Akram Nadwi – The Meaning of Ibadah #02

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of learning to achieve full submission to Islam and the need for training to keep doing so. They also mention the importance of eating and drinking to achieve completion of life and the need for surrendering to Islam.
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Dealing with admission to elevada basically nice to Tc planifolia turning away from every single thing to Asana and second thing condition what is submission to Him alone and that what we need to train really and that's why the khurasan lotta moon in love or unto Muslim until we die we must make effort to train what happens we learn something and then we stop

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that's not what Allah wants the believers every day every next day should be better than the previous day until you have full submission to Allah subhanaw taala

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and that that quality of being Muslim that directly quoted best attribute of any messenger you know Abraham Islam, you know his this this quality of a Muslim and that of the last thing is as he achieved and that is something which he was asked for his family for acid wasabi Hydra hemo bunny here Yahoo. Yeah baniya in the last la vida como de una ferrata Mouton, Illa, one two Muslim moon, Ibrahim and yaku. Both great messengers, they left a will behind in their family, that Oh, my children are last chosen for you the gene the religion in the wilderness, then don't die until your full submission is until the death keep making effort for full sumption to lasala meaning any

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knowledge that can help you for russula seek that knowledge any I bother can help you for that knowledge. See if that I bother any companionship subtract competition does you can help you then do this and actually hired Amara are visiting these places they are really big training for that Islam. You know, so inshallah maybe that to you, that Why? hygiene Amara are so important this reason, they basically are one of the best training to make people in the first submission to Allah subhanaw taala. And understand and people understand the meaning of afterlife to keep in mind that the reason you are created on the face of the earth actually is not to enjoy the life is not the purpose of a

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human being and not like an odd like animals. Just eat and drink and die. By eating and drink actually to help you for something else you have been created for a better purpose. And the purpose actually is that the end of your life should be the source for submission to your Lord, and that is completion of your life, life, you know, people are born, you know, and they are not in submission to the satola but they keep learning keep learning, until they become in full submission. When that happens, you die you basically have complete the purpose, that why focus a death is not the end of the life, that is what completion the life in it mostly for I always say, the death does not mean

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end of the life that means what completion of the life that Why say that when Allah subhanaw taala has allowed, you know, his slaves to eat the animals or to sacrifice them to people think you are taking the life you ended the life No, we're not an indiglo we're completing their life they have been created to for us to by second by sacrificing them for eating and drinking. We are actually you know, completing their life that way they have been created to to get the approval unless commanded and less water created the farthest part to the complete rest of the life is not ending of the life to similarly our life creates well. When we in is properly surrender to Allah satara for submission

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to Allah subhanaw taala

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