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Quran Tafsir/Explanation – Juz Amma

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hamdulillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala ZB mursaleen le he was aqui, Minister nevison that he let me do my bad. We are discussing the final idea of social capital and we're making two additional comments in shallow data before I get to the final comment.

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The first of them is, in the previous surah a personal attack was made against the Prophet on a subtle Salaam and his family with use of the word but Allah Mohammed Omar Abdullah that the prophets families cut off and his name won't last. And you recall that from our discussion from last couple of weeks,

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and in response in the surah, Allah azza wa jal did not say to the all of the believers, because it's not just the messenger himself, so I sent him but it's also under the no matter who those who are with him. They're also not going to worship what these people worship. They're also in rejection of this, but because they thought that the Prophet by himself isn't strong enough, and the fact that if his lineage is cut off, he's just by himself alone. Allah azza wa jal in this case highlighted that even the messenger alone is enough for you people. So he doesn't say Ulu. Yeah, you help Garfield on all of you say you have caffeine Oh, no, and not even know that we do metabolism we do

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not worship what you know. You alone say to them, you stand up to them alone. You know, these, this is a lesson in the Quran. The Sahaba of the Allahu anhu was very weak sometimes, from a historical point of view, people will say that the non Muslim the disbeliever will say that Muhammad, you know, he was a great leader, but he was nothing without his followers. maravilla do you use language like that? Muslims don't use that language, but non Muslim historians do right? That he depended on his followers. Now look at the wording of Allah in Latin surah, who, for Cardenas, Allah, Allah, so to tell Toba if you don't help him, he tells us that if you don't help him, Allah has already helped

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him. Allah has already helped him, some of them. So that's not our attitude. Our attitude is he has already gotten the help from Allah. You remember in the Battle of Penang, the some of the Sahaba got shocked, and they ran off and he was by himself and the arches are above on the hill. And he's just standing there saying, I know Rasulullah can I'm the messenger. You know, I'm the son of, you know, Abdulmutallab, I'm the messenger, I'm not a liar. And he stood there by himself. So the lahardee said, and this is the courage Allah has given his messenger. And he said to his son, this is the first thing. The second thing is I told you that, you know, they were looking to compromise with the

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But a lot tells him that he's not the one you should be dealing with. This is these are my decisions. He's only communicating my decisions to you. So it doesn't begin Yeah, you have caffeine and become begins. Cool. In other words, those words aren't even mind telling me what to tell you. How am I going to be the one to make these decisions? So at the end of the ayah locum Dino come when he a dean, that noon at the end of Dean is actually the knee? The knee? You have your dean and I have my Dean, and there's a Yeah.

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It's in the buffer, right. So you put a Yeah, at the end. And for rhetorical reasons they Yeah, is removed. There's no yeah, there was only a customer and if you read the masafumi, the convener camellia de ne, is the customer there. So the year is removed, right? This is this kind of, it's called have an Arabic permission to take a look word out, is used for several purposes. One of them is for exclamation for exclamation. In other words, when you're excited you say something like this, emphatically, then you don't say Dini, you say, Dini, similarly, when we beg Allah azza wa jal, we don't say or be we say Robbie, or bill fairly, or be short. Why is it short? Because we're desperate

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before Allah azza wa jal and it's a it's a, it's a cry to Allah. here that's one of the reasons is is the emphatic power with which the messenger is declaring that this is my Dean. The other is his, the yeah would refer to the messenger Elisa to saddam, and his role has been minimized sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in this declaration, as Allah, his role from the very beginning has been maximized. A loss rule has been maximized with the word cool. And by removing the Yeah, at the end, it is as though a lot as originally saying in the end, even you don't mention yourself much. It's not really you who's making this decision. It's not really useful, how to lie. It's a very beautiful and

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powerful and eloquent conclusion to the solar. And here's the third and the most important point that I wanted to leave you with. inshallah, I've been telling you all along in these last 10 solos, that they are not only a good depiction of the Syrah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. But at the same time, the connection of the legacy of Rasulullah tied to the legacy of which messenger Ibrahim is atossa Now listen, I'm taking you to another place in the Quran. I'm going to translate just a few words from this long iron clad carenet laku swattin Hassan Fei Brahim that already there is a beautiful model for all of you.

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Especially in the legacy of Ibrahim alayhis salaam, when Latina Mara who and those who are with him if Call of Duty call me him when they said to their nation in Bora or min come when we met Abdul Rahman de la, we are completely disassociating ourselves from you no doubt about it. Listen to these words carefully. They said there is no doubt we are disabilities disassociating ourselves from you and from and what you worship anything besides Allah, anything that you worship, besides a lot, whatever it may be, we are cutting ourselves off from you and your worship. Sound familiar? So how Allah and he goes gefallen v come we have disbelieved in you. In other words, we are doing Cofer of

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up and your religion. Well, by the way, Baba banana obey Nakula Dawa to one Baba, Abaddon. And now, animosity and hatred has has been born between us and you forever. for that group in particular, has taught me and will be left here until you believe in Allah The one and only panel and the ayah goes on about the exception of Ibrahim and he made to offer his father when he made for his father. But look at the IOD. Isn't this another depiction of social capital and how the messenger deals with the crush? He is repeating even in his animosity against the crush, repeating the legacy of Ibrahim alayhis salam, not just in for Selenium beaconhouse of Han Allah, how beautifully Allah ties lessons

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together in the Quran, work identical to fasudil. This is how we explain the heart. How beautifully things come together, how incredibly well history connects. And here you further appreciate what I said just a few minutes before what I said. The messenger was told to speak alone. He was told to speak alone. And Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam who had very few followers, even he was told to speak with the believers that were with him. The irony, you know, the contrast, who has more followers, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, and Ibrahim has a few followers. We know this from history, with you know, barely ever mentioning his followers. He actually even saw he himself is called

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He by himself was called an oma. But the few followers he had he was supposed to stand together with them and then speak up to his nation. But Rasulullah sallallahu who has many more followers than him? He's asked No, no, no, you go speak alone. You go speak by yourself because they need to see what you're made of. They need to see that they cannot be talking to you in this way. So Lola honey milazzo just give us an appreciation of the Quran and understanding of it and a love of his messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. barakallahu li walakum fucoxanthin Hakeem when in fact anyone here can be it was akima salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.