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AI: Summary © The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone, including avoiding sinning and social events. It is important for everyone to avoid mixing the crowd and avoid mixing the crowd, as it can lead to impatient behavior. It is important to pay attention to timing of payment and avoid confusion, and to avoid accusations of fraud and major sin. It is also important to provide family support and avoid touching one's body and not giving gifts. It is also important to avoid touching one's body in public and not touching their body in public.
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Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone. Welcome back to our weekly q&a, which I'm not doing every Thursday 6pm BST. I know we've had a two week break or Chicago was away. I know many students have been waiting for the q&a. So I hope you all have your questions ready, or you can just send them in the comments below wherever you're watching. We are currently live on Facebook on our YouTube channel and our Twitter so wherever you're watching from please just comment below the video. In this case on Twitter, just I guess tweet below the video and it should come up in Sharla. We can try and we can try and answer it.

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Without further ado, let's go to the first question

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which is from very high Idris. How does how to stay on tober I make Toba that I will never do that particular sin again by keeps on breaking. How do I attain sincere repentance?

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Listen lawyer,

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lawyer bill oil Amina was laid out was Salam ala rasulillah Muhammad

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Ali, he was Harvey mine.

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So you know this your question is a very important question. And actually,

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it is not only the question from you, many people have a similar questions that they repent. They do Stober, but they can't remain firm.

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So, the way to that is to remember Allah subhanaw taala we know his rewards and his punishment. And to think that if I die under since you know how I will be raised in the Day of Judgment, to keep thinking about that, you know, all the time

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remembering Allah subhanaw taala and second thing is some time what can be helpful for the people is to make a penalty on yourself to for example, if you can say that if I do this again, you know, I don't know how important that scene how big sometime Could it be that you say if I do it again, I'll pay

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10 pounds in charity, if it is something big, you think 10 pounds will have to stop then make 50 pounds 100 pounds. And as soon as you do that sin pay that don't delay due immediately very often the money can you stop people from you know from breaking the repentance on the covenant. So that could be one thing could be a very helpful inshallah thought and also making making $1 and lasting one has to remember that eyes you don't stop from sinning. Don't start from repentance.

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You know, whatever your sins are. They're nothing compared to Allah forgiveness. If you sin, then repent again. You know, don't sin, but if you sin, then don't stop there. You have to stop Toba that repent. You know, Dennis stop. So it all around, but that Shantanu comment will tell you, you know, there's no trust in your tobei to use less than this and that lift over. No, don't do this. Never leave with Toba. When you do sin, then repent and do Toba again, then again, sin again tober. But never stopped overtopping or keep repenting all the time. So hopefully inshallah, Allah will help you and it will be easier for you to stop sinning.

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He's okay, for sure. Just a quick question. Following up from that, I guess many people be in a position where sometimes if they're repeating the same sin, they will do this in with the intention of Okay, I'll repent afterwards. Is it right to say that if you're repeating the same sin, you're

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hardening your heart in the sense that you're always just less sincere?

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And to think that I will sin because I repent again, this is not right. Because it could be that you die while sinning. You do. Nobody knows when you were to die. And you don't know really, if you can get tofield from Allah to repent. So people should not do that. Anyway, human being or human being their week of shutdown can come and sometimes people can't break their tober. So whenever you break, Toba, do it again, simple matter and you

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If you can think of an article help you then do that, you know that will be and so that is always helpful Anyway, when you do sign up, then the sins are forgiven, you know very quickly, to give them with other partners also playing the Jummah prayer in the Jamaat that can go and free you from sins to all these good deals, reading the Quran ticker embedding Aleister for Toba prayer so that charity or these things will be helpful inshallah, for the sins to be forgiven.

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Okay, inshallah, let's, let's go to the next question from Junaid Raja, I know you you may have touched on this topic in another week, is one allowed to attend Anika a family gathering or any event where men and women are not segregated and some women are not wearing hijab.

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Nothing in our time, you know, these gatherings are very common, and we're part of the family of friends. So you cannot, you know,

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stop attending all these

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ceremonies because you notice you're part of society. But I don't think anybody forces you

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to mix it the people know who you think, you know, in order for you to sit, you know, in the wedding party, there are so many tables, you can sit on a table, which is better for you. So, and I don't think that in the wedding party, you will have a more

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you know,

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problem for your eye than any other gathering if you go to a shop or to go in a park or anywhere that all of us people who are you know not in in the dress that

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stops you from looking. So, just is all the time

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I will not advise people that to stop putting the wedding party because wedding parties are socially very important social equity people should participate especially the family members and and friends but you still you can protect yourself that you cannot protect it you know when you are that in there gathering is still you got to protect yourself initial

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Okay, just let's go to idea should I pay zakat

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the 2.5% or more for the money I received from selling our inherited property immediately or after or after a year.

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Yeah, the the property if it was a land or house or something like that, then certainly you know it had nosaka to once you sell them now become impatient. So the path will be obligatory on the cash, but not immediately after one year, once the year has passed on that cash, then you are you if you have brings a cart and other it already things apart, you know, then this will be added to other things for that. But if you have got already 10,000 parts or account, now is sort of silly property of inherited. And so it will be added to that. You don't need to wait for one year if you want to one day, if you sell the property one day before you're going to produce a cart of other things, you

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have to add this add value to people not understand not for every single thing you need to pass on the one year, it is only when the car is not obligated upon you at all, then you need to wait for one year but is the classic over the good upon you. You paint a cut anyway. So Meanwhile, whatever new tisski coming, you have to keep adding and you pay in that time when the inner you want to pay the cutter for that. You don't have to wait for a one year on this new income.

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And just a follow up question if someone has a fixed date that they were going to pay this or get on. But for example, like in this case, you receive money from selling a property a day before or two days before is it wrong for them to maybe move the date that they were planning on things like that so that they can maybe delay delay paying it after a year maybe

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Nanos gotta be paid on the year or not you're dealing you can't delay the philosophy or UPS apart on the first of Ramadan to the next year. First of Ramadan. You can't delete you know to the

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parent or when is the cause obligatory you cannot delete if that day is still you have enough money to you have to pay for all the income that you've got not only you know what you have got to for one year know it all the income to go up under your delay will not mean anything. Even if you pay the cost on the 2010 Ramadan, you will have to pay on the money that you own on the first of Ramadan. Even

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If you make use the cart earlier for the 15th or shabaan, 15 days before the first of Ramadan, you have to pay the card what you want to own on the force of Ramadan? Not on the 15th of Chava because that is your year

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and does it have to be according to this lambing calendar? Yeah, it must be a cactus like you know the all the years in Islam matters you do not condone Islamic Kannada.

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Okay, she's okay. Let's take question from a hurry. I think she worded the question wrong. So I'm going to assume she's asking is it permissible to migrate to a non Muslim country from a Muslim country

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and now, his alarm

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is strange anywhere. Whether you're a Muslim country or non Muslim country, it is same thing. I'm actually some time you know, non Muslim countries are better in Islamic and if you are in UK, you are more able to act upon Islam and you are more free compared to many many Muslim countries. So it is not a tie for the hedgerows or migration you know, wherever people are paying in economy and for them to stay some type of other job for the money for any reason. Wherever stay, make effort to you know, practice Islam as best as possible. So in our time really we don't have anything like a Muslim country or non Muslim country adorable Islam.

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All the word is same, we call it the dhaba all the word is dhaba wherever you are, remain as die. Everybody salon and America for to call other people to Islam in a right way that allowed for you.

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Okay, inshallah, let's take another question

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from Maria sama. What is a big sin and what is a small thing? And is there a difference between the two?

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Yeah, I know there's a difference between the big Cynthia will call major sin or between the minor sins minor sins are forgiven without Toba? You know if you do or do your minor sins are forgiven if you go for the prayer to the most your minor sins are forgiven if you help someone your minor sister forgive his mind for a Muslim, your minor sins are forgiven the minor since give you know forgiving after pay after Voodoo after good deeds after sadaqa without repentance, major sincere they need repentance. What are the major sins the major sins, the automation, the Quran, and also many hudy major sins are like Xena, you know, adultery,

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you know, illegal relation between men and women. You know, stealing. That's a dirty the major sin killing someone. backbiting lying. These are measures of cheating.

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You know, these are major, major sins. So I'm wrong you know, false oath that say deceiving people. So these things when they happen or start taking somebody's money, you know that

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if your sins are involved with the people like me steal somebody the money or you beg, borrow someone, then it obligated to ask that person to forgive you, or repent or you turn the money and then ask Allah to forgive you by any the major since they must have repented, you must ask Allah to forgive you. And if it is involved any human being, you have to ask that person also to forgive you. And and be sincere and make a effort not to do it again. Minor since

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they are forgiven by the players by but if people keep insisting on minor says they become major. So don't insist if you haven't, by chance, Allah will forgive but if you keep making intention to do minor sins, you don't care. So that can make it bigger, you know, major sin.

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Okay, just

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just quickly for anyone asking any questions, please don't keep it too long. Otherwise, the question gets split up for me and I can't put it on the screen. And also just double check the wedding because a lot of them there's mistakes and I can't read the question properly. Let's take question from tanzeem. many preachers say that a woman can't go to see her sick parents without her husband permission. But if a husband stops his wife from without any valid reason, while the wife be sinful for visiting her parents,

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husband had reason to stop people to see their parents. What has been has, you know right, not to allow if the house without the husband Center has a house that belonged to the husband it belongs to the both of them or belongs to wife. But if the house is owned by

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Husband, he the Absolute Owner, and wife did not have any right in the in the house.

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She's living there because she's his wife, I'm here to provide accommodation, then she cannot allow anybody in the house without her husband's permission. But her husband cannot make her to meet her the, to her, meet her parents or see them, you know, especially if they live in the same place, as a dirty they she has no right to do that with all of us. If the parent come and the husband does not allow, though America Come on the door, mirror them there and husband cannot stop. And actually this is a very mere character to stop people from meeting their

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parents. So nobody allowed to stop anybody from meeting the parents.

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Okay, let's take a question from a flower chattery What does it mean to be responsible for people, for example, your sisters, if they are independent, have their own jobs and houses, what does one need to do? If anything,

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you know, people

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foster responses, people have got, you know, their wives,

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you know, wife has the right upon you, even if she's rich. For example, if your wife earns more than you, she's a millionaire you know, 100,000 pounds a month on you will earn 1000 pound a month is still her accommodation, on her expenses are obligatory upon you put a must to provide in all the basic news of the wife's accommodation expensive, either maintenance, medical treatment, with all due under husband, even a device rich. So her right upon the people is a much more than anyone else. You know, so I similarly, the children, you know, in many, many ways before they become adult, your parents, you have to provide them, if they are poor, if they are not received, if they're richer,

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then you don't need to provide provide them, you know, anything.

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And then you can be shared by other children, you know, are your brothers and sisters,

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your brothers sisters, you don't have that duty to spend money upon them, you know, it is not very close, actually your brother sisters, you can pay the car to them. You cannot pay the car to your parent, you cannot pay as a car to your wife and your children because they have right upon you anyway, but your brothers and sisters, they don't have right upon you in that say. So if sometimes, if they're poor, you can pick up if they're rich, the new duty unit may say, you know what is in all the society that you can do some time gift, you know, people give a gift to rich people as well, to have good relations, you can give gift, but then no obligation. But they also have to give gift, you

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know, to it a mutual you know, thing, but there's no duty on anyone to pay any money to his sister, or, you know, he's about other iserlohn as they are, you know, doing a well. And then only if they're poor, then you can pay the car or if you can afford if cannot afford the no no obligation. If you think your money you know, what you spend on your wife and parenting is too much you cannot afford anybody else that there no obligation upon you to pay any money for your brothers and sisters. It was only when you have no spare money then y'all should really people should help each other. But that is not is obligatory if parent and children have to understand why if they are

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richer than that no obligation at all.

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Okay, just a quick shift.

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Do you think it is quite satisfying? Are you you have something else in mind? This what I understood? Do I answer the question?

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Oh, keep an eye out. Look for?

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Is he happy or not with the answer? For those who aren't aware also that luck is our Arabic teacher. I said I'm into 200 ala. Let's take a question from gadamer if a non Muslim woman has a loving husband and children that she has to divorce her non Muslim husband when she becomes a Muslim, and this if so that she needs to do this before her public Shahada afterwards?

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No, okay. I don't advise people when they become Muslim, to leave their family. no remainder because it creates more more problem we are not in in a condition that we can arrange any alternative. You know, we are more similar to the conditions homelessness in America, in America has been used to become Muslim or white becomes and the prophets are now separated between them. If you make people to separate after Islam, many people will not accept Islam. They want to stay with their family. So I will never advise anybody to leave their husband or wife after Islam. You know be with them and making making effort and good diver

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Listen, you know, people force you that, you know, they don't like you, they hate you and you have choice to leave the house better, but generally, we don't advise people to leave their husband or wife after becoming Muslim.

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So chef, just a follow up from this, then

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you can you clarify whether it's permissible then for a Muslim woman to marry a non Muslim man. And if so, I mean, if it's not then is the in this case is a non Muslim woman not kind of entering Islam in a state of sin.

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If somebody is not married, and they want to marry, then they have choice, then there no reason for a Muslim woman to marry in Amazonia. But if both were non Muslims, and one on the Y became Muslim, then this different matter, because you know, they showed each other, the separation between both of them will create more problem in our children and in also many things. So that's different don't make both to same thing. When you have tried initial choice initially to marry. I said no to marry, you know, non Muslim.

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Let's take a question from brother Pfizer, Ahmed. I'll take it off the screen since it's quite big. But are we down Sharla I said, I want to come chef, I am going through difficulty through a difficult time. My mom who has a cancer patient, for the last five months, she had treatment and was stable for two or three months. But last week, we had the sad news from my doctors that her cancer had spread to her lungs. And she may live only for a few days. Felicia, could you give advice to make it easy for us and strengthen our patience?

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Yeah, no, certainly it is a very difficult I really, you know, people, you know, when they have a news like that It disturbs everybody. And people cannot, you know, live in peace. But this is the life really, in one day, everybody has to leave. So when I think really that, you know, if it happened to me myself, what I'll do is I went to my mother I'm upset by it can happen to anybody to me or to anybody. And we are not going after the death to someone who is a cruel or not lagging way to our Lord Allah subhanaw taala he's the one who has given you know, the illness and disease, to don't lose any hope, one day, everybody will die, nobody want to stay here forever. So in this case,

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you know, make sure that your mother

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can pray all the prayers properly, if she can do it, she doesn't she's not able to understand anything, then in a given sadaqa for every player in a certified fitrah which could be nearly five pounds or something like that, for every prayer you spend, ask her to repent and to, you know, to ask Allah to forgive, forgive her

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debt upon her, pay the debt, you know, and make her a note to leave this world you know, as clean as possible. So, you know, this is what you can do, you know, be near her. And, you know, make sure also that when the last moment of the life comes, you know, you say Shahada, and she repeats once she has said, then don't repeat again, because what we want people is to die on the Shahada en la ilaha illa Allah, so and also when these illness happen, they're very severe. to people who die in that one with the Saba and patients. They become like Shahid, they get the reward of, you know, Shahada and lazada for all their sins and become clean. So never lose the hope. You know, this world

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really, to get success to people can get success in the illness. You know, also hotel can reward them sober is one of the key thing for the success. Be patient. Don't compare las hautala and make effort to do everything by the best as possible.

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Just not going to host you. I guess can every if everyone can please keep for the Pfizer's mother and they do as well I give her she fat. Um, and May Allah take her whenever is the best time for her inshallah, let's take a question from

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for us

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is giving fetter on food? Correct? Does reading the Koran and asking for the web to go to someone who has passed away correct or not?

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Given what given?

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I'm not really sure. I think he's mentioned in a previous question, but I think it's

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maybe you'll have to comment again shala

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I understand you know, when you know, you don't need to read it on the on the on the folder. And when somebody dies, you just need to or so that you don't transfer your reverse to anybody. Do you read the Quran you get rewarded after reading the Quran, you can move on

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Do prayers and you may withdraw. But you can't ask Allah to transfer your rewards to someone else because this reverse can be transferred. Except charity if you do charity for I on behalf of someone, so the car that reaches them

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to do charity and things like that, that will be helpful for other people for other people Sharla

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inshallah, let's take a question from an acre

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if a woman lives in a hot and humid climates were wearing two layers of clothes is really painful and uncomfortable can a woman wear hijab only without having her house clothes on underneath?

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Yeah, that does no harm in that you know nobody says that. You must have so many clothes on your body but you must cover that what the news Really? So when do people go outside they will have job and covering you know that in that fun? Either longer you know nothing off your body should be shown. That's fine.

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Okay, let's take a question from

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Can we raise our hands to make aka solo I heard it's an innovation

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more in the prayer you know draw can be done without raising the hand. It can be done by raising the hand there are so many Hadees where the professor's or raise the hand into oils and compels you to raise so there is nothing behind this one nothing innovation. You know God insists on one where some time raise your hand some time Don't raise your hand. You know you can do both ways.

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Okay, let's maybe try and take one or two more questions.

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Okay, let's take a question from Mohammed. When we give zeca all sentifi to a person should we tell them whether it's yourself I was like No, you don't need to steal anything because the person who is qualified to receive the card it doesn't matter to him because once he received his normal money he can eat he can drink from that he can give gift from that he can even invite you you pay the car to someone and he and then they have a party and invite you you can go and eat and then no harm no harm upon you because that money because normal like you know what's the professor lawless alum came to his house and ask his wife is there anything to eat there's nothing by Sir by can hear there's

00:27:31--> 00:28:05

something on the you know are being cooked so this idea something between being called buried in there not refer you it is so the car somebody gave to Berea the slave girl to death before you to the professor nor does that offer burrito but a gift for us. Nobody has received she can feed anybody no more sort of tougher for for us. So you have to understand it once you give the parts of the car to someone you do because normal money nothing that they can invite anybody. You don't need to tell anybody that you take money from god

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Okay, just just quickly for Brother Mohammed we ask this question. I know you had another question. If you can ask it next week inshallah, but maybe keep it more concise. We can try and get back to inshallah, I think that we will leave this at that inshallah. And take any more questions.

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Next week. sincere apologies for any questions that we did not have a chance to answer in Sharla please keep them maybe send them on our social media so I can keep up next week in sha Allah.

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And do tune in Thursday 6pm sharp edges amplifier to ship icon for giving us this time and is up no fine everyone else for joining us. Just a few quick announcements if you can save for one more minute. For those who don't know we SLM Institute of part time assigning scholarship programs.

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