What is the Solution for the Muslims being Killed all over the World

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Question & Answer Session of Lecture “Is Islaam the Solution for the Problems of Humanity?”


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Salam alikoum all the audience and especially to my beloved respecter brother soccer night Dr. Zakir Naik. It's been a long time since I see you. Last time I used to see you in Penang now you are no more coming to Vinay

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there's some problems okay? But I am from Benin, I come all the way to see you personally with my whole family. They want to see you live Mashallah always watching TV. Now they want to see you life. Okay, Alhamdulillah

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My question is, Mashallah, the subject today is Islam is a solution for humanity. But

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it is very unpleasant that we are seeing in this world today. What is happening in Syria? Muslims killing Muslims. What is happening in Yemen, Muslim killing Muslims. What is happening happening in

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the US there like Myanmar? Yes, we agree. Romanians have been killed, mercilessly agree. But there is a solution. Now what are we Muslims are supposed to do? What is going on in Yemen? What is going on in Syria? This helpless men, women and children being killed? Murder? What are we Muslims supposed to do? All over the world, we Muslims what we are doing.

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So please give us solution that what we are supposed to do v Muslims apart from me making dua tahajjud you begging to Allah? And after that as human beings, what are we supposed to do? Please, my dear brother, give us solution?

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The brothers?

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The brothers two very important question. A very relevant question. That today we find that in many of the Muslim countries, we find that there are walls and Muslims are being killed, whether it be Yemen, whether it be Syria, whether it be Rohingya, whether it be Afghanistan, whether it be Iraq, and most of these countries are Muslim countries, what is the solution besides being?

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Number one? First, we have to find out that what is the cause of most of these killings, whether it be in Afghanistan, whether it be in Iraq, whether it be in Burma, whether lately it be in Syria, or Yemen, what is the cause?

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The major cause is, again,

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the solution is given in the Quran.

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The cause is that we find that the enemies of Islam the my main focus of my talk today was that how the enemies of Islam are trying to malign Islam, and how the enemy enemies of Islam are justifying to attack the Muslim countries. And one simple example. You know that, more than a decade earlier, USA said that Iraq has the weapons of mass destruction, and CIA, which is supposed to be one of the most

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best organization of intelligence. They said that we have got proof

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that Iraq has got weapons of mass destruction. Not that I'm a fan of Saddam Hussein. I know that he may not be a very good practicing Muslim. But What right does USA have to interfere with Iraq?

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They, together with UK and the other Western countries attack iraq,

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saying that they had weapons of mass destruction last year.

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According to the report,

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by human rights organization, they said it was a fabricated report.

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So much thought that Tony Blair, the previous Prime Minister of UK, came out in public when he was no longer the Prime Minister. He said it is the biggest mistake of my life. I'm sorry.

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You know, how many people were killed? More than half a million Iraqis and Muslim go kill because of this fabricated report? And what is the reply? Sorry. What are the Muslims doing?

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When the non Muslims enemy attack on Muslim countries, we Muslims are sitting on our backside doing nothing.

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I think you did yesterday.

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The previous president of USA

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W Bush at the age of 94. expired.

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You were one of the cause for the start of the nine level.

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Then followed by attack on iraq by the next President of USC. This, what was the main purpose was to get hold of the oil of Iraq.

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They fabricated

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a thing, and it was shown that they paid $540 million USA paid $540 million to create a fabricated video to prove that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction 540 million dollars to make a video

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we Muslims, what is the fault of the Muslims? We are not united

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in Afghanistan.

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When Afghanistan had a war with Russia Soviet Union, which was then which was an enemy of USA, the USA takes help of the Muslim country, along with Afghanistan to take out

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Hillary Clinton said in a video that they spend $8 billion

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in supporting Afghanistan creating Taliban to fight the Russia they create and then say that they are terrorists.

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Who is a bigger terrorist, the person who does that to create the person who makes the person a terrorist who's a bigger terrorist.

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What are we doing nothing.

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They send clusters bomb in the country, which is one of the weakest countries in the world, Afghanistan, they send cluster bomb the bomb goes down and then it disintegrates into various bombs, killing 1000s 10s of 1000s of nanny wanted the Muslims do

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The problem is that we Muslims are united.

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All these four to find all the war goal

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when the Muslims are being killed, who is supporting the killing of the Muslims, non Muslims, who's the one who njna most of the places you will find it the fabricated things created by the needs of Islam to attack the Muslim country, whether it be for oil, whether it be for money, whether it be for power, whether to attack or destroy the enemies. So previously, the biggest enemy of the USA before 911 was communism was Russia

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to the join hands with the Muslim countries to take out Russia.

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The solution to this problem is given in the Royals Quran in surah imraan chapter number three was the Mandarin three, Allah says wha see mo Be humble Elijah May Allah hold to the rope of Allah strongly and Pino divided

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the rope of Allah is the Glorious Quran and authentic hadith Obama Salah Salah.

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If he Muslims hold strongly to the rope of Allah

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and authentic things of masala salam, we will be on top of the world.

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If you read the history, before the Quran was revealed, the arrival of dar upon it was called as yarmulke Helya the days of insurance after the Quran was revealed, the Arabic became on top of the world. If you read the Scirocco, masala Solomon the whole philosophy and after that Muslim on top of the world,

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we will have the world and people welcomed us come to our country so that we can justice the non Muslim men whited out

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why, because they wanted the unjust rule of their ruler to end

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the Westerner says Islam was spread by the sword

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delicia already gives the reply in his book on page number eight Islam at the crossroad that

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people who deliberately said that

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history makes it clear. History makes it clear that

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the myth that Islam was spread by the sword is the most absurd, fantastic myth that the story never repeated. It's a myth.

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At that time, the Muslims are united on the base of foreigners. Today we Muslims are divided.

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If the Muslim countries there are more than 50 countries in the world in which majority people living are Muslims. If all the Muslim countries unite, we will be a very strong force. And if we implement the Quran, we will find this is the solution to the problems of humanity. Unfortunately,

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our beloved padmasana son said that close to the camera will find that Muslim will be in large numbers and we find out

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More than 25% of the world population the Muslim know is going to increase. But they will be like

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far away from the deen and we find that today Muslims are going further and further away from the deen and this you're finding everywhere in the world.

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The country that we looked on upon sticking to Quran and Sunnah today, they are going away from Quran and Sunnah. And the more they will go away from Quran and Sunnah the more will be degraded, there'll be more injustice in that country.

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Now hardly there are countries in the world which we can say a Muslim country that following Quran listen

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to the problem which as Muslims is that we are not united we are divided we fight amongst ourselves. If we are united today we know that previously Muslim vitally united on the issue of Palestine Today we are divided.

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There are Muslim countries which are saying no problem

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that Israel wants to take over the country, what's happened to the Muslim Ummah, the problem is today, the Muslims fear more

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the human beings in this world then fear Allah subhanaw taala

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Yes, everyone will be judged according to the capacity you have.

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Everyone has the capacity to do our we should do the wise you mentioned

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but if someone has the capacity to speak and if he does not speak, Allah will take over his power of speech. If someone has the capacity to fight and he doesn't fight Allah will take over his power

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we need to do the Muslims

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at the time of masala Salaam

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what prophet bomba Salah Salaam Libyan was the Sahaba Rashid in today we Muslim not the richest in the world.

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We have the black gold we have the oil we have the Petro What are we nothing.

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We have been used as nomads. Wealth is not required for us to follow foreign and Sunnah and our beloved prophet no masala Salaam said I will not fear for my own poverty as much I will fear the richness and the wealth.

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Today the problem in ASEAN because we are wealthy

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we have forgotten Allah subhanaw taala those Muslim countries which have the wealth

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don't Muslim country which have the wealth which they can use in the way of Allah subhanaw taala they are using in the wrong way. I don't have to give examples the world knows about it. They are using it to bribe the other people not for the deen.

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Allah doesn't require us.

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You and me the rubbish that we are. Allah does not require us to make his Deen prevail. Allah is very clear. And Allah says in the Quran in no less than three different places and for a Toba chapter number nine was number 33. And sort of attach up number 48 was number 29. And sort of soft chapter number 61 was the man and Allah says who will is the ad fella Rasulo Buddha, what dinner leaves hero led Nicola Lysander messenger with guidance and the origin of truth so that it will prevail over all the other religions, all the isms.

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And the law says

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and enough is a laser witness once and Allah says twice. Well aku shikun How am I the machine don't like it? Allah has given a promise that this Deen of Islam will prevail over all the other religions with or without us. Allah does not require you and me the rubbish that we are healthy Allah sufficient will make it prevail. Allah has given us an opportunity

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to do a profit job and to earn a profit reward. Allah has given me the opportunity to make hay while the sun is shining. And wildlife. We Muslims are going away and away from Allah and

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the only solution is we go back

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to align with Russell, go back to the Quran and say howdy and inshallah you will find that there will be peace and harmony Tama masala Sallam said that before the world ends, Muslims will lose the full world for seven years.

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And that would be the best years

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and we pray to Allah subhanaw taala we don't know when that will come. We pray that mela make as if to see those tears. So solution is the Muslim should be united on the basis of Quran and they say it answers the question