to his joy, the place where the shared grace and that is Lila they decide to return to from everything else to Allah subhanaw taala you know in that deck and that actually made it you know Allah very nearer to these people by debt targeting because when there's so much distraction to you, then you're never focus. You need to be you know, away from everything, focus more and more. And then on love gives you what you want and more mercy, but this itself with the mercy from Allah, if this condition because this brings all the all the mercy