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You know, just imagine really, if there are some, you know, it's more insects and lives around you that is take away your loneliness

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we are much lower than all the Leafs and insects that need us if we don't add into His kingdom

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we are not there and he was complete and we will die finish everything is still is complete. It is not that you know he just want to see how greatness will work with a human being. He does not enjoy time hairline or human will do. He does not it does not impress him anything like most people want to impress him. He never never impressed by any other creation. Never Never. He never compressed. Cut impressive like an ad cannot cannot impress me.

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If I had to mix into line to impress me that how can he she's good writer. I'm not impressed. You can't impress a loved one living more from you will be to thank him. They'll be happy with you. So kulu Manali, Hassan weyerbacher what you're a bigger Dolgellau and his greatness never ends. Whether people are alive or not, is still

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whether people are there or not, is still here, they can still he's respected. He's respected does not depend on the people.

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You know, his divinity does not depend on the people on affiliation. His being great does not depend on the people. He does not need anyone to say to him, You are great. He's a great whether you say call him great, you don't call him he is respected.

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He is divine, whether you respect your daughters, but it doesn't matter your respect does not anything to him. to God. He mentioned to john in the contest when everybody will die. People die but he's still jealous he has to tailor it don't think that you sell well but to make some something in become more happy, because you know, he'd become bigger know, whether you sell a wedding Don't say no difference for him difference for you, when you sell it makes a difference for you. But no difference, because his greatness does not depend on you on your acknowledgement on your ultimate admission

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for the law

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to see really which wonders which powers which greatness Have you lost you keep denying

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this how he is you know, he made you then he finished you how you are picked between these two hands.

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Just Alou manifests amaravati what are the good I mean, who are fiction, or those in art and heaven? They didn't they big they needed to him he fulfilled that no, they can't go anywhere. Everybody depends on him.

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My body for survival depends upon him my body for you know for illness for cure depend on every single thing or the people that are able to depend upon him yesterday big the bigger in front of him

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and that what the status is? Yes, aluma he does not need anybody people need everybody comes to him. He does not need to come to anybody. Yes. Allahu manifestor Mayawati will have the Kula yo Meanwhile, fish on all the time, new truth, new creation new commodity, keep creating new new things, and making making new commodities creation never ends. Nothing Actually, he said, a people you know, make all the oceans I think, on all the trees at the pen. And then he write down his actions that reduce and he does whatever he has done, or the ocean will finish on Audrey is finished. And his attributes will still remain then new or she has a new ink is still you can't

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count on that nobody can actually his kingdom is so big. That if any every human being from Adam until last person,

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they make a dessert like I deserve I want to Kingdom luxury model Islam. You desert I want a kingdom 10 times because naturally Muslim, somebody that knew I want Kingdom 50 times wickedness, remar Islam, everybody's desires and then he fulfills all the desires is still it will not decrease in His Kingdom. Except like, you know, like a bird. You know, take water from the, from the sea even not that, that how great the kingdom is. He creates, you know, he said until you become available. He just said it is

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pulling money.

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I mean, who makes money? Just I say a million pounds or a billion. But is there a certainty? If all the people come to me and asked me nothing to finish? I don't care. You asked a billion Okay. Oh billion billion. This is a billion a billion you ask? And I say

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My kingdom is so huge. That whole sample is really that whatever you call it, beyond that, anyway, whatever you can imagine beyond that he is there. Yes.

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And he's nobody is nobody. If you ask me

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I tell you if asked me, first time, maybe I'm happy second time. Third time, I'll tell you, but you don't need to ask, do you go and do something? You know, I can't help you all the time you need to learn from me, you ask more questions. Second question, then I tell you know, do something yourself. Make what you can understand what time will come in as you're tired. Even your mom or your dad, know anybody, your brother, your best friend, when you ask them to time Do one thing also is all the time anyway. When you ask them when you become lower,

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except when you ask him, you become more respected.

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And when you ask him more, he becomes more happy.

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He never is tired of you. Anybody is tired? Keep asking when you ask him he gives you more than that. Anyway, so happy so pleased with you. What are you better than the real? The so nice to ask Wally.

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And even myself, if we have some time when I make dua, I really get so much enjoyment. slime is happiness. In some time when actually dog makes it much longer even I get more pleasure, because then I can ask him so many times in a moral mode. He's like, if you ask someone wants to give you second time, you feel humilation, you don't want to come to me. He is the one. Every time you ask, even if you don't get what he wanted. You feel so much enjoyment. So much as

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I said, the pace that he gives you in asking me much more than what he wants. Possibly. If you ask him one 1000 pounds, just say Oh my Lord, give me 1000 pass the test that you got in asking him it's a much greater than 1000 pounds. Just coming to him is much more delicious that how he's really nothing can we call this this how your Lord is just a woman this summer working without a written contract? Has greatness, respect honor come to him and he never asked anybody to leave him

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never tied you you can come toward the profit of the people can be Qatar Allah annual contract. He's never told you all the time. Yes, hello Murphy summer water. cooler. Yo Meanwhile, fish on all the time in new condition, you know creation and also in command for the

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