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The speakers discuss the importance of understanding history and the need for a state to provide justice and order in society. They emphasize the need for a state to provide justice and order, avoiding privacy concerns for women. They also discuss the importance of following religion and avoiding interfere with others' opinions, as well as the need for people to make their own choices and avoid divorce. They stress the importance of following rules and not drinking alcohol or eating too hot. The host also emphasizes the need for people to consider their options when making decisions and mentions a course on Islamic scholarship programs.

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Salam Alaikum everyone and welcome back to our weekly q&a with accom nadwi. Every Thursday at 6pm BST, thank you for joining us and I hope more of you join later in Sharla and also, I hope everyone had a good night. Anyone who celebrated on Tuesday or Wednesday was still celebrating. I hope you've enjoyed your new idol. Okay. Without any further ado, inshallah we actually still have a question. So let's go ahead

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just to confirm if you can't hear Echo, can you because I can hear on the phone. Okay, that should be fine.

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Okay, let's start with this question from tubers youtuber some and her question is, is democracy Haram in Islam? Could you please explain the reason behind the immiscibility or impermissibility

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smilla rahmanir rahim you know one thing we have to understand that in this world there are you know, something which we call means, and there are something which are ends

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NSR we know exactly what you know, Islam is interested in that people must attend the ends about the means, there are some, you know, some rulings and some teachings, which

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which may be clear that you know, what could be some longer in the means. So, we have to understand that and once we follow the right procedure, and a good the end. So, that actually is no doubt, pray the worthy and a lot of love that.

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So, what we need in in society and also in the state is

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to get justice and fairness to treat people justly and with fear to provide people a peaceful society to where they can live and they worship the Lord properly. That is the end, why we need a state because the state actually you know, make sure that people live in the peace and harmony, the people are treated justly, nobody wrongs anybody. So the laws and order in the society properly. So that is the responsibility of the state that the state must provide justice, fairness, keep the society in peace and order, everywhere that agree what people do. And that one in Islam is how you make the state, you know, there could be kingship, that have been left out daughter is now mother

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King, and then his sons Lamont became a king, there the falafel system is around aboubaker Avada halifa or marva halifa. Then after that, you have to for haulover. Again, we got kingship above it and this and that. So among them, there are kings who are good and they provided a no justice and order and there are kings who do the injustice, they are not a good kings, too. Similarly, in our our time we have got democracy.

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If democracy democracy either means it provides justice and order in the society social order in unfairness and let the people worship their their Lord and to their way of life. You know, if democracy helps prefer that, then know how to just means that so whether you know people have stairs, which is based on democracy or one kingship on a falafel and Angelo that is along

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make sure that people have good justice or fairness. You know, we are happy with that and that Islamic way people don't get justice and fairness. Even if the court fell off or something else say Islam did not approve that surreal thing either. The end they know justice fairness, people are treated properly and you know and the society has got a piece on right order a very very big confession properly. People don't feel any pressure and justice. If that happens, that Islamic

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Okay, inshallah, let's take the next question from you Amina.

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And her question is can women travel alone?

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So you know, when we agreed the thing either, you know, the laws for the women

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Islam are not to deprive them of any good, or to stop them to attend from from attaining any things, which actually is beneficial for them. There's nothing like that, actually, Islam encourages women to attain all the goods on all the values of mankind.

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But sometime in certain society, women are oppressed, exploited, they are wronged. So when things like that happen, then Islam was to provide support for them. So they should get the all the values, but with the support, you know, but if they don't have the support, that they will have deployed to Islam, what encourages them to we must should not trigger further knowledge, you know, for the business or the trade for all those in the leg men do many things you cannot get at home, then you need to travel. Like many, many women, they want to travel to Middle East to study Arabic language or Islamic study or some for any other secular education, or foreign trade for business, they want

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to travel to Islam never want to stop the women from traveling. But in some societies, women are not respected. And some Edo doors incident can happen where women are a no, this honor, though, and something wrong happened, then in those cases is Islamic instruction, to get the help and support. So if the society is peaceful,

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and women are restricted, and the law are, you know, in place, then traveling of the women alone is not a problem. Like for example, I live in Oxford, and it was oh man in Oxford, she works in London, and she travels there every day, on her own, you know, by coach or by train or by car.

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We don't stop because generally in this country, people respect the women and traveling the women alone is safe, and the law can help the women. So if a society like that, then traveling on their own is not a problem. In the Middle East, for example, cases are not like that, in those still women actually, you know, sometimes they are harassed, sometimes there are cases even a harmony Sherry fine. So we actually advise the women when they go to Hajj and Umrah or anywhere, they make sure that they either they are accompanied by their male clothes related which we broke we call maharam or their husbands or some women, you know, there are women who are trustworthy and to give their

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together. You know, when they go to Harlem, you know, they stain hotel together, then they go to that of off together, then everything they go to the two together, then they will be more likely safe. The women are traveling

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in some other country like India, there's nurses, then I will say the women must be accompanied by a male in a man you know Mahara husband, someone like that, because there are so many stories and the cases, if people find that these are women alone, even if there's more women to three women are one is still they are not safe. So the whole at all the large leaves in this matter for the safety of the women, that are the profits and loss of said that no women should travel to their husband and mother. But when it is safe, he himself said, a time will come when a woman will travel from Iraq, in or near Iran from Persia, to harem, she will do tawaf alone, and she will have no fear of

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anything other than Allah. So when at times like that, when we will travel for Amara to Hijaz to Makkah Medina, without any fear. Yeah, then they can travel. And that's why some women ask, I shed a lot on her. Is it obligatory for the women to play with the Maha Shiva the time when just say for whom? She said, No? Do we all the women have Mahara and someone to travel? You know, they can sometimes women don't have somebody to travel with them. So they have to learn because it is safe. When we're not safe, then they must be careful.

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And share what

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a woman's parents or her husband does not give her permission to travel. Even if she wants to travel womanish brilliant.

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Yeah, no, this is so important. Well exam sometime could be the family dinner trust. So if they don't trust them, the women actually, you know, be careful, because sometimes you think it is safe. But the people of the house that no religion are safe, maybe they cannot explain to you everything. So we should not think in order to just,

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you know, taking away from them that their liberty or the freedom No, it could be actually their thinking for them sincerely, and the thinker did not say for them to travel. But anyway, men should not oppress the women, and they should not starve them unnecessarily. And if the women want to do something good, and they don't dare think it enough safer to Iran, then they should accompany them. In a Dalai Lama who said we want to cannot pray alone. They don't mean that we stopped the women, meaning that us should pray with them. Like you know, your daughter wants to

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Study in Egypt and yourself traveling her own on her own is not right, then you go with her. But this reasoning that you don't let her go on, you don't travel with her on the stuff that no amounts it. No, it must be loaded as well. And they should not stop them from traveling. Either they should let them go on their own if it is safe. And if it is not safe, then they should make a proper arrangement, someone who can go with them.

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Okay, that makes sense. She's okay. The next question is interesting. From Khalid Mia. His question is what is the ruling on going to non segregated weddings to keep family or friends? I think a follow up question with that is what classifies is not overrated. Because sometimes you have a wedding where it's mixed, but maybe the family stay within the table and the woman and men aren't maharam to each other, they don't mix. So does that classify as an interrogation aggregated? Is that allowed?

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thing really that? No, generally, you know, in wedding parties, you know, people dress well, so, and I think, you know, nobody got to force you to be mixed with the people. So if some men want to be alone, with other men, there are tables generally. And you can request and you can sit with those men. Or if there are some people sitting with their family, still you can sit in there sitting with their family and you can sit there you know, acciara people used to have party together. Even the professor laughs used to attend the party where the men or women eat together. And somebody asked normally kind of woman or eat with the other men she said he said yeah, the women and men always

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have been eating together. But it's some time people don't wear decent cloth you have to be a little bit from them you know, control your eyes you know that your test sorry because I think really in what is happening in the wedding party that what happens everywhere in this society. You know, if you go for shopping, it is same problem if you're traveling it is same problem. So you know this thing that you know sometimes women don't wear proper cloth that not only in the in wedding party everywhere is the same thing. You're probably in test all the time. So instead of leaving a wedding party for this reason, you know you should

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be controlling yourself find a place where you can protect yourself that is more important except in a somebody arlynn leader

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and he thinks that you know if he makes him stand and he you know, says to the people that you know if you do unnecessarily mixing or whether people don't wear proper cloth I will not attend and it will make a difference that they should do you know the Mavs a leader, they should teach people what, but ultimately also make a multi clear, I don't understand what people meaning by mixing. Guardino mixing does not necessarily mean that men and women together is a hot or something Haha, people do a mix interval as well. You know, people can mix on the way there you know, they're walking on the road and they are mixing to not order mixing urahara mixing basically means if they

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don't wear a proper cloth, there are no perfume on our direction and something like that. Or maybe dancing some women dance or men dance together something like that. Yeah, that you should be careful but if the women are women in our appropriate cloth properly dress and even if they sit on the same table together, I don't then a problem in that.

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Chef just to be clear then so for example, if there was a wedding where there was mixing and attentive dancing,

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where men and women don't think together and perfume and dressing up is this kind of not permissible to attend to that actually if it's very very mama leader, it should not end with a naughty mama leader. You know and you think really that you're not attending will not create a big problem then you should leave it leave for the minister sometime you know, the people who do this type of thing they are your elective and if you don't attend then they will not ruin your marriage and they will create a problem and we don't want people to cut the relationship so you can attend and make sure that you don't stay for longer time money you know, sit somewhere you know in the deferred on

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distance from the people cuz you don't want to buy a car the people because even our time so so much widespread. You can't do this. But if somehow you can make excuse or something like that that you know busy or something and that will not mind. Yeah, then it is fine to do it.

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Okay in sha Allah is looking for. Let's take a question from from the cheese one second from Ferguson. And this question is how do we judge the deen of a girl that we are going to

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To what extent are we allowed to compromise when it comes to selecting a girl

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in a thing really is the I will advise you don't look at the rich girl, look at your own religion. You know, men should be worried about their own religion or we shouldn't be worried about the order or religion. There's a much much better for the people. You know, if you start judging other people it create always problem, you know, they have your own religion. And then for the, you know, your partner who you want to marry man or woman, you know, ask a few things like one thing, you know, you don't mind if I follow my religion, you know, if they're happy that you follow your lead, that's fine, you know, to even the first time you know your wife or your husband, they don't follow the

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religion, but they are in order to you to follow. And their good character husband is someone who provides, you know, maintenance for the family. Even if you're not a pious person does not pray. Still, you can leave because if you've made the condition that in a umali can marry his mind was very pious and follow the religion and you only can marry a man who for Omen will follow all the reason then tell him early how many people can marry you know, less than 10% most will follow religion anyway. 90% don't pray, don't do anything the region. So do you want to read the people don't get married. So we can't make a rule like that. I'll say that you follow your religion and

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your five follow the whole religion. They know our lead us men do you know, but they should not interfere? If your wife stops you from prayer, then this problem or your husband stops you from the prayer that is the problem that you should ask that you know, maybe tell them that you know, I have not you know, questioning your religion, but I my way that I pray five times a day in the mosque and I fast faster. Do you have any problem with that? If they don't mind, and they let you practice your religion? I think that's a good person, you should marry people like that.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take a question from slotland

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and his question is my question is about musical instruments are some instruments like the death permissible in Islam but others are not.

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You know, Deaf basically means like, you know, disabled the UI be to this diet is the FA you buy something from both sides of the Pacific mahalo, you know, make a certain sound then if people say to the Haram or some people some kotahi me but if it's one one, do you want to side either like we have got over something and you only bit from one side, not the other side. So that what people some people allow

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somebody people allow all the musical instruments in their article allow that, but generally, I think it is better to avoid that, you know, and I have opinion, it is Nakuru could be makuta. For me.

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You know, there are some arguments for that and especially I think it

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in so much disturbers and, you know, waste your time.

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It is only entertainment, we did not lead with something good. You know, sometimes you have entertainment. And after that we're fresh, and you become more serious working. But I don't typically you know, listening to the music and of playing the music can make you you know, to become more active or more fresh. I that I might thinking maybe I'm wrong, great. So, if entertainment does not, you know, bring any recreation in you does not make you more active. Why that waste of time?

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Okay, let's go to the next question. Unfortunately, I do not understand this question completely. But maybe you do. Can you please elaborate and even Tamia is notion of detriment and benefit, ie some harm needs to happen only if greater benefit comes about.

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But that's not even a thing. Yeah. Okay. This thing is always from very beginning in Islam, that you know,

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if this is something Haram, and to Hurrah maybe, and one haram can have some benefit, and other does not have that benefit. Sometimes we choose the Haram which has some benefits, kind of bring something good. So that there can happen even the Quran has made it very clear that you know, Muslims are not allowed to drink wine, or eat pig.

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But if somebody's dying out of hunger, out of thirst, and then don't water other than wine, and then no food other than the pivot. So then just think really not eating is more harmful than eating. If you eat too hot up too hot, you got sin, but you can live and then you can pray you can fast you can do all the words. But if you don't eat Haram, your word haram but then you go to die then you

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Other obligation, nothing can be done. So we compare between both of them. And we fought, we fought about that, yeah, you know, when a situation like that happens, you have no food other than her then eat, you know either much of which can give you life and drink either much we can give you some life. And then after that look for the Hello,

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the same thing you know, in every other matter really when you have two choices, you know, one is more evil than the other two, we always say the goal for the less evil. So, you know, similarly, for example, a state, you know, which is not very good, the ruler is not very good, did not play it or not fast. But what happens is he allowed the people to play established the madrasa and the schools, and he brings peace in order in the society, and he defend the country very well. You know, then obvious considerably this person is a bad person. But because a famous so many good comes, other people can follow the good. So people like that we don't allow people to rebuild. Because if you

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rebuild, what will come next actually could be more harmful. an upward curve can bring disorder in the society. So as long as the ruler case, order Iran piece into society, even if you're not a pious person, but he led the people to become pious, he allows people to pray are far You know, do the things. So mind like that, even if he's not ideal is still we can refer so that a general rule in the life, you know, not only in this state anywhere, when you have two choices on both are evil. See, which one is the less lesser, less evil? Follow that.

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The next question is quite interesting. And this is it splits up into two messages. So say the next one afterwards, is the most destined or is it to just is it just to do with the actions of individuals? If it is a choice, and people can control and choose? It would mean that we can control when or who we marry? If it is destined, then why do we end up in a marriage which is not meant to last?

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No, you have questions or career industry? And the question thing is everything distilled. But still you have choice. You know, you want to eat food. In Destin, you can't eat food, which Allah did not know which Allah did not allow you. He can't go beyond our last kingdom, where still you choose it. Anything that you do today? Well you talk now you're asking this question. This asking this question distant Allah subhanaw taala has written already that you want to ask this question, but it's still your choice whether to ask not to ask you know this, if you do not ask, I remember the last time you asked me that, you know, you want to have a discussion, because you missed a class or I said to you,

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you know when the question session happened, I asked and now you asked, don't you see you have choice.

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So, this is another matter really people don't understand what that means. Other it means that it means what Allah does not what you do.

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You are not responsible for one a lot of others a lot action. Everything Fabiola. You are responsible for what you do but at the same time we are given a choice to winning up to a choice between two things to obey when not obey Him. If we OBEY Him you get reward if you disobey Him or punishment sin if you choose something good it is good for you if some key chunk from the evil in word for you but what you want to choose what you want to do that all destiny for Mandela that he does, so don't mix between two things or later on. Either he does whatever he like. But Allah also ala a commander, either commander he commands you must obey Him. to all of us. Look when water Look,

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don't look what a lawyer does. Look what a law commands. Simple matter. Allah commands a tweet Hello, then go for holla you know, Allah commands are to play, then go further. If you don't pray, just disobeyed to Allah to each other here written down that you know you will not pray, but he will not be happy with you. But when you pray that other by him you happy. So you don't don't worry what Allah does, because that he knows how to do it. We don't know. We listen to his command. If he commands it means we have choice to do or not to do same thing divorce

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and lamotta harriton you know, people are back to us. Sometimes people divorce wrongly sometimes justly, sometimes could be a problem husband wife, and they cannot live together. Then they should separated. Sometime husband is wrong. And he divorce for one reason. Sometimes the woman is asked for divorce for wrong reason. And sometimes it could be good reason. The Daily question that they have judgment if they're choosing for good or bad, but whatever their chosen, it is written it is destination destiny for Amanda, what Allah did

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in a unanimous question about that, but what you do is you will be questioned, the man divorces his wife wrongly and want to hurt her. He will be questioned and he will get punishment if a wife for her husband

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to divorce her wrongly, for no reason, she will question and she'll be accountable in the Day of Judgment. Anybody who wrongs they will be accountable anybody who does good thing, they will see it for answer they know any smallest. Well, you know, part of good or bad you do, you will see it, nothing misses you too Don't worry about destiny, or where the worry about and just find out what What luck amounts. Were luck, a monster you always have to choice whether to obey Him and not obey you never forces. If you obey Him, you get reward, he become happy. If you don't obey Him, He will not be happy with you that what he had made the law. So that like Koran came that revelation came

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that all the prophets that my suggestion, there, I will teach you, but we don't know the other. We have no idea what other will be. I'm teaching here it is other. But I don't know. I am coming here because I think my duty, I don't come because I read in a law book. It is distinct for me or not. No, I don't read any book of Allah. Allah never tells me I only do because I think it is my responsibility. When I go for the prayer is not that I look in the book of Allah is a destiny for me to pray or not know, I pray because Allah commands always look at our last commands. Don't look what Allah has written because that you never can know.

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Exactly. And just quickly, one last question. And this is a follow up question from the previous question about segregation, non segregation. When you mentioned about the during the time of the progress a lot SLM men and women will be eating together. Zainab is asking when you say that men and women were eating together, does it mean that they were socializing or just engaging in the act of eating,

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you know, when they they are pious people mortise people, when they sit together, the talk is something How are you something like that, you know, your family, your children or something like that. They know the limits their boundaries, but when people exceed the limit, that will hurt them. So if people start talking men or women to each other, and they are not married, out of desire, and they enjoy that, yeah, that would be something disliked, or sometime could be Haram. So that you have to understand too many women get it together, they can sit together, they can talk together, they can, you know, work together, you know, there can be so many together they can do together,

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they can do so many activities, as long as they don't understand the limits and boundaries. But when the desire comes along the desire comes, then this can become a crew and sometimes it can become Haram, then you need to repent or you need to leave that that, that what you need to do. So that a very important understand that we don't stop people from meeting each other. But what we say understand your limits, don't never never exceed the limit is a desire comes even between Muharram

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if a son talk to his wife, his mother with a desire,

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the mother and a son always lived together, they travel together but there are cases when there are in wrong relation between son and mother, sometime between a brother and a sister. to her. It when desire comes even a mother close relative, it can become harder. So people have to be careful actually, whenever you together, be together, talk together, don't exceed the limit. Understand your limits and boundaries properly and follow that and if you exceed the limit Allah know that it will have no Baraka until you repent and door of repentance are open for the people.

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Okay, just talking. I think that will have to be it for today. Just like my phone everyone for joining us and for Chicago for joining us and giving us this time. We will end it there inshallah. But just a quick announcement.

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As many of you know, I do mention this at the end of every session, but just one last announcement and maybe one next week. And that is if anyone who is maybe new to our Q and A's are new to SLM Institute chef welcome is the principal and co founder of SLM Institute. Applications for Islamic scholarship programs I've finished are ending in just over a week. So anyone who wants to better understand Islam better understand their obligations and how to fulfill them properly. Who wants to become close to the Quran by learning the Arabic language. The foundation in classical Arabic and Islamic Sciences is tailored for students of Islamic knowledge who are just beginning their journey

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in the world of the sacred sciences. So this course provides a solid foundation in Islamic scholarship through part time study with qualified teachers, including chef icon nadwi. So anyone who is interested and maybe they cannot commit to full time studies, maybe they're working full time, maybe they're a full time mother, or maybe they're studying a stem Institute is a place for you. I myself, I studied with SRM Institute in 2016 and it was the best decision ever. So anyone who's

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interested please head to the URL under this screen, and this is forward slash Islamic hyphen studies. Other than that, apologies for any questions we didn't get. We will try and answer the next weekend Sharma said