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Post Isha Khaterah


AI: Summary © The concept of "Black- History month" is discussed, with emphasis on the use of derogatory language and negative language in narratives. The use of Shaka Bedard's name in a video about a woman named Joe Helia is criticized, as it is common in certain cultures. The use of negative language in narratives is also discussed, with advice on caution and discomfort in describing people and being racist. The segment ends with a mention of a hip hop performance where the Prophet's words are used, and encourages listeners to visit the area.
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I concluded the theme of hypocrisy. Last time I spoke I did 10 Hadith I thought that's good enough, because at least maybe 10 more that are worth narrating. But I'm gonna stick with the 10 for now just to move on something different. This is they call this I think this is called the Black

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History Month.

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I don't I don't, I don't like it. I don't like I don't I, the people that I know who come from African descent they don't, they don't like having a month. Just like I wouldn't want a month. I don't think if you gave up whatever race I come from wherever background, I come from a month for our history. I don't think I'll be happy with that either. But nonetheless, this is what the month is. And just so that it's not seen as disrespect because by God we do respect the suffering and the struggles that our brothers and sisters from from from these backgrounds went through all across the globe and continued to go through today. And in most parts of the world. I want to narrate maybe

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five or Hadith five nights in Sharla that talk about the concept of racism within our deen just some stories that you've heard before just just giving you the proper narration. So the stories that you've heard in the past that were the proper audio slots of some taught these these concepts that are very much obviously, what Ernie can nature in the background if Islam offered anything, it offered the Outlook to the world where everyone was was equal.

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And where there was no difference between people based on on anything aside from taqwa, which is something that is not palpable and it's not something that is observable with the eye or it cannot be measured. It's something that only Allah subhanaw taala knows about himself.

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And even though that's how the world functions today, unfortunately, it's not even how the Muslim society functions. It's still worth reminding ourselves of it so that maybe we can we can make the changes that we need to start with this hadith Yahweh, Imam, elbow. How are you sure IV all email would not assert your future if he befriended him Hassan. Well, how do you see showerhead? Hey, I'd be the one with the point that it is in both collections of environment they have been in the shop, and I suck it has in his history, and it hasn't a reasonable champion ERATION and it has showerhead, meaning there are similar Hadith within the same hand with a few differences of wording, which makes

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this brings down the degree of the sake of this hadith as he points out the name of the two people. The other, the other, the Hadith that are similar to it almost word for word, just don't point out the names of the people. So that's why there's a there's a drop of authenticity to it. But I liked this hadith and it's acceptable for narration where Allah said the following phyla

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in about 13 will be in Ireland or below Ireland. The whole debate what I said,

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Well, if he felt like a lot of

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fodder about veteran, a Buddha, Ron levy Lal yagna soda, so he said probably Allah Juan Omar said without and below the the the quarreled, they disputed something they fought, and then they call each other's names. Like they got to the point where it got so heated, they said things to each other. And in the midst of the anger, a Buddha said to be the son of the black lady, which is nothing there's nothing

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wrong with that at all. Obviously, it doesn't matter, but he used it in a derogatory manner. Meaning he didn't say it in a manner where he's just where it's just describing a fact he used it and his intention was to use it in a derogatory manner he was trying to you know, to curse out be like to say something rude to be led

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by Shaka Bedard on valleca it in the video so Allah audio center we don't want to the Prophet said he also Allah we fought we disagreed he said that to me. But But yeah, and maybe you said Allah Allah He was. The Prophet was on King Okada. Yeah, burger. I yellowtail, who will be on me. You used something you talked about his mother used the color of his mother's skin was a way to demean him to devalue him. In Nakum Rowan, fie caja. Helia you're a person who has Jamelia still inside of you. This is Abu Dhabi, sir dissociated Islam. I was already very was a sixth person to accept Islam. A Buddha was there with the proper audience thought every step of the way. He was there with him.

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During Metka he was there for budget he was there for he was there for 100 He was there for everything although I know however, when he made that mistake, the above Alia Sato. Sam did not hesitate to point out to him do his face in front of people and tell him you have Joe Helia inside of you. So makalah Manda bedarra. Well, Joe Healy yet will also be here.

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A word of Allah who wrote Bulla, Al Amin and all those

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Use the words of asabi Jaya Healy. I mean they use these these derogatory, bigotry based

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terms and words that are based in Jania that are based in racism that are based in hatred. Those who use these terms walk around saying them, Allah, the Lord of everything will insert that person into the hellfire. Or one of the hula hoop Rob bull, Al Amin, and

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this is the wording of the Hadith in the in the collection. Mmm basically. So when he said that will refer, you know, the Allahu Akbar, in another narration

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that exists in the collection of

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whose collection with that one, I think?

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I am not sure, but there's another narration for the same Hadith we're up without. Where is it Subhanallah

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was talking about him and Paul talks about in Charlottesville, because I can't remember where he pointed it out, though. So he talks about that, when this happened, then it'll be variable. And he put his head on the ground and said, I will not lift my neck until it will be until the bill comes and he puts his foot on it. I will not lift my neck from the ground until then I'll come to steps on it so that we're equal. And then be that of course, in the iterations that we have refused, refused to do it. Some narrations said that he did it. But most Americans said that he didn't he refused to do it, although I know and went on his way. Because without, at that moment realized the the heinous

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of the crime that he committed the horrific nature of the word that he used. And the fact that this is something that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam despite his value, without his value amongst the Muslims, because it's happened much, much later, with after budget 100, this occurred. So without already high status amongst people, because he attended, he's friendly. He's someone who was there. The prophet is awesome, did not hesitate, did not hesitate for a minute to come to him and tell him to his face. You did this? And there's Jackie Lee and I can't it's a very heavy thing for the it's almost out of out of keeping up with the Prophet Allah Islam would do. It's out of character. He

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doesn't do that on a solid stone, if somebody makes a mistake, takes him by the side and speaks to him on the No, no, that's not right. We do in this incident. He didn't, he didn't talk to him on the side. He didn't, you know, calm things down and do this law, he came with me and told him you have Jehovah in you? How dare you.

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Because this is not a type of this is not a type of mistake that can be let go. Because it happened socially and publicly, the prophet is no need to publicly denounce what was sent here. So it'd be never said again.

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And this is something that we should understand that the prophet is awesome, does not tolerate. So be very careful. Be very careful when you say Poulin is this or that he's from this part of the world or that part of the world. Be very careful. If you're from a background and you dislike other backgrounds. Now, if you're from a background, you don't like the other background, be very careful when he used the description of that background and in a derogatory, demeaning manner.

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Be very careful. And I think, for a Syrian, to say something about a Palestinian, for a Pakistani say something about an Indian, for an agency, something about an African, for some local do something about a foreign for some, be careful when you use these, when you describe someone with a term that is correct. And without didn't lie, the mother Abida Well, the Allah who I know was a black lady. It was a fact. But he used it and with the intention of demeaning, devaluing him. So the Prophet alayhi salam came and didn't say, Okay, we'll do one I said, good assumption that he mentioned. No, it was clear what he meant. So he clearly came and told him you have Jackie Lee,

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you're in your blood still, until you get rid of this horrible way of speaking. And those who speak up Jackie Lee, Allah will throw them into hellfire.

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So be careful when you describe people. When you describe someone very careful why and how you're describing them what you're saying, because that's being recorded. And there is zero tolerance and the Prophet Allah you'll start to see his heart and mind to someone who is racist, who's someone who's a bigot. Someone who looks at people and thinks because they're from a certain background, a certain part of the world have a certain culture or believe something specific that they are somehow beneath them that is completely uncalled for and completely unacceptable in our deen and I think that goes without saying but it's I think it's okay to remind ourselves of every once in a while

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because it happens too often for us not to your real email by her to you for sure I'll be will email no I certainly if you do anything recently that has to do with Hadith isa hidden physcial Hain and the illimitable the Allahu Anhu upon in about 13 will be darlin the obi Leyland Taco Bell with the Saba with he will be thrilled with the lob, pod Buddha recently Billa yagna soda Pacheco Valley could be learning in the use of Allah Allah your Salam but ya Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for Kalia or Yoda who Bill me in a camera on fee Caja Helia manda be Dowell John Healy yet will also be Yeti Oh Raja hula hoop, Robben Island ina no silica Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam

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Subhanallah Huntington Allah ilaha illa Anta was that Allah who was telling them more about like, Muhammad Ali Ali was Irishman he's like Mala Halen, Baraka low frequency

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Today I want to talk like that. I'm gonna call you tomorrow Sharla Juma is 115 Please come early if you want to find a spot and show listen, I'm ready