Female Imams and Women-only Mosques

Akram Nadwi


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The speaker discusses the importance of praying behind the scenes in the organizements of the JAMA. He emphasizes the need for men to play a part in these events and that women should not be punished by others. He also talks about the importance of creating unity in Islam and not allowing women to play a role in the movement.

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Few, many months. And nothing really that you know, if you will lead the prayer. It does not make your prayer more important. It is the whole purpose that people should do the prayer in the congregation in the JAMA to get the full reward. It doesn't matter who did the prayer in the Gema. Eman does not get more reward than other people. It does not go to Melbourne. He gets everywhere everybody else.

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Jama is for unity that everybody play by the same data. So that is why in the JAMA it is advised that leaders should be someone behind whom everybody feels easy to play.

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And when in mind use the player that agreement to kind of pray behind him to then Gemma can remain unity can remain. If the women do the prayer then men are not allowed to prevent them to then they need to do to Gemma this routine. So that's why we it's not a problem that women cannot read the prayer they can read the prayer, but they should not discreet disunity. If there are only women, no men find the lead the prayer. But if there are men, what will happen is that you have to force it to make to Yama in those cases where there are some men, women should really ask a man to do the prayer. The unity remits, commandlets appear that everybody can pray behind him is a woman is a

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prayer men cannot pray. So then they have to make their own Yama to disunity thereby the process allows them to I shed a lot on how she used to read the prayer. But when when the new mind is in any mind him or her students, she would ask him to read the prayer. And everybody plays the UTM on the videos, this dopin of the most people in Islam all the time do there have been one or two people who say men also can clip 100 women to like a majority of people like that. But that's the opening I don't like recently. It does not have any example from the life of the person on Islam. It never happened. And it disappeared. People like Ayesha, she's such a knowledgeable person, everybody asked

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me, but one time for the player comes in. She makes one of her male student to read the pair if she could lead for everybody. Why is she done early on when the normal is when she will need to use the pill. But not when the men are there, too. That way the best thing is for the sake of the Unity when men and women both are there, a man should lead the prayer there ut remissed here. But if there are only women here then a woman needs

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quite a few people don't if you did the opposite. The question never has been raised, whether women are qualified to do the prayer not not a compulsory question or whether whether men can play 100 we know not to answer really the men are not qualified to play 100 women you can say like that. Not that we are not qualified to the pill men are not qualified to play 100 this is actually what I say to for that purpose. We want to create unity. And then Bradford they started this in a mosque for women will lead when they started the project to the metal polymer nobody went to accept me I only I'm the only person went that these women who are respond for that. They may have a separate meeting

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with me. They asked me that I want to advise how we make it. So I give some advice. And I said to them, don't be like men. Men don't allow women to don't take revenge that Oh, you just most qualified women. Men are not allowed. You say no, we are different for other men. We allow men and women both. And then if the men come then ask them to do the prayer you be more generous to then you take and remain to make a manly man when better if that nobody meant then you can live up to the serial promise with me that will do we open the door for a minute. Because we don't want to read the prayer. We have our intention to find a space where you can teach Allah to the men come they will

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read the prayer. They accepted that because it's no harm. You know, women are not interested becoming Master intracellularly they should be allowed to pray that one does it the whole question came because men forced them out of the mosque to now rebellion is coming. But if men behave properly and they allow the women to come to the most use all facilities, they're happy, everybody will happy