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The importance of communication and speaking in relationships is discussed, emphasizing the need to be cautious with regard to words and actions. The speakers stress the importance of words in shaping behavior and relationships, and stress the need to be aware of one's words and actions in relation to others' emotions. emotional abuse can impact behavior and emotions, and advice is given to parents and children. The importance of listening to people and avoiding breaking hearts is emphasized.

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100 Allahu Allahu wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Mallanna Viva La Mulana Viva hula Amitabha Amitabha kitabi wa Sharia Tabata sorry RT a MOBA do follow the villa Humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem myall fishermen Colin Isla de hiraki bonati. Sara colloquialism

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My dear respected elders and brothers, Allah subhanho wa Taala is blessed us with many favors. One of the favors a lot Allah has blessed us with is the ability to communicate and the ability to speak. Allah subhanho wa Taala specifically mentioned this in the Quran.

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Allah Allah

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Allah Collinson, Allah will,

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Allah Allah says, I created human being. And I gave him the ability to speak, the ability to communicate. My dear respected Bala brothers many times there are many favors that you and I, we have it, we take it for granted. The ability to speak is also amongst those favors that you and I take for granted. It is such a great name of Allah.

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Coincidentally, or we don't believe in coincidence during the course of this week, I was speaking to a medical doctor. And he was telling me that one of the most frustrating and one of the most difficult situations a person can have is you have your intellect. You have your physical body, you have health, you have your mental faculties, right. But you can't communicate.

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And everything is like you want to say something you can say it. Then yesterday while researching this topic, I read an article by Mufti tacos, money. And he says that one of his relatives came sick. And he went through a procedure. And of course, he went through an anaesthetic and then in there, all his faculties were numb, and his tongue also became numb. He's a proven hour or so he could not speak and he said he wanted water. Water was just nearby them. They were people who around him his family members, but he couldn't lift his tongue to ask people water. He said Danny, I realized that what a great name that Allah has given us. And we take it for granted. It is such a

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great number that Allah tala says hello Collinson, I created human being I gave him the ability to communicate in speech. It is something that differentiates and distinguishes human beings from all other creatures we can speak. In fact, the people of the past the philosophers they used to define human being as one and not the animal or a type of animal who can speak who's got the ability to communicate. Now we know that animals also got an ability to communicate, but not with a full sophistication, not with a manner not with a method that Allah has given human beings. So Allah has given us the stung the ability to communicate as a very great amateur. But together with it being a

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very greatly amateur, it is perhaps one of the most sensitive of all the favors and natella has granted us out of all the favors Allah has granted us. This remains one of the most sensitive, sensitive with it you can make or break your Eman you can make or break relationship you can make and break so many things. There's going to be a creme de la while he was still on so many occasions warned us about the tongue cream sauce himself every day, every day every morning. All the organs of the body they plead with a tongue in his cabinet is in his the Comforter is to come now. If you remain steadfast we are going to remain steadfast. You give a commitment. I'm going to go into this

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wrong and we as the organs of the body we follow what we have given a commitment. And if you become if you remain steadfast we will remain steadfast if you do wrong, we are going to do wrong. This is the reality with regard to

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nebbia cream sauce lamb said he who guarantees me that he will preserve and protect to hollow things. I put I guarantee him Jenna, that which is between his two jaws and that which is between his two thighs. He who protects these two things. Allah subhanho wa Taala nebbia Kareem sells them said, I guarantee him genda such as the importance of the tongue, that nebia cream sauce limited for inner radula leg

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Hello Anna Lisa, he ushered to MySQL Academy, Buhari Sharif Hadith, that a person slips more with the tongue than what he slips with his feet. He can slip very many, very seldom does it come, they might be muddy terrain, and he might slip with his feet, but never occurred himself who said a person slips more with his tongue than what he slips with his feet, even

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makes mention of this very, very amazing thing. He said, One day he was going, and it was raining, it was muddy, and he saw a small girl playing, and he told the girl, be careful, you must not slip, be careful, you must not slip, you might hurt yourself. And this girl was full of wisdom. And she told him he said, Mom, if I slept, only one girl would be harmed. If you slip in any way, the whole rumor will be harmed. You are men of authority, the greater the authority, the greater the harm with regard to the tongue. So this particular tongue is just an amazing aspect with regard to how on one hand so important, such a great blessing. We can't do much without it. Yet at the same time, it is

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so sensitive now via cream sauce from one day to reservoir theory allow through many many advisors, he told him Suhana law firms have the scale of good deeds all of that number is awesome Tony many good things and they said Omaha's Can I tell you the root and the principle of all of these things? What is the gentleman Yes sir. Nick Tamaki jerky as soon as it was said jasola tell me maybe a cream sauce lamb lift that is tongue in said that is the root of all the good things. So never as a Master jasola will we be called into account for what we say with the tongue? So let me record himself Some said some mythical atomic O'Meara's, may your mother have you know burden in giving birth to you? I

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thought that you are a person who was very, very, I thought you were a person who was intelligent, and then never occurred himself and said, majority I'm listening I want you to listen to this majority of the inmates have janam will go into jahannam because of the

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majority of the people will go into jahannam Oh into the indiscretions of the tongue. Major, majority of the people who will go into jahannam will be because of the tongue, such ease the importance with regard to the tongue. Now obviously, from their understanding the importance of the tongue, we come to the next stage, the tongue formulates words. Now words is very, very important. The tongue whatever is in our minds and our thoughts. The outlet for that. The outlet for what is in our minds in our thoughts is the tongue. So the tongue formulates what is in our hearts in our minds, it gives expression and manifestation to them. And that's why words are so important. How do

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we from the importance of the tongue, the next thing What do we say with regard to the tongue, how important it is? Just to give an example few examples, this words are so important. A person 7080 years of age, right he comes at a time and after 70 years of disobedience. 70 years of Cooper once he said La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, one time, that particular words, they wipes away 70 years of Kufa.

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One sentence he said, someone say but look at how many bad things he said. But one one sentence lai lai Lama Muhammad Rasulullah can wipe away 70 years of disobedience. And similarly vice versa. Sometimes you can have 70 years of human, one incorrect word can wipe away. Many times you and I are not very careful with regard to matters with regard to it. You know, modern as we speak, or white speaking about the tongue gave one or two examples. He said someone comes and tell you about the Sharia. And you say leave your Sharia man. And you say it in a condescending manner. It can lead to copper. Sometimes a person will ask the person we say jokingly, but you know, we don't realize what

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words can do. So sometimes if a person were you staying, I'm staying in the in this village, you learn loving, it's such a stage. It's such a place where Allah Allah, Allah, Allah also can reach Allah villa. Now it's just the sentence which when I take to be humorous, or do you know they realize realize the impact with regard to it. They impact this words are so important. A woman who is a complete stranger to you. You just said Lucas made mentioned the the naki the person

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In the morning, I said, you know Kabuki and you said who called me? Then obviously immediately that woman who was a stranger to you, she became someone who is loyal to you with one word you just said, Camille said, as you all know with regard to it one word, and similarly, you are married to someone for 50 years. And you said once I divorce you 50 years of relationship comes to an end.

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Do you realize the impact with regard to words, one word can make you a woman, one word can take you out to the fall of Islam. One word establishes a haram relationship prior to that, which makes it halaal. And one word makes 100 relationship Hara Haram. People don't take into account this Never mind a word. Sometimes even a letter can make a difference. A person was going abroad and in his foot of love. He wrote a letter, a message to his wife, SMS, WhatsApp, whatever he went, and he wrote to his wife, I wish you a year but he forgot to put the E at the end of year. Do you know what happened? The marriage delay pro instead of saying I wish you a year he said I wish you were her.

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Can you read what happened? Can you imagine if what letter can make a difference? What what what can make a difference?

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in Allah subhanho wa Taala warns us Marielle fishermen Colin Illallah de hiraki bonati whatever word you utter, whatever word you utter, Allah subhanho wa Taala has got an angel which decodes each and every word of yours. Be careful with regard to what you utter. Sticks and stones will break my bones. But words will not harm me or sway someone will say sticks and stones will break my bones, but my words will break my heart. Allah has a mighty respect for others words have got this particular call. You know, that is why now via cream sauce lemon Buhari sheriff says Howdy. Sometimes a person utters a word, he utters a word and he does not realize the implication and the

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far reaching consequences of that word, but it generates such a good set generate such good that on the day of Tiamat Allah will grant him Janet because of that one word in sentence he said. He said it is such an odd situation. He brought two warring factions together. He brought the oma together. And he said such a word which prevented people from arguing, preventing disputes. He said it he didn't realize the implication of Hadith, Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant him gender because of that one word. And sometimes a person might have many good deeds. But he said a sentence at a crucial time, which made two people fight made the ultimate fight created fitna in the moment. And

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all of a sudden maybe saddam said because despite all his good Allah because of that one centers would put him into janome. This words are so important, my dear respect others it makes and breaks people's it makes and breaks people's moods. It makes and breaks people's confidence. Medical Doctors speak about emotional abuse. And what is emotional abuse? I want people to think brothers before we say any word, measure it, think about it. Our there is a very famous principle. Measure nine times cut once. Measure nine times cut once see tweeted before you cut you are going to prove sure you are cutting correctly. Before you are going to utter any word to someone. Then first, weigh

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the consequences. pay a toll fair poll. First weigh the words before you utter it. So it does not cause harm. It does not cause hurt the enemy forward said Jara hottie Santa Nola, healthy amo. Majora Elisa, the runes inflicted by the sword over the knife over their hands. There is a cure, there is a healing for it. There is no cure, there is no you're and there is no bandage for the wounds inflicted by the tongue. Let me give you an example with regard to emotional abuse. emotional abuse is you tell someone who is close to you, constantly, you are belittling them, constantly you belittle them to such an extent that you take away the confidence. They're no more regard themselves

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as worthy. They regard themselves as worthless. Medical Doctors say you see a small child during the course of his child's childhood, he picked up something he broke it, then you always refer to him as butter fingers clumsy, that child grows up with this attitude, always fearing of trying something new, trying something that is innovative, because because of emotional abuse because of words which has belittle that child. That child has grew up by saying my parents always called me always call me someone who has butter fingers clumsy. Every time he wants to do something. He lacks the confidence. Why it has come from someone who has loved him quietly supposed to love him.

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You always tell your spouse, you are useless. You are like this. They grew up with it.

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Can you imagine you tell your child, you cause me so much problems, you give me so much difficulty, you make me sick, and all of a sudden, the other parent becomes sick. And after becoming sick, the parent died. What what what emotional trauma goes to that particular small child. You just said it innocently, you troubled me so much, you make me sick, you become sick, something happens to you, that child grows up because of what I post my parents look at what had happened. Where are we with regard to weighing what we say? Someone came to the very famous Socrates, Aristotle and said, I want to tell you something about someone. So Aristotle said before you tell me something, has it past the

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triple filter test. He said, What do you mean by the triple filter test? He said, firstly, tell me the first filter. Is it true? Is what you are going to tell me? Is it true? He said, I don't know if it is true or not. I'm just hearing everyone saying something. Let me occur himself. Someone said before Bill Murray, when are you happy Serpico Lima, Samia, it is enough for a person to be termed a liar. That erase everything what people say is nikka What's a pill, SMS media what it is for a person. So the person said he hasn't passed the first test. Then he said, telling me Is it good?

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Or no one really is good news. No one really is good news. Everyone only relates bad news. Whenever someone can tell you Did you hear? Then you must remember is bad news. No one comes in tell you Al Hamdulillah this person is so much good. Have a mother in law. There's no one comes in tell you that I normally give an example. Every day 100 planes land safely on our tempo. Next day, you will never get the headline in the newspaper 100 planes landed safely. Let there be one crash landing. Let there be one train that comes in and it has to make an emergency landing the next day you will have a headline. So he said, Is it good? Is it No, it's not good, obviously is not going to be good. No

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one really is good news. Then he said, is it beneficial to me? He says not beneficial. So why are you telling me this? Before you say about someone about anything? See the passes three tests? What are the three tests? Is it true? Is it good? Is it beneficial? Before you relate anything with regard to something? Brothers, these are things that we never take for. You know anyone once you say it, no matter how much they after you regret it. It doesn't matter their brothers, it is gone, it is gone. It is there you can then you have to live. Someone has said very fully said I am a master of what I have not said and I'm a slave of what I have said before you say it You are a master. You are

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in control you are you are the boss of what you say. What you don't say how you say it, how you don't say it. But the moment you say it, you have to live with the consequences. You are the slave of what you have said, You know, sometimes one word Subhanallah in a time with a bottle of butter, or cream sauce lamb started off. How did he start off he went to intercept a trade caravan. The trade caravan manage to get away from the Muslims. Then afterwards, the people of Makkah came to realize the trade caravan is in difficulty. They muster an entire army. All of a sudden 300 people went to intercept a trade caravan, and they had to face a full blown war with a full blown army,

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which was well equipped at a time maybe a krimson Allahu alayhi wa sallam, then as the people say something, should we continue? Should we go back to Medina now that our whole army has come? They are coming together? Should we take part in this well, and make that evening I sweat Rafi Allahu terrano got up and he said, Your Rasulullah Hari PICHETTE Sally punch it could mean Mr. Lena mushy, oh prophet of Almighty Allah, go and make peace with whomsoever you want. Go and fight with whomsoever you want. Take from our wealth, whatever you want, what you take from our wealth will be more direct to us, and what you leave behind with us. What you take from us will be more direct to

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us will be more valuable to us than what you leave with us. And maybe a Kareem said Allahu alayhi salam became so happy and he said MC that sit down, you have given you have give coolness to my heart. And the Sahaba used to say we wished we could have been the ones who have said those words with us what words brothers words, which gave nebbia cream sauce, personally, words, which gave me a creme de la Hollywood, contentment. The same words if we say it hurts someone, we are going to have to live with it. Let me conclude with a very, you know, hypothetical tale, how sometimes we say something and hurt someone, then afterwards you have to live with that for the rest of your life. A

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small child used to be very angry all the time he used to be angry, and maybe a cream sauce Lamb has made mentioned one of the signs of kiama would be the rage and the anger of the young people is one of the signs of Tiamat. Our young people are always angry, especially with regard to the parents, but nevertheless, so this child used to be

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Very angry. And the parent one day told him the father told him, whoa, my son, why are you so angry? You know, if you are angry instead of venting your anger in different ways, which causes harm, go at the back wall that no one is using the back wall, take yours a hammer, nails and put it take that and go knock the nails into the wall, that only that particular world will be harmed, no one else will be harmed. So every time the child was to be very angry, used to go to the back of the house, take the hammer, take the nail and knock it right. And one day he came to the Father and said, You know what, two, three days I didn't get angry, I didn't have to hit no nail into the back wall. I

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didn't need to do anything. So the father said hamdulillah what you do now? Every time you get angry, you can hit a nail but every day you spend without anger, go and take out the nail and come back to me. When you spend more days without anger then with anger. So there will be no more nails left on the back wall. So he did all this in one day. He came very happy about what happened. Papa, you know what happened? Father, you know what happened? Today? It is no more nails left on the wall. So the father took him by the side, of course, took him by his by the shoulder, went to him and said oh my son Come with me. Let me go and see. So when he went to NC, he said, Oh my son, you knock the

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nail and you took out the nail. How many days you are angry, you knock the nail into the wall. Every time you are not angry for the day you took out the nail. But after you took out the nail, is there a mark still there?

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And the son said yes. Obviously I knocked the nail there. Mark is still there. And I said oh my son Let me tell you, every time you speak to someone in anger or otherwise, even afterwards, if you regret it, that mark will still remain with the person who said something. You can make a mark 100 times thereafter. But it is said it's going to impact upon the person. No matter how much you regret it. Brothers my official mean Colin Illallah de Ruthie bonati every word you utter, Allah subhanho wa Taala has got an angel which is recording it at a sea whatever we utter is pleasing to Allah. Whatever we utter, does not hurt anyone's feelings because under the greatest Guna that can ever

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happen is when you break the hearts of someone. One of the greatest sins that can ever occur is when you look at someone and you break the feelings of people. We are given a topic of understanding