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The transcript describes a segment of a dialogue where a speaker discusses the importance of punishment and how it can be beneficial for individuals. They also mention a book called "The rough man" that talks about individuals's behavior and potential reward. The conversation is difficult to follow and appears to be a discussion of individual suffering and mercy.

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The relation between the people and Britain and lots of hotlines

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and that Okay, now

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that what he said the poorer that you know he loves you, he wants to benefit you that he revealed the poorer

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this surah reveals maka Rama in a time when the professor Latham has been warning that people are now poor, I say, if your message right through, why don't you bring punish punishment to us? Why not punish you don't listen to him. We don't obey Him. We only believe, why does it punish us?

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So this book tells, he does not want to punish you. He wants to benefit you. He wants to spread to you but a punishment will come when all the doors are shut if you don't want to listen. But he wants to give time he wants to benefit you. That why no sooner I start with the word, our rough man. People want punishment. But no, Allah wants to benefit you, even for rushing for the punishment is still he delayed punishment. He wants to think more and more.

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This is the only school in the Quran which starts with Da Vinci with one other name of Allah that knows the name of Allah. Our Rahim or molecule muddied over food or any name of Allah, the nostril and the hora start with the name of Allah, except this is one let's start with one name of Allah sohoton Manu, and actually this surah not only this word a few others,

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that Allah, Allah, Allah will lead

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you in the surah, Amara before that, does this trishula together Rama, Rama, Rama or this is the daughter mention the name of Allah, what they mentioned actually, in other attributes of Allah, to Allah, you know Allah many, many names, but Allah, Allah does not occur here. You know, it could be more likely to emphasize the aspect of Ramadan more and more that you know that this relation between people and between Allah subhanaw taala when you know, a lesser man and he loves you that why he will put on that all his commands will come easier to you, then you don't feel any difficulty to for his command. When the tie for the prayer comes you become happy, oh my lord wants to benefit

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me through the prayer. And people have no idea really, when they pray when they do a prayer, how much they get. How much benefit in the prayer, even in the woods, when people do do how much benefit they get. When people mention the name Allah or man your man who lied and Allah Subhana Allah, how am I good, I have no idea really, the word they get really if somebody gives you if you know the value of nine and Allah and somebody offers you, or the universe, that take me this universe, and given your life, you'll never accept the value of life and Allah, the various barnala the value of Allah but much much more than whole this universe, but we don't realize really how much Allah has

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given us. Now Muslims complained all the word world that we are backward we are at this problem we have this problem. How can you have any problem you know, your worst vanilla be the much better than all the other people enjoying this one? Your one Subhanallah you are wonderful, even if you are stubborn, when people enjoy the world and you Whoa, you stop yourself from Iran even your sovereign more reward than their enjoyment.

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It is you How can muscles have any problem? How muscles can have difficulty how anybody can be much better than muscles impossible. You have got this guidance, any suffering comes to you and you become pressured. You get so much reward

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you measure another name server and they both actually make you you know give you all these values. Nobody can. So you know try to understand another message for you is greater mercy. Being able to listen to my message being able to understand it. It really great a fear of loss upon all the all the believers