Akram Nadwi – How to understand Individualism in Islam

Akram Nadwi
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First thing that we have to understand is

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in the Quran and the Sunnah are in the religion, basically, what matters is the individual,

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to everybody basically, is responsible, everybody's slave of Allah with a man or woman, a rich man or poor person.

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People are born an individual, and people are going to die as an individual. And people are going to be accountable to the Lord, an individual. You are not born basically, in a

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head of state, you're not born by the leader, you are not born, you know, either poor person or rich person, we're not born as a father or mother or something like that. What you were born, you are born as an individual, you are born an individual human being, and a slave of your Lord, that people are born. And when they die, they die with that they are born without any other relation. When they die, they die, don't carry anything with themselves. And when they come to their Lord, they come to the Lord or the individual. So in the Day of Judgment, you are not going to be accountable, and you are not going to be judged because of other religion, you're basically you are an individual, that

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what matters is that thing is actually when you are born here, you can see so many you know, relations, because you're born here, then you know people you have your son or daughter, then you have, you know, you marry because by the wife, you know you become father and mother. And then also you have been a relationship like you know, friends, so many friends you have, then after that you become leader, you become Imam, you become this, you know, so many till you've come here, to so many you know, relationships happening, towards the matter really meaning it when you're born is individual, but then you in this individual life, in this world, you have your personal life, your

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family life, your society, and also your responses to the state, towards these relationships that we have to understand really. So, the real thing is, that you are individual,

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or these relationships, they are accidental in your life, they basically are for a purpose, for a purpose, but they are the not meant meaning you could you can exist without a society, you can exist without a family, you can exist without a state

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these things they are temporary, they are accidental your life they are not maintain your life, though some people they may give them so much important in all that I can see really there are so many Muslim movements in all that I wanted it in the talk is that you know in the term of the state and power and philosopher and this and that, you know without realized really, these things are accidental in the life of the believers. You could see there have been many, many prophets. They do not have any state. They did not have any power. But in the in the Quran, they are successful people. Ibrahim al Islam is not a ruler, but Ibrahim al Islam, certainly, you know, one of the most

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respected Prophet, a messenger in the Quran. He saw this now Marina de la Salaam is the Coriolis Ron yahaya Listen, I'm an artist, there are many people like them, you know, they are born in this world, but they don't have any power. They don't have estate But still, they're very important as successful people in their life and the Quran has so much praise for them. So that once you understand that you are born as individual, then you become D visual. So people don't use the term division, but certainly you are divided basically meaning, you know, like like a mother, you know, just see the individual, but you know, can you imagine a mother, if you know her, her son or

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daughter is not feeling well conceived properly. Or if you know if son and daughter had been lost, they missing she did not know where they are, can she rest knew she divided her heart with the son or daughter similar to your friends, if your friends are problem or difficulty life, you suffer, if your family a problem you suffer, if the society that from your suffering, you know So, instead if a status problem people feel people realize this thing, so do your board individual, but you can see really in in this life your visual.

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So, why this dividuals white comes really wireless authorized in America made us to be both individual and made us to die as individual and we are accountable or the individual but meanwhile in this life, we are dividual why this really to this is for a big, big part of the really pathetically easy

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that Allah has created you to test him He has created you to test you on his testing you with all these relations to basically your dividual ism is to test you is part of your test. And when you pass the test then you basically become individual that actually what happening further like you know you are a mother. So he made you divisible now this test for you how to look after your child, your son, your daughter how to raise them, you know you are an EMA. So now you have followers to enter to your test formula. How are you going to

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Do people What are you going to do? You are friend you have many, many friends, which is your test. Allah met with the vigil, why he wants to test you. And this test is very, very important for you because this is actually going to prove whether you're going to be paradise on the Hello, hello file that he created you and he made it very clear that lots of other creative people label Welcome to Kumasi to test to you, who are the best connections to start testing purpose, he made all this connection, all these relations, and he gave a space and also he made attachment for your heart and mind to this world. So you can see that, you know, he has so much test, you know, because he has

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created us with the desire of the food.

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To now you have certainly we have to make effort to get the food. And when you make effort to get the food. He made her al-hurra something lawful something unlawful. Now he's going to test you. Similarly when you eat food, he had made very clear how much you eat. And you know, and then he got to test you. Uh, do you follow him or not? Do you follow his commander notice to understand this improperly, that doe You are a board individual, but you're tested through being individual that you're testing your test is basically that you have been made divisible.

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In this test, you already make effort to look at yourself as an individual. But meanwhile, think really all the relationships they matter to you. You have to know what Alaska Mansur if you do them properly, then your individualism because a complete and absolute basically and then you come to us, as a pastor, you have to come to Alaska as a successful father, a successful mother, a successful brother, a sister, a successful a husband, a wife, a successful son and daughter, a successful demand leader, a successful Head of State, you have to basically succeed in order to the relation. When you don't do all that it actually makes you then you become your individual and become much

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much more clear that this person is so good, so nice. We went out the other nicely in the night to go suffer the prayer. He You know, he pleases his own this to build you, you're basically your individual it but a mighty God individualism, but that individualism is only built by all these relations and connections, it is clear to first understand the main thing is we focus on the individual, but this individual has got all this connection to the religion that must be done properly, that Allah that why the rules and no have come from Allah subhanaw taala in this world, they regard are distinct, that you know how you got to be like a husband and a wife, this and other

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environments have come to make very clear to you that how you become a good individual to be a husband, if he follows commodify Allah, Allah, he can become good individual, if a wise father the commander for the Satoshi because a good individual to everybody tested properly though these relationships, they are not part of you they are actually accidental, it could be possible somebody never become husband.

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But still he tested somebody never consumed and never married, never wife, somebody never mother, somebody you know never never father, it could be possible. But if you have other testing, to test will be there in one way or the other. But all these tests are based on things which are not really part of you that understand properly.

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