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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a with Chef Akram nadwi On every Thursday at 6pm GMT. Before we begin a brief announcement as as some of you might know on, we will be hosting a new two day short course titled The double in pursuit of the Quran on the fifth of March and 12th of March, which will aim to explore the meaning and methodology of contemplating the Quran ahead of Ramadan delivered by none other than our esteemed chef Akram nadwi. Details are on the ASI website and I'll post the link for sign up in the comments as well. So just on this, tomorrow is the last day for the

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early bird discount. So do sign up in sha Allah Just thought I'd flag that and with that, let's begin in sha Allah so the first question that we have today chef is

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someone says what do I tell my feminist friend who feels the Quran doesn't speak to her? She can't relate to it.

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Um Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim.

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You know, the one thing that people have to understand actually is that when Quran says it is book of Allah subhanaw taala, then our responsibility is to find out whether it is book of Allah or not.

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If it is the book of Allah subhanaw taala it has been sent

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to the messenger and the messenger has conveyed the message properly, then the duty of the old human being not only the believers, or duty of the old human being is to make effort to understand and to make their position about every matter in the world, in the light of the book, because you guys are cut, nobody knows what we are, who we are, how we should be have more than God himself, because he's the one who created us. And he's the one who actually who will make people to Return to Paradise or hellfire. So this is very important to understand. The Quran Quran should be understood from the angle of Allah subhanaw taala what he wants to teach us, there is not that what we want to learn

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from the Quran. This is never right, because you know, if it is how you do so then basically, you never can relate yourself to anything anything. Because if you live in in UK, and you want to understand the laws of this country, it will not be all the time satisfying you, there are many minutes this will be it not right from your angle, from your perspective. You know, if you save Indian laws, they will not care to make everybody happy. Go anywhere in the world. Nothing can make a river timetables or the aeroplanes, timetables or the trends they can't make everybody happy? Actually, you got to make everybody happy to think really that in how your brothers or your sisters

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how your family feels about you? Or is everybody happy? do you exactly do what everybody wants from you? Nobody can do. So the criteria should not be that the Quran teacher that's what I want. Because if Quran teaches what everybody wants, it will be many, many volumes, huge book, you know, men who wants something else, we will want something else. What people want something else, black people want something else in the N word from the Quran something well, people up this century want something else, people in the past wanted something else. If this word Quran is really to respond to what people want, they never can be a book of guidance. The Quran teaches you what God wants to do

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what we need to understand, but at the same time since we know that Allah is just he never does something injustice. So he has created the men and women. So he must be just unfair to everybody. Yeah, that's important to understand. The God is merciful. He's kind, he just, he never can justice. So now when you read the Quran, find out really is there any verse of the Quran, which teaches injustice?

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We say don't do justice to the women. We say don't be fair to the women directly all the time keep saying be fair, Quran kissing you know, fear Allah about the women, Quran or let's say justice, a better Quran always say men should be kind over the women. Quran always mix like the Quran actually disagree. All the responsibilities put on the on the men, women actually have very lighter responsibility in the Quran. So all the time you concern the profits or loss of the messenger. The people read the Quran I from the angle of Allah. And Luke No, really, he they are merciful. And just the women should be the first to be happy. I remember once I read to one of the Christian priests,

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you know, a long time ago actually he died who don't read a book. He said if I didn't I didn't know that this book is from God revealed to Muhammad. I would thought this book written by a woman because all the time if

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I think the women their rights, and you know this, how the bouquet if you look in the Quran, in the problem is many, many Muslim women are feminists in their understanding of the Quran and the Quran, their understanding of the Quran from the Muslim society. So don't ignore it from society become Muslim society has been corrupted. There have been many many wrong idea the Muslim society that read the Quran has your friend read the Quran, ask her to read the Quran from beginning to the end, and then make sense of the Quran. It will you will be happy because your book but when you take it out of the Quran from the people, they misinterpret to go to the Quran directly inshallah

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just upload later and share. The next question is, Chef where can I learn Islamic finance from

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the thing that you know Islamic finance, if you want to learn ICTs, then the source of debt in the Quran itself, there are many, many verses about that. And then the Hadith of the person, Lord Islam and they are put very nicely in write chapters in Bukhari Muslim, and all those books, you know, where the book of buying and selling all the thing but in theory, you can learn so many things about that. And also you can read the people in the past day wrote about

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money in Islam lucky tabula more by the people in the past, they wrote, If wrote, read those things, then you will be fine. But if you read people who are more than that, what actually happening, they take ideas from the west. And they just put Islamic title there in Islamic names. It has stemmed to Western Western capitalism, in Islamic finance, basically, now it's just Western capitalism. Nothing, nothing more than that. The Islamic dream to come to support capitalism and support the idea that the banking

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the way the money is accumulated in the hands of people. Islam never came, at least the love supporter, we got people, poor people at the society in order to get some money, but the way, the ways Islamic finance now is your support supports rich people in the rich people. So if you want to understand Islam, I did read the book of Allah, the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and the books written in the past by the Elgin scholars.

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Just at the Law Center, and Chef, the next question is by Feriha, who asks, how to do the ticker with full horseshoe and concentration? I do might this be daily, but I can't completely focus on my ticker.

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You know, focusing in effort, you know, you have to make effort and then your mind goes somewhere else, don't bring it back. There, we're focusing like you focus on many things in this one, and how important something is that how will be your focus? Do you have to understand the importance of the motor? You know, if, for example, if I was on a path full of the thorns and dangers, they will be very, very cautious all the time, you know, thinking, so it depends really how your mind is. The mind only becomes attentive when people force it. So you have to fall it's not a matter of one day or two days. It all that I forcing thinking about blossom, Hautala wherever all the things really

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all the favorites are from him. You know, all the things that I do just because of power. If you did not help, nothing can happen in everything. I do his nose, too, if you you know, keep in mind a loving kindness, a lot of love, a lot of power and a lot of knowledge in Charlotte and shouldn't be there.

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Sinhala Hideki chef, next question is, how far down? Does the headscarf have to go? Is it just the neck area or up to the waist?

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The scarf basically is covering the head. And then what is left, cover the chest. You know, because the people who were the people are button there's that what should be not up to the west, or something just This is enough. And then we'll go outside put on the Bob Muller Bob is covering your panties, when you go outside should cover that. That's all though you don't need to have a very, very long scarf, but it should cover your head and also your neck or your chest

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look a little clearer and share. The next question is by four ad who said Why were the caliphs more aware and his son years eat controversial and mostly disliked figures.

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I cannot do the record long history. I don't think I'll be able to explain to you so much because politics comes the hatred comes rapidly concerned people a problem more over the long run who

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you know he's he really remained a fairly fundamental and removed me for 20 years. Undisputed Baker Hassan Ali the son of Ali, he surrendered and he gave

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his right to mafia to he became you know Khalifa on whom everybody agreed

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but not a problem really. And then his son has become philosopher, and in his time of the Sun or the law was killed because Shaheed and that is actually no doubt very bad thing that happened his time since that there are Muslims divided and many groups and she had and this and that, and many stories have been invented. The long history is certainly some people hate it. But some people love more of your weekly rehearsal. Gemma we are in between. We think we know his hobby, too. We respect him. But in the battle between him and Ollie, we believe that Oliver the more writer he was not right. By stellar, we don't cut him because he did it hard. I still had a good reward. But Yazidi certainly

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were wrong. And Ali was right, we support him. May Allah be pleased with him. But this is history, we don't need to discuss so much because there's no benefit in that. So the best thing is to ignore that because whenever you say something, somebody will oppose you to unnecessarily fighting, an argument will start.

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Okay, does apply fair and shift? Another question by for add, is that what other rulings on lowering lowering one's gaze? What if my teacher is a woman

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people don't understand it did not lower your gaze really, it is to control person meaning either, like an overuse when a man sees a woman. So if you get the desire, he should not

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turn his eyes on the place or the beauty and attraction where some people can be attracted to women's affairs, some people can be attracted to the bike or bottom or just anything to whatever attracts you. You have to control your eye and don't try it again. Again, that all meaning but if some people have, you know, don't feel anything, that's fine. They don't need to press and your teachers, you know, generally you have to read it. So you have to look at their face, you have to understand what they say. Unless you really feel a desire for for her, then to judge, then you have to be very careful about this matter. We have no desire under your eyes don't turn to the place of

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duty or beauty. Rather than just you want to understand love the fun. The problem is actually this, that if people turn their eyes to the place which attracts them, then it will be haram unlawful, they have to turn from there.

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If there's not action, and people don't enjoy that don't feel any desire, then there's no harm to you know, to talk nobody

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does that global leadership. The next question is

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Salam che how often we should think we're sinful. That's why Allah doesn't doesn't give what we pray for and have to, and we have to wait longer is it correct to think like this. Also, hotel always gives you notice and not right to say? Yeah, certainly we have to think that we don't have worship enough. And even when we worship Him, we do mistakes. So that's very good that Allah subhanaw taala loves people when they're humble.

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To never become a robot never three have done enough. studies don't just we never can do enough, really.

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We will cannot thank you for the eye that he has given us, for the mind that he has given us. For Iman that you've given us can't thank you for anything. So keep doing that like bother, keep thinking that we are sinful. I'd love to whatever elevator but door he accept from anybody, even from coffee. He's in the Quran that prefer when they're in danger, they asked me, I listened to them. And then after that, they're gonna forget me, even on a believer, see, he listened. He listened to everybody. So don't worry, sometimes, the way he accepts, you don't understand. But later on, you'll find that he accepted your job, but you were not aware of that. So he knows how to

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that glow cleaner ship. The next question is by Osama who asks, what is the wisdom behind the repetition of many stories in the Quran? For example, the story of Musa alayhis salam, or the people of know Haile Salam is that the mode which are repeated numerous times across the Quran, yeah, but you know, I taught so many courses on this, I think you know, you should go because if I keep saying all those things, and as I wrote something about that, so the stories which are repeating the Quran are there for a purpose in their surah and there are repeats, you don't, don't feel repeated. So it can connect very, very nicely to people who read it that never can easily find out. So read the

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Quran, you will find that there in that place. YT repeat now has announced the course about

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if you come to that course, it will help you to understand really how the Quran does how Quran read the story, and how to eat contemplate and go deeper. Because this thing I can't tell you because it needs example, the winning example there I'll tell you that why you know to not repeat it. It always comes for a purpose in that place.

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Just absolutely to show the next question is

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It's by Omar who asks is the Hadith about getting reward of Hajj and Umrah by sitting after fajr and praying to raka after sunrise reliable

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not inaccurate is a very weak this actually the truth is it is not about people think there's a salata with the name of Iraq. So people think if after five you remain in your place,

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Sunrise enough, like 1020 minutes after Sunday then you pray to recover. So you get reward for hygiene ombre and you've pray to more regarding all your needs during the day are accepted. There are people think firstly, I'm hearing that no sooner to sit after the fire. If you read the books of Buhari and Muslim order sound Hadith, they said the people of after father used to leave the masjid. And I started the lava said that women used to leave and I know men could not organize them to men and women used to live together and deposit with her. But nobody knows who he is. Because they're so dark. If they had to stay after fire, then everybody knew everybody. So the companies used to have

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work you know, so many things to do. The nobody used to sit in the machine except maybe a few people. But generally it was not something sooner that the Prophet taught people

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what more likely is if the reward or something like that, that is about the fajr prayer. If people pray fajr prayer on the time and the Sunnah. So in the GEMA didn't get reward off like Hajj, Umrah and all the news during the daytime is fulfilled, but that the Father Father prayer is, much as so much reward not anything else. Nothing never gonna reward more than the further. So first thing is that not prayer with the name of Islam and Islam does not exist. You know, people have invented this name. You know, the only thing that had this could refer it, it is actually about fajr prayer. And also know the content is never used to sit to after file maybe few people sometime, but that's not

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their hybrid habit was to leave the matches, go and work, do their work in the field. If they do jihad in the jihad is a traveling, they're traveling, they're doing housework, you know, not the people just sit after the fire until sunrise. They have

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so much to do in their life.

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To talk a little clearer and the next question is by nusseibeh who asks, Is Coccinelle slash calm in halal, this is an ingredient that is made from the shells of beetles. And it's a food coloring for that gives a red color and in cakes. And anyway, what do you mean? Yeah, it's, it's made from beetles, you know, like bugs? Like it's a type of bug. And it's made from them. It's a food coloring. Yeah, well, the thing is, you have to understand really that you know, how it will be done by sometimes, you know, they they use all those things, and then they make a chemical processing. So it lost in that feast, see anything like that? And nothing is there? So generally fine. There's no

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you know, harm by

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no chemical processing, or, you know, something is still there. Some traces are there. You know, how I don't know if this thing

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you have to ask someone who knows what it is? How did they make it if they make it properly? With a chemical processing, and no trace of anything? It is completely changed? Yeah. Denta Khaled.

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Okay, Zach, hello, Claire and share. The next question is by Sabrina, who says is doing yoga and breathing meditation allowed in Islam, if we don't do any other religious rituals.

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Some type people you know, don't assume that it is something that you will the best thing that so many exercise in the world, I don't understand why you need to do just something like yoga, you know, play football, or just do jogging, go to the gym. There's so many things you can do really good. And if you want to concentrate, you have the player the best one, then no more consultation the world better than the prayer and also reading the Quran. They are so helpful if you just want that what you want. They're the best thing but for exercise, there are so many exercises in a lot of other people go to the gym or you can you know, do jogging so many things you can do really in the

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life. So it's not the only one thing that people have to ask about.

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Okay, does that glow head and ship? The next question is by Fatima who says salaam Yasha. How can we practice and understand better the last verse from Surah? will be no matter how big of a headache and can we understand it separately from the rest of the verse so that we can practice it according to our situation?

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Yeah, maybe not until a bigger for her death is a reminder of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam because the prophets Allah Allah Salama thought, you know the revelation. He missed a revelation for you know for a number of days, which was not easy what for him? So he were thinking maybe He the Lord became upset with him.

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I agree with him

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so I lost my hotel reminded him know how much you remember how can we I love her like the one who gives you so much. I love me I did get the money for our poverty, the oil and for her the budget the QA father now he gives you all data. And then he mentions familia tema Ferrata. So you were your team and Allah looked after you till now you don't press the formula to Florida promessa Illa forgotten her, and you were poor and needy, and Allah gave you so you know, don't don't around the begging people. And then Kurata what?

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It refers to the Vasa What was it about Argent further you will do not know the path and Allah guided to you. So this is the thing that you got the guide no guidance is the favor and luck is reminding our Joomla lacantina Calm

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what month to alicona Amati what are these two companies la Medina and Ullswater said our centers to the foot

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enough Karnataka Marina, Lille for Local Law Academy we have to money Amata Hua, Laker to this now now I might actually say guidance, perfection other religions that are less mortal again. So that should be taught to the people remember that people should have mentioned really teach people call other people to the guidance. And thank Allah subhanaw taala for that, meaning it being ultra, meaning that you should call people you got the level of guidance to call other people for the guidance. And thank Allah subhanaw taala for this guidance.

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Because up low head and shift, the next question is, can we send the bodies back home for burial as the procedure is very invasive.

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According to some people you can do, but in Hanafi madhhab, it didn't accrue and I think it is right. If people you know, wherever people die, they should be buried there. And Kurata although the law or the land is learned of Allah, Allah is the One Who wants wherever you buried with Allah, you know, nobody rules to the grave, you know, British rule Indian rule of Eastern or Western there, or for the people who live on the face of that the people have buried there, they don't they're not under the rule of these people. That would directly by law. Satara. So I don't understand why people don't want their bodies to be moved from one place to other place. There's so many problems really,

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people have said, and so much expensive, you know, give that money for charity, and the poor person, you've got reward and the person who died here and somebody would say that no need for that actually, people should be buried as soon as they die, they die. And you know, make all the procedures to do Janaza and bury them that teaching outparcel Lourdes alum, so there should be done that no need to send the body from one place to other place.

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Does that glow Herencia? The next question is by Imran who asks, what are the things that we can do for dead relatives? How can we can do hajj and umrah for them, but not fast or pray for them.

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To hogenom refer them you can spend money you can give charity for them, you can move to offer them. So you don't do those things which are done by by the body like you know you can't fast for them. You can't do Salah for like for example, if somebody has data, you can pay his data by somebody hungry, you can't eat on his behalf. If somebody's naked, you can't wear cloth on his behalf to things which belong to the human body. Nobody can do on somebody's behalf. But what belongs to the money you had that you can do to her tomorrow because you spent money so you can do on other people's behalf so that you can do it money. Except da da can be done all the time anyway. So but

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what is physically done that you cannot do you can't fast preconscious Mala on the behalf of someone

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does that little internship? I've got a private question that's come in. And the question is, Chef How do I as a lay man who has knows no background or knowledge of Islam navigate differences of opinion?

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You can't do because then if you don't know like how a layman can navigate all the difference of medical treatment or you know you want to build house engineering you can't do you have to find an expert who can help you to similarly if your lemon you did not study a lot you can't do you will never know really what is the right word wrong. What is preferred opinion what is not preferred opinion? You have to rely on someone Oh get knowledge in America. Understand and you can if you don't know the Quran, you don't know the Sunnah i Under donors and how good to prefer one thing over the other. It's three four people dispute which one you want to prefer. You have no idea. You will

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do mistakes in this matter. The best thing is when you don't know how

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after someone who knows that the Quran says that, you know, refer to the people who have the knowledge. So under the prophets, Allah so so if people don't know, they should ask for the one who knows?

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Does that locator and shift? The next question is by use of this is a Salam Alikum chef, can you advise on the contribution of Islamic philosophy on the development of Islamic education? Are there any good starting points in your opinion to read into this topic?

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No, what they mean by Islamic philosophy directly is the field of Greek philosophy, which was adopted by Muslims and developed by Muslims, the mean that so, that actually is that something different and that is, has some good impact or some negative impact on Islamic science, but if we mean philosophy, something, you know, a rational you know, understanding other things and you know,

00:25:56--> 00:26:20

process of processing information by the mind to that a philosophy which is actually in every nation and this is life philosophies as soon as the Muslims have developed those who live separate that actually is one of the best in Islam pure Islamic philosophy, how to understand them, how to find out the reality the truth, that should we study, luckily study the book of maps after all, you got rissalah

00:26:21--> 00:26:35

and the books are the people who wrote on stolen by if you mean Greek philosophy, developed by Muslims, and then then you need to do two books of Messina he they expect to master and then of Azaria summarize some of those books.

00:26:36--> 00:26:39

You can read him, but you also should read the people who refuted them.

00:26:41--> 00:26:46

Like as Ali himself wrote a book The half the philosopher, anytime you wrote or read an article

00:26:47--> 00:27:07

and he also, you know, wrote a book about philosophers and their ideas. So that title by Lachlan then yeah, there are many many of us have been done, proficient dude, but if you need pure Islamic philosophy, then just full effect. Book of polymorph cut by Sharpie, our

00:27:10--> 00:27:12

much more pure Islam philosophy

00:27:14--> 00:27:31

is located on shift. The next question is by Sharia, who asked a Salam aleikum, Chef do you recommend any particular tafsir in Arabic or English that can help into the book on ayat as someone at a beginner slash intermediate stage in Quranic studies?

00:27:32--> 00:27:55

Know this is actually a very important question people have to make effort to understand the book directly you may go there and when you have questions, then refer to the book of tafsir. So that you know important some books are good in this matter. You know, like in The Letter People like Amana for his books he just said about all the time, you can find many parts of the book in the writings of

00:27:57--> 00:28:19

the Shaheed you also can find the book run by Manasa Salahi, you had an article that many authors they did it, sometimes they write, but the best thing within your own effort to understand the Quran go deeply. I'm going to teach this course for two days. So come there, I'll explain you know, the idea that how to develop the mind to go in Quran deeply the shoulder.

00:28:20--> 00:28:32

Mashallah, the next question is by Yusuf who has asked Is it possible to shed light on the difference between a diva and played in the context of Islamic studies?

00:28:33--> 00:29:11

There are a means to follow one someone knowingly to for example, like I said to you follow me and I'm going somewhere. So, you follow me but with your open eyes sometimes I do miss 50 So, no, no not this way. Or the traffic coming in something else is coming. Oh there is a car coming. Because you are open your eyes you follow me? But still you are aware of what is happening to Khurana Kumar said people boost the luckiest child you know when you correct him sometimes he said no this is not right. He has his own mind and thinking to DEVAR either when people follow someone knowingly understand what he does

00:29:12--> 00:29:50

not believe basically from colada like animals when you carry the animals animals don't have any any Will you just make them to go where the dead cat say yes or no to totally they will basically follow someone blindly like animals so that not Islamic people will be cautioned that you have to admit it Teva is the one which Quran commanded the prophets messengers and all the people they should do about it device follow someone unknowingly understand you understand that you don't understand ask question that people automatically they don't ask any question. They just follow blindly. Even they don't understand. Totally did the one which is actually wrong. It divided the one which is right.

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All right does up locator and shift. The last question for today is asked by a quote. He said salaam share

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I understand that gin questions have a lack of relevance. But how come an entire surah was revealed about them? What's the purpose when gin don't affect us one bit. None of this water was revealed for other purpose, the proper will not deceive you, you got a messenger from your own people, your own, you know, family, and he teaches in your language, he likes you, and you don't get him. And there are people that gene they're not even human being they passed by the prophet, you know, the Prophet did not go to see them. And when they heard the Quran, they were so much impressed and they accepted Islam. So just teaching Koresh that you see that these genes are much better than you could have did

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not come to them. The Prophet did not mean them the Prophet never traveled to them that refer to the prophet does not know the language tough enough from among them is still they accepted or respected. So you should be the first one that way the reveal, to encourage the courage that you know usually the faster to understand this

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is after love or hate and shift. That's all for today. Unfortunately, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it. And perhaps we can aim to answer it next week. Just after low head and share for your time and just after low hanging on everyone for joining and we'll be back next week Thursday at 6pm GMT as always a Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh