Studying Quran as Optional

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In a study the Quran is not an optional thing. You know, some people say some people don't study. No, it is actually our duty

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is studying the Quran is duty of the mankind, they need that without that they are in the era. Without that they are wrong. Without that the academy guided people, if people knew that this book is in need of every human being, without this book, people can't live on the face of doubt. This book is a comparison between us Our Lord, it is somebody to duty to obligation that we must study the book, we must understand the book, you know, duty, that what many people don't understand really many people come to the origin. Some people take the duty to appreciate the book I mentioned. Some people think there'll be a duty to have a ritual reading, they read the book, or for every single

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letter, they get turned reverse. That was their duties. During the month of Ramadan. Many people do hotmart the Quran many many times an hour throughout the year. And they think when they read a letter of the Quran, they get 10 rewards. This is not why Quran has come. This is never is a function of the Quran. The function of the Quran that he mentioned in the beginning of the Quran is who that little bit up in the Quran has come to guide the people to teach them how to live on the face of the earth, how to get paradise, how to live I serve Allah, Allah. The purpose of the book is much deeper than that.

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And see the problem rarely even reading when it comes in the Quran and the Sunnah. Most people don't understand what a reading means. That thing reading news, just moving the lips to read a very fast like Ramadan, people finish so many peranan travi and our toast is that some people take it you read it, bla bla bla bla bla bla bla, they're a bit nasty. You are protected from shaitan. from David from all the horrible things. Some people think if you read Apollo, how do you get a reward of 1/3 of the Quran, if you read, some people read a book or some people read, alas, verses drops to bacara and sutala marohn. Some people do Suzuka for Friday, there's so many readings going on. And people

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have so many virtues for all these readings.

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It takes a misunderstanding of the meaning of the reading.

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Actually, reading is never used in any language for this meaning we have made way more sense than we think just read it. I left la meme, even if you don't understand I don't I don't think you get a one turn reverse for a left, turn reverse for LA Ted reverse for me. It never had been said the Prophet never said if you don't understand you get turned reverse. He never said if you don't, if you get turned reverse.

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You know try to understand a means to an end the two different things that means are only important, if they can connect you to the end. If there's no end, there's no means there's no reward in that, for that,

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when people leave their houses to seek the knowledge,

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then they get reward while walking on the path I refer every step you know the reward is there and the fish midwifery.

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Why because you know, it helps you but it helps you to reconnect to the end, then you seek the knowledge

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by somebody thinks like you have come all the way from England or from America to displace to learn. If you travel and you learn dead for every step you get reward and for every money that you step you get reward cylinder is somebody think you know forever instead, I get so much reward to then I just keep walking, you fly from England to to Spain, and then go back then come back again and never attend any class. Tell me Is there any reward in that?

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Are there when people do and then they go to the mosque for the prayer. Then for every step, one good dude is written on a one series removed.

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There's somebody think this is so much reward. And then he keeps going from his house to the mosque, but never plays in the mosque. Just keep going and tell me Is there any reward for him, no reward that reward what took to encourage you to due to the fear

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to similarly what have they said reading the surah that surah what it means,

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meaning it when people read, they will understand and they will act upon the guidance, they will guide so far this effort they get rewarded by people who want to live reading, but their intention not to understanding intention not to act upon anything, then reading will have no reward. Try to understand it just means reading just means

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you know for example, any language people use the word read it Tell me what you understand. But if somebody's reading, I know Arabic does differ front of me and he does a lot of mistake. I asked him Have you read any book on the grammar?

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Tell me what I mean by reading here. Reading just the lives of meaning under

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and if somebody had to read Shakespeare, somebody said, Have you read Baal to tell me what reading means you're just reading those words without me understanding our reading with understanding. Do you know the understanding to when the prophets or anybody reads one law, or anybody reads now the big fella applause would have been nice what is missing? It does not mean is leading the lifts, meaning understanding act upon that,

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in applause or bill Philippines, refrain from applause, grumpiness and applaud the winner differ from other schools. Each school has its own biases. When you understand them, I say I act upon what is said, Then Allah helps you.

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If you read social progress,

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nothing will happen to you if you don't understand what it says. And nothing will happen to you if you don't act upon it.

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People read it, they are protected. When when they understand what you said, and they do what it says. Well, if you read articles, you don't understand anything.

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In other words, let me make very clear in this religion, there's nothing like magic.

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Magic has been forbidden. Don't treat the religion like a magic. Some words which have been said it never never was like that. There's no magical for what's in the Koran that people read and they become poor or people read they are saved, have people read the shutter cannot affect them then it does not exist anywhere.

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It exists and all the pills should be processed on it does not exist. Magic does not exist in this book. Actually this book has made a magic harangue

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that no magic don't know magical power in the Quran.

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That no magical power Ernie welcome it all really. You're understanding what it is message you have to understand it and act upon it. Then a plausible follow up can save the character great teaching, then add to consider benefit you by people don't know what it personally means. And they don't do what I suppose he commands them. And you keep reading articles and nothing will happen.

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Nothing at all. Save clogger develop low self esteem if any sooner when you don't understand what is said. And don't act upon words. Nothing will happen. There are no magic magic indistinct magic has been made haram by Allah subhanaw taala he never wants people to do magic. It is Career Career teaching instruction. You need to find out it