Akram Nadwi – Weekly Q&A 09-02-23

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The importance of learning the Quran and its use in English is discussed, along with the use of "arson" in English for "arson" in English. The speakers also address various topics related to the Bible, including the use of unsuited circuses, the use of "lee" to describe behavior, and the importance of reading the Bible. They emphasize the need to be more aware of one's eye and language, and emphasize the importance of giving insurance to people who don't have it. The segment also touches on the impact of recent events on Muslims and encourages students to study the book and use it to develop their own reasoning. The potential for forceful actions to force children to do Islamic praising the speaker's is also discussed.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone, welcome back to our weekly q&a With Chaka Khan nadwi. As you will be able to see, and maybe if you've been waiting for the past eight minutes, apologies, we have started a little bit late. As you can see the lighting on chef isn't the best, but we can work with it. So we've had just a few technical problems, but we thought we've canceled the q&a for a few weeks, we didn't want to have to cancel it today. So we're gonna be with the kind of very dim lighting but in short, the most important thing is that you can hear me and you can hit your outcome and you can somewhat see him so we'll deal with it for today in sha Allah so we did

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have a cute we had a bit of a break for about two weeks. Chef was on camera, so he was traveling. I was a little bit unwell last week, so we had to cancel by in sha Allah. Let's just go ahead because we've already got a lot of questions that have come through. Chef, I've kind of changed your settings. So you should be you might be able to see the comments in front of you the questions I've come through, I'm not sure but let's start with the first one in sha Allah. I will put it on the screen we've got a question from very her who is a regular on our q&a handler she's asking Will we be held sinful if we do not recite the Quran with proper tissue read rules and diction nowadays

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there's so much importance given and learning that says we'd

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have none of

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this is a really very important question. You know, there are people who don't make effort to do the Quran, you know, properly and there are people who spend so much time you know, integration about DVT and many other things to fasting understand the Quran Arabic language to we should pronounce the Quran or Quranic letters I used to do, you know, Buhari and how they, you know, have a wound and all those things. You know, we should learn as best as possible, it's difficult to mistake a level Fighter games, even in the past acts in detail, the Companions, they were people who could not put around

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or something like that, and they still read the Quran and people have no problem with them, make effort to you know, do your Mojave, and all those things as best as possible. But, you know, all of these, you know, Tajweed rules, many of them which have been implemented very late. And, you know, people have been following them.

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You know, and they debate they actually put around and make things very long, you know, disagree in nothing, nothing for the Sunnah the pastor Lala Salam, the Prophet sallallahu sallam.

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You know, you read in one, one of the repertoire of the prayer to three Surah Surah Baqarah Sutala Braun, certainly

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the way these people read that you read, you can't read three surah in wonder car, and then the prophet had to read at least eight Raka and Casa de de la Tron who read in February, the hospital in the federal prayer, and Omaha tab read in the suit in February Surah two use of unsuited circuses to suit the lungs. So you know the way to read the letter or have people read it, you know, Arabic language, you know, not so much exaggeration and Mavala it this thing is directly from Egyptian people. And then people love all over the world because Quran had conduct entertainment. The purpose of Quran not to understand to think to nothing religious people just want to use Quran for

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entertainment to carry communal rock, come on people listen to them huge crowd, nobody takes any Listen, nobody follows the Quran. Nobody makes effort to understand all these are Bedava that way, you know many of them are when they came to Hijazi in the beginning of 20th century and the sort of the the new car is coming from Egypt. They call it but they say it is better that it started in Islam that was not in the past. So sunnah is to read the Quran, like you know, are people reading you know, Maha rage and all those things, you know, not so slow, not too fast. But, you know, to read about that to make Quran entertainment. It's the word that without his thought in Islam, and

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people shouldn't should not spend time learning these things. They're not benefiting or maybe they're more harm in it than any benefit.

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Okay, just like no home chef, let's move on to we have a cat related question from a hammer

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boats empty land to build homes, the homes will be rented out or sold depending on the market. Is that owned on the land today? And if yes, can it be delayed until homes are built and can expenses be deducted?

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If you buy land, there's not a cut on the land, the cost is on the you know, on a money that grows, if you you know, grow something in the land, then you have to pay zakat on the growth Filipino of some faraway lands. Or if you build houses or rent out, then you pay zakat on that if that empty land you don't earn any money from that nothing that knows the pattern that the garden not to, you know on the building and the houses, the guys on the on the benefits from them, then you have to pay the cost anyways, simple answer your question. If you have this empty land, there is no zakat on it until you build a house or rent out then the car will be and income coming from the rent.

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Okay, let's move to some questions from Facebook. This question I mean, this topic chef, you've not discussed it for a while, but we did I think have a period last year we had a lot of questions and this is about the evil eye. So Faisal is asking I said Mr. Aiken, how are we to understand the following Hadith

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we're Jabba Radi Allahu Anhu reported the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a great many from my nation who die after the judgment decree and Providence of Allah die by their by the evil eye. So, Chef, of course, many here are familiar with your stance on the evil eye.

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Can you shed some light in Sharla

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even a the truth you know people are not given the economical hit people with your hand to signal you can harm people with your eye. You know, sometimes sometimes your tongue you know goes tapers back by to lie to sometimes AI can, you know be effective in this matter to people have to be very careful, don't use it. But I don't want to look with any art anybody with jealousy and hatred, because that can affect people. Sometimes, you know, if you look at the people with anger, they can fall you know, they there will be the answer to properly they can't talk properly to people's eye people's expression of the face or distinctive effect. And many problems happened because of these

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you know anger and jealousy and hatred, an item that people should control and if the people do intentionally to harm anybody to hurt anybody, they regard sin but other people they should not worry so much about these matters. Because the real thing is all the power in the hands of Allah subhanaw taala based on you know, think okay, if somebody has bad eyes, what nothing will affect me unless Allah wills nothing will happen to you nothing will happen if you're strong in your character and your you know, think mine nobody can harm you. All this has happened to the people who are weak physically or mentally to always be stronger mind thinking and I think benefit to me with her the

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will of Allah subhanaw taala and you know, say his name, whenever you start something and do something, nothing will happen inshallah. Tada.

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Okay, in sha Allah, let's move on. I can see for them Ron is asked question.

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Apologies, he said, the beginning that was supposed to say is that I'm on a curve. So we'll read as serologic Why should non Muslims read the Quran, when we don't read their books, many people give our by discussing mistakes in the Bible, Jesus's divinity and Trinity. Do you think this is the correct approach? And how can we spread the word of the Quran across

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you know, minimal set, certainly not going to listen to us, we have to request them, because we have to convince them that you know, this is the book, you know, the only book is not a Christian certified Bibles for Christians, and get Gita and whether with other for Hindus, and curata. For Muslims, this is not right way. Quran has come for everybody. It is the book of our humanity to we have to tell people you know, your service, your salvation and our salvation. All depends on the book, you know, even if you don't believe it, you know, we since some people think, read it, then see what happens is right or not, do we have to

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approach to the people come to them and invite them to read the Quran and Quran the best? No doubt about that, you know, they don't know Arabic, give them a Quran Quran in the language that they read, and they will understand whether we read the Bible or not doesn't matter really in any way.

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The condition of Dawa by Quran not that you read their book, you know still you kind of give them Quran many people don't mind whether you read Bible or not. You know the if there is something good, they will like and why gave Quran

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to one of the professor in Oxford and he was very happy he he read the whole book, though he didn't agree with everything, but let's enlarge it to him.

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Allah Quran says. So he calls in the day of judgment that he didn't know. And some people they read and they become believers. So this is one of the best have come to the people with good character and minor and a given Quran.

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Okay, does that be a friendship for your answer and for brother Imran Imran, for the question? Okay, let's see, we've got a question from someone who's attended a course of yours before. He says that it was a finance course I'm not sure what course specifically. But he's asking

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what is the difference between normal law and Hijjah? As it wasn't clear in your course.

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So, you know, Imran who asked the question about the Quran, you know, he also asked, you know, when we go to Christians do we discuss with them, and our treaty and their belief and to refute all those things in you, basically, you need to be more positive, you know, just give the Quran and ask them, it depends on the person, some people actually will be more happy if you show them that they're mistaken their belief, but most people don't like this thing in the beginning, when you meet someone in the beginning, you know, be more positive 10 nicely, you know, good character.

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The purpose never should be to win against them. If you have intention to win against Christians and Jews and then don't do that, because that's not dava that always decklid your answer should be how I can see people from the Hellfire from the anger of Allah subhanaw taala then you know if they serve to you, they humiliate you, you don't mind because your intention not to get restaurant there or your intention to save them. But if your intention to win against them, then this very dangerous that what I don't like all the debates against Christians that Jews and Hindus and Manasa and people do or people love to have won this or actually very bad men are very very bad metal. Muslims should

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never vote in all these debates and discussion they should be you know, nicely calling people to Allah subhanaw taala and make a career that you know that salvation depends in on a belief in Lesotho Tada Hi Jan De Luna, they're very clear thing you know that that means something without which you cannot live like food. If you're hungry for a few days, you know, you need food if you don't have food and you die, that's the plateau in that case you're allowed to use you'd have food like in a pickle energy haram or drink haram like you know, wine or something like that. Because if you don't use it, you will die. Hydra is you don't die, but your life will become in difficulty to

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for example, if people don't have houses they don't die but you live in very different house if people don't have a car in in western world modern world the difficult life because they have to take children to the schools and shopping so maybe it depends on the path but if they don't have God is still there survive the kind of walk with you can use public transport or so many things. So daruvala is something if you don't have it, you can't survive Hydra is you can survive but your life will be difficult so that in the matter of the food and all these things believe

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an alibi that we look for that or will not hire Hydra does not make things halal. But in money matters or people's are dealing satisfaction then we use hija you know I'd also like the ruler

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to like we allow insurance on the car insurance actually is not allowed in Islam the reason we allow because people need to have car car is not a no hija we are similarly houses houses are not that they are hijacked but we allow you know for the house of people who get a no money on mortgage on something like that. So there's so in the money matters on people's a deal is Maha Mala. We make a hija like a thorough but in the eating and drinking and beliefs and Ali Baba that is the one which makes it haram or the Hydra not failure.

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Okay, just luckily I can share. We have a very interesting question from Samantha if I'm not mistaken.

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Coming from life in the UK, I think this for some of us is this sounds quite strange, but I know it's quite prevalent in places like India. I've heard Algeria Pakistan. So this person is asking chef if someone has family pressure to get a job, meaning he has a wife who has children, but you can't get one without giving a bribe. What should he do? He gets a job only with big amounts of bribes. He was told to do business with that amount of money. But he doesn't have the capability to do business. Okay, let's not go into specifics but chef but this is a situation of a lot of people that they

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You actually can't go that far without maybe paying money to someone on official to kind of get their job somewhere, what would they do in that situation?

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earlier that if, without giving, you know, bribery, you're going to get a job, and your family will have no money, no income, or life, it will come very difficult for you without having good job, then yeah, then you are allowed to give that much bribery, which can, you know, help you to get a job because the individual you cannot correct the system. So basically, the society has to connect to the

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people who are active disregard the system, but individuals, they can't do this, too, they have to, you know, come into terms with the real conditions of life. The simple answer is you either individual, if we think, you know, you can't get a job, you can't earn the money for your family, without giving, you know, bribery, or your your life has become very, very difficult, then you are allowed, for some time, you know, medical care and all those things. In India, I've seen it many, many places in India, and if people don't give in bribe, they don't get priority. And you know, nobody cares about them. In those cases, when we think there's a need, you are allowed to give, you

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know, according to the need, not more than that.

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Okay, in Sharla, let's move on to a question from Sharia, who is asking about verse 11, in salons will unfurl. And he's asking what is the meaning of it of register? And how is it different from what sweater so the verse, the part of verse he's talking about is why you're the bank coverage is a chef on.

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So chef, he's asking the difference between religious and Westworth. It was outside of this particular teaching, somebody puts your mind survived things that you know, if you go for the prayer, that you invest your time, and your money will be in

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your blessing to come and this thing just was, you know, thought read is, you know, dirt, something dirt, dirty things, too many people do a sin, there's a reason to when people listen to it, and vice versa is not a sin, but when you act upon and vice versa, then it could be seen, then it could be a reason to resist is something to like sin, people commit a sin of crime, which can help you harm you can measure your heart dirty. Like you know like a jealousy to shut down said that this person or that person you know, he's doing so well. Until after that you get to jealousy in your heart. There's a reason to Regis is the winner was Hassan thoughts become in real action. And, and you know

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and thought and

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they become legacy, then there is

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okay, just like a home chef,

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just quickly for anyone that may be joined in the middle of the q&a. So we did start the q&a a little bit late due to as you can obviously see chef's lighting isn't working at the moment. So apologies for the screen, maybe not as clear and we will go a little bit over. So we'll try and finish at 635 in Sharla instead of 630. Okay, let's go to let's see if there's another question that we can take

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Oh, actually just quickly share, we're gonna go back to just a follow up question. So if I can just see brother Faisal question. He was asking about the Hadith on evil eye and he was saying he wants to know specifically, that's Hadith. What does it mean when he says the evil eye will literally lead to the death to death for some

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we know about this particular desire, not so sure really. But it could have Allah for Allah for you know, some somebody you know, makes a hold on that your road. Yeah, sometimes you can slip and fall fall and can die, too. Sometimes people look badly and you become so much affected then you know, it leads to illness and then illness can lead to the death this thing can happen. But if people are very careful on the you know, and their heart is strong, and the man is done, nothing happened. So like if somebody hits you and you take so strongly and people become depressed and all those things in this world happening and the people many people die, too when you take things unnecessarily too

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much in your heart and then after that it affects the you go the illness and worry and anxiety and then you go develop some more illness. Yeah, one two people can die as well, even if I don't kill anybody, but they can lead because you know the

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They affect you and then that effect can create a more effects and you keep going on. Never like many people are so big really one is more thing makes them so victim to people should be stronger. Don't don't take anything in your mind at heart are always stronger and you know and move on in the life and don't live in all these evil things

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okay insha Allah Faisal I hope that was insightful in sha Allah. We have a question that I think is very interesting from Salman

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Semilac. Michelle was Ibrahim and I said I'm searching for truth or Was he having a debate when he said as it came in the Quran, fella measure now Allah He later i coke coca. You have stated in your lectures that you men comes first and then Islam so here so here was Ibrahim acnm In the search of truth or Iman.

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Mr. Islam is already believer, you know, he's believer and

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it is the way he wants to

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call his people to Islam to believe in Allah subhanaw taala that why Quran after this historic Quran satirical puja,

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Rahim, this is a dirty our argument, proof that we gave to Abraham to the proof formula that he gave to Abraham, Melissa now, the blind man is not fasting, who did he do his trial, they're

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smashed their idols. To call them Paula is not interested to insult them or to hurt their idols. intention was that it will destroy their mind. And they start thinking that they are not in Oh God, they can't do they can't protect themselves, then his people used to worship one day, you know, come with bigger number, celebrate a, you know, birth half as a tennis star. And one day in the they used to also celebrate for the moon.

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And one day, in the year they used to liberate a sun, you know, the mid day for the sun. So Ibrahim Ali Salam, you know, use all those days occasions, to invite them to when they were gathering together on the day of, you know, a star. So he wants to attract the crowd, because they don't like him. He don't criticize the gods. The he just heard that or be dismayed that what he has to say that they become happy that no Rahim is actually in their religion and descender. And then after that, they could see that his star disappears, to deliver him a Islamic point that you know, I don't like those who disappear. Same thing he did when the people worship the moon. And same thing he did when

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the worship in the sun. So in a very nice way, you know, to attract people or to another attention, and then to teach them what he wanted to teach. The Quran said this was great arguments that we thought he brought him up yet, it's great, because, you know, in this way, they're listening to him. And then after that, you know, he might he's he, he seems to be very positive. And then after that, he tells them the real truth about these things. So it is time to remind don't maybe they didn't become believer, but at least Ibrahim Ali Salam in a mere the proof very clear to the mind that you know, sun and moon and star, this the right and did sit there thought we were to be worshipped. You

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know, the one who made them, that he had the one word to worship.

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So he made a very good point he served and it Neva Giotto was here, Linda, the Fatra sambava. Khalifa. So it is a proven argument that Allah gave to Abraham, Marissa, which is not his own way of search for the truth. Some people think like that, no, Ibrahim was believer before that.

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Okay, I'm ready to see if inshallah we can maybe take two more, two more questions, and then we'll leave it at that in sha Allah. I have set my eyes on two questions. So we will take for hims question for now.

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He is asking if I just go down, he says as a student of Islamic studies in Cambridge, how important is it to engage in academic discussions of Islam with Orientalist in this age? And how important is it? Maybe I don't know if we can take the full question, but I'll ask it anyway. How important is it to study works of sociology and philosophy from Islamic scholars? Like I'd be odd and even Cena and would these benefit Muslims in the West to navigate the challenges faced

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the challenges that are faced by Islam and most of the many, many really, in some of the report by went to the summer career media by other people, certainly in this format, there should be people who are setting you know, each of these groups in a proper way not everybody does everything, but some people will be forced for something. So, you know, some people should study in Orientalist to work and see what the doubt there is, and how many Muslims are influenced by them. If nobody follows by them, don't worry, but there are some doubts which influence the Muslims, then you should study that and a writer nicely in a way that colors their doubts and it

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notified the hearts and minds of the believers. You know, similarly, the people in the pasture and Muslims alike, you know, you're gonna see now Alberoni on all these people, many most of these people have done a lot of good work. So if that's your field, you should need to study them to see how clever they are, you can learn from their inner thinking and understanding that your their mind to reason yourself. So they are very, very clever people of the past in Islam. Now, we don't have people like that. So people should read their book, and see really how they think. And then use that for the right purpose. Then use that in to understand the Quran and the Sunnah, and how to help the

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humanity and how to answer the wrong questions. If you're not clever enough, you can't do anything to people need to develop your own reasoning in the very important, most people just in their knowledge, just copy the copy from the text, and they don't develop Prezi they don't realize, you know, they can't actually derive anything from that. That's a very superficial knowledge that aquiver most people most people don't talk, just clapping, they don't develop anything to some clever people should distribute these things.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's take one more question. And it's quite short. So hopefully, inshallah they won't take too long about settlement topic of Islamic Studies. And this question is, can we force our children to do Islamic Studies? And if so, how much can we force them

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reinforce forcing you not allowed anywhere really forcing never works? If you force people to do something, it never was, you know, how long are you going to force the best thing is to teach people to make them entrusted to make knowledge entrusted to make Islamia and look interesting is spent time. You know, if you may put in their heart and

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naked to dear to their heart, they will do that. Let people teaching non Islamic stuff. And people love that. So Islam can be also taught like that in the mother Asana masjid, they can make Islamic subjects more attractive, in some time, money, try the food. They can kill around, you know, sometimes, teaching them Hyperion nicely teaching the benefits of this learning, you know, all these things can make. But when you force people, it never works. They hate it. When somebody learn something by force, they always hate it. The best to make Islam and Islamic studies more attractive and dear to the heart of the people.

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Okay, just like your home chef, Chef, if you can just say for two more minutes, I'm just going to make a quick announcement to everyone. So we are in this community here. But I just wanted to say another JazakAllah insure for giving us your time. And for me personally, always being accessible and handled. I've learned so much in the past two years since we've been running this q&a. I think it's been two years now.

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But everyone else who's been attending this q&a For a while, I am going to be passing the baton off in sha Allah, I've been hosting this q&a for a while. And actually we're going to have a new q&a Here Cisco to be joining us next week in Sharla. And I'm actually going to kind of be moving on to other things in sha Allah. So chef, I just wanted to say again, just talking about hiring, for making your knowledge accessible and for me myself, I know every week we can't wait people come in, they ask new questions I've never heard before. So I feel like I'm constantly My mind has been soaking all this knowledge and and hands on has been extremely beneficial.

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So in Sharla chef, we will hopefully hopefully still be continuing this q&a every Thursday at 6pm in sha Allah and we will just have inshallah will be actually a student of ASI, a very low student of ours and now handleless he's part of our staff too. He will be hosting the q&a chat instead in Sharla from next week, so the setup will be the same asking questions will be the same in sha Allah but I just wanted to say yes I can a phone chef and inshallah we will see you next week. You know you have mashallah did very well and you know, we actually decided not not easy to do really the way you have done between so we are very grateful to you and may Allah reward you and you know grant to

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success in your future life in sha Allah Allah and we also hope that whether it becomes the rallies around to God the people to you know to do his role in this new role inshallah in your footsteps and learn from you insha Allah Tala to many of you have to remember to offer Iman and also for her the both of them will help all of us in Charlottetown I mean, she's talking to a French chef. No, I really appreciate that inshallah yes that so for everyone who knows the name of the new host and shot lobby, by the way there and for those who don't know my name is Iman so handler Yeah, this has been running for a while and it's shot a la che i also be in the background and I maybe if it was

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not available, or maybe filling in in sha Allah. But Yes, chef will see you next week in sha Allah. So we'll leave it there now.

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Salam aleikum, Chef. Just for everyone else quickly, I'm going to put a nice background on if you just stay for maybe two more minutes. I don't know if everyone here is familiar with ASI or what we do. But we are an online Institute share How come is the principle of SLM Institute? And he's a co founder. I used to study here handler back in 2016. I did the foundation I did the Arabic immersion. Yeah, we run a semi scholarship program. So of course, this this session is like a free q&a that we run. And I think it's just because some people have general questions that they have in a day to day life and they, it not everyone has access to a scholar or a teacher they can they can kind of come

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to in from the comfort of their home. And so the idea of this q&a, the reason we started in 2020, I think, what 2021 I'm not sure when was just to make knowledge accessible. And not everything, you know, not everyone can afford to take certain courses or have, they don't have the time. Many people are parents, they're working their students, they don't have a lot of time, but you Inshallah, hope you guys will benefit from this and Sharla this q&a will be continuing. We have many teachers at ASI. We have many students. Like I mentioned, if anyone is interested in what we do, you can go onto our website. I don't know if it's on the screen if I can.

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I'll just read it out. Our website is a cylinder ac.uk. So AE L S A L A m.ac.uk. I actually know of some ASI students who have actually joined from this q&a. So inshallah hopefully, this is just a fresh new introduction. And maybe you're tired of this if you've been attending our q&a for a while. But yeah, insha Allah, we will be having a new q&a host next host next week.

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So it'll be exactly the same, you'll just be having a male male voice, there will be calling out the questions and doing introductions and announcements in sha Allah.

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But yeah, again, we'll see you next week in sha Allah, any announcements anytime we do have cancellations for whatever reason. Just head on to our Facebook or YouTube and we will normally announce it closer to the time. And on that note in sha Allah As Salam aleikum, everyone

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