Akram Nadwi – Weekly Q&A 21-09-2023

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The importance of learning the language of the person in one's spiritual teachings is discussed, including the importance of practicing the language and following the example of the prophet. Prayer for people who have died or lost their values is emphasized, and the importance of praying for people who have been infected by the coronavirus and have not yet experienced the effects of Sharia. The importance of home language learning, avoiding distractions from people, and fasting is also emphasized. The conversation concludes with a mention of the need for people to be mindful of their sin and the importance of learning media.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone. Welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a session with Chef Akram nadwi On every Thursday at 6pm BST after a bit of a hiatus so without further ado, we're going to dive straight into the questions for those of you that are new with us just pop your question into the comment section whether you're on Facebook or YouTube and we should be able to see those and answer them inshallah. So with this we'll begin with the first question for shares the first question with us today is if someone takes their life as in commit suicide due to mental health, what would their destiny be in the afterlife

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Okay, and this will lead off my IRA

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you know, the Quran said life and death for wellness than the love of

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Allah never in any responsibility on anybody, but except you know, with the kind to the capacity there is somebody meant mentally unable to understand the things and does not know the first around and then behave in such a way which is not to harm them. Hopefully I'll never forgive them by somebody has got a full sense of what they're doing. And they know what they do is haram and they still do because they don't have any hope to that actually the major sin and we hope Allah will forgive them or budget to the biggest sin so we don't know the Allah knows the best whether the you know the person who did this, you know he was in proper understanding of what he's doing or not. So

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if you do not understand what he's doing, then he has no responsibility shoulder

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to that glow can check the next question is by ferry who asks, some scholars have said that women are allowed to watch any male on social media, any male social media influences video if there is no lust involved? Is it authentic in Islam?

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Yeah, you know, women always I believe me from the men and men have been done before the winner. So as long as we are proper dress, and there's no privacy, you know, and the, you know, the something public where everybody can see everybody can hear you know, and what the talk is, you know, things which are allowed in Islam. So,

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they don't have desire, if the desire comes, whenever desire comes to become you know, haram even if people care desire, you know, for their, for their mother or for the sisters that will have so simple matter you know, men can learn from the women, women can learn from them if they are in a public space, and they were the proper cloth and what the talker is a sensible and allowing this

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to Zach Lowe furniture. The next question is from Rihanna, who asks, salaam What are your recommendations for Tafseer books that are concise, yet comprehensive for students of knowledge?

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thing really the best thing for this concert analogy just to know if you cannot read the Quran directly, if you don't know how to read a good translation, and think when you have difficulty then you ask someone, some help, you know, for the language of thought, whatever there is gossip additionally. Because in all any field that will be it understanding that that person did not do what Quran said it how he understands that I will not recommend people, you know, to go to the field rather than on the facade that people shouldn't study the Quran directly in either the Quran in Arabic or for good translation inshallah.

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Is that located in China? Next question is, if you perform a hedge for parents do you also get the full forgiveness as an accepted hedge,

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you do hire on behalf of someone to dare get reward for the work or the height, but you get rewarded because you help your parent you do you support them in in a good deed, you get reward for that not for the height, still you have to do your own height and then you get the reward off of the height. Make sure you have someone digger them, but you get reward of helping them and whatever difficulty you have. You know Allah subhanaw taala will be voting for that. And whenever you are there you made it to ours. There is going to be for you will shut. So total understanding of when you do any good if you have some dignitary would not

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that's an ally leadership. The next question is by

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So who asks, salami or chef, could you please enlighten us about how the verse one one for surah Taha can be reflected in the context of knowledge seekers, who wants to deepen the understanding of the religion.

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The thing is the prophets Allah listen, you know, he loved the Quran so much. And he had no book other than the Quran, no knowledge other than the Quran, to Allah has given him this, this proper knowledge. And when the Prophet revealed to him, he loved you so much he wanted, you know, the Quran to come to him, you know, as much as possible as soon as possible. And he used to read them very quickly, he never forgets anything. So when people rush like data, they don't understand what is happening, sometimes they, you know, they miss something. So, and also Hydra wants to, you know, to advise the parser or the sender, when the Quran is revealed to you, in a calm down, listen to it

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properly, you know, what is being said to you, and don't start repeating it to kind of interrupt people, until they finish when it is finished it then after that, you know, you can teach people and ask them not always to increase your knowledge, meaning, knowledge actually does not come just having more and more information, it comes down to whatever information you got it, ponder in it, reflect upon that, go deeper, try to understand makes sense.

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And that's very poorly, I've seen it, there are people who read so many books, but they don't put any knowledge but there are people who who use less, but they spend a lot of time thinking understanding, making sense to develop more analysis and Quran I've seen some people do so many times, but they don't understand anything. But some people just focus on the Quran, try to understand what it was saying, you know, connect to everything to you know, to never sit around it. So, there will be more more knowledge and that how the good learning has been Islam is that people in the past used to study the teachers or most of the time they used to spend on the under the

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friction semi Oxford University of Oxford, you know, there are not so many lectures in lectures are very few, but most time the students spend, you know, follow their own thinking, analyzing the information is very, very important, you know, three steps or one step is that you collect information.

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Second thing is to realize information to test it, and then we processes and develop it further, then you got more and more analysis. So, that was the process of the hybrid divided that you know, you spend time in reflecting, pondering, understanding. And

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I see my eyes suffer.

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When I teach Hadith, or Quran or anything, do I collect information, make notes, and then after that, I spent time to think that were how they make sense. And then after also, I think, how I'm going to see them, you know, kind of a authentic to the students in a language that they understand properly and deeply to then I get, you know, much better understanding of the text. So it is very important that people don't rush into that our last metric you need to spend time

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to tackle Okay, the next question is by Abdullah who asks to share, what's your opinion on the volume

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and really, this has become a you know, very kind of, you know, the topic, you know, so hot in Muslim countries, anything connected to the person lesson and people become very

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sensitive and,

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you know, emotional. They don't want to understand any reasoning or anything. This is the founder of easy, innovative understand that in this religion. You know, whether you worship Allah obey the first law, so you have to follow the Sunnah you have to follow the example the prophet had been set as a mod for the believer, is not the only emotion feeling that how you love the Prophet how much respect and that's very good thing. But when you respect when loving, you know, you're not allowed to do this, from your own, you have to follow him. So the profession isn't going to teach people how to do, how to pray, how to fast this is the core of message to people who learn how to do how to

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pray, how to fast, how to be good, how to process around how to be with your wife and children. They are the people

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esoteric, in the personal understanding

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the process of a nurse in the center two people celebrate about Him and praise him so much that not a puppet of proprietary obedience. The Prophet did not need your prayer. either. You need to obey either your salvation that you follow His commands

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But in all the time you know people justice emphasize you know celebration pray that the personalities will be there in all over the world which actually the perfect never the complainers never detected. We don't have any proof of any mold until the six CTF era since then you become very popular and people can connect with the personality center.

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Okay, people actually caught this topic anyway, it is so widely spread the word we say okay, limited as to if you want to do something just to teach people about the spirit, the personality, about the Sunnah, importance of the abuser personality that might be better, rather than, you know, this old thing that people have, you know, making the fool the district and the food and, you know, making lighting everywhere, you know, walking the streets and singing some of those things, if not, right, the professor Galison himself has said I fast on Monday, because I was born on Monday. So then we should still have that on Monday, every Monday is the

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date of his birth, that he was born on Monday, and how to survive by faster not by eating and drinking. And actually Muslims are already number in many ways. How can you muslim without remembering the Prophet 24 hours of your life, when you wake up, you have to make dua when you sleep, you have to give to her every single thing they are the focus of the personality center celebration is done only for the people who don't gamble, but the professionals need all the time your life

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to find myself really I don't think that people should, you know, make any multiple team and better rather than you know, they should learn how to obey the law. But if somebody doesn't move it, I will not like you to want to stop them because you can't do to create more tension and we want you to get the believers people do normally let them do more if they asked me to advise them to make it more moderate, you know not to spend too much money not to exceed the limit. You will not prepare the parcel as of so much. That is because like in divine like and also Jota Allah if the fun of these limits, more than likely it could be acceptable according to many

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which is located on ship. The next question is, is planting or putting flowers on the grave from the Sunnah and does this help the person who has died? No to the finger flowers on bread is not assuming are gonna trick anybody? No the professor lesson once passed by two cliffs who were being punished for the performance concern for loss of Motala in just to

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honor him he's the more he has allowed him to take a branch of the tree and put on both grades. So they will be safe for the punishment either

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either the branch remembering then again they look at the same question it was far respect or the person listening after that the profit never get ready grape to put green branches even Derek did not come back that now the branch had become try to literally put a new green have granted to people can be saved no but that not only because people are safer but from punishment by the good news people worship Allah obeying that pure and clean toilets not gonna help them not other people sanction. So there's no single proof in this anon that by putting a flower or something green on the grave it has people you know how can the theory the disability or the Imam Islam and action How can

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putting the bronchi will help anybody to save from to be saved from the punishment or the grip? We should we should understand that give charity gives the door for the people that will hit the mission

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does not love it? And the next question is by for us, who asks, Can you please elaborate the difference between Sharia and

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feta means a deep understanding of the details of the Legion from the in the light of the Quran, the sunnah to refer to the Quran, sunnah, sometimes you go to the

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PRC don't even have a deep understanding of fear of loss.

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Show reaction people have cancer that is on Russia yet people think it means Islam below, or just not right. Sharia minister the religion or details that are authorized by what he authorized the lacunae in the Quran and the Sunnah the personal Sherif Ali deal in our Saudi to anything that has authority from Allah in the Quran and the Sunnah. The Tisha Yan, it couldn't be my nurse athma

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You know, buying and selling on Budda in relation with the wife and family, or just Sharia, as long as you've got clear authority from Allah small to honor. And the fifth is your mission deep understanding of the order details, you know, based on the Brahmin, sunnah. And also the easymod, three hours

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to that location. The next question is by Jeanette who asks, here Alama say that you can pray although salah, like if you are working, and you miss us, or you can pray it in Maghrib

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Is this okay?

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Meaning, you know, people should actually pray every prayer and the time the prayers on the timer of liberty forbid, you can't delete a prayer. But if you are having a job, or wherever your boss does not allow you to pray on the time, you know, I'm somehow he's very strict. And

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that job is very important for you and your family. For your tenure, basically, you're forced to miss the playoffs, but that is fine because the force is not in willingly.

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People are not allowed to miss any prayer on their own, by the force didn't miss it, then they have to they have to be available, whenever I have the time after time is.

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Is it clear but I think most of the boss if you explain to them well, that you know up on the time, they will allow me and tell them that you know if you you take five out of 10 you can have that you know to your time and then you work longer. I got the most people will accept that maybe sometimes don't accept after the meeting or something. But generally people understand this. And they can only for 510 minutes they will allow when somebody comes to meet you somebody wants to discuss to do something they are allowed to why not?

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Just have low fat and check. The next question is by mine who asks salaam share from your travels around the world? Have you found it popular among Muslim families to homeschool their children? Do you feel this is beneficial rather than state schooling?

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No, there have been many people do homeschooling or even in this country, I've seen some of us that do homeschooling too, I'm not really very much convinced. Reason is I want to be raised in a proper environment where there are colleagues today the system and all those things. So they they grow, they know and they're able to face the problems and they become stronger. If you raise people in the 45 environment where they're not challenging, they become weak and grief. People need to be raised in their environment, just challenging.

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The reason you know the animals in the

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forest, they are healthy, because they fear to their fear that they already know make a run, even protect themselves, keep them in responder. But you need the same animals they are brought to the zoo you know they are absolutely they have a lot of problems. So Muslims should not be raised in a dirty fortified environment. They should the wisdom is telling environment but the problem is you have to teach them how to fit the challenge. So there should be a patient at home very strongly about this. They go to the ministry school, go to schools, but at the same time at home, they have a good environment where they learn all the way use proper media and study the Quran and they develop

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their mind and thinking with other people. Whenever there are people who do homeschooling and they found it found it helpful. If you think too helpful you can do though I'm not convinced.

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Does that glow kind of check. The next question is Is salatu Toba from the Sunnah

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in the saliva the father every single wherever people have difficulty and follow the fruit of the Toba is simply missing you ask Allah to forgive you to you don't need a prayer for that you just do wherever you are is far October since Salah is something where you talk to Allah as you become here to to more likely after Salah things become more sincere to you but our can happen without the salah over this business to go by actually the state of the mind. You think that you know whatever I've done the scene, you regret that this October turn around you'll regret and the unit of germination. Now to do it again. So they

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Towba once you divert, make a footnote to the toolbar, the toolbar the new condition for Tober to have a prayer, but if you do, that's fine.

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That's an alias aka chef. The next question is by Maria, who asks, some Islamic banks have the option of selling home goods like fridges and stoves, and the client can pay a little every month over a long period of time. One year most of the time is this allowed to tackle often.

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So the the seller,

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fridges and boost and you pay them every month, you know, any dealing with the banks, I'm very suspicious really, because buyers only work on the interest. So if they're selling you free, it simply means they're not going to sell you on the time or the under value of the market or price at the market they're going to charge you more because of time so you're going to pay them in one year six months or seven months they have charged for the time and that what interesting so I will not advise you to go to any Islamic

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banks and I will put up same thing I don't understand why people think is it's like a bank and any different meaning banks or just interest you just put in a word Islamic before banks does not live in some Latin cards Islamic gambling punishes lambda river Ganesh Islamic Xena conscious Nikolai is not it but just by putting Islam nothing is running in place will remain in place on ha so I will not advise you to buy anything from other banks everything's fine but if not to buy buy from the shops properly directly where things are sold. Banks are not meant but banks are not the place for buying and selling

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to dock located and ship the next question that we have is

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hum brainian Who says salam Are we allowed to fast every day voluntarily after finishing our kava fasts whenever we think we can do it as an act of love for foster kids that love

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why fasting you know the best fasting is either people first like Tao there is no in every other day even that I will not only otherwise you know if you want to fast after you've done your other fasting the best thing is you know do later Professor needs to do he used to fast every month for three days 13 to 14 and 15 are tender and also used to fast a mundane task to do that initial you know you fast every three days in every week to this so it will come a lot faster. So I don't even know whenever like RFR comes or Shira comes

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so this fast and you do either inshallah so it's a lot faster. But anyway if you can think you can do to the best team just do the fast enough down there is now every other day but faster every day that did not arrive by the parcel of VIP region that life

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is awful. Okay, and the last question we'll take for today is a question by SN vs Salam o alaikum. It's great to see you again chef. I hope you have been well and disciple okay enough for these cues Q and A's. When knowing one has sinned greatly, how can one find out whether And if Allah stops being angry at someone, and one can be hopeful again, because on the one hand, one has to be honest with oneself and accept that one deserves some sort of punishment. But at the same time, we're expected to be hopeful and Allah's Rama. How does one find the balance?

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You know, thing really, firstly, understand that no sin is bigger than the Merciful. So if people have seen full of the oceans, the comfortable life, our guest immediately just once you've just said, Forgive, all the sins are forgiven, to never think your sins are more than that. Mercy

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is never never said that. It must be if you have a sin, anything, anything, whatever, you know, just come to Allah and asking him forgiving. Second thing, you never can have assurance to believers always must have fear that maybe I did something. It's not like let me prove to always be bitter fear is very healthy for believers like them already. But if Allah said to you, I'm happy with you, then you relax. We don't want relaxation because

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until they die, they already need to fear and think like I mentioned, I mentioned that you know, the enemy must deliver such a nice healthy life in the forest, because of the fear, the smell the believers or the fear of Allah. And that you know, he can be put we agree with them, he can punish them. So that makes them you

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Word of believers, when they scare, they are humble. They don't become automatic. The people that think, oh maybe I'm not the best person and maybe the lower than this person. But the other thing about the sinister and but at the same time they don't lose hope. Because they know that Allah mercy, such a big thing Quran says, or the Prophet tell my solicitor, that those who have wronged themselves that are loving for all the sins prefer this are the

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most important, it can be bigger than the mercy to his father. But we don't know. We have always to be between hope and fear.

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That's all for today. Unfortunately, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it and perhaps we can aim to answer it next week. Just like locate and share for your time and good luck located on everyone for joining and we'll be back next Thursday at 6pm BST as always, a Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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