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AI: Summary © The importance of following Islam rules is highlighted, including personal rights and responsibilities, the use of "holding" and "hasn't" words, and the importance of testing people to see if they have any good qualities. The use of " Volkswagen" and "has been revealeded" in the context of Islam is also emphasized. The importance of learning and understanding people in one's life is emphasized, along with the need for privacy and respect in relationships. The Warahmatull hadn't is also discussed.
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Lo Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone. Welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a. We ship Akram nadwi On every Thursday at 6pm GMT.

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And with that we shall begin we have one private question shift that will begin with which is sent by an anonymous person who asks, How do I deal with stubborn parents who are always arguing with me and want to take control of my life. They don't take feedback well, as well and take their anger out on their children, if they are angry with our relatives. It's affecting me very badly. Recently.

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There was

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a lot of Hodeidah in the Quran has commanded the believers to obey their parents. But at the same time also make very clear that if they force you to do something wrong, don't listen to them. And that the Hadith Hadith that parcel is seldom Lapa. authorly McGlaughlin. Fee, ma oscietra Harlock. If anybody in any human being, you know, your parent could be anybody. If the command is something, which is a disobedience to Allah didn't Don't listen to them. Respect them. To your parents, whenever they command, you asked to something. Look carefully what the command is, do they have a right to command that? Is it right or wrong? If it is wrong, don't listen to them. But be nice to

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them. Similarly, if they command something over your life, about marriage about anything, which you are not happy, and they don't have any rights, or that, to listen to them nicely, be good. You know, don't answer by occur. But don't listen to them do what is right. Like Ibrahim, when it's not, you know, his spirit had been commanding him. And his father especially commanding to worship Dr. Brian Wilson did not listen to him. You know, he had an advising them, and his father forced him to leave the house. But Ibrahim never listened to him without him actually. But he was trying to get to him nice to him, but never listened to him. So that's what we need to take a listen whenever people,

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even your teachers, if I teach you something which is wrong, you don't need to listen to me, you have to listen to lots of Hautala anybody continue to stick to your parents, they don't own your life, or don't understand. Nobody wants your life. other than Allah subhanaw taala your parent can teach you your parent can help you can advise you, but they can't force you to order with a lot of what is good and what is bad. And then follow that. And when somebody commands you to do something wrong. Don't listen, but still be nice and kind, especially your parent.

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Okay, does that feel okay, and the next question is by Feriha, who asks, Is it true that our upcoming one year of the year is written on the night of Shabbat? What should we do on the night of Shabbat Bharat 14 month of fourteens at the month of Shabbat?

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You know, people actually have made up many, many nights and people love this test, you know, to celebrate something, if they do one day something everything refined, you know that no authority for that, you know, in the Quran, or this another personality that companies never celebrate anything shall be bought out or something. This name did not exist in Islam, really, no Quran no sooner had named shall be barato Bharat or something like that. You know, the only night is important. It mentioned the Quran is the last night of the other about which Quran said that, you know, destiny are the people who returned that night to that too many of us at the Quran actually

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mentioned that even the Hadith that verse Allah Salam, that the night the prophets, Allah lism used to respect and he used to do the calf last 10 nights of Ramadan, just for this one night, if you can get it and that is sooner. So don't worry about this 15 to SHA one or something like that, what you need to do is Ramadan, and last in Earth of Ramadan, and especially, you know, look for, for the night of the other.

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But, you know, the Allama had been saying if you obeyed lots of mattala did not worry, he will write you know, he will support and help you. And if you don't obey Allah subhanaw taala even if you wake up on the night of you know, 50 Shavon nothing will happen. So people just think that they get one night it will be all fine, no, nothing will happen. Nothing, nothing will find. It does not does not exist, really there's no proof for this night. The only night that we know in Islamic night of the quarter that the night vote was granted. Destiny is written so respect that night, forget all these things. But always remember one thing that worship worship Allah obey Him and avoid anything that

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can be sinful. If you do like that, or love will always help you or support you.

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Just like glow cleaner and share. The next question is by Maria, who asks a Salam aleikum in the ayah Well, that's a cool new color

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Dena sola and seven and four seven. What does it mean exactly to forget Allah and how do we not forget Allah forgetting Allah subhanaw taala means not remembering his rights, his rights upon the people are to believe in Him to worship Him to obey Him to avoid the since to when people don't do this and they have forgotten law to that one apologize sometimes your parents will say, You have forgotten me, your relatives, so you have forgotten me meaning it, you don't care about them? Don't you're not kind enough. Your friends will say you have forgotten the meaning that you don't do what is necessary to do for your friends, to Alassane Ouattara, the rights upon the believers, if they

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don't fulfill the rights, they're forgotten, they're forgotten him. And how Allah Vargas people, unless Amata or mercy to the people, the people don't listen to him, don't worship Him, then He will stop with mercy. You know, his kindness to them to how can survive, especially in the day of judgment to two very important to remember Allah thorium reclassified Caroni as karamba me I remember you and the bassoon but as of Allah is the prayer for that way after that was the Quran said the Salah, the prayer fight and if you pray five times a day, you remember Allah because if you know that, whatever numbers means, you read the Quran, your umbrella Sonata Allah, you know, halal

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and haram, you remember him, you don't wrong, anybody don't harm anybody don't do any injustice. It means your umbrella so Hautala but when you do is when you're wrong, someone's good interest plus, it means you have forgotten Lasala

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just have to locate on chef. The next question is by Ibn Mohammed who says Chef, what does the meaning of for Manitoba who the fella who fillet him Allah whom he has known, which kinds of health and husband does guidance save us from?

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You know, in this world, when we are people have any wealth, money and all these properties.

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It only can enjoy. If, you know there is no fear of the future, the future fear that it will take away from you, or your belief of love some loss, or you know, somebody died and that you can't actually enjoy like if you somebody your family dies, even if you have all the things that you can't enjoy.

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If you fear that, you know somebody will come and take off your property, your life or something like that you're in danger. So then you can't enjoy in the Day of Judgment. You know, once people Return to Paradise, they will have no fear, what is there, they will never be taken out from Paradise, they will remain there and they will have no grief of any loss there. You know all you know, enjoyment, happiness, I lovingly plead with them. So whenever Quran said that there is no fear upon the people, and no believe it refers to the, to the paradise with the people, to the people who follow my guidance, they will have no fear means they will intend to paradise that what a mineral

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is. So paradise is a place where people have no fear and no grief in this world. That cannot happen that way this world is a two is more far reward of any believer. The real reward will be in the hereafter where people will have no fear and no grief.

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As an ally, aka chef, the next question is says salam What is the reason for the delay of worry in the Hadith, triple F? Is it because of the intense danger of fitna about one's dignity. Some said it's to prove the prophets and Lola Salam was a human.

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You know Allah for Hautala always tested people to we make dua and then sometimes not accepted immediately why he wants to test really do we trust in Him do we believe in Him? Are we patient enough and you know, by giving time for for patients and several, many, many good qualities are tested to similarly when this fitna happened, everybody Medina was tested, the Prophet was tested, who Aisha was tested, isothermally was tested, all the believers are tested, hypocrites are tested that what they behave, so a lot of that delayed it in order to make the test very clear. So it became very clear that how I should the last few behaved, you know, she's independent, but still as

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you did not harm anybody should not see that not take away from anybody, the profits or the pin, but still he's very much in control of himself. But there are people in Medina you know, they behaved very badly. And they use this all this time to disrespect the personality of distributors Potager the LaTonya two Oh, this little model or whether makes something longer or shorter, according to His plan as a tester to test you all the time there. Sometimes people get to wealth and money and allow to test them to you know, give them for a long time and to test properly similar now in this way you can see there are so many powers in the world. The power is longer than people think. The reason is

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because it allows you to test them and also allow one to test

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Have people buy them to own a last plot of the test to find out good qualities of the people?

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Is that glow hydrant shift. The next question is by Tofail, who asks a Salam aleikum regarding Ibn Abbas is statement regarding the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam revising the Quran with Gibreel in Ramadan, he used the verb yo daddy. So what's the deeper meaning in its usage? You

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know, we really don't know exactly you know, what is to happen, you know, the words not necessarily all the time are reported, you know, exactly because you know, Hadith or by meaning, now like the Quran the Quran sometime you know, people are allowed to tune in meaning by this certainly, you know, don't work out anything from the words of the Hadith or the parcela Selim, but what we know exactly is that the proper Bart ever Quran has been revealed GVL Islam used to read in Ramadan, you know, in the prayer or in the process, you know, used to do and that how he's doing it because the debrief didn't make any of zero come to your shell for the prophets, Allah Allah Salam, neither the

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pocket the profits or loss of trust, trust, trust, that you understand the Quran. Whenever Quran is revealed to him he knows what it means is to contemplate is to go deeper and her distance you the people think that you really used to explain to him that the Quran and meaning they to discuss it No, it did not write it because the prophets and did not need any help. He's a clever in his wife, he has been chosen for this purpose. He understand the Quran exactly what Allah say, to Gibler Islam, just bringing the words of Allah subhanaw taala to nothing is a mystery to me in revision. So the prophets have to ensure really, that he's used the Quran the right order, because when the

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revelation came, they never came in the right order. So didn't tell him the right order. So every year they revise to the order is kept it to now we have got that right order. Any meaning more than that? Really, we have no authority to tell just because of the word. You know, don't don't jump around to make any conclusions.

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Just talk a little later and share. The next question

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is by codo, who says a large number of scholars refer to the flood during the time of profit, not highly Salem, as a global flood, but archaeological evidence shows it to be more of a regional flood. What is the right view on this? Yeah, no, there's no proof that develop globally No, you're all over the world which was basically people that knew how they salaam they were drowned because they are the one who doing something wrong. So that the Quran said they were drowned and meanwhile Islamically knew that and a Quran also hints that there are other people not drowned because Quran said then we give chances to people in wireless rather people and other people to draw other people

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around Ivan so not everybody were destroyed not to all the world was in the flood to only know where Islam and people around him and then after that, you know, it's come down to there used to be people other side of that and then all the human being, they are descendants of numerous now and also descendants of other people as well. People used to live in that, you know, they still there and Quran actually mentioned that there have been people other than the people have normally seen them.

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does look a little clearer. And Chef The next question is by Fatima who was salam ala chef in Surah Al gaff we learn that Musa alayhis salam was asked to be patient for the actions done by Federer. But at the same time, can we also wisely learn that a faithful person should not be silent for the truth. By this way, we indirectly could understand the patient's in seeking knowledge is different for its reward and position when it's done for the sake of Allah.

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You know what the story of others very clearly is? That whenever Allah subhanaw taala commands you directly and you understand the revelation of properly, don't question just obey it, follow it, you know, the reality and the real meaning will be unfolded to you. Whether you knew the story from Allah Sumatra Musa do not know to heathery is you know, happy to Musa this anomaly Allah to return it to the revelation, he should wait so that Allah teaches like further plus we have got the Quran so we obey the follow the Quran but maybe that when we follow the Quran we don't see the right desert still we have to be patient. We go for the prayer we fast we pay still we are not you know

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think that our vanilla C'mon something we should be patient and don't rush and for any result. So that the meaning of of that is that once you know something, either certainty from a lesson Huhtala then don't rush for your conclusion. Don't rush for the result. Outcome you know, just just obey by does not mean that you don't use your mind. You need to use your mind to understand the Command of Allah. You need to use your mind to understand the revelation and you

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It needs to use your mind to apply the revelation that always you need to do that right, the order might have been different from each other. So once we know, to put up with something, you know, certainly like the prayer of five times, yeah, then we should not question you should do it. But sometimes we'll be certain commands of Allah, we will not know really, whether it is conditional or unconditional, we make effort and we do what best we can understand. Let me forgive us if we do mistake. And if you are right, he will give double reward. So people must use their mind to understand the commodify learn to or to apply the Command of Allah. But once they know something

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commander for law, they should not rush for the outcome for the result. They should wait until the photo himself actually delivers the result

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to that low light and shift. The next question is by Imran who's asking, is there salvation, salvation without belief in the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam based on the two verses and so to Bukhara and sort of made.

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The verse actually start with Alina, among those who believe you can start a party when the believers true believers believing the prophets allows her to do things if the people believe the prophet or muscle awesome, it will not benefit them. The horse actually does not mean that what it means is that, you know, just region by name, identity that you know, people think we're believers people say we are Jews, the Christians and this under that is not going to help we're going to help is that when a messenger comes you must surrender him properly. And believe in the judge, you know, believe in the day of judgment to be in all those things. And that's why they sought to audit morale

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makes very clear in Edina on Delilah salaam, that the reason one li can be acted upon, when people surrender to the Prophet, without the Prophet impossible for the people to know what's right or wrong, especially when all these creatures have been, you know, corrupted, so nobody knows really. So this verse does not say that, you know, believers believers are not guided. It says that just an identity of religion is not enough. Whether you're Muslim, Jew, Christian, it does not help you. Do not make religion ideal identity you need to find out the real truth behind the region, a real truth in the obedience of Allah subhanaw taala in the light of the of commands of the prophets and

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messengers, without the prophet the messengers, we never can worship Allah. We can never tell No, no, I bada no release of Elijah accepted unless it is in the light of what we have been taught by the profit of the time and the profit that I made the profit of masala al Islam. The direct Quran said that you know anybody who seeks anything other than surrendering to the Prophet, it will never be accepted. Or or said that if you love Allah, then you will not follow Prophet Muhammad because he the Prophet, before Prophet Muhammad people were obliged to follow or you started to know or Musa listener, when was he comes in he must follow to the awards does not mean that people can't be

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celebrated without the Prophet know what's on limits. Just make a religion if your identity is not going to help you. You need to come to the Prophet learn from him and be true in religion, or truth and the reason why only comes by obeying the proper Salah Salem

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desert located and check just before we continue a quick announcement that we will we as in a Salam Institute will be hosting a new two day short course titled The Buddha in pursuit of the Quran on the fifth of March and 12th of March which will aim to explore the meaning and methodology of contemplating the Quran ahead of Ramadan. This course will be delivered by none other than our esteemed chef Akram nadwi. Details are on the ASI website. And I've posted a link for sign up in the comments. And with that, we'll move on to the next question. Which is by Tesla Tesla asks, Is it wrong to place our parents slash grandparents in care homes to make our life easier?

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People actually should love their parents they're related and you know you're tested you know how much you you know, love them or serve them. So people you know, just to make your life easier. How can be life easier when your parents are in pain? And they miss you? I don't understand really how selfish we have been. You know if somebody's your friend, and he's in pain, and you just don't visit him because you want to live in peace that I don't understand how can you get the peace you know without your friend your for somebody suffering and you get the peace in human we have in our modern life. So you leave your parent in a care home and then after that you thinking enjoy the life. This

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simply means that there's something wrong in evolving that how can you enjoy that? And people must you know people love that to be nice

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To the patient next to the people who are suffering, to help them to support them, and they get enjoyment from that. That was the easy life means that you help people is to become kind to the people, when they're suffering, you support them, you will be with them, then alasa diversity, you become more human, otherwise, like any muscle life, so I don't think really, you know, the purpose is something else. Could be some time that people don't have enough gear at home or something like that doesn't really matter. But it's still you should visit and be all the time with them. While the purpose is to make them to stay somewhere else to you can enjoy the life. It is really inhuman, and

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people will be questioned in the development for a behavior like that.

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Zach Lowe, Claire and Chef The next question is by Chef er who asks, by Allah's permission, both parties on the battle of butter saw each other as few kalila kalila what does it really mean? References are Soren and vile I have 4344 Yeah, in order to hotel I wanted to make the Battle of Bodrum Achillea victory. And you know to make a cry today between the force and the truth, people know really the victory of the believers or the prophet in the battle is because Allah support them. So let's not throw water to unbelievers, to fight unbelievers also to fight so what Allah did really he showed the believers are very small number no way to unbeliever will be very keen to fight them.

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And believers in their small number two, if they see an unbelievers a bigger number, they will have no courage to fight to Allah subhanaw taala showed them that you are there is more than nothing. They encourage them to both parties needed distinct believers needed to get a more more encouragement and believers in Niger. So they can you know, be keen to fight otherwise they will run away, you know to Allah wanted them to fight then their big leaders are being killed to 70 peoples and most of them are reversed their leaders lega Bucha Allah Akbar ABI Shaybah in all their big big people have courage. The old had been killed. And they were really, each one of them were in a

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stronger than ticket fight 1040 people but in that battle, in front of a small number of the people who do not have much weapon, the defeat of other really great criteria for loss of Motala are great support to both parties neutral that they should be shown in little in the eye of other party.

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Zach Lowe head on share. The next question is by a son who asks Salam aleikum. Cher can Nabil omy be translated to the illiterate prophet? Or is it rather the prophets sent to the folk that hasn't received a scripture yet? And is it an insult to say the Prophet salAllahu alayhi wasallam was illiterate to that low heightened yeah oh me basically me the I don't know how good of refreshment people are mean Arabic language means somebody who does not know reading or writing but does not mean he's not learned. Like you know, like a blind person can be the most disliked that but you know, Miss cannot read right. So similarly, many wise people they would be not not learning reading

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or writing but they could be clever. They couldn't be you know, wise enough with the first analogy whatnot basically, from human sources. It's about not from the reading or writing it or data, reading or writing their means to the knowledge. The prefer to get knowledge from direct direct source, you know, without any means that no insult really when you caught him nubby then all in Sargon. Nabil means he gets a river knowledge for our directly from heaven or mymuse, he does not get knowledge from any human sources towards himself for that

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Nabhi means, he gets knowledge from the right source, from Allah from Divine directly, who mean means he did not get knowledge from any human sources, that what we say anyway, that the Prophet did not get knowledge from people or book or from this book or from this writing. It was a revelation to both actually pray for the Prophet Dara Quran course and Rumi to be reversed, that he gets the dark information from Allah, Who me refers he gets no information from human being

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does a global internship. The next question is by Mohammed who asks, After the death of Chef Abdul Rahman Katana Rahim Allah who is alive with high ehsani that we can read and benefit from.

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Yeah, sorry, there's still a few people but more important than that, actually, the people who study and learn and understand more more people are just worried about on each other, but they don't understand. They don't know the grammar. They don't know the language. They don't understand anything. That is a very harmful benefit. There is somebody chef Jana Devi in India, he is a very high snob for many things, but he's also very ill, you know, now in the hospital and make dua, may Allah cure him. So he's the one that

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The Grid presented Shepard with Akela Hashmi, maka is good Muslim. The chef Mati Allah Hafiz in Dubai

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is senior person the chef model Rama is question your Alana person. And there are some people Takistan Edwin did also share mother Robertson at the hour show, he had very high snout and a Jazza. So you can get a steal from many people, but focus more on learning and understanding

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exactly what they don't share. The next question is by Marina who asks, When you are married, who is responsible for your medical and dental needs slash costs your parents or your husband,

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after the marriage that no cost on the parent, nothing, it will be or your husband, he has to, you know, provide you you know, the food expenses and medical care and all those things, you know, some time in our time, actually, medical care will be very, very expensive. Some of those things, you know, more than the, you know, the husband can afford, then the people need to support, but general medical care like small things, you know, usually the responsibility of the husband

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just have low fare and *. The next question is by NASM, who asks, What is your opinion about music? I am used to music.

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Yeah, you know, music there are so many different opinions in some people, some accrue some people some micro preemie, some people allow really, and I think it is tough time, believe it should not, you know, get rid of that not somebody, you know, very much used to watch football, some people used to go and see walk around. But the thing real life is very precious. Just you do what you're used to do. It makes a very big person. All of us compare thick, really what is best I can then do that for yourself. Don't do what you're used to do. Don't do what you desire to do. No, do what is good for you. Always compare things really for you listen to music, it also affects you. And then you can't

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do many other good things. So people have to be very careful about the time that Allah has given them to I really personally, I've never thought that musical haram was Makoto, but I will say it is waste of time really to waste of energy.

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Is Apple here and ship. The next question is, can a husband stop his wife from working her career if you can provide everything for her?

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No, it does not mean that we went you know, women also need money for other things. And sometimes only having money is makes gifts are restricted in if people when people have money pivotable restricts you. So there's no need for husband to stop really, you know, because if a woman arose, she can build a mosque or she can give in charity, she can help other people you can help the children or she can help the family. So you can just because husband provides it does not mean that she had no other need, you know, how can much husband can provide? So husband should not controlling the life of his wife all the time, really, people they should live together in peace and harmony.

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Does that glow her and ship? Last question for today is by Maria Maria, who asks, Can you clarify about a conditional divorce? Does a divorce occur when a person says for example, I will divorce you if you go out? Is there a difference in saying you are divorced? If you go out? Yeah, there's difference. If you say I will divorce you when you go out, then nothing will happen unless you're divorced. He's only saying that when you go out, I will divorce you. But if you go out internal divorce or divorce will not happen. But if he says you are divorced, once you leave the house, then you're divorced. So you know, there are two different things. And anybody will say all these things,

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really, they're stupid people. I don't like these people like that. I don't understand why you make all this condition decentered Why can't behave properly, respect people. You know, respect your wife. And if you need to divorce, then think and understand properly and then do like a noble person. Either don't make her or condition if you do this, if you don't do this, in order us listing it people are so mean in our time. You don't need all these words. Just simple thing that if you realize really you've got to scrape together to go to her both of you, then wait for the right time and then divorce. One divorce, then fine. You don't need to make any condition

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just after the hook later and shift. That's all for today. Unfortunately, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it. And perhaps we can aim to answer it next week because of the low head and shift for your time and just up alert for everyone joining and we'll be back next week Thursday at 6pm GMT. As always a salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh