Limits of Reasoning

Akram Nadwi


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The speaker discusses the concept of the limit and how it can affect one's mind. They explain that humans are different from other species and that humans are different from other species the limit is between two similar things. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of understanding the difference between two similar things.

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So, this is actually very important to understand, in the mind has got a limit

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to when you infer something, you know, every source of information that you got it is going to fare certain information up to a limit, it's going to meet many many, but you cannot infer something which actually know where possible from that, to, for example, you know, when the Greek philosophers, they differ from the information they have brought about this universe, to desert the universe basically is coming, you know, the, the universe was made by the intellect, the first intellect created the second intellect, and the first heaven. Then second intellect created the third intellect, or second Heaven, until they become 10 intellects and Nine Heavens, and ninth

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Heaven is the one which was the whole universe. It is Greek philosophy, Greek philosophy until now, you won't get any standard workout very fluffy, you can see 10 intellects and 997 is the one which does all the things look at argument, it eration the motivation, but the thing really is it it really does not necessarily lead to that you basically force your mind to make that difference, you see, these are a circle, but does not necessarily mean really that this is same load applies something beyond that, but you keep forcing the you put an apple you know use like you know some I live in India very hot area, and I develop such a cooling machine, which can make a room very cool

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and easily and all those things. And I'm a very clever person, then I come in London in December in January month of January, and sell to the people the cooling machine and nobody buys I become very upset, how stupid the people are, there are people in my village up to now they would have bought all by machines, they have done exactly what beyond the limit. Understand that thing really people buy the pulling machine is it is needed. But in in certain regions, you comparing London with your village, the two different climate to Greek philosopher DeKalb periodically the word universal beyond this earth with this earth to diwata apply the same rule simply to all their metaphysics or

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their metaphysics it is a basically in the fight for the physics, metaphysical physics adapt to different universe to different laws. Mind that might live might only cover for physics, mind came never asked for metaphysics, it never converted the mind Never mind never haven't thought much about that. It exceeded the limiting. So you can see all that teaches about you know metaphysics of water beyond that it basically exceeds the limit that I'm trying to say and that does not vary in a Sufi people. If you read a clever people like no Shake

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Shack, I'm sorry Hindi call Mojo funny,

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clever man, pious person, so many things,

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but what they are, they have developed the idea Are you the what is run by a pious person who is the leading band Are you

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everything you want to happen under his supervision is a human is a man is to him of his time, then not only that, really few routes is not too bad and also man is writing I read it so many times and his and his sons they will sit there if you ask them Can you find me What is my position where I missed why my status in in paradise. So they will close their eye and they were traveling from their mind for a month. Until say you are in displacing diseno defined very nicely, very clearly. They will say this is actually exceeded the limit your mind not met to travel that far. Like he knows that one or two port says that Mira, dill bomb basil and Angela via my heart a Buddha from Bombay to

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London. Two people said but he doesn't make it in alignment. You know it's not potty. He said don't look about the poetry look they speed up by heart.

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This is speed of your heart without any boundary without any limited to do your mind can travel to paradise and you see the opposite people but not to

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you know the prophets never do do abraca Siddiq never outparcels See, what am I placing in Paradise and he closed it never happened. This thing exceeded the limit. So check us out Hindi Ronaldo, we respect him, he has so much growth good thing for Indian. But this is where he exceeds the limit. This is not right for our never teaches and then actually the IDF to you remain his family until very long lead time that his son ma soon became a young human funny then the third son became a Jew all you basically it means that the world is run by them. This is a very dangerous concept to anyway that I'm trying to say exceed the limit. Try to understand don't compare a world which is different

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from you want to your one. This chaos is it was called chaos with malfatti it is basically comparing two things which are so different from each other

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essential things you know that are I'm human being and my wife is a human being she connected why

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Not me,

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I'll use a good reason I'm human being and my wife is human being if she can get pregnant, why not me is very wrong in this argument. mistake it exceeds the limit comparing something two different two different things with each other, you can compare like that my wife is a human being she is little, why not me, I must say I should eat this right or information, but you never do like that. You want you to know that people do right people don't understand what is the limit of the of the of the thinking this all the time people come compared to today compared to is different. And two things are similar. They may be different to similar, they may be different to different they make

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similar that what we send, so I'll jump by number of telephone A while ago by Natasha behind me. This is one of the major mistakes or the thinking. They separate between two similar things. And they're combined between two different things.