Akram Nadwi – Tafsir of the Last Ten Surahs

Akram Nadwi
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He ministers my regime be similar.

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Adam Tanaka, honorable Luca BSR. delfy. alumna Yaga who

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were other Salah Allah even fire on other ob Tony him mins eg Vijayawada huka.

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So the last few days, I explained the meaning of sociopathy. There still there are many points very important shala. But some other time, I keep mentioning but the main thing is that the sutra basically is a, like, natural message that how people naturally they want to think if somebody does favor upon you want to thank him to form the thing it leads the people to worship Allah subhanaw taala to ask and help. And the most important help is it to ask Allah to guide us how do we live in this world. That's most important, because you know this world, we don't know how to properly know how to make food and how to have drink this these people can learn from their own experience.

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But the main thing how to live in this world as a human being a slave of our master, we cannot know our mind that if we may think we need his help for other things, you know, you need his help, but even if he does not help I still he has given you mind the mind can find out how to how to eat and drink how to make money because even the unbelievers who don't believe a lot they can do this, but main thing for which mind cannot help us in we need help or directly that is the guidance that how to live in this world. It is something people cannot discover on their own. So that's why we are asking for help Athina guide us and then he told us guidance will come guidance will come with

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throat instruction he will instruct us how to be inadequate to hold our hand instruction, but also he will make send my son just to we can see them a follow them to guidance will not in effect technique through the messengers and the messenger

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you know and also my son just you know they have their own followers. So the Europeans, Shahada, Sahil, in every time there must be some silence and some riotous people, you follow them and you can reach and one of the important quality of this sila hain in the Quran mission is what the prayer that actually suta Miriam has come that the people who are monopoly marma lead and favor what they do. First thing they do the prayer are the people who deviate from their path were the first neglected the prayer the fourth a holla, for whom God him harmful, or thou salata after those prophets messenger scissortail Shahada Solihull, a new generation game and what they did, they

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wested the player that didn't are important the player that already happened the first thing that always affected the player who go the humidity goes, then the people are disconnected from the Lord put away, people keep doing Roku and zeta but without any spirit or soul to manomaya him the first major quality of mana, mala him the Salah, Tama to Salah establishing the prayer during the prayer properly. And the people who deviate from that path. There are first identities what they don't even give importance to prayer requests in our time, many, many Muslim movement in a day came to them the prayer is last year. They don't say that it really matters. They teach you something else. They

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teach you protest that is you to march to teach you this and that actually when the protesting most of them, they're neglecting the prayer, they miss the prayer. Tell me if you messenger is there is a way to do this. If you lead by messenger is going to add the time of the of the author and author He will make it a purchase or lead the prayer. impossible because that is the most important they do. So that really very clear that main thing Allah wants from the believers to worship him and made a part of worship is that I bother the Salah. Now coming this surah which actually most people recite their prayers for our suits will feel too soon as you can see the same point again emphasize very

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clearly. So to feel is a very important story.

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But before you understand sort of feeling, understand the Puranas talking for answers to Aria

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Aria Takasu. Then we're also underway. lumada Purana is discussing the people of Porsche in Makkah through karma, in the time of the prophets, Allah, Allah Allah before the Quran, these people are punished. When Li cancelled there, they have got worth money, just a business trade all the time, just money, money making more money.

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So consider family, children. They want many, many boys, many children.

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Cut manpower is very important to our society. The only two things they're concerned the children and the money, they want to have a big family and they want to a lot of money. And no doubt if you spent so much time on the money earning money and making money and we spent so much time on on the food and the family. Tell me what will happen

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Then then you cannot do bear, you cannot, you cannot really know Allah subhanaw taala. So, in from sutaria to sudo su tomasa this is mentioned, the love of the family, love of the children and love of the money has made a poor ash, to neglect their duties, to not to run the prayer, not to why bother worship has become, you know, they say they have they have done away from worship, I bothered not important to them, only thing for them is how to earn money, and how to have most children, to love our children and love the money. And if we're really this is the less other people all the time, in our time, anywhere you go, what people's concern is, people's concern is the money and the

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people's concern is their own family. They always want the family to be happy, and to make them you know, to to enjoy the life in this world and to find enjoyment they want to spend money that take them to our holidays and and the house you know they make it you know, all the arithmetic people can be happy. You know, in the reality as a matter in England, you know, when you see a Muslim you just ramaco and he says Salaam Alaikum. And when you see an unbeliever, he will say good morning, good afternoon, something like that. And you say like that. There's a difference you kind of feel but when you go to home, same house, unbelievers have TV, you have TV and a believer saved for you or

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you have saved food, they want to enjoy the family, we want to enjoy the family or the in the in the house, we are seen

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and the curar said about unbelievers in the day after you met unless Mattila will give their book of deed in the left hand

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and they will say you know what, why in the left hand upper upper Raj says the reason is that in no Ghana three ahi Masuda because he in his family with high p

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being happy in the family is actually one of the reason why people actually are going to be punished while in the fire after four hours in huka nafi He must have his or cancer with the family and to make more money to make them happy in the family was TV, bring TV people family wants to know any more most advanced mobile phone you bring that whatever family asked you you keep Do you want to make family happy, you are happy and your family happy. And our family's happiness depends on what money the only conservative in our time has got money and the family that our parents said he bought Porsche from Aria to sorrow surah Hamada. This illness has been emphasized the love of the money and

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love of the family has made the kurush not even to think about why bother even Avada had become a source of money. The house that he brought him on Islam built it you know to turn other people from ever to Allah Matata, that house became our poorest source of income.

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Because the bigger the better medulla RS used to care for. And it's such a big gathering such it's such a big group, they wanted to make money, there's so many people coming let's actually think how to make money from the people. The people are coming there. You know, the only purpose is to turn on FM everything to Allah subhanaw taala but now that HUD has become turning to to make more and more money to this underwater making very clear that you know the higher the the house, your father made you to settle here for Avada. And I promise him that if you're stupid or keep doing Alibaba, I will keep giving us food. You will love that about that. And now you are busy in the money. So this in

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so far I'm suited to sort of the main illness of partially mentioned love of money and love the children. Then now comes to the field so the feedbacks important very important their connection because after all this is not about that no action is still karate is to see think they are the best people. If you ask them why you are best people. They said because our father the Brahim and children we are the chosen people to Parana saying, you know your actions are this you will love money or you love the family house. You love your children. And you don't really buy that no Priya and you make the house source of source of money and you think you're still not the right did your

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father Abraham do the same thing? Think really why?

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Because he's to make money. They love you when I hit because he wanted to make children happy even I'm sure he was the one who wanted to sacrifice his son.

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When he when I built the cover the cover because this is the best place to make a business out of that

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thing from Lucky many muscles they know because the muscles are so messy and filled by the miracle of erratic karma karma. They also want to show how important MCE has been the history and it is centered on the you know, trade and business and you know and Indian trade and European trade they used to meet in the locker room and this is a center of all the business and in the world. That way you will have

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to make a central business in the word

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to Allah smartasset clicker, really you think it was chosen because we're celebrating But your father Abraham never have your testimony. Never in the family. He can see in he lives in

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have his wife and son alone. And then he comes back, I sacrifice them. And money never had if I'd been him money is concerned, they would have met his family to settle next to in a nice settlement. But he said I met my family to settle in it was in a very rare case where nothing grows.

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So this is that why now this suits me wearing suits to feel a lot smarter want to tell the kurush The reason that you have got no honor or respect is because he because your father Ibrahim has taught you either

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this this one this this house actually is it only for my body if you do not bother, there are promises to look after you. But if you don't, why bother? To no promise that no more chosen? So now sort of fear is coming in so to fill their stories, I want to tell them

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look how much fever you have got your money and your children could not help you.

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These people from from from Germany, and you know, their story is let me make you know the background.

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So in their Christian era 525

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you know, people have seen the Haitian people they got, you know, power here in Yemen, the goddess power with the help of Roman Empire, the Romans are helping them to the guard the power there. And then later on there became one of the great commander of the Roman Empire. His name was our he was also Christian, our hamisi but I have to concede that the Rahim who builds acaba now there are new grannies coming, who want to demolish the Kaaba, to our ha Musa that language, Ibrahim, so what what are our how God the human in his control, actually, he claimed this, he said, you know, he's a like a king, he behaving like that, though he wasn't a representative representing that, you know,

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Roman Roman Emperor.

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What he did, he did not like the Kaaba.

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And he was very much in a shot, amazed or surprised that all artists they go to for pilgrim to market through karma to do Avada and to do Hi there. And he were thinking this, it is that nothing there, you know, no life there. And it's more building very modest, nothing than just you know, some is towards nothing else, you know, the car, if you already are building, even now it is much at a monster, but just you know, think that no must muster in the time after you know that time there was no much other than the Kaaba and the tower is smaller. And you know, build by by Ibrahim and by by history smile. No, there was no builder, no engineer. He taught me that this is the only building in

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the whole world, which is which existed, which was built by two messengers. There's no building in the world, which actually exist and have a built by two two messengers isn't only building two messengers. There was no engineer. There was nobody helping surely there are two people when the problem was a lesson builder in Moscow, Medina, he's also a messenger, but his campaigns are helping him but very brain builder Carla, nobody can activate their fogra human by wasting my money raw human is mine. Both were raising the foundations of house. So these two people have built very modest building but the purpose was not to make a building attractive The purpose was to have a

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house where people can worship the Lord. The other I think it is such a silly model building. Why are so much attached to this building. So he made very magnificent very in a very big in our Center for shipping Yemen and he asked all of us, instead of going for a hike there come and do here in Yemen

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is still people you know Did not you know, listen to him and they still they continue to do hygiene in a market Aqua healer really very jealous. And he was jealous of Arabs religion and all those things. It kept in mind if I go and destroy this building. They have no choice but to come to my house. So Allah reminding our people seriously when this big army of him and he has got a 60,000 elephants with him in there 570 he moves from Yemen with his with 60,000 and he felt there are many more big army but 60,000 elephants as an artist. I have no I definitely felt like in the story of your Mega Moolah. Tada you're having your hair lady who came to study with a molecule from from

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Spain to he said when I was studying with the Moloch matava teaching what and everybody there and suddenly an elephant came to Medina the people sell feed our field elephant has committed all the people that colossal they left my money and they want to see elephant only I was left to Marisa to me Why don't you go because it's been so there's no elephant you should go and and see. Then

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I have come all over from from expect to see you not delaford Dr. Malik said in a wise manner of his plan to no no doubt this elephant was very real here. And now if anatomy

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Possibly 60,000 elephants, or so I don't think they can find easy to find easily that what he did, and he came there.

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But it's still, you know, it's not that much to say that he couldn't find a dog or a soccer metaphor to fight, but also to help them everywhere where the army pass by our trice used to fight them, literally fight whatever they could do, they did not like this army Master, and go destroy the culture wherever they pass by our price he used to come attack them in hiding whatever they do, until the army came there. Now their story, there are two versions of the story, One popular version which everybody actually believes and people follow, which has many problems, which actually does not, is not consistent with the Quran, not consistent with the street is not considered to other

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people's, you know, nature. What is totally popular is that when Agra has army kin, or leader of pressure of the maternal grandfather or the parcel of Islam,

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he realized that he cannot fight.

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So he asked our Porsche to leave Makkah and to, to, to, to climb the mountain, around Makkah, just go to mountain and make dua to Allah can destroy the you know, this army and we didn't win army was, you know, bank being outside monitoring karma one day, you know, whatever the reason mine is scammers are also grazing outside to our house people there. They took 100 cameras off of the metallic

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ultimately found out he came and he he wanted to discuss with our two people set overhead and def Pradesh, he is going to discuss with you the respect of people operation, right. He's taught he's going to discuss with me that don't destroy the cover. When it came to them. They said to him that my your people have taken my 100 times our has said no, before you came you were very high in my mind, our thinking going to discuss with me about this house, which is Your Honor, and good restyle. They're talking about your parents, you become low in my I said you know, I am the owner of the I am the owner of the you know payment and house answers got owner, I am concerned about Mike at my think

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property and the house hi the owner, he will take care of that, too. Anyway, our hog gave written back his cables, and he came back and then after that the day abre was about to attack, then unless another send and rmef is small, but they're taking the stone, you know, you know, in their feet, and they started dropping the stones or the army of Abra and the whole army was destroyed.

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In this story, the problem is Arosa did not fight anything

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or took refuge to to the mountain there are no fighting this story is not consistent. Why? Because you can see whenever oratia our army pass by any time or the Estonian say is more trust us to come to attack them they fight them some people are killed in fighting abraha and the real place very very nice coming and Porsche we're not to be with the IRA with fighting with power and all those they just run away. Didn't that fight surrender the house. He doesn't go into the military with the IRA so that way you know one of the other words if we can find examples of history and mana for I prefer the story basic no doubt is the best theory is that when about hacking, he had a good

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planning. His plan was to come to MCI in a time when RF don't fight the he came in the month

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of beginner mojarra this month, he knows that the RS have no fighting in the month of Drupada do the hijjah mojarra and Roger these four months, don't fight to hear reality. karasik Allah

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yada, yada credo allow me, let me allocate on fetal he didn't understand mattala make their strategic they're planning into failure. So they're proud they were that there was big planning and bigger strategy to take the car to destroy the cover. The plan was to come to MCI in a time when RS don't fight. Don't have to he came in the time. The

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second thing will come in a time when our apps really are about so tired. last day of hygiene. That was the winner even of the current beginning of the heist people come there and there's many many men up poetry competition market and all this happening. Then after that night, they go to RFR night they come to Mustafa then 10th element towards the dairy winner. And after that they leave when last day of monarchy that was planned to come to Makkah so Arabs are so tired than leaving Makkah to nobody can fight and the takeover tower easily that is planning well to the make all this planning. So in thinking in this while happening, but I have no doubt Porush people have no power to fire

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them. But buresh are with her honor. Because he even actually if they

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Are they our weakest people? You never confirm our people, they leave the battlefield, leaving the better fit for them is very, very shameful. We cannot imagine that such a big thing happening. People are coming to the state that Taiwan covered their honor. And

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so what actually the story would have emerged

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when our hearts are making and they reach men in a manner that place mahaska in a Master mahasaya basa directly in a manner you can stay any place but not in wasa when he came to that place in an era where another side RRC started no throwing the stone on that Arthur didn't have a weapon the time Kobe pistol at home because when they come for height, they don't don't carry the weapon to just throw a stone in the knuckle casino about having a Palestine sometime no people just fight with the stones to address we're fighting the stones. But let's not turn those stones in to some something basically killing that our his army to our army were disturbed by the stones and killed

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and then send the bursa and Bursa came and they they ate that big humiliation. The army was destroyed, and they're eaten by the bus in nothing was left to unlock another demonic or if people think really, that you know it, your honor the house and unless water always protected the house, you know. And because of the house, you are protected. If unless Arthur had led the army to take over the house, your honor is gone. You have no honor. But unless What the * do you have to fight our heart is harder mi RNA to defeat them to that did feel very demanded by less water and sewer to feel.

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In Surah kurush Allah mentions that since we protected the house from our hands harami we gave Paresh to responsibility, what responsibilities I bother that since we gave you the house for treated the house from the army. Now you need to worship me, you have to worship me. And you have to feed the food to the poor people

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that are the two responsible for the time how much longer I'm also going to build the Kaaba, the purpose to worship Allah Sonata in the house and the sacred purpose. Dos De Luca for grabs, to give them money to give them food because they carry far far away. Sometimes the food is finished, they don't enter food, and sometimes also they don't have any place to live.

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To McCarty will arise to leave McIndoe go and live in the mountain to appear again. They can come on it's democratico karma host people to the building of the house Abraham actually had a met two big responsibility on the left of Rahim what responsibility what children children I for him there must have worship Allah subhanaw taala. And there's a single responsibility What do you have done a Fulbright Rahim must look after the calligraphy, those who come to learn how to worship those who come to Dubai, that those who want to come to hygiene, children in July for him, they had to help him. They have to look after them to respond to that, worshiping Allah, Allah, Allah feeding the

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poor people.

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But throughout the generation, what happens separately, instead of shipping the left Alibaba in the staff helping people they actually made the hygiene, a source of income making more and more money, like in hard times, really, because he in the time of the hygiene, everything here because much more expensive.

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For sure otherwise, that in the time of the hunt, you leave the house, two people can come and they live there easily. Now, the time the hygiene, the rent of the house here is multiplied by many many times to business that how pricey to do they used to make it they think so many people come in anyway, we can region make more more money. So, so lots of metal in mentioning that your father had made to duty upon you or your father and feeding the poor people. And then unless one of us made another favor upon kurush and he said the house from the other hand is the army to Allah mother reminded Dora these two fears again, do I bother and feed the four people that have mentioned to

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operation let's rise certain mount in Surah mount a lot of automation but for ash people, they fail in both things. I for the prayer I bother person who they do a Murata they do

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about them for a doodle muscle lead under the dome on for that himself on duty apparatus what to do about that and about the prayer. But these people, they don't really bother, they actually neglect the iPod and if they do anything they do showing up. Sometimes they used to do something but just showing up I bought a gun. Second duty was to feed the poor people about the feeding the poor to the poor, I said about the poor are several of them. What you have now

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is more things which in the kitchen, which anybody can let anybody for that poor you know when in the village in India, Pakistan, in the village where women you know make food sometimes they don't have sold. They ask the neighbors so they give sometimes we don't have certain let ask them sometimes don't have exempting is not what I asked them. They give you everybody gives poorer

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People deluded. They become so mean even though it's more things to anybody can get this stuff.

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The theory they do they deserve to have Kava Kava was for to prefer to worship or less water to the prayer and sacred purpose was to feed the people. Kava has got to purpose for the people they call it GABA to duties or operation. One is to worship Allah to do to do the prayer. And second thing is what to feed the poor people to look after the poor and the poor ash fell in both cases in sutra Maha Misha Pura Pura Sheffield. So then in sutra Karthik of inoty in agriculture, a lot of the same Now, what I should do and deserve to have Kaabah because he did not do anything to our Prophet masala Salah. Now I've taken the Torah from them and given to you to know the Kaaba has been taken

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from koresh and given to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and Allah reminder Professor Lancer, you also got two duties for suddenly Rebecca one, do prayer for your Lord, do I bother one heart or sacrifice the animal and feed the poor people? The now because the Kaaba the Prophet mama Salah has got two duties Salah in a bear and sacrifice to feed the poor people

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then Assetto Corsa Quran mission now these unbelievers they know from them to Allah said for you your religion and for Mohammadi reason you know you don't you know there's no compromise anymore compromise finish. And then after that sort of fat has said that victory will come father religion masala Salam. And so Tabatha will have mentioned that Kufa Kufa hearts are broken now kufri in the full defeat, and upon la Hadith, establishment of it, the author of it and if you're either on the face of that, and last to Surah their protection of the whole message lack of protecting that when you have two guards under them if you afford to under get up I've got two guards who protect the you

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know the place to this actually are the summary of the message from Soldier Field to sewer to nurse to Soldier Field is reminding koresh there The house was in danger, the threat, invading army could have taken the house and destroyed it completely. And then your honor would have gone and they would have no chance for any business any trade only to make money by last hotel and made upon a second favor. And he said the house protect the house from the army. But he made obligatory upon you that you must worship the Lord of the house is clear.

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Now, we finished essential then you can ask question

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sakurada alum Tara keifer father, Rob buka, as a hobby feel, to our after news, didn't you see or I see in Arabic language when you say do you see it does not necessarily refer to see we die because when it is said the prophets Allah Allah has not seen the story.

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The story was so much known Mrs. vaccine, because I try to you know, many people the professor lesson actually was born 15 days after the after this story, but this is totally happened in the month of Muharram or something like that. That is a time when our Alma destroyed and the prophets Allah is born in the month of Ramadan well you can say mojarra suffer or be

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the kind of most calculate most narrators he was born 50 days after the story after the decision of invading the Kaaba by our his army. He was not there. But still Quran said do you see and when I say you are our does not always mean only the professor listen and puranam is anybody who reads the Quran? The prophets Allah you is you and you read the Quran you are so you anybody who is the Quran? There you fossa is Professor larussa but that through him everybody asked him do you sing to sing music? Didn't you know to sometime if Cassie is seeing is one of the important source of the knowledge to some time it is said did you see an A meaning it Didn't you know? Because it was such a

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nice story famous story now other people everybody knew that these are just so much poetry verses in Arabic from Jehovah were the proud that army came and you know, they fought and you know, and they defeated them and all those emotions either remember the fear of Allah satara

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grace Olam Tara DTC Chi for for either a Booker, how your Lord is up, you're up dude. The US hub will feel with the people of the elephant feeling this elephant is a pearl is generally a fear alone.

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Us hi

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I will feel that people are the elephant. It does not mean what you want elephant Arabica is that when you know you have

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one similar to many, many people, it means a plural for appaloosas harbor arribas opinion as harbor rhymes, people are the opinion. That means they have only one opinion, maybe his opinions but it struck us as how sooner or later sooner or sooner you know, it's the same thing. That's how we're feeling is that people are the only firms many, many elephants can't do one narration 60,000 elephants were in the army.

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So do you see how your Lord did with the people he wanted to work with on our desktop Rasul Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Surat Boca, yo yo.

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Do you guys see the mercy the Rama, the relation between Allah and between that between Allah and between the prophets, Allah between the people are a blocker. Second thing I see here is it every buddy who reads the Quran, they know that even Abra and harmy came, who protect who said the house, Allah, Rob, they know that you know their idols, which are in the Kaaba, lot and Manasa Rosa then didn't do anything. Our sexual never mentioned their history, that when the when this army came, our eyes did anything. No, they already mentioned that at least throw a stone and Allah helped us. So they always measure help of Allah satara but they're never mentioned any help from their gods. It

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never happened to us not to say that secretly, you worship these idols. You are worshipping Latin man, you worship 360 is in the house of an extra 360 I just were put in debt, it's more house.

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None of the mood. None of these ideas came out from from the temple to protect you. None of them came to fight on behalf of you. None of them have been made any harm against the army. You see these you distinct? Did you see that? You're not this unless it was true that our people believe all the time that the reason army was defeated. One year last year. They know that there I just had done nothing

00:32:09 --> 00:32:14

to Allah missioning Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah buka as harville field

00:32:15 --> 00:32:20

Didn't he see how your Lord has done with the people of elephant?

00:32:21 --> 00:32:33

Allah, Allah guide home fee totally did he make the strategy or they're planning in failure that lead but the planning was to come in a time where it is

00:32:34 --> 00:33:09

far away in a month? Or shall when ours don't fight? They're there that that is strategic to be in time when our eyes are tired and they want to leave they're now mokka to go to their houses today really had the best panic possible. And really, it was impossible for a raster data moment to find them properly. Because they're tired, they don't have weapon they cannot find them properly. But unless hottel in that time when arasaka no they cannot fight it unless other Mayor them to do something and Allah help them to Allah Majolica don't fatale

00:33:11 --> 00:33:31

and then we're our Salah I let him play around a Barbie and unless water sent upon them but fire and Miss birth many many births that came about we'll have our will gem of a bilateral bilateral means that like you know when there is you know something in big amount it meaning it prior about

00:33:32 --> 00:33:40

those births which came in the big crowds by Robbie coming in the crowd crowd why the birds came to account one of our journeys birds came to stone them

00:33:42 --> 00:34:19

that I don't agree I follow the opening up from all of our Hamza birds didn't come to stone them but when Lee came to eat them so the story is mentioned is in summary, many of our people when they killed them destroyed the army to now so many people are killed the mother sent the birth the coming and eating the flesh to that also to see how much immolation there is the left nobody's to bury them no active in whole army have been destroyed you know after you know after the killing after the death people are buried but these people that are eaten by by by the words to Allah set upon them you know these bots which came them came there

00:34:24 --> 00:34:28

so let's go to the center you know against them in the flock of birds

00:34:29 --> 00:34:59

and their process. Tell me mean behind jar it means eg Rama Rama means that language to throw the stone to hitting with the stones haidara tune is a stone dhammapada Mr. Stone, c G c G is a proud of what God means. But most I don't want to go into many different for million. But the thing that I prefer about siderius it is actually word in gaming Arabic language earlier for our Persian language in Farsi in Persian and will you have word Sunday

00:35:00 --> 00:35:12

Good Sunday Mr. Stone and again it means set in a soil to you know mix up both at the mixer after this tune and mix up the of

00:35:13 --> 00:35:19

you know after after clay, the clay stones vision you can say suggests music, Clay stones,

00:35:21 --> 00:35:33

Allah Majolica home. Vitaly water Salah Allah him. Byron Avi and Allah subhanaw taala sent upon them Bursa was in flux. Tara me him behati Missy g

00:35:34 --> 00:36:22

those people who think that barsa came to destroy them. They said Ptolemy him those birds were stoning them with the stones with the with clay stones. But mala fries pain no terramycin you will stoning them Rama Irani awesome is to tarnish you in a language when you say yeah follow he means he does when you said that follow with a two minute follow Can you mean you do and the follow up she does to me can mean she miss a day the bursar autonomy also can mean you so modify his opinion in India you're at the mercy g you were stoning them are you throwing that is Dawn's from for alkali stones upon them for gerada home cause FEMA cool and then unless water made them gospel, you know he

00:36:22 --> 00:36:31

made them like stubborn you know craft by cattle to like when when a cattle enemas they eat you know

00:36:32 --> 00:36:48

you know the food and then after that it becomes you know, eaten costume Abul. So, unless either me or them a lack of you know lack of stubble cool, which are cropped by by the cattle becoming meaning finished, because the person came and ate them and I finished him.

00:36:49 --> 00:37:16

So, anyway, this is the summary of the story and the great one of the greatest fear upon the crash in the known history in that event is revealed just a very finished for them just you know some people still existed because of karma, who have seen this word happening to Allah reminder dot dot you see that how Allah subhanaw taala just out of his own favor and mercy, he saved you and saved this house from this thing. So this is a reminder for one purpose, what is the purpose is the Parana missioning

00:37:29 --> 00:37:44

there are many protect versa, from Paresh at this moment that how they really you know, is tuned the army and how Allah subhanaw taala defeated them with the mercy of his own favor, so that every one day you should recognize that

00:37:47 --> 00:37:51

one of the sets of properties for the feedback that's delivered

00:37:54 --> 00:37:54

to us.

00:37:56 --> 00:38:41

So let's remind you that you know, our daughter has made the Kaaba, I sent her as an agreement all the Ibadan everything properly. And actually in this story of a field that also this message repeated multiple times islamically has done that the house will remain the Center for the believers all the time, this house is to reunite them and house will remain less triggering all that all the time. You can see really those people are connected to the house. They are one one nation the house also symbol of you know a maybe a secret to unite the all the all the believers together, meaning it now there's no more people or not even two nations are in the in the groups. Basically people are

00:38:41 --> 00:39:19

only divided into believers or unbelievers. There's a division of the people in the tribes and in the in the nation and the group and the language in all those that finished now this house is going to make people want to be those who turn to the house, those who come for the HUD, Vermont people they could be from different ways, but race is not affected to divide them. And that will that was the you know myself Ibrahima Islam that to make people to be lost make people to become part of this builder, where they turn away from electrical lots of hautala they worship alone, the surrender to Him don't do any ship. The people should have only one identity and that is submission to Allah.

00:39:19 --> 00:39:32

tala Rama is not aware of all the people from everywhere in the world, the captain's house in whatever their race it doesn't matter is the human being they can come. So you know that. That's why you know, your boss said

00:39:35 --> 00:39:59

butanna Ranga buco torker Mila moja Rania, hibachi, Ronnie and Ronnie, break all the ideas of race, language, color, break all of them. You know, you are not at Ronnie, you are not in Ronnie, you are not wanting to run you know used to replace it in Central Asia where soon needs to live. As soon as you're ready to fight he's to say he said you are not to Ronnie. You are not running

00:40:00 --> 00:40:17

We're not learning. We're just listening to butanna Ranga buco Tora, Tora Milla moja. To Ronnie the hibachi, Iranian Afghani break all the ideas that were the middle of February, you will have to be late to break every idle and just become part of the windmill, one nation one people University Palace hautala.

00:40:19 --> 00:41:04

Similarly amasty one of the protocols is dollar miyakawa m key is dollar at one key mohabbat v we are posted on Yahoo Sarah Hiva, they are them. The free camera Hekmatyar from Komatsu is alarm clock suit for Caterpillar the other in a European people, their purpose is to divide humanity divide them, you know you are this nationality this nationality of Kosovo initially when they came India divided on so many nations to the part of European people is to divide the world in by the nations is alarm Komatsu for Caterpillar the other the perfect tsunami to unite people for one Mila just one in Milan, everybody part of similar to European people who they want to divide people on the basis

00:41:04 --> 00:41:15

of race or the language or the nationality because it's so many boundaries within even in Britain that you have got a you know, so many nation you have, you know, your Irish and Scottish and descended everywhere divided.

00:41:16 --> 00:42:06

But it's an aka Massoud socket Villa theory Islam one the one thing adapted to unite people behind the Miller, McKenna Yamaha cage and Eva up ROM Jamia at 1pm et Adam, maka sent a message in to Geneva because Anyways, we're in the main headquarter of United Nations. So, the message came from Africa that you know, you want it in the United Nations or you want to India the humidity we cannot initiate the what if you divide people many many nations and then you say knighted to United Nation, while Islamic might say no unity of the other they are not divided. The same people to which wanted to see to my say for MCI up at the Unity on a message from from from from Geneva is up other nations

00:42:06 --> 00:42:54

and people in the group to no doubt really the car vacuum is a center of the luxury material is it place it to unite the people? So in the sutra, as I mentioned, sort of the feel it in the mindset is very clear. And that's how he portrays the Kaaba from army. Why is this the ILA by doing this, because if it Kaaba had been destroyed, Arabs have no income for Russia and no place to go to. And that's what I said the reason he did this, the last operation ILA for him raflatac Cheetah, he was like, you can see this surah is like a connector to the first tip is lament for the meaning of why he did this, try them for this purpose, the last operation, to make a rash, to become familiar to

00:42:54 --> 00:42:57

get to become easy for them to know, to help operation

00:42:59 --> 00:43:00

to Iraq operation.

00:43:18 --> 00:43:49

Enough means to provide security to make something easy to meaning the last operation to provide security, or you know, an easiness for operation. The reason is Motorola has just saved the Kaabah from this army, to the irata flourish, to provide security and to provide easiness for operation ILA for him relata schita, it was safe to provide easiness or security for them in that trade off winter and summer.

00:43:50 --> 00:43:53

In the winter, the summer, there are two journeys further trade.

00:43:54 --> 00:44:33

In the winter, they used to go to Yemen, and they used to make a lot of money in the trade going on to Yemen. In the summer. They used to go grab a shot to Syria, all the time they keep coming to Allah that was their income. Well that's what I said the reason Allah Allah portray the carbide to to provide our security because the carbides the reason why people love them, and the parameter that Don't you see that we made a horror for you where you're safe. While everybody else said they're not safe life around the horn in a hurry. We are not safe. Our people whenever they find anybody we need to kill them take their money you are taking people are reading the carwash

00:44:39 --> 00:44:42

and robbery. It was very common in every part of Arabian

00:44:43 --> 00:44:45

well in Morocco are saved, save,

00:44:46 --> 00:44:59

save from a distance to Allah reminding people, you know, don't you see what happened? I learned this only to help you to fear upon you. Otherwise everybody else everywhere else like a lot of people saw one other person was Yanan Allah

00:45:00 --> 00:45:00


00:45:05 --> 00:45:25

wa Yana Allah Kareena Sina Eva ma alumna de la Hannah, we only read sometimes we read on our brothers you know if you don't find anybody else to the you to read and take money and wealth and kill the people, but whereas people they were safe to illustrata said the Iraq operation he laughed at him

00:45:27 --> 00:45:27

it was safe

00:45:29 --> 00:45:59

you know to provide security for people to crash security to them in the journey in the winter in the summer. So much coming in welcoming money coming to cover basically guarantee for them that the wealth keep coming to market and karma to know what the duty is you get so much wealth so much money protection, you get protection, you get security, you get money, but what are you going to do to Allah made them to do two things fall here abou a rubber hodel by then the kurush people there must worship the Lord of this house

00:46:00 --> 00:46:13

or about this house who has made this house and got the house he actually he gave you our security and he gave you all the wealth you should worship Him. Allah the Ummah home enjoy what

00:46:15 --> 00:46:37

the Lord who fed them when they're hungry, you can see mccadden are growing eating nothing grown here it only because the house macanudo got income because the house in the pilgrims come from everywhere you make a business with them and because the house you know you travel you go to MCI you go to you go to Yemen you go to Syria, and you get a more more income.

00:46:39 --> 00:46:50

So Allah Allah the autonomy join the one who fed them from from hunger wha Mana homina cough you sit in a seat sit properly in the city put your local area

00:46:54 --> 00:47:00

I love the autonomy join wha Minho one who fed them from the hunger

00:47:01 --> 00:47:07

and gave them security from the fear to be caught the house of Allah subhanaw taala you know, RRP courage people that don't have hunger,

00:47:09 --> 00:47:45

you know, the two were the one is applicants come in Makkah, you made no money from them. And also because you know, you your staff traveled to Germany and Sham and people respect you, they said that you are the people of the Kaaba, they respect you. And you have got security, and you got the food to these two things that they made obligated upon you that you must worship your Lord. And our second thing which is not mentioned here, but hinted and nested has to be very clearly, you have to feed the food to the poor people, to when people come to market and karma, you know, make be generous to them. If you have to sell food to them, you know, don't take too much money, make it

00:47:45 --> 00:48:22

cheaper. I carry around but you know, once I was in hygiene, you know, imahara was one of the people that you know I'm a hygiene, make the rent of the house is lower. You can make money, but not so much money. It would be good if other people and I think the profits are on himself as well. The people of NACA were pilgrims come, they should leave NACA for outsiders, and they go and live in mountain for a while. But you know, you can you cannot imagine how much business now is economically this hotel directly. You know, I already think the best thing would have been if you want to make money, make these hotels like you know, 2013 you know, kilometers, far away from hora

00:48:23 --> 00:48:58

and provide them you know, transport to rich people, they want to extend the hotel, they stay there in a documentary and other people they remain in the immodest houses around Makkah, you know, and they can come and watch for the satara but now to have such huge buildings in around the Kaaba to cover has disappeared, actually, what you can see really the building instead of carving the attraction, now attractions in the market, if you go you can see the shops that they have more people sometime then you know then anyways all the time people are just you know, buying and buying and selling. That was another popular Muslim. He wanted to invent a honey fear he wanted people to

00:48:58 --> 00:49:21

turn away from everything to Allah subhanaw taala you know, but you know, it becomes something else. So it means business in makaha the means to help people for us to leave area for her you know for the whole year and they can then watch you know, tada, you but it became it's difficult. And people left the worship the Lord of the house, and they just keep busy in the community more and more money.

00:49:40 --> 00:49:43

Greetings, I leave it here and shut down. If you have any question please ask.

00:49:49 --> 00:49:57

Shut down. Question. You said the people of mock up on a break came through stone made of clay

00:49:59 --> 00:49:59

and he said

00:50:00 --> 00:50:07

allowed turned into something else? What was it turned into Is there any narrations or what what their stonework turned into what

00:50:08 --> 00:50:45

was done by throwing those elephants in when they threw the stone in is to us or not not so powerful that they can kill a such a big army but in order to have the when the throw the stone let's monitor and measure this tool so powerful you know when you hit one person he died so there are hyper there's killing tool distorts you know consider you need some you know some type of you know, kill by Buddhists, they don't die. And now you kill people with a no hit people do that with the with the stores, and they die. It is from Allah subhanaw taala you really can't How can you destroy the whole thing by throwing the stones? No, let's not do but I'm trying to say some people think they will the

00:50:45 --> 00:51:03

stores were thrown by the by the bus. This definitely goes against the whole history of our people are not like that. They used to fight for anything. Do you think they will fight for the house? This house is there are a number of them even it's motorized, wherever the army of opera past they used to fight them. It's more people to why not Porsche

00:51:05 --> 00:51:11

so you know the fighting happened. But five happened when actually our Porsche did not have weapons. And this could have

00:51:12 --> 00:51:17

been better butter. And I have in the process I and his followers

00:51:18 --> 00:51:20

she's just like, two questions.

00:51:22 --> 00:51:40

The arrangement of the verses if if the people that stone them and then the birds came and ate their flesh, why is why is the order of the surah the other the other way around whilst an early buyer and then sell me him? Finally what happens? The Quran mentions that

00:51:41 --> 00:52:03

the main part of the story and the Quran may certain details later on to happen very often to end the meaning is at least not as undecided his favor and result as a favor well if that is humiliation that birds are coming and you know after destruction birds are coming and eating them that he mentioned but then it can be detailed how why the bus eating because you know you did educate them

00:52:04 --> 00:52:16

to some time the story you mentioned in the part before the people know historic property carries misplacing and last forever upon the people to see don't see less fear upon you so much favor that these army came and the birds were eating them

00:52:17 --> 00:52:45

the details on how to remain behati Mr. g cuz you were thrown the stones upon them and that because that you've made the Pfizer and Cassie moku that like eaten and then no doubt the buzzer coming in the door. But butts have been measured before to summarize the story to mention the end result before so people can see really that how big the Corolla sansara according to the first narration the above or below are a special type of

00:52:47 --> 00:52:48


00:52:49 --> 00:53:18

above is a bar above is not a bar of our billionaire became a gem of a bar Latin Balaton basically means that you know the food that we eat by the animal and if they put it in the top of his head like a bigger bigger you know like pain in that vertical barbell means a bilateral there are about the ball to the anatomy and it has a but it does it does not mean that higher it means a bus and a Barbie removes crowds forks to bigger numbers to come in

00:53:26 --> 00:54:01

you know if it was birds then it is possible that if the birds were high enough and the stones were strong enough it can actually cut through flesh. So I was thinking what if the birds were high enough and the stones were heavy enough is possible they can cut through flesh and it is not not possible he will actually work for Russia hitting me with the Stone said it is a miracle it is from Allah tala you know you can't kill the whole army by stoning it in other words cannot really tell us water can vary but problem occurring the whole story is it then you have to assume that ours didn't fight

00:54:03 --> 00:54:18

the birds and the Quraysh but but you have to measure the price of it if you say the birds are fighting the operation admission for a while you want to tell me that a meme either can refer to birds or refer to koresh who is Tony

00:54:19 --> 00:54:20

and actually this

00:54:21 --> 00:54:34

is more likely they're actually fighting whatever they can do. And then after the last Mattila you know destroyed them under a bus came on earth and that will more likely if bazzara stalling why versus Tony mentioned and operation automation

00:54:36 --> 00:54:51

because you can see when this army passed by is more trice from German to Makkah, every try for them. Everybody fought them. They did not let them to go so easily. And of course what many people they don't find them. They run away from from Battlefield

00:54:57 --> 00:54:58

what question

00:55:00 --> 00:55:00

We want to keep

00:55:04 --> 00:55:05

the gambit confused about two

00:55:06 --> 00:55:15

parts of that alternative story. If it was during the time of hij, one of the tribes will have been in Makkah, so they will not be in any one to fight them along the way.

00:55:18 --> 00:55:26

And one question. So, if, if, if, during the time of hygiene when the tribes of all have been in Makkah at the time,

00:55:27 --> 00:56:12

they were in Mina practise for a minute because that's the last minute they were remainer and that why the army came in Bahasa in masa is a place in when we go for Mario Kart Sema has started in a very in Minar the Armada and denistone and you know ondara me from from there I tried to start there in Mina you stay anywhere but not in master because master is a place where they have been punished these people actually modify the thinking this is Tony in remote money in Reema a minute Dennis taught three plus it's actually memory after this story reminding of that, that is Tony that is to basically from from this story, because this is Romina no like anything, the only thing actually is

00:56:12 --> 00:56:41

that is more likely this story, because apparatchik there is to want this army it was destroyed Minar in Omaha sir, to now in the manner every year you know, basically believe us this top 3% symbol this tone them to remind them that we are going to defend this house in all the way we are defended that the house to stone and that person in the manner it basically like covenant believers take every year that we will defend this house defending the house that what rummy means to me symbol symbol of that is story.

00:56:51 --> 00:56:51

Anyone Do you

00:56:55 --> 00:56:55

have any question?

00:56:58 --> 00:57:05

Regarding the nature of the gresh when they seen as insignificant by the Persians and the Romans.

00:57:06 --> 00:57:10

And when they sort of inferior to them. So,

00:57:11 --> 00:57:17

in terms of fighting with they have actually for a power, you know, as powerful as a bra.

00:57:19 --> 00:57:27

You know, caressa daughter, our Roman Empire person, but they're huge. And they don't have the resources to they always think they had a big win.

00:57:28 --> 00:58:09

But they also knew that as a fighter that by considerable both romance or partial, that part of our needs to famara. They used to make army, their army fight for them to ask for good fighters, everybody knew do ours are not so rich. But another thing is, RFC did not have power to invade Roman Empire personal power. But certainly if you attack them, they have to defend it no matter for weak people. They don't attack it. But if you attack them, they will fight. We will still want to fight to our poorest people, it could be that they do not to fight our high in Yemen. But if it ever comes to your man to Makkah, they will fight. You just if you read the history of our people, they fight

00:58:09 --> 00:58:15

on any small thing. You know, one of the major butter battle, you know, in American history is

00:58:16 --> 00:58:26

what they say by a lab that has an algebra which lasts for 150 years. You know and the reason basically there are two tries, but we're also going to be on

00:58:27 --> 00:59:02

the the war started because the time will have been well said above the beyond their drink of water from the from the water before the camera father tribe today become angry, well, how can your family drink water before my camera and then further and this why it continues for 150 years is on this matter? To think really people come to destroy the Kaaba and they will just go to Mount it's impossible for the character. They have to fight for every single thing that they must resist whatever they can do, but there is just not enough to destroy the army to understand what our mission is to he's the one who did.

00:59:12 --> 00:59:15

We'll make this the last question is okay, there's another question. We'll continue the next session because

00:59:18 --> 00:59:55

it's just a quick question. Did the Arabs have any sort of peace agreement or covenant with the Romans and Persians at the time or everywhere? No surprise there. They are not in a, you know, in basically like a country or they're not a state and not have power to make any agreement with anybody. Because our select with Bedouin tribes are actually our settlement. But most others are not like that. You know, on each border like personal border, they used to have our people basically in the city, they are kind of you know, people are here to people are here upon Managua, normal Monday to the Arab rulers, in basically on the frontiers of the Persian Empire into today are the big

00:59:55 --> 00:59:59

people. Similarly on the Roman Empire on the frontier, among other people that are assassinated.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:35

pools are used to actually pass a visit to a state to convert to a stress, one on the front of Romani part of Assyria. That kind of assertion. Our second one is it and you know, between our people and between Iran that a menorah, to these two people rasaan Managua, they're actually you to other Arab tribes, you have to have like a loyalty with them, not everybody. So sometimes it is a chain that has to happen, but rest are sort of the like middle that nobody care about them. But these two are powerful was an armada, but they were either under Roman Emperor on the ship or some some sub carta for application, affiliation.

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