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People go for advice.

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And they go for advice first, say for example is Nick and so on. And they take so much advice and so many people that they mess everything up because somebody will tell them oh, are you going to make sure that you book this big hole? Right?

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So that because Okay, yeah, yeah, I'm gonna do that big hole. And then next minute the god is somebody says to hey, you're gonna book for how many people? So for maybe two two under people is that to two people? Hey, no, no, you need to make it for 300 people another guy just in 500 people. Now he's under pressure. What are you going to do? He's going to keep them all pleased. Okay, this is the problem when you get into this you'll keep going please then another one says what are you going to order for food? Oh my god this man could have just ordered some simple food and fed everybody like maybe three times ahead he could have fed everyone he's gonna now go into something

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tenpin told him to head now you start calculating how much money that becomes is a lot of money now he goes and borrows money for this new car. Why? Because you wanted to please people, you please people, that's where you end up you're gonna end up with in real problem. Then the next thing is people tell him you know, are you going to have another walima? Are you going to do this? Are you going to call so and so are you going to have a good stage? Are you going to decorate it like this? Are you going to you know and each person is listened to Oh yeah, let's get this done. Oh, let's get that what's the formality Oh, you're going to have a red carpet has that you know for the bride and

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the groom to walk on? Okay, let's get that another 500 panelists or whatever, you know, you're gonna get a limousine you gotta get that you got to make make sure that this cameraman so now he's gonna spend 9000 pounds getting all the camera money to take proper filming and photography. Oh you got to make sure that everybody wears blue on the men's side and pink on the women's side.

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Blue on the men's side and pink on the women's side. I feel like bringing up being you to me and giving you two black eyes.

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If you want to say yeah, you can block on both sides. No problem that match both sides will match. Blue on the men's side and pink and then the blue has to be red and blue. Oh my god. You've got to go on there. The ladies go out to fetch a certain type of blue and they give it to everybody. Okay, this is the one you're gonna go to the shop and buy this dress or this cloth. You got to cut it and then you got to take this tailor and get his specially made

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you know how much money is being spent just to keep people happy. Just to keep people happy. And these clothes that made per person 100 And something pounds per person. The whole family. Several 1000s of pounds. For the youngsters the middle ones the old ones and they only going to worry once in their life.

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Once in law what what what do you have to please Allah you read all of this seriously? to please Allah you did this La hawla wala Quwata illa

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