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The importance of individuals's ability to achieve goals and the need for moral courage is highlighted in the segment on the power of the mind in shaping society. The segment also touches on the importance of Islam submission and mobile phones for cyber travel. The segment emphasizes the importance of trust and being true to oneself, as well as the use of "montag implementations" in actions. The segment also touches on personal and political topics, such as building houses and avoiding false assumptions, and the importance of protecting one's ladder and not being in reach. The segment ends with a discussion of military training and the importance of universal universality in Islam.

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So 100 of you know, the meaning of Milan.

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Milan means the way the way of doing something that I mentioned, we have a deal, and then we got Mila Mila to make the deal either movement to transfer the deal into a movement that that gets an energy or power and that people can more active that what that means to the military Brahim is so important why? Because it does four very important pillars. If people follow this properly, then they never will die. They never become a culture. The reason didn't become culture, because many people separate the need for the Milla. Will Mila Dean because I like when he Mila goes the easily can become a culture is a career. And when the advocacy culture heated because it did no in no

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power, nothing it can't do anything like any other culture. The new life in life comes with the Mila. And as I mentioned, Mila has got how many parts four parts.

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The first part is rooster rooster means

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intellectual courage and moral courage.

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Simple if you remember this to us intellectual courage and moral courage. You understand the foundation of military that base under see Brahim for our very beginning he raised the subtype. People think all the all the entire people do this thing. Maybe I'm stupid. I don't understand. I should not ask question. Then you don't trust in your ability? The way new does new abilities. See? No these people do but they don't make sense. What I think it makes more sense. The Read the question to ask is further Why do you worship something which can't eat and drink? Which God Harm and benefit? We can't do anything to his child. But he raised this question. And I love that

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foundation of the mill nothing wrong with rooster rooster Miss intellectual courage. When your father teaches something, some people say to my family, my culture asked me the reason why why for the dispatcher? Why to follow this reason what is behind that? Or get the question. And once you get the right answer, then you should have full courage to do it. moral courage. Don't hesitate. Even if all affords you a very, very good investor you don't feel like you've run one person everybody against hidden at above. Same as our path people the cave, seven people and the whole state everybody against them. They didn't surrender to them. They remained firm that why you read the

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surah in on Friday that you felt important that it teaches you how to remain firm. When you're alone. Nobody supports you, nobody around you. Still your mind is so strong. It can support you. If you know your ability of your mind. Nothing can harm you. Nothing can stop you. Ibrahim Al Islami, the man who made the people to understand the power of the mind, that how powerful the mind is, cultures can not defeat the mind. No way. cultures can be different when a mind because culture will be defeated. They're broken like he smashed all the ideas. He said

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he's the winner is mesh all divers when the mind comes, it is measured everything nothing can defeat the Mind Mind is the most powerful.

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That actually I want to make very clear.

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When you say he man, he man actually is it this combination Arusha and Hanifa intellectual courage, moral courage, and then you turn away from everything to under that you will see that why EMR is based on what our thinking, thinking, understanding, then putting your trust in Allah that He might miss what to put your trust in Allah.

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When you put your trust in something, when you put when you understand, for example, if I say like, you know, I trust in the party, I want to buy a car. I said, Tarik knows about the car does he buy for me to when I say to trust entirely what it means that I understand him. I know him. And I know that he's more qualified for this job than anybody else that myself, then I put my trust in him to win. So I want to build up. I put my trust in Allah, You know what it means? It means that you understand the whole universe. You know, unless you think properly to you know, nothing's trustworthy. Except to knowingly the EMR is based on atomic thinking. EMR never can come without

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that what many people fail to understand. The next one pillar is Islam submission, submission from the heart. To these two things should be known an author is

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thinking on the part of him

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submission. Why the difference between these two is that make make earlier with some examples

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we could not understand what the function of the mind is.

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Mind basically the like administer it help for you. It did all the research or the study then passes on the information to the heart lucky. Then a heart design decide

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what a mind that the mind uses senses the five senses because the mind does not seem to mind or not hear mind did not test mind or not touch it order by sensing the mind parasol information is toasted, analyzed them then make some judgment then passes the information to the heart. This is what I think is right and this what I think is wrong. Might have got capacity to judge right or wrong completely unless I made a powerful but mine had no ability to do it. The career mind only had the ability to find the right to find the force. Mind has no power to do it. That narrow mind does the mind only one thing. It will tell you what you're right what is wrong. It will tell you what is

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beneficial what you harmful. But the mind will not let you do mine afternoon distinct passive dairy farm shut to the heart. Then heart yes the will then you too.

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For now put you know you might tells you is looking so bad.

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Do you give up do you stop smoking. You don't listen to why not have in mind cannot make a stock so many minor what they can teach you is smoking is bad for you. But mind cannot stop you from smoking.

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People use mobile phones so much man can tell them the heart or the mobile phone but mind cannot stop you from using the mobile phone or cyber travel by some some doctors and they are this look that he asked me that he can give you some ideas some first we can stop smoking I said who knows more than you your doctors designate a doctor but we can't do is we need to talk to food must clinical medicine. To see mind can teach you to heartful but mind cannot stop you what what actually take to heart heart curious WTF and applied to my hand here.

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now I tell my hand move is going to move.

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You tell my hand to move is to move my father process and move

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my mother says do not go to messenger cause Prophet Muhammad pessimism comes set to hand move

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Allah set to the honeymoon

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hand his

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hand and never moves. Anybody come on i Come on. You come on a king commands and messenger commands a lot or not.

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I never lose

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my nose it a hand is wrong. has to move. When combined cannot make 100 mindset a fun lesson we should move

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on to a

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professor mindset is not a professor respecting your father's move. Hanson I'm not going to tell you what, then how he's going to move.

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Professor messengers to the law says people say parents say Father said Mother said every person mindset and have nothing because the hand is not made to take command from Allah from messenger from father from mother from the mind and has been created to take command from the heart that our limit when Allah commands the command come to the mind, mind analyze the command passes or to the heart heart creates will then handles that what happens if I want villas in my village then

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you can alert or not command directly to hunt Allah's commands come to the mind mind a posit and function to the heart heart to hear Seville then we'll make this to happen a lot to make a further further prayer do wake up

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because a lacamas do wake up messenger cameras go for jihad is still p2p Many Medina de novo for jihad. Do the web No. Because people are not emit to take command directly from ALLAH messenger put take command from the mind mind pass to the heart heart and makes it happen through the simple metal if you don't have will, nothing will happen

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that way my son just do two things. One thing the work on the mind to mind start thinking pro functioning properly, like moral courage, intellectual courage. The second thing prefers to take care in the heart to heart has a right to like use a key messenger to release the heart to heart and Pascaline to get right to it. If heart is dirty, it gets valuable. If it right it gets the right to work both reported the sound of mind and sound heart

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that are in the right spot. The pilot Bill said you sound hot. Why? Because it might sound harsh

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Anyway, Rashida mind cannot work in the inner city

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that doctors do not smoke His burden is still smoke. Because why? Because the talebi nursery

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the COVID not to elicit there to now sound sound judgment will will not come there. To date what Islam is. Islam means after receiving the command from the from the mind sound mind said the command you must trust in Allah.

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Heart said, Oh yeah, you're right really but you know I love sleep. I don't want to wake up further. I felt great when I wake up to what a man can do tell me. Mind sound mind positive affirmation, just a lotta marsuit Wake up for the physician is so good for you if you want to work in good punishment, but heart said no, no, you know leave your philosophy you know I don't want to fall because I love sleeping then you eat food nice food like more or nothing more such a nice food. Now mindset don't eat too much. Eat little bit is going to harm you.

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Then heart says no, no. Do you know I follow this process tomorrow? But tomorrow I've never seen food but today I eat more and more. What man can you tell me? My dad might might only teach. Mine cannot do more than that. Now the heart has to follow. This is the Providence people don't understand how this to function. Better why EMR and Islam both are important. He modified the mind on Islam is from the heart.

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IMANI that your mindset put us in Allah. Then Hart Kassar surrender team now submission. It could be possible people have Eman but no it could be possible. Could be possible. People have Islam but no human is an arm without a man is a culture to people pray but they don't know what what to do. It culture is allowed without the man is a culture.

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Eman without Islam is a hypocrisy.

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Hypocritical No. Still they don't want to do you want

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to if you be a man, no Islam. You have Procrit hypocrisy, different types of hypocrisy just I'm not in thinking but different hypocrisy. If you have Eman, know Islam hypocrites.

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If Islam no Eman it means you have no religion, just culture.

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You need both of them Eman is number two wheels without them your life cannot function that why they are so important for the middle of

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the facade you will enter that is what he meant by that coming in anyway. Honey figure thinking is it great everybody? to Now you know, very montages. The man comes from the mind. If you don't think you're not a believer, or as an Arab man, good luck to Arab Bedouin say that we believe, say no, you don't.

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You just follow culture. Do people want to see who has more power, just joined. Now Muhammad is winning what he joined his group to you can win. That's all you just belong to a group. You just you know, your Islamic culture in Islam. Just follow guru negara people you say hello. And I learned that in another way to enter Shiva Xia to ask God I'm from the tribe for the year in my tribe the right time the right if they are not right, I'll follow them. I just follow my pride. Some Arab tribes they used to follow powerful people is some like you know, in do you know Tamaqua Lotan Pakistan. What rotam Is Pakistan, northern Pakistan mister those politician fool Look who's really

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they follow them to know Nawaz Sharif is most just when I joined ISIS party next time I think he's going to do Imran tries not to do I go to Morocco. Come lota lota is you know just move from here and there. Yota niversity to this bill lota Sapura Mota they never sit down anything that would or a business where they're low talk to anybody who's more winning. They follow that to unless it you are not believers. Believers are those who think understand you're not moving. You just follow the winners used to say I just belong to Silla, you're not really believer. This is a very important step for most Muslims that they are neither Muslim.

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They're just a belong to Islam. And belonging does not save people from hellfire. If you belong to something, I tell you.

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You learn honey Very good. Very healthy in good health and energy and decent debt. Then it's okay I recently joined the honey party. Now it's 100 party. You make honey and you buy honey 20 times honey some coming from the mountains of Afghanistan some confirm that ties honey on your shelf or properly done. Cut up enough to honey party but you never use and you never believe honey is going to benefit but you belong to a healthy because you have 30 days of honey

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Honey is not about saving, unless you use honey. Even if you're 20 times honey 50 That's funny and he belongs to honey party, you make a unique party with the name of honey, nothing will happen. That you don't believe in honey. You don't use it. The same Islam. If people don't have email Islam, but they belong to Islam, nothing will happen. Nothing. Belonging does not make any difference at all.

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If you belong to a salon, but you don't have submission, nothing will happen. If you belong to believers, but you don't believe yourself you don't understand anything. Nothing will happen. You will not become any inch near to your daughter because your Lord won't lead right he must have nothing he doesn't have he said in Edina in the law hidden sinner don't leave a surrender to me not to belong to me. You need to surrender to you need to obey me you need to know my command

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you know because most people if you don't know really how can love wood I'm not judging but I'm trying to teach them to I want to teach right. But to those who are younger, how much wrong they are it was the best but I'm teaching you the royalty you know, just simple example is somebody misses one prayer intention Do you know what the rule in Islam is?

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He now I'm humbled. And most of the network haha. Their opinion is somebody misses one prayer intentionally he because of coffee.

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And he should be killed with

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that their opinion after many, many people is starting to harbor data. I'm humbled at the tip great people.

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Imam Shafi comes and he said they don't have coffee, but they should be killed.

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If somebody misses one thread, he should be killed.

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You know, Hanifa is just opinion, those who missed our prayer, they should not be killed, but they should be put in the prison until the repentance or science or repentance become clear.

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A kind of the honey faulty actually, is this opinion 90% decision when the president

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is elected.

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This is easy to tell me what our condition we are proud that we have 1 billion Muslims, but they asked these people

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who said 90% of coffee.

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Mr. Shafi said they're not comfortable 90% should be killed.

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And Imago Khalifa Hanifa said they should be put in the prison to only 10% say should be out 90% of prison prisons will be too short for Muslims. Prisons cannot accommodate that what our condition really is.

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It was shocking to you what I'm teaching, but that what people have been believing all the time. Now people when he says a laugh and all those two you

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can affirm is to be in the prison

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booster which can offer the fastest telephone to all the people don't pray go into prison that why is this if not far is that I do.

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That is the opinion. Hardest, easy opinion. To put everybody the reason to religion is not belonging. Never never been a religion is the mind and the heart simple matter. If religion does not come to your mind to your heart, then to action is not a religion to first should come to mind then to the heart then bodies should act that What a miserable year. Without that there's no retirement check to you if there's no demand. You have Islam you did adjust the culture

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you pray you fast you pay the cost but you believe you don't understand you don't think it's just a cultural equity people we pray we are born in unison come to pray. Just the culture.

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If you believe

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but you don't do don't surrender, then what is enough hypocrisy. Most of us either we have a culture or we have enough of hypocrisy we don't have the simple met most of us we don't have that what reality is that we need to love it but we don't want to understand it because it is so painful. But that's what I see. Right? Why kind of sucks so big. There are Caracas Peraza, do you think you will go to prioritize because you sent out a new parameter courier it will not happen that you just allow it to go to Paradise testing will come you must be tested. It not that you know you just say and you accept you will be tested. Testing will come legible. Welcome FEMA. Whatever has given you he must

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just you you party just pass it by saying di and Di Di is not going to make a difference. Unless you're tested. We tested. You pass the test, then you're successful.

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So that actually the MILA televi really why we don't want to learn that if you're not a member. Then you basically you pass your condition. Nobody wants to see the condition. They're so scared. If you bring them in Luffy Brahim, then Muslim community will have no stand

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You can be Hanafy but you can't do follow through time

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is to correct the time Hanafy or Maliki or Shafia Mashery maternity selfie and hard selfie and hardcore sir Tamerica selfie the pyramid and I'm assuming Ian Brady. You can do maybe not even to him. But funny varahi me you need to think you're not a thinker to how can we run the driveline if I miss think and you don't think how can you grind to you can be anything but not everything you can imagine, but not Ebrahimi. You can be sharp you can be humble, you can be actually you can immaturity, you can be selfish, but you cannot be he got to be Rahimi, you need to think first thing to think of intellectual courage and a moral courage which is we don't we don't want to think they

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are taking account of criteria or the mission woman general of Guam Mr. gras he will dumb and stuff and do stupid stupid people. They're not really in the category of religion use clever people thinking people. So this is what we left over. Is that why we need to bring milk to keep teaching all the time again to get before you teach people how to feed mother, teach people milk sugar, I'm Hanafi madhhab is very interesting. remain a foundation Milla. Will millet of everything because Correct. To teach a pupil what have you seen anywhere fitting? If you go to Delvon, they teach you how to femur, they don't teach me life. If you got another trauma, they teach you their own mother,

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they don't teach them enough even if you got them as I have. No, nobody teaches me lifeline. They teach us more things, which is significant doesn't matter. Whether you do this way or that way. What matters the Quran teaches you mean that

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the Quran most of Quran is just we love

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every part of Milan. Again even better Quran or Susan Bukhara is so thorough Susan, aka the mafia, and Oliver on submission to these two parts of a milligram they are in this to be suited. Bacara Anambra Anessa. Extension of Surah Surah lubra to see the factory Missoula, it all actually mill that

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they don't like that teaches you make sense. You understand that if I can, ciliary industries to Bukhara consistorial Bacara you don't have to wait to name swagbucka to strike your mind and see what happens.

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You run your thinker, you're the middleman and let the market to slaughter his son. He concentrates even the commodity was in the dream. His dissenters Jews they did not have Russia didn't are thinking a lot a lot. With Korea revolutionary dream the Jews did not dream it a commodity came through the messenger Musa al Islam. He said to bunnies right? slaughter a cow. What he said back in Allah, Allah commands you to slaughter a cow and not not the money but I'm to slaughter his son to lick him and dream Almaty Rahim was so good in it. He said it a command. Jews have been commanded to slaughter a cow, not just a cow got nothing. You need to eat cow anyway. Just to start a cow. Did

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they eat dude? No. They said to musataha Are you making mockery of your milking?

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button over here? Do messenger smoke anybody?

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Musa mandala and equitable journey? I seek refuge to a lot of time because imagine that I do this thing

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then they should do no but the question is between male cow female cow

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then what does that know to the female cow? The next question was what the color is this question life? Tell me whenever I was commanded to slaughter his son, did he ask Allah Shoei commanded to slaughter him this morning or tomorrow?

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Morning or evening?

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In front of his mother or behind the mounted No, He now uses Mike to do best now does not anymore come on Allah says Terada now even anger to use him and how he's going to with a knife now Should I started the knife made in Makkah or met in Yemen.

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This question never rise in a totally radically stupid amount due to stupid clever people no command slot at the sun, just the way you understand move. But this question with a cow is a male or female out in black and white and read this question does not come to just stupidity that Quran admission test you your data, because baccara is lovely man and Imani thinking to tell you how to do when you don't think that what happens? Then you question everything. To when the Prophet asked you that you do the prayer and the time. Then you say, Oh, this command is good in the summer, but in the winter, I can't count the time because to short time and this time in that time that we're doing because we

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don't believe we just want to make a mockery.

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For a short time a shopper Yeah, we can pay shy in the winter. But in the in the in the in the summer, it is too late. I'll join I combined with moderation both guy can't do this

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because we don't have even a history even I am so we're gonna make it surrender to do it

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that way identity is to dakara data types. There are lots of data set to the people to believe. So you know life and death and last set, you know, like on different love it nothing those are all discovered somehow now Wattana all the orbit or the obit obedience to any event,

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even our listeners will know is this 42 festival in Russia and the rooster minister, intellectual courage and moral courage. Second part is honey fear, honey fear, miss, use your mind and understand the reality of the word. Turn away from everything to Allah. Put your trust in the map. And then the third thing is Allah, then surrender to Him. And when you surrender to him don't question you will only need to understand if it is his command or not. Once you know he commands, then no question. submission to Allah Allah conditionally, that no one conditions or submission to anyone except Allah, even the prophets you need to ask him even though your parrot, your wife, your husband, when

00:26:18--> 00:26:28

the command you can question, but no Honeyberry has got absolute unconditional command over you except your Lord, when he cannot, you must do it.

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And then use your mind and do the best.

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And the last part of military then don't do *. Some surrender to Allah, then don't surrender to anyone else. That other hardship. Some people want to sell it and sell it to someone so just not right. surrender to Him, then don't surrender to anyone else.

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Complete see, did he grab anything that why bill is so important. But even he knows people can change the era he made arrangement how the MILA can continue after he did. He made a limit to the middle and never dies movement never dies. Because you need to make a movement alive. But the very moment moment died together culture. The people need what they need to make a movement alive to make them not alive. era he made sure he met. One of the remit is build a cover.

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People turn to the Kaaba, they come to Brent Acaba, they do stuff to the river, the whole history to connect people to the building of Rahim to they know how the house was built, connecting the hood to the building of Rahim. And then everybody was commanded to come and pray in the Kaaba,

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that people can't come to that confession was given if you can't come to pray there, at least face. It is what you do face the Kaaba. But original command was to pray the Kaaba says Not everybody can come and pray there to wherever you are. Now the concession you can face the Kaaba, you see, to make the MILA light you connect your city Ibrahim, you connect yourself to the capital if you're running, you know the history that right and that's what I said to him. If you want your midriff continue, you need to build the house. So unless it Ibrahim, why the zebra Hema Makana lobate Allah to shake up share with tequila nearby to the iffy in what Amina workouts.

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We gave Deborah HeMan right knowledge work to build the kava even I'm not to the place. Allah guide Allah says this is the place where you have to be the Kaaba Devaraj him love the place at Aqaba from Allah subhanaw taala he chose that and condition about in this house Lucia

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purely for Allah. No, I'm going to LA city without him. But you're by to make my house clean from idols from Shrek from old dirty things. Know that in this house. For who litho if he knows what life it means

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to live by Feanor what he means by feed him his trailers, those who prefer them outside to make my house green farther outside of the when they come from outside the cafe to fool to become one aka Nina and those who live their movie doors in Makkah for them and for outsiders. To that actually Quran and metaphorically more than one place it was a fee. The fee here were bad too. Well Aki fever bad. I don't live there. But those are from outside. Sometimes we're not aware. If we have a bad day to our Makaan. And don't we're outsiders. Sometimes when I say try Faena, what are Amina those who are trifid outsiders? I mean, do the word insider work, I salute and those who pay for Roku, the

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whole prayer that has had been made nowship Pura Vida for SATA data one important symbol of the military this simple mix will to become a

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But people need to correct it. The purpose is you go there then you learn. But if you make the symbols also hybrid, but you never think then you don't get to meet that you need to know why you need to come to Makkah why you come to cover why you have to try to discover you need to learn that

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it really reminds you the University of Ibrahim is universal he the battle by the university when you go there people from every color white people and black people cannot people this people will do people English people or big people or men or women or side by side everybody there they're not going to teach soon. Women can attend the plane the most in the car in the hara, nobody can ask women to live there did you see that house he can't do house have you run that house but he for everybody for a wild for a brat for rich for for men, for women for steel done? For what for everybody here? This how totally leanness for all the people. So that you know, remember that this

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connection is enough for all the people to one important to love anybody out there that this house has something to do for all the people. It's not 100 house, not a Malik Malik imagine like in Bombay, I saw a mosque they have met 152 People have they made a mosque, they never did much they

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try to work together to get to the value near the master this, this 100 People have

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to make a harvest twice a day.

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Usually should say no no name, you should for everybody. When you say this, you do exactly same mistake what they did. They're no different between you and them. If they make a mistake. And you say this, you do have the same problem. They're no different between you and do both or

00:31:48--> 00:32:34

both both we totally blank. Even our house the house has nautically beyond everything you first enter first thing is striking you typically in the house when you come to market and Kurama first thing most striking either that this house is beyond any race any color, any time any space, since of a specified time finish, no space, no time, no boundaries, no boundaries, no state, no board, nothing no barrier, or barriers finish. Nobody the language, barrier language barrier the gender men and women buried at the colors. Race, time is best nothing it orphans since he brought him onto the last say and action into safety.

00:32:36--> 00:32:59

You know in the 20th off center, what people did in type of crime you do the same type of beyond time and space are you connected to a fellowship you because software is really missing time and space don't interfere between each other. They don't connect you to the brain very freshly, to fasting. Very powerful maturity. That way there have been the Kava Kava, the very, very center for this vision.

00:33:00--> 00:33:17

Any other things that have gotten the human attention, humanity you can't see human aspect, except Kaaba. You don't see human human aspect there. It all is so pure. That bar says McKenna dia Hackage and Eva Kuya paraan jameelah Yeti Aqua

00:33:19--> 00:33:23

when they make United Nations in Geneva towards the call it

00:33:24--> 00:33:38

United Nations your Kabbalists sing Maka sent a message to Geneva a message came from Makkah to never do we need the United Nations a Unity of Mankind

00:33:40--> 00:34:33

you making United Nations miss you first divided nation. Denis ignite Maka unity of the mankind enough not a nation. Mackay Omega show. Mighty No, you said to me with the header to First you make a mouth then you say knighted? When you say Mother you divide already anyway. McCarney Makeda Jenga to the header. What is Maka? Jamelia to nurse? Human humanity? Salsa father or a nurse Maka never had Oman. Maka never has so maca had one of the one of my say Anna's to Makkah sent a message to Geneva. Do you want to create an alternative to the mankind MCI the unity of the mind cannot unity of the nations Nakata grieving nations Naka no nations beyond the nation or from others that are

00:34:33--> 00:34:37

proficient in height he made a very good local mean

00:34:38--> 00:34:51

your father had an all Africa for Armada, la familia la hora, Bina Jamil the Nova two for one Arab and for non Arab or for white or black or for black or white in love.

00:34:52--> 00:35:00

Very curious to see much complexity into the people and beyond a bottle crossing all the boundaries of the time and space in

00:35:00--> 00:35:25

No but no time no space beyond all that, you can really you just sit there are self funded nothing. in Makkah you are not Indian, you are not Pakistani or Bangladeshi. You are not from a stone age and you are not furthermore of time or the age finish that no Stone Age, the no modernity. He already finished because we have got a cloth which fits in every color to white garments. Tell me his tone esperar so has something

00:35:27--> 00:35:53

to know you can't be proud that I am we are 21st century, NACA did not believe in anything like that no space, no time not guided beyond space and beyond any type that connects you with reality without space time. Nothing really, to get reality beyond space and time very difficult thing but makes it real. That is fascinating. You get to renew the unity of the mankind and to other people.

00:35:54--> 00:36:36

In the solicitor philosopher Tada database in the Quran in outweighed by the alumnus led the paper for this purpose. They were no house before. Ibrahim is the first man who built the house for immediate mankind further they were no house before that like that. Other houses they used to be for mosque is temporary mosque but House Center for Orban did not exist before Kava Kava the first house had been made by the Center for over mankind for HUD mutha well enough for everybody. MOBA reckon, full of Buddhism, just to confirm that no evil across from the United Nations either come from there you can see how many of us

00:36:37--> 00:37:12

you got a nation basically under the control of the big pump. Don't you think really people who've got the power for veto voting theory injustice, veto power missing justice? Is that word meaning either nothing else MCE has nothing like that. Mackay the best under Baraka, Mackay the Noah nothing actually not Baraka Mubaraka but Houghton de la the mean guy does not pharmacann People are RBN Lilla mean for all mankind. Everybody all the aalameen they come there the guide that I find fatigue is

00:37:13--> 00:37:25

heating is not local. We brought him removed or the local attachment from Makkah. Cahaba had no local attachment, that it will think that that belong to that special time. He does not have done that.

00:37:26--> 00:38:04

Not paid not local, MCI the universal not pay the not one time not paid to be on time. It does not belong to any time. It would be on any time with not an RF territory. It's not an Arab building is not an active the house is actually the person who killed her arm anyway, but I'm not even an outsider. So that you can see very clearly, MCI is a bit in that ladder. But not our upline not our territory not our building. It is beyond our up beyond Nomura. It basically had an MCI did not replace the T to do with the locality not tied to beyond that universal place.

00:38:06--> 00:38:10

So this really this part that why remain really so powerful

00:38:11--> 00:38:34

to protect is a quarter will make you alive because what happened after the lunch on such heavy let people have to sleep when potrykus People wake up that's why we left with Mila and I missed two weeks but we need to learn to the person as Murase militia Nick pace was Nisha Sonico can it can borrow the car dolly does tacos are

00:38:36--> 00:38:39

watching you really a determination like Ibrahim

00:38:40--> 00:38:56

you need really a Power of Thinking like if you've got this determination and power like Ibrahim that even the desert can come garden and you can see example of you know this will do and person will be portrayed a cartoon pious

00:38:57--> 00:39:13

and Majan is it measuring and cam is in a Farhad? So in order to portray and passion party for the level two they have got magic magic is is is telling me I fell in love of ladder to become married because no one is in a place

00:39:14--> 00:39:30

either for the sake of Laila He can do anything. Lala Allah asked birthday no Candela used to send a bowl of milk for my cousin she loved him he also loved him I can't marry to she used to send send every day one ball full of milk.

00:39:31--> 00:39:59

People think reading of thought it is good to imagine you get a ball of mud to one day there are so many Muslims in the street. Everybody got to be Muslim because you know when you get to Milliken, everybody converging to the slaver cave to lead I said I took the bout outside but there are so many much new to who to give to that is clever. She said okay emptied about 10 the vowel on set to the maximum or the minimum that would have asked your palate the no milk today. She lost your

00:40:00--> 00:40:02

To all the fake money there

00:40:03--> 00:40:43

won't be a real movie remember? He said okay ask later where she want to blur from which part of body then select colloquium and that's only one person later he asked me where do you want blood from? She's recognizing he's the real or fake. There to what reality. Really Brahim second story for her for her fell in love of Sheree. She didn't settle for her one lever you can marry me. You see the mountain from my house, dig the mountain and America water maker kind of milk flow from it. Milk. Nobody can do this. To dig a hole mountain and make a metal flow. Actually by that time, she will die.

00:40:44--> 00:40:57

You can't marry but he's pure. He the real. He's okay. That's fine. They start digging the mountain and what else he hit his own head he died. But it determination. This word of course por ser

00:40:58--> 00:41:02

as Murase Rasika. nishani is a SHA Heiko

00:41:03--> 00:41:44

is Miss Majan and CO can miss it for her Dawn who took the mountain these peoples symbolism thinking and determination if you have distinct is candy bar the car darling does to coarser once you get determination like that and things like that. That even the desert even the forest they can be turned into garden lucky makeover not close to degrading it Abraham's if he ran simulation make McBay garden now you've got a mock up to sort of macabre not like Tony Robbins whenever a hint get involved in a very these. It is very no plot goes there. But you arrive at thinking determination make mcta amazing that

00:41:45--> 00:41:54

people disability when you come get it a professional man, this is less nobody can live the old mountain what Brian did it, it becomes something else.

00:41:55--> 00:42:37

So this is first symbol of midlife, Iran makes you miss the second thing you deliver, I realized really, it is far enough. Not everybody will live in Makkah. People live all over the world. But I need to connect them to my house to the love of my Legion. They love my cotton trading in my moment. Like you know when you make a moment you make some headquarter, every other people they come and they get some training the headquarters then they go to imar headquarters for people who are in my moment they can come and be trained. They'll admit to that purpose admit to Allah city Brahim in the finance, it will help whoever I declare ask people to refer to they can come and they learn the

00:42:37--> 00:43:24

moment they understand this place. They understand you they understand how important you are. They love that. You've never had eaten diagrama thinking but how I say and people listen. And I said don't worry, you say an IV make sure everybody said same thing for NASA bill to Gary Johnson. Don't worry, you said they will come running return on the feet right up to level a million they will come on the sheet Canvas the thing with a walk the walk Yeah, Tina, Cooley Fantine are mere they will occur from every deep body far far away, they will come to you until now, from all over the world people come there nobody attached to any house in this one is plotted to this house, unless the

00:43:24--> 00:44:05

second symbol of the middle of Iran to make really very clear. So this is the best thing really to connect with people right and this best thing to protect religion from the from the corruption that when you your teacher teaches you in another unit to prefer a car. You go for it. You come back you say no. You know, you have seen everybody use people from all over. They have never theater and you say Forca No, it doesn't make sense. What happens if they commit to the hijab, for religion from being corrupted, when people are brought up the center at the local customs that tape over their religious because local like Hinduism, Hinduism basically, after every village, the new religion do

00:44:05--> 00:44:42

just think it Hinduism Hindu name has been good about Muslims, they give one name Hinduism does not have any unified definition. Hinduism Jain did after every village, every village has got their own gods, there is more than more than a million gods in India worship. And some people worship these these gods and the other people who said these guys are my enemy. They killed him to the fighting between gods and gods to the local customs. They just got local very quickly, like India in this country. What service now from being local. Why Islam that Pakistan is Indian Islam, Indonesian Islam

00:44:44--> 00:44:51

because the Pakistani will go for Indonesia, Africa for height, Africa for central

00:44:52--> 00:44:59

hydro to this task movement to become local. To keep the universal to that right people need to come there to the

00:45:00--> 00:45:21

Give me a moment as universal as possible. Don't make it something broke. I don't want to make Islam into Islam. Don't make Islam at the British Islam. Don't America the American Islam it also Islam Islamic slavery but I didn't know he said American Islam or British Islam or into it or Abrahamic Islam is none of you Brahim that way of course after to his children, oh my son

00:45:22--> 00:45:26

that Martha Luna Todd Nagi raka

00:45:27--> 00:45:31

Baraka Ybarra, Hema Weiss, ma Isla with

00:45:33--> 00:46:01

linear algebra he is Melissa that will come to these people not to look at the locality not depth. The height actually that I had this perfection of Islam, complex Islam, there are the Quran enough Takenaka fathead Medina, we give you gave you clear victory. Why? Leah referal lo Mata Padam in Dombey Omata Cara so Allah forgives your sins to tell me when Marquez conquered sins are forgiven?

00:46:02--> 00:46:05

How can some mcamis to forgive the sins?

00:46:06--> 00:46:18

Why Kurata you know we gave victory now your sins will be forgiven. Waiting Muhammad baraka and your Allah Shiva upon will be completed to what the federal committee by Carcosa Maka, maka does to completion the

00:46:19--> 00:46:54

reason McIsaac concurred then you will go for height. When you go for high, Your sins are forgiven. Because these are the people who go for the height and they do it properly. They come back to me by the door to move as a newborn baby husband makes sense of our business. And then Allah said our job Mark Matricom dynochem mum to la una Mati Itamar nella had is that why settimana to come to some Naka Miss favors complete. Without the hygiene. You don't have completion, right is the last thing in this region.

00:46:55--> 00:47:16

It makes it easier to complete because they're divided with the first submission or the sovereign your sub orders from beginning to end the sovereign sovereign sub you know you don't you're close into your state. You can see I mentioned to you because beyond a spare time, you will live it in five star hotel and then you come to Mina tent, you go to storage

00:47:17--> 00:47:58

in our thought you got to stone Dockery. Now the children are thinking really how well did she have nothing made us to stay in this place in our frt when we enter the red car person, they know they're so fast and all those different it levels we have an RV holidays or summer retreat. Just what we have people sitting on the chair and in one little missing word, you know some things that I'm just missing nothing. Cheers and he was sitting there gossiping, that what it actually meant to be beyond its present time, when you come to our Platinum is Jennifer, you don't belong to your tongue, you become free of your time, it becomes something different. You live your time you come to tempt it

00:47:58--> 00:48:17

you limit the under the sun, you examine that you see the nature but now the Terada pattern was defined with the five star hotels and all those intense and car red carpets to serve to certainly people go for has come but nothing really there to even have dinner entirely but I wanted to teach you something. But now with any rise we'd like to tell him what he will do.

00:48:18--> 00:48:29

He writes into Shabbat to help you but we don't want to take any further right? To this what happens anyway. And directly How can everyone hear me even I know that even after all this still problem

00:48:30--> 00:48:48

to he was if Allah can send it in new man who can give my idea the light, to he made me wonder Send a messenger. If I done people forget my treaty, to send among them a messenger who is my teaching alive, clear message like me,

00:48:50--> 00:49:32

to document to see how can every prime knows that after after a while people forget his message. He wanted the moment to be strong and strong enough to carry it. He was a new messenger new but man who can do the movement, the movement never dies. And that new man person came masala Silla, and he was so powerful, that made him alive, how alive. He made his message like the Quran arrived sooner right onto the trip to Milan to another country to embed dua send among them a messenger who has this quality thinking you have to do it by who follows the sons made them to understand the law through that I'm going to read the list that I know Miss to follow them to make sense what sudden means what

00:49:33--> 00:49:52

means what Quran is to start with the science teaches people all distinct I don't have time to this. Now. This is great. But anyway, the intention here is to show you how Yoga is a movement. That argument also how the movement can survive. But How unlucky VR are the odds are still we are

00:49:54--> 00:50:00

we can fight in the name of the Prophet Mohammed. But we cannot live without

00:50:00--> 00:50:05

Believe it dude, you can die. You know, but just know. Oh, somebody abused Muhammad.

00:50:07--> 00:50:09

Why you gotta learn love live like you

00:50:10--> 00:50:26

put in us allottee one oh Sookie, we're mafia Baba Mati desirability. Say my prayer my sacrifice and my life my death formula you don't want to live like a foreigner you don't want to live like Muhammad you only want to die recently but you don't want to live like

00:50:28--> 00:50:37

there's not like really this era he made odds are I met the people live like Muhammad the father Muhammad is sunnah hadn't made alive to Barakatuh The sooner

00:50:39--> 00:51:13

you fall is mega Baraka if you've got all your words Mohammed Mohammed million time, no Baraka will enter into your house. But if you do the right hand, Baraka if he said Bismillah Baraka will come, he says to Mahana Baraka Will you drink water, three breaths, Baraka vodka, tsunami, big Baraka, but just keeping Mohammed cinema Mira Villa de Nabeel celebration all distancing. No, Baraka was come you do either must you likely, but nothing happened Baraka in the Sunnah of Muhammad Baraka right in the middle of

00:51:14--> 00:51:29

Malacca Baraka curves. In cineca Baraka will come simplement Allah had no love for you, unless you love His Prophet and follow him around said God in contempt of Allah factor will Rooney you

00:51:30--> 00:52:05

tell them you fill up Allah farlam humble if you follow Muhammad, Allah will simple matter if people follow mama suna Allah will have if you don't follow the Sunnah know the formula never happened never like something like that to test that how he built a battery but I'm so clever personally. Nothing nothing for himself. He thinks the far he's the future generation. See how he makes rugby Gianni Mookie Massara worming 3g It will not make me to pray and also for my family. Allah said to him over to him and go to make Eema in Niger I look at the nasty mama

00:52:07--> 00:52:37

if I am there I'll be so happy but not you Brian are is much more to get under set remember to make Eema What is it woman is rejecting wanna make my family our sigma to Allah signal di na of the Rodman. My comment don't include around was your your family those who are right David Deema. Those who arrived was like Ebola, they can't be. But those were good like Omar Ali. I shall fatten them, but those were they never can