Adnan Rajeh – In Preparation for the Season of Hajj #1

Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a hedge that was supposed to be obligated upon individuals performing the hedge until someone became obligations, but the hedge was supposed to be kept on until the next year. The hedge was supposed to be kept on until the next year, but the individuals were supposed to keep it until the next year. The hedge was supposed to be kept on until the next year, but the individuals were supposed to keep it until the next year.
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hearing about you always say chronic medical quality. And I'd be holding on to the Allah who I know God. One and maybe you'll still Allah Allah Who early he was LM of a call the Hadith Nicholas Shima both Imam Bukhari and Muslim write to us Bible Herrera. And this is today we move on to a new theme, talk about hedge for the next couple of weeks until I eat basically and then we kind of move on to something other than that, but I just talked about hydrogen maybe narrate to you a number of things he said out of his thoughts and regarding hydro itself, maybe aspects of his home his own house, because he did it one Saudi salatu salam, and maybe the importance of the 10 days once we come

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closer to that point.

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So this hadith, says the Prophet alayhi salatu salam gave a hotbar and he gave you a hook this hook where the de Hajj became obligatory, and how you became obligatory that last year, the 10th year of hijra, it wasn't before that Hajj has always been a part of every prophetic tradition, item perform build the build the goblin from the first hedge. And since then, all the prophets have performed some form of pilgrimage, pilgrimage, and Ibrahim on a stone rebuilt the cabin and then a nasty bit hygiene to finance up to Khadija. So that was that was established a long time before but when it became an obligate obligation upon Muslims was the last year of his life, his life out of his sight

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to Assam, which is why he only performed one Hajj

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and when it became public Kotori he stood he stood he gave a hug of ACARA a un nurse, but followed Allahu Allah ecomo Hijjah who are people Allah Subhana Allah is made obligatory upon you performing hydro before me the pilgrimage so before the pilgrimage to perform Hajj chi Allah June rasool Allah if he couldn't leave

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so a guy stood up as a yellow Salah every year. And only recently did I start understanding these Hadith only recently started displaying the profit of your site to frustration with these things, or someone stands up and drops and then ask the question that he didn't need to ask. There was only going to bring difficulty. So as every year if I wanted it every year, I would have said so. I didn't do I ask but he asked anyway. I'll have a secretary Hustla Towson is anything but Aurora telethon. Like I asked three times you wouldn't stop

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calling us I'm a lawyer. I said

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no call tonight I'm lower jaw but what am I supposed to if I said yes, to become obligatory and no one would have been able to do it by to my second then he was quiet for a second out of his love to us and I'm probably trying not to strangle this gentleman. So Mikayla

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Are you a nurse? They are only Morocco. Leave me for as long as I leave you. Like when I leave something open? Leave it and leave me Don't ask me Don't ask me questions for in NEMA halacha mancha habla calm, because the rot is too early him work the work de la vie him Allah MBE him from emoticon V. To mean who Mr. Parr to quote Mr. PowToon what manner he took a man who Fanta who so people know that the nation's before you the only met their demise? Because they would continuously argue and ask and go into details with their profits when they didn't have to. So whatever I tell you to do, do your best to achieve it. When I tell you don't do don't do it.

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And this is where he gave this you've heard this how do you do this where he gave it is when he told people perform Hajj, and some guy stood up and said every year

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why? He said he said for you if it was going to be every year for sure he would have that there's a reason why he didn't say these things at least

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either read The reason is that so Islam can be what it is today. So that scholars can go back and take all this evidence and process it and we can end up with an Diem that is wide that has differences of opinion that has a llama within it. But he was younger than I am and I just don't want to share in to be delicate into industry one hanging

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off Allahu anha client so don't don't ask leave him he will he'll he what he says is what he was told to see Don't Don't Ask Don't Don't go after they did he can explain it you can ask now it's fine. But even now I find Yanni don't

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just just don't

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where are we? You know, I'm gonna do what Buddha would I need a bus because it's an Akula abna hub is SCADA, y'all rasool Allah, el hijo Margarita and if you don't know Marie, I'm calling that after I've been homeless at one point came during hygiene kits at Yellowstone Allah. So these hedges every year are the ones that once in a lifetime booklet Alia Salatu was run by people who are male rats and Amorim permissions for who what they talked about were meaningless once in a lifetime if you do extra times and then is it considered as an Athena or recommended or an option or an extra act of worship? So he didn't point that out? You saw to some later on, but he was trying to explain a point

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that was he says something just at that time now it was different obviously we have to know the details but then it was there was a reason for why I didn't start to some asked for this is because

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If he were to give every if you were going to he were to ask answer these questions and give the best rest the best practice for everything, then we would end up with a very difficult deal in terms of practice, but he didn't tell us a lot to say he made a point of it. You got to email nobody you will miss them couldn't be so hey,

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I'd be loyal to the low annual con Catawba annual Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Africa and Are you a nurse but the founder of Allah Allah eco Moorhead, Jaffa, Zhu taka Algerian Yara Allah Akula Amin, a second for Kira atleta papaya, Liverpool tuna and lava but while ms Jabbar tomb to Maseca to makhana Are you a nurse the Rooney and I'd like to come in Mr. Holcomb and kind of tabula calm because amatsu early him Mattila for him Allah MBA him I'm honored to be here, two men who must apply to him or mine are here to command who can tell who sort of Rasulullah he said Allah Allah when you summon sparkling foundation Allah you know he lends itself to week one so Allah wa salam O

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Allah Canada Vienna Muhammad in earlier slide has been so the ritual is now obligatory, we'll talk about it more inshallah over the next one, he said I want to point out

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