Nadim Bashir – Being Productive while being at Home – Weekly Youth Girls Discussion

Nadim Bashir
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Bismillah Hills salatu salam ala Rasulillah he Wila Le he was like the edge Marine. A salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, who. And welcome to our weekly youth girls discussion, where we talk about anything and everything that we are currently facing tips advice, very different from our usual Friday Night Lights Hangout, but at the same time, we're trying to make it as normal as possible. And for these discussions and Hangouts we have with us today, Imam Nadeem.

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So I want him to live raka to once again Zack Morehead for all of you being here today with us. We're trying to do everything as sister Sophia mentioned. But please do stick around with us in sha Allah, I do want to also mention that we are sitting six, probably like eight feet apart. So inshallah we all are applying what our doctors are telling us which which is social distancing. And I do want to also mention that in times like these, I know that a lot of sisters have a lot of concerns, or they have a lot of things that you know, a lot of questions on their mind. So please always share those with us in sha Allah, and then we I inshallah along with sister Sophia, we can

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discuss it and then we can inshallah present those discussions. Absolutely.

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Again, just like, you know, I've mentioned to you girls multiple times, we are all here for each other, even on the themes here, I'm here. And we're here to support each other during this time. And the main thing that we have to remember is that if you're facing any sort of problem, any question you have, please come right up asked me and this is always going to be anonymous, right. And you girls know that that we always keep it anonymous. And so today, one of our questions that we received was related to productivity. So the question that I got was some struggles that I am currently facing, which is not always, not always being able to focus in school with all the online

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district, the distractions, whether it be social media, whether it be through you know, phone calls, FaceTime, knowing I have time to pray, and not praying it on time, always feeling very unproductive, and wanting to learn new service, but at the same time procrastinating. And overall, just not wanting to do something all this time, and like I want to she wants to do something, but she's not able to push herself to that point. So first and foremost, I'm going to tell you all a hadith that I am sure I am so sure we have heard this so many times. But again, it is a reminder for us all right. So the hadith is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, take advantage of five

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matters before five other matters. So what's the first one our youth before you become old? Your health before you become sick, your richness before you become poor, your free time before you become busy, and your life before your death. So let's highlight point number four although technically point number one and point number four go hand in hand together right? That your youth before you become old, and point number

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For which was your free time before you become busy. Right now? Yes, we may feel like you have so much time yet at the same time, we don't have enough time. And what do I mean by that? It's that we're at home. So it may feel like okay, we have literally 24 hours at home. How do we utilize that? How do we spend it productively, right. So today, we're just going to have a few things like some practical tips, where you can, you know, obviously apply this at home and shall love. And again, the main point is for us to try our best and improve ourselves right to become a better version ourselves. So that even if we do feel guilty for you know, wasting time that we come back and try

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and do something a little bit more productive, so that at the end of the day, it doesn't feel like we have completely lost our entire day. And that's the worst kind of feeling write that your entire day has been gone. And you feel like you maybe have been you did one thing, maximum two things. But you don't have that energy that you normally would, if you went out you went to school, you you know came home, you want to go to the gym, whatever it may be. Right? So let's talk about when we wake up in the morning. All right. How do you go about your day? Think about this, the clothes that you wear, make a huge difference. Now a lot of us, we usually love lounging around in our PJs. We love

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just wearing you know, in our workout clothes, sweatpants, whatever it is, right? That's what makes that what's it called that like impression of how your day is going to be when you're in your pajamas. What are you thinking? You're like, yeah, okay, well, I've got time you're a little bit more relaxed. You feel like okay, you know what, I can go ahead and maybe just go through Netflix, it feels like a sick day, right? That you're just staying at home and spending your time just lounging around. Right? It's just like another summer vacation. So what am I going to say no, this may sound funny, but pants, wearing those jeans, wearing those clothes that will actually make you

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feel active, that you want to go ahead and do something productive. That's the number one thing that is what's going to push you a little step you know, forward in your life right into doing something that might be helpful in having a productive day. Number two thing is, do not multitask. We're so used to for example, like when we were go outside, while we're walking, we're drinking something while we're talking. We're doing something else, right? But this is what do I mean by do not multitask. What I mean by that is I'm sitting, studying, and I'm busy. quickly checking my messages, right? I'm quickly just flipping through my phone really, you know, checking out the notifications

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that I've received right? Are my 10 minute break is consisted of checking, you know, my Instagram or just hopping up on Insta Live, and just chatting up for like another 510 minutes, your breaks that you guys have set that time aside for keeping your eyes off the screen not back on, you're already on it while you're studying while you're working on your assignment, right? But set those 10 minutes literally set a timer for yourself, right? And you'll notice that these things requires self discipline more than ever, right? But what is this going to do? In sha Allah, this is the best way where it will help you achieve something? Well as you grow older, this will only help you achieve to

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become a more responsible adult Insha Allah, a more productive adult, right. And you will feel like as if you have accomplished something, so your self esteem will from here the way a lot of us are feeling right now we feel so low about ourselves, we feel anxious, we've got that anxiety going on that depression. Instead, it will be up here because you will feel like you have accomplished something during your day. So that's self motivation that you know where instead of doing three things at once, focus on that one thing that you have got going on, right, set that timer up, keep that timer let that timer be or the best thing that I remember when I was in school personally, we

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used to have those what they call like, you know a few apps where they could actually help you block out all websites that you know you're going to get distracted with. So on the phone now, YouTube apps right, keep it away. Keep that block on your phone.

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It is so necessary for us to want to do this for ourselves. Right? And the other thing is that because you want to feel like you have a sense of purpose in your life, especially right now, it may feel like you don't have control of what's going on, right? But that's where this is a way to take control. It's every day, how do you take control of how you're going to live your entire life, maybe 1213 hours before you go back to sleep, right, all of these things they matter. Now, the other thing is, tell your friends to leave you alone. During those certain times, it might sound harsh, but again, at the end of the day, we're all in it together, we're all struggling together. And yeah,

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it's not hard, where in class we used to, you know, be able to socialize, during, you know, in the hallways, during recess, lunchtime, but just take those moments where when you're studying, focus on that, right, think about the bigger picture, think about what your actual goals are. This is again, a perfect way for us to reflect of who you want to be inshallah in the future. Because, again, we're not going to be young for long, right? We all will be at that point where we will have to take actions of our own decisions, whatever we do, we have to take that action. And the best way is by being productive from now, again, no one said it was going to be easy. We have a lot, you have to

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motivate yourself, right. And I know we hear this from our parents all the time. But take it again, take it again from sister Sophie, who always says girls, there is again, there's a time for everything. I'm not saying don't go on tick tock, tick tock, I'm not saying don't go on your Insta lives. But there is that time, where if you want to actually go ahead and memorize that Surah reflect and see what's actually stopping you, right? And you'll notice that, uh, you know, my sister and I, we were talking about this the other day, that when we want to fast, right, we want to do our you know, super fast and everything, the moments where it comes like in our head that okay, I want

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to fast for you know, on the specific day, something or the other comes up four in the morning at Fudger, where we don't wake up for Su core, but we think about it the rest of the day that Oh, I should have woken up I should have fasted on this day, right? So, keep that don't let anything stop you keep it in your head, run it through right have a whiteboard, write it out, I want to do this, this is what I want to achieve today. Now, am I going to achieve it or not? That is what you have to keep looking at that board. Right.

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Now, we had another question that Imam Nadeem, I wanted to ask you.

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I know that there are a few things where, you know, we need to spend our time wisely. Is there anything that you can mention on this?

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So as you said earlier, that, first of all, the time that we're going to do is a very tough time as it is. And, you know, I'm sure that all of you who are watching this, either you have come across someone I personally have come across people that who have said that, you know, our schedules are not in order. You know, usually when things were status quo,

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you know, there was a, there was a time for breakfast or the time for lunch dinner, there was a lot of structure in life. Now, I mean, you would think that now we're at home, we can take care of things, there's a lot of things on our to do list. And we'll be able to, like, you know, conquer all our goals, but it just it just weird in one way that we are at home, and we're not able to control our lives. And so people are being like around like three or four in the morning at times. You know, Fajr is, you know, has Bismillah you know, is gone is inside, it's you know, a person spends their Fajr the bed a lot of times, and then we're waking up like around like sometimes 1112. And so look,

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the thing is that, you know, we don't realize that the mind is the probably the most powerful tool that we have, if there is something in our mind. And we're thinking to ourselves that, you know, how can I do this? I've already said this to myself that I cannot do it. So that's why it's important that I think mentally first, we have to understand that we can do it. They if I'm not if I mentally tell myself that oh, can I do it or not? You've already put doubt into the situation. So I think it's very important that you don't even think about can I do it or not? I think the idea or the question should be is how am I going to get it done? And try to let you know Lester

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Think about it this way, you know, imagine you have like a very tough assignment at work at school. And, and you have either two options, either you can fall tent and just give up and just, you know, move along.

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Or you can, you know, sit down and take care of yourself. And I would never recommend giving your homework to someone else to do it.

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But in addition to that, you know, I think that, first of all, we have to mentally prepare ourselves and tell ourselves that we can get it done. Inshallah. The second thing is that, you know, as you said earlier, about managing time wisely, and so forth. This is so important, I'm happy that you mentioned this, I also want to mention that, you know, there are four things, there are four things or four different categories that you will find yourself in, and each of us will find ourselves in one of these kinds of situations. So either you are the procrastinator, that means that you are like you love and you are addicted to urgency, you're gonna leave the most important things, till the

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very end. Not only that, but only when the pressure is put on you, then you'll take care of something. And we see this a lot happening where people are doing their own work. Last second, you know, people are submitting assignments last second, you know, something that their parents had told them to do, probably like, three, four months ago, now they're taking care of at the end. So there are a lot of people who fall into this category, the procrastinator, or you're gonna find yourself as the the Yes, man. And the Yes, man is basically that anyone who wants anything from you, you're gonna say, salute. I'm there, you know, like, okay, and I understand, you know, there are people

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that who say that, well, what if there isn't good initiatives? You know, like, a lot of times people say that, well, you know, what, there's this, you know, people need help at the food bank, or people need help, you know, in downtown Dallas, for example, there is, you know, some organization needs help to deliver food and aid somewhere else. And you know, when they come to you, you and you keep on saying yes, yes, yes. And, you know, what comes to our mind is that, you know, I'm doing something great. I'm doing something great. But once again, the question has to be that what is the priority of our life? So either you're going to find yourself as the procrastinator, or you're going

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to be the Yes, man. And remember, when you are the Yes, man, you become a doormat, like, everyone is going to rub their feet on you, everyone's gonna, and there are people, unfortunately, who are not always sincere. And they're always going to take advantage of you if that is the nature and the personality that you have. The third personality is the slacker, you know, they just simply don't care.

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They have that inner guilt. But then after a while, they just, they simply just don't care. They're like sort of oblivious in life.

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There's a lack of responsibility. And finally, there is the prioritize her. And the one that we need to be part of is the prioritize early. Now, you know, subhanAllah, when you look at the life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he never procrastinated. I mean, you know, when you talk about like events that would that will take place in the future, like hydrogen aamra, and other matters that will take place. You know, the Sierra talks about that when these events took place. But what the CEO does not talk about is that when did the problem start planning for them? So the probability is some is planning in advance. He's thinking about the future. And I think that's something that we

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have to always keep in mind. At the same time, the province Saddam was never a doormat to others. He always he was never a Yes, man.

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People did come and ask him for favors. And he did say yes. And at the same time, there were times like when he would say absolutely no, like when time came for his family, he would give time to his family. When time came for his community, he will give time to his community. Of course, Paulson was never a slacker. Otherwise, you know, no man has probably achieved what he was able to achieve in 23 years, the way he was able to transform people. You don't know slacker in the history of mankind can ever achieve that. So the only category that we find the Prophet saw some is the prioritize. And you know, so I think that's something very important as in I want to mention to everyone here is that

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everyone watching that sister Sophia, you mentioned something very interesting about, you know, keeping your focus. And you know, what's important is that, you know, you may have like, for example, you want to get on your phone, I think that's absolutely valid, it's fine.

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You know, there are some then you're working on your school projects or your school assignments, and then you have chores at home, you have certain responsibilities that your parents they want from you. It's important that while you're doing one thing, you stick to that one thing. Yes. So for example, if I'm working on my school, now, if I say that okay, during that, let me take care of this. And let me answer to that email and

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Let me go because my mom has called me because I mean, we're at home nowadays, mom calls, you have to answer the call to mom and dad. And so mom calls you and you go and you take care of that. That's something that's, that's important too. But then what happens that you're scattered everywhere. You know, I want to share something interesting. I read in a book one time, you know, a very famous artists of the past, you know, Leonardo, Leonardo da Vinci, someone you know, someone that, you know, you know, people who are in the, who have a passion for painting, and sculpture and so forth. They all know Leonardo da Vinci. One of the things that we learn about him is that people who have

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studied his life, they have said, that this man, he was so talented, and he could have achieved so many more things in his life, he could have more artwork done in his life. But the reason why we don't find so much artwork, and so much of his end or end products or finished products, is because he never stuck to one thing, like he will start one project. And then he will go to the next project. And then he will go to the next project. And after a while you have like 10 open projects, and then you have no idea where to finish where which one to start with to finish it. So I think it's very important that when it comes to our life, you know, we have to it becomes easy even I'm

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though I'm saying this, even at times I get caught into this, too, you know, you're working, and then all of a sudden you're getting a text message, and then you're doing all this. And you know, if you get a text message, I mean, one of the advices I'm giving is not hard and fast. If you're getting a text message, then quickly just respond to it again, then get back to your work. But at the end of the day, you have to be disciplined. Yes. So this is I think this is something very important. Now, sister Sophia, there is, by the way, there is one thing that a lot of the youth have told me about and that is that, you know, okay, we understand that we have to be a prioritize or in

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our life. I cannot be a slacker, I cannot be a yes, man, I cannot be a procrastinator, then the question is that then how do I balance all these things in my life? So can you just say, Can you say anything about that, please? Absolutely. So I mean, the number one thing that I would like to share with you girls, is that Islam in itself, is it's all about balance upon Allah. And you'll realize that, again, Islam is not just a religion, right? And it's not, to be honest, it's not even just also a way of life. It is the art of how we live every single day. Now, I wanted to share with you a few ideas from the Quran. This isn't sort of the rock man, and this is i 678.

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So I'm just going to read the English translation of that, where Allah talks, and the heaven He raised, and impose the balance that you not transgress within that balance. And he established that weight injustice, and do not make deficient the balance. So, you know, in some tough series, they've mentioned very clearly that yes, the balance is also you know, on Yom Okayama. But they've also mentioned that let's talk about the balance of life, our life currently, right, we can also split that, you know, subhanAllah, again, it actually goes into four categories to where it's about your spiritual balance, right, your spiritual, your physical, your emotional, and your social. So all of

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these, so let's talk about it again, your spiritual, your physical, your social, right, and your like your emotional well being. And all of these, when you put them together, is what a balanced life is all about. Right? So it's just that when we go a little, for example, now, when we do our prayers, and our fasting and our Quran, we don't want to just only focus on that, that we start to neglect our physical side where we're just at home, we're sitting at home, we're just reading the Quran, right? We have to get moving. But we can't overdo the whole, you know, being active, out and going to the gym again, some of us what do we do? We get so addicted to the gym, we get so addicted

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to working out that that is our only focus, right, that we start to neglect our Salah that we start to, you know, deep focus from other household chores that we leave our parents aside, because we're so focused on our, you know, our physical well being, all of the things they have to have, you have to live in a very balanced way. Right? And again, it doesn't just come. It's, it's all about your effort. It's just you trying to take those steps. Those are all perfect examples. Now, realizing that when you do live that balanced life, what are you going to feel? You'll feel that inner happiness, you'll feel that

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self satisfaction, right? We all want to feel this way, we all want to feel good about ourselves, right? And that's how when you go through this balance, you'll realize that, okay, you feel more accomplished, your self esteem goes up. And these are all few things. And again, like the things that I mentioned earlier about ways that we can, you know, live our lives in a very productive way are just a few things. It wasn't too much right? In fact, we can keep on going on how we can live our life very productively, but we just have to again, now Ramadan will be coming Inshallah, right, the days are coming closer and closer. So we have to take a look and see where our focus is right

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Where are our priorities? Right? Just like what the moment is deemed as UCLA Imana Dean for sharing this, I feel like, you know, these four different aspects that he told us about and it being you know, the prioritize or is what we should all, every single one of us, it doesn't matter. It's not just about the youth, right? It's not just about you guys. It's each and every one of us. We have to focus on trying to be that prioritize there and Subhan Allah, if you look at that sunnah if you just look, follow that a hadith, see what the prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam has mentioned about spending time, right? How we can utilize our time, how, you know how we can strive our very best to

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keep a balanced with all our relationships, and have time for ourself, right? And become closer to Allah, as opposed to just sitting and not and feeling that you know what, this is what life is all about, where it's just us, kind of mindlessly entertaining ourselves, through those tiktoks, mindlessly entertaining ourselves through those Insta lives through, you know, going through our Instagram timelines, Twitter timelines, right? All of these things, there's a time for each of them. And there's a time where we have to put that aside, and focus on that one thing. And that's our take home, which technically you all are at home. But that's what our topic and our main session that we

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want to talk about is is that having just to focus on that one thing, too, that's how you will go ahead and live your life in a very productive way. You might miss him. Did you want to add anything else? Well,

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yeah, there's one thing I do want to mention is that is that, first of all, is that when it comes to, you know, as you said that, you know, having this balance, and you mentioned, like several areas of life,

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you know, there's a book written is written by a chef by the name of Ahmed, even out all last Saturday, he's written a book by the name of Al Hickam the words of wisdom. And in there, he actually mentions that a sign of one's like, lack of productivity is that you are over focused on the optional things, and you overlook the ones that are obligatory. And so I think it's very important that when it comes to our, you know, priorities of life, I think, you know, we have to keep all this in mind. And, you know, I also, you know, I read a book one time that actually mentioned about this, that, you know, imagine if you had like a bucket, and in that bucket, you have

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to fit like all these rocks. Now, logically speaking, what's the very first thing you're going to do is that you're not going to take the small rocks and put them in first, what you're going to do is that you're going to try to fit in all the big rocks first. And then you have the small pebbles, that if you put them, you know, the small spaces that are left between the rocks, those pebbles can fill up all those spaces. So the example or how that exam, that example is explained is that, you know, imagine these big rocks are your priorities of life. And I think each one of us watching this, we need to sit down and actually write down, see, you know, someone the other day was asking me and

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talking to me about plans and so forth. And I said to that person, that if you look, if a person cannot write down their plans, then it's just going to remain as a, you know, a plan, you know, an idea. So if you really think that your idea has, there's some there's some, you know, juice and your idea is really tangible. If you can write it down, then that means that you have a really good idea. So, so because a lot of times if you tell people that okay, you know what, you have a great idea, can you put it on paper, and they're start thinking like, how do I put that on paper, you know, so you have to write down what are your priorities of life. And think about the bigger the bigger

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matters, the priorities of your life. And then once again, those big rocks are your priorities. That's what you need to put in the bucket first, and the small pebbles are the other things that will be taken care of in your life, and that can fill up your day, but the priorities are the most important thing. And I think when you say the life of the prophet saw Allah Almighty He was said

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The what we learned, first of all, is that not only that, but people who are, you know, in the field of life coaching and so forth, even they stress upon this that every single day, there are four things that we should be focusing on. One is the body, that means that you know, eat well sleep, well relax, take some time out for yourself, you know, there are people who don't sleep enough, and that's not actually good for them either. Then number two is that you have to focus on your your mind, your brain, meaning that you have to be mentally stable in your life, read, educate, you know, you know, learn new skills of life, the more you know, in life, the more you feel proud about

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yourself, and so forth, and you gain confidence in that way. But, you know, try to build up your intellectual abilities. The third thing is that working on the heart, whether that is doing, you know, good things, or it's about building good relationships with other people, and you know, subhanAllah, the one thing that we learn about the Prophet SAW sent him is that he always kept a good relationship with everyone. So if there is someone that I'm not getting along with, now is easy. And these days that, you know, you're at home, you're like, I don't have to see that person, you know. But at the same time, in life, in general, if there's someone that we're not talking to,

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we should feel this kind of uneasiness in our heart. Like, it's not normal, that if you are not talking to 10 people in your community, or you're not talking to 10 people amongst your friends, and you're absolutely fine with that, that's not that's not right. That's not normal. So, and that also means that, you know, helping out other people that's part of that's connected to the heart, you know, putting a smile on people's, you know, on someone else's face, because, you know, will lie, people don't realize this, and this is, by the way, a hadith the Prophet SAW said that as long as a person is helping someone else, Allah helps that person, if we put a smile on someone else's face,

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Allah put a smile on our face. You know, if you're helping someone else out, is just, it's, it's given that Allah will be pleased with you, you know, subhanAllah so Sophie, I received an email just few days ago, actually, there was a gentleman who sent this email to me and he is saying that, you know, I am a person who can help on the phone. But when people call me I can refer to people in different places where they can go and get the help. But in times like these I'm not able to give Dawa.

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So it seems like this this gentleman he loves to give Dawa, which is a great thing. But he's saying that if I'm not able to give Dawa, will Allah reward me for this? And I told him, I'm like, Absolutely. You're helping the creation of Allah within the day? Exactly. I mean, helping someone else out, you know, without expecting anything in return. This is exactly who the person was, in many cases, he how many people do he How about, but he never asked anything in return? And finally, is the soul mean that doing those things that spiritually bring us closer to Allah subhanaw taala. So once again, there is body, brain, heart and soul. Now Subhanallah, you know, very beautifully, I

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found a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, where all these four things or have been collected in one Hadith. And so we go back to the, you know, the, the structure of Medina, the Prophet saw them he created. And what he did was that, you know, he gave, you know, this brotherhood kind of mentality. And the structure he created, what he did was that there were some cases where men would go in live with other families and so forth. There were other situations where they there was families, and there was a person who was working with that family. So you have a Mahajan, and onslaught. So it just so happened that there was a Mahajan. By the name of Abood, there are the

00:33:54 --> 00:34:38

Ultron. And the person who was working with him was Salman and so Salman must have come one day to help with his house. And he saw that his wife was you know, she was not in a you know, she was very unhappy. And so he asked that, you know, what is going on? And she said that, you know, Salman, he's praying all night long, you know, like he's, he has forgotten all about us. He's not looking after us. And subhanAllah you know, Salman said something he came across a Buddha and he said, he said three things. He says, he says your Lord has a right upon you. Which is once again other four things it is a soul. Then he says that your soul has a right upon you what enough SICA? Alagar Huck so this

00:34:38 --> 00:34:59

is so I mean, he's saying soul mean that you have a right upon yourself that you got to take care of yourself, okay. And so this is something very important. And that actually covers body and brain. Okay, so that's body and brain. So when he says your Lord has a right that's your that's your soul. That he says you have a right upon yourself. That's body and brain.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:35

And then he says that your family has a right upon you. And that's heart. You know, with your heart, you're able to connect with other people in your family, and Subhanallah we find all these four things and one Hadith of the Prophet, and later on when Solomonic came, in fact, a widow that came to the Prophet SAW Selim and he narrated to him the whole story. He says, Salman said this to me, what do you think? The Prophet alayhi salam says, so the poor Salman Salman has spoken the truth like this, when he was trying to explain to you, he's absolutely on the money, he's absolutely on You know, that's why, you know, it's important that I think these are four things that we

00:35:35 --> 00:36:14

all need to focus on in our life, you know, once again, body, brain, heart and soul. And I think that if we can focus on these things, especially while we're going through these days of quarantine, I think this is the best time, in my opinion, will the whole item. So I think this is just, you know, just a few things I want to add in at the end. Absolutely. And there's just one more final thing that I want to add to, you know, mentioned to you girls, is a one dua that I would love to share with you. And subhanAllah this dua, I feel that again, any sort of dua, it never goes an answer, right? So, this is one I get just to bring that closeness that Allah you're trying to form

00:36:14 --> 00:37:05

that connection with Allah trying to form that bond. So you're asking Allah, Oh Allah, I asked you for your love, and the love of those who love you. And for the love of every action that you will that will bring me closer to your love. Right? So the Arabic part so that we know what exactly it is Allahumma inni as a Luca hubback Mahoba. May you hit back? Well, hooba Amelie you caribou, Isla Herbig, right. So you're asking Allah for that love, and you want the love of everything, whatever action that you do that you want to get closer to him, you want that as well. So now imagine that anything that you do, it does not have to be only Islamic related, right? Even when it comes to self

00:37:05 --> 00:37:49

care, like what Imam Nadeem just mentioned, taking care of yourself is so important, right? But don't let it again, don't let it go overboard. You absolutely have got to take care of yourself, for what for your own sanity, right for your own self. But always keep that in mind that even that self care you want to do it so that you can gain that pleasure of Allah that you whatever self care that you're doing is so that you can focus focus your energy in your prayer, that energy in your fasting. So that's the final inshallah advice. Just a little hair, Imam Nadeem, you know Al Hamdulillah we wanted to keep this very short so that you girls can you know just take on those major concepts and

00:37:49 --> 00:38:28

then apply that at home in sha Allah. And the next week inshallah Imam Nadeem and I were going to have another program same program same time with you know, more advice more tips and again if you have anything that you would like for us to talk about, you would like advice on especially with you know, practical tips that you guys can do right now. right this very minute. Please let us know send out a message and we will definitely inshallah mentioned it in our programs. Giacomo Hertzog look hurry mama Dee would really appreciate your tips the insight that you have given us and inshallah we will see you all next week. It's not like around the library cattle

00:38:30 --> 00:38:47

in Mussolini now almost Lima Do you want meaning Mina on et now look on it that thing was slowed in pain I was floored importante was saw the Rena was Slavia right the one before she you know

00:38:50 --> 00:39:05

what unfortunately no one was watching it one down one the lien on one downside the vaulting was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lina photo gentlemen, one half year warranty. Was that good enough? Long, I guess.

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What's the guilt or I don't

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genuine now. Lina.

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