No Racism in Islam #05

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You know, have you been on Muhammad you know early he also had big mango but you got to be in Lima they have to be sure I'll be familiar. Western I've been hassling Angelababy Abdullah Abdullah on open Mediterranean collection of both, they have cleaned his shrub and water and his Hillier. There has been a reasonable chance to ration in terms of authenticity and age was my job. But it this hadith has other narrations as well chose this one, just because it's, it doesn't have a lot of meat to it as simple as short. A lot of the Hadith that I narrate here, by the way, can have different narration. So you may hear one, it's like, Well, I heard it that way. Yeah, there's probably another

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narration that's that way. But the one that I ever narrated is the way that generated it. And that's fine. These call outs that are designed to be studies of specific Hadith and all of the different ways that they were narrated. And sometimes they choose a hadith for a specific reason I want to narration that's shorter or more simplified, or less, less complicated. But you may find if you hear something, I've I've learned it differently. That's okay, you probably didn't hear anything, there's probably another narration for it. But it requires a certain degree of

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research to kind of differentiate these things. So the idea that it is a final Hadith and I said I was gonna narrate five Hadith to talk about racism.

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And there's the fifth and final one and move on something different show Leone next week. And

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the reason I think it's important to bring them up is just, I think, acknowledgement, that these problems still exist in our society. I think if we don't acknowledge that something exists, we can never fix it. I think acting like it's not there, just because we would hope he wishes. Or even we would like to believe that it's not there doesn't make it not go away. And like, if you just ignore a problem doesn't go away. I'm not sure if you've human beings, try that by the way. And as a younger person, you'll try probably try that for a few problems. And once you find that they don't go away that way, you have to actually address them and deal with them. And the earlier you learn

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that probably the better.

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But the human race still does it because it's just easier that way. And we can just draw a blind eye towards the problem, maybe just stops looking at us and just walks away never does always comes back 100 times worse if we don't deal with it. And that's why the concept of racism is something that the Prophet alayhi salam took very, very seriously because I was very definitive on the matter. And we still have remnants of it in our society. I wouldn't say the word remnant but it's probably what's left is more than just remnants but but we do have to deal with this in a proper way. And this hadith tonight is the you know, I chose it because it's it's a famous one you'll you'll know what I

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mean when I start seeing it, and you have no other line who says the font color haha Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he delivered the the prophet Isaiah gave us gave us a hope but during his Farewell Sermon during his hedge, farewell hedge he did. It's a long sermon. I only read it every year right before Hydra I've been doing that for 10 years for more than 10 years now. It's almost become close to Agile narrated again for you. But this piece that I'm doing for you is the piece that Java or the Lavanya brought up and this hadith he said when

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he he delivered a call. Are you a nurse in a robocall moi head or other Kumar head? Allah Tobler, they are Robbie and I Jimmy OH, Jimmy. Well, I felt like Jimmy YEAH. And either Arabi. Well, Mara, where the S word Allah, elaborate Toccoa hull beloved call, beloved Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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stood out as salatu salam. And he said Hadith has more to it than this one, I'm just choosing this very short narration that oh people indeed your Lord is but one your father is but one.

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There is no advantage. There's no superiority for an Arab or brown non Arab, or a non Arab over an Arab, or for a red man over a black man or for a black man over a red man. They use that as Salatu was the terminology that people understood those who were standing in front of him and use the concept of Arab and not up because the majority of people we're speaking to are autumn. And they had a little bit of that inside of them in terms of feeling superior to people who are not. And to use color because

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red is the is the color that people identify with living that region. And black are the people who come from parts of Africa that are close to it to maybe other parts of the world. So he made it very clearly you saw this and within his wording that no one is better than anyone based on lineage or based on color of skin. There is no advantage. Elaborate Taqwa. The only advantage that you can possibly obtain in life is the advantage that you obtained through Taqwa. And it goes without saying that Turquoise is not something that is visible. It's not something that is tangible. You can't measure Dakhla there's no Duckworth thermometer where you can figure out how much you have in it in

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you and I can see how much I have an eye on myself and then we can figure out who's better than the other. It'd be really nice if we could by the way and human people love doing that and that would be defeat the purpose of existing to begin with because the whole point of duck was that you're not you don't know. You can never know what it's like you can never know how much of it existence it you just can't. Allah Subhanallah is one who knows what how much

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I have incited you. And He will judge you based on your candidate based on that and he will rank people in Jannah Subhana wa Tada based on how much they have inside of them, that's the end of it. And this closes the door which unlocks it and throws away the key for people to find. There's no way that you can be feel superior to others. There's no way through Islam, through the teachings of the Prophet Allah, you'll start to see through the verses in the words of the Quran, there is no way for you to feel better than other people, because it's based solely on based on one thing, what and that one thing is not visible. It's not measurable. It's not tangible. You can't state how much of how

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much data you have.

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We get about staying home or stuck with someone else's house. Someone else has, you can say all my stuff while you have AI. Isn't that weird? Like I can't say how much stuff? Do I have it? There's no, there's no image, I guess they have three liters of it or, you know, 40 ounces. I can't I don't know, I don't even know if I were able, I wouldn't know if it was good or not. Because there's no there's no standard, there's no like, well, you need to have a kilo of topless. There's nothing. So it's an unchangeable and measurable concept that exists inside of your heart that is visible only to God. That is the perfect way to close the door on any form of superiority, meaning the only way to

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rank you is to Taqwa. And you don't have access to that information, you never will. Is there any way for you to feel superior? The answer is no. Is there any way or way for us to rank people? The answer is no. And this is so important. This ends any form of racism that could possibly exist in the world, if you just understood this very simple concept that he explained that Allah hates I've said it many, many times. And then he said, I loved have I conveyed the message, because he wants to die out of your soul to Islam with a clean conscience. So he explained this, that we can't come to see Oklahoma? Well, we didn't know I told you, I made it very clear to you that there is no way

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there is no method, there is no measurable entity that you can use to establish superiority. And he said by law Rasulullah sallallahu said, I guess you have conveyed the message. And now it's been conveyed to you to do so when you feel superior, you think you're better than others, or you think that whether it's individuals, or groups of people, or whatever it is. And by the way, it just, I'm not gonna take more of your time. But listen to this.

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The worst form of arrogance and racism is that which is rooted within faith.

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The worst form of it, is that which is rooted in faith, meaning, you think you're better than others because you're Muslim. That is, that is the worst form of all, that is so messed up. It's just beyond messed up. I mean, this if you if you're going to be racist, but by all just don't, if you have to choose, don't choose that one, choose something different, because that one is ruining the only chance you have of making it your milk. And you took that one blessing that ALLAH SubhanA gave you that you're supposed to use to reach the nut in name and he used it to feel superior or to look down at others that is going to backfire so badly on you. That's like the worst way to do it. So be

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very careful of that aspect. And this is of course, a long discussion that requires a lot of unpacking, but I'm gonna leave you with that because it happens. Someone sees themselves coming, praying every night I shut up their sibling or their friend or their don't. So they feel a little bit inside of themselves.

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Well, you know, I pray every night.

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They Yeah, what they want. Well, you know, they don't Okay, so what? Well, I'm there every night. I get it. So what, what does that mean? Well, they don't come in. Yeah, I understand. The facts are clear. I've you've established the fact what does that mean? Nothing. It means nothing. It means it means that Allah subhanaw taala has granted you yet another blessing. Yet Allah subhanaw taala over everything you've got has given you another blessing has opened your heart and your mind to come to his house is brought you in near another blessing for you to be thankful and grateful towards that's all this is nothing, nothing else. For it to be something that will give you a higher ranking is for

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God himself to establish on the Day of Judgment determined he'll determined that you'll milk him whether this blessing he gave you is going to give you higher rankings you'll milk piano or will Yoga will lower rankings your will piano but be very careful and aware. And be very cautious of allowing allowing an act of worship because you read Quran or your memorize it or you do to speak and they grow up and leave or you do you teach Islam or you performed our that somehow you're better than someone who doesn't. Yes, you shouldn't help people and encourage people and bring people to the masjid. But that should not cause your heart to feel superior to others who are not because

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again, you don't know what's inside of them. You don't know what hand they were dealt and you don't know what they're struggling with and you don't know what they're doing with what they've been given. And you don't even know what you're doing with what you've been given. So how do you judge how do you compare the comparison dies? It's impossible. It's not it's not a it's not an appropriate comparison. You and I will not have the exact same judgments. That's why we stand in front of God alone. That's why I don't

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stand with you. We don't we don't come hand in hand so Allah can judge us. It's not that it's not a gender it's not a checkbox judgment. Okay you did this you did this you didn't do this everyone go no is going to stand in front of Allah yourself good Illuminati yo multi Amity. foetida Okay, so your hisab is alone. Why because Because everyone's going to be has their own story to tell as their own hands they were dealt and they did things differently in life. Remember that and if you do, it's hard to be arrogant and it's hard to be condescending and it's hard to be racist it really is it becomes impossible because you're like I can barely I don't know where I'm going I don't know what

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I'm doing well or not just focus on yourself and tell Allah subhanaw taala with the love you have to others will Charlo grant you it's the love that we are supposed to have towards our fellow human being that will allow us to to make it the day of judgment if you want to make is going to be succeeding succeeding you want to find salvation is to love is to service of others not through looking down on them not through condescending is serving them and helping them and then you take their hands in a shell you'll make it together it's not it's not the opposite. We're not at war with our with our fellow human beings are trying to all make it and that's the concept we're supposed to

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carry. It is an eighth of July so it's a blizzard, nice to increase your salah upon the prophets of Allah is eliminated the Jomar laid out all the Mubarak acutal if you have nostalgia, let's say Ed Mola Sula, when I was talking with y'all will email and we have to fish Rob will email. Phil Hillier, descended in Hudson and Punjab and Abdullah Al Khattab and Rasulullah sallallahu ala UserInfo aged to die for con Are you a nurse to Allah Johanna so in Arabic what what Allah Kumar had Allah Fabula the Arabic and I Jimmy when Jimmy and Robbie when Amara is whether whether he has

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Illa de Toccoa Elba love to call Uber la Rasulullah he said Allah Allah you are you still struggling conditions

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are so Allah who was telling me about like I don't know maybe you know have you been on Ramadan while early you slept with me and shows you tomorrow version where I went 15 Come early inshallah barnacle if he comes I can look yesterday I'm only gonna have like two later