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The same applies with a person who plays a sport. We are dedicated I want to tell you something, social media and I'm not meaning all I'm teaching is responsibility that's it. Use it mashallah by all means, but be responsible.

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What would happen on it is we'd sit and learn moves, we learn words, have you learned the word of Allah? No, God, Hawala, I don't know. Well, Bill fell out. I don't know but you know all the dirty songs of today and the songs are becoming dirty and filthy yet the words that are used are cheaper than the word cheap.

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Subhan Allah,

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they are terrible. If you were to know what is going on, and what words they are saying and what our kids are learning. They tell you sync it and lip sync it with Allah he one day Allah will show you that video with those words. The reason why I've taken the time to tell you this, My beloved children, my loving mothers and sisters and brothers and fathers is because we don't want to enjoy on Earth and find regret on the Day of Judgment. We want goodness in this world and goodness in the hereafter that will only come with responsibility