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Adnan Rajeh
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative impact of the OMA on their community, including the loss of lives and homes, and the difficulty of finding people who are able to do the same thing. They encourage finding ways to support their cause and finding ways to make money, emphasizing the importance of following core values and not giving up on past mistakes. The conflict between Islam and Judaism is highlighted as a political conflict, and the speaker stresses the need to read about the truths of Islam and avoid false accusations.
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Follow me on Snapchat, yada yada yada Sula. While early, you also have been in northern Colorado, so that is negative Jomar. So busted Native American this night as soon as to increase your salary on the profile, you saw two similar good deeds. And that being said, it's a reminder to all of us to make dua for our brothers and sisters and to offer what you can offer what you can offer, what you can do what you can do, do do what you can do you, everyone carries a different responsibility when it comes to the causes of this OMA, not everyone can do the same thing. Not everyone is in the position to do similar things. So figure out what you are able to do and what field and what front

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and what

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domain of life are you capable of supporting just this just cause whether it's financial or social, or political or educational, whatever it is, find out how you're going to further it and how you're going to continue to support it. The people in Vista are doing their part and their approach is very difficult and their party has been most difficult to vote because they're part is the part of, of the loss of blood and the loss of homes and the loss of lives. And, and it's all fun and games until your life is on the line. Honestly, in this world. It gets all just talk until you have to until your life is there and they're losing their lives and their cities being carpet bombed and people

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are dying in the 1000s. And we're only getting a fraction of the numbers and we're the imaging does the images that are coming through are very, very disturbing and saddening that is happening to our children there. So do what you can you figure out what you can do. And then you do it, do it. I don't I've always said this and I continue to say this is not doesn't count as doing something. Because as a Muslim, if you're a Muslim, they're going to make any Muslim Muslim worth their salt will will make dua obviously you make dua, what else are you doing? Of course, it doesn't count. Find out find something else to do. If all you're doing is drawing out you better be Yeah, that's

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for someone who is broke,

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physically paralyzed, has no home and doesn't speak no one listens to them no matter what they say. And even then, even then, they still have to get to have to vocalize they still have to voice it out whether people are listening or not. So just remember that that is something that comes naturally to a Muslim doesn't you don't see it as I've done something for them. No, you see it as that's my normal. I make dua all the time, I'm always making dua for the right things. And I'm always asking Allah subhanaw taala to to relieve the suffering of others, but then figuring out what exactly it is that you're going to do. And I think that's something that we should all take time and think about

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the elderly.

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Hadith, because I want to finish this series of lessons by by Sunday, so that Monday we can talk about I think there's something more relevant to the current situation. So I'd like to they're not too long, so it should shouldn't take too much time. The first time ethionamide Makabayan EU philosophy Senator Hasson and Abby hereditarily Allahu Anhu Calcar interview sallallahu alayhi wasallam the hadith is in the collection and I'm Tara Aeneas and the O sub meaning in the he has three collections I'm not going to bore you it's it's the middle is the middle collection. It has a reasonable time duration raters Weber Herrera with the value side was himself Elisa min min tapa,

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Yara to a year Allah O Decker, Hannah. Oh to go Hina Odessa Hala Oh to Sohail Allah, so it's not in keeping with our core values is not amongst us those who perform Dota your meaning they base their decision on some form of cosmic signs, like some sign that has no relevance whatsoever to the to the actual behavior itself, they're gonna go by the constellations or maybe the open Janya newspaper in some some guy for 5050 bucks and

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a column eating Doritos and drinking soda decided to write that if you were born between April 20 something and and June something then today you're going to meet and then you don't do something based on that that that is a form of Tata, your and taka Hoon is similar where you go to an actual person who claims to be someone who's connected with the other world the vape world and he can speak to people that you can speak to and he has to you have to obviously bring him Jani a few hairs from the left ear of rabbits and find some

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whatever it is, so these type of behaviors or disharmony go to someone who claims to be a hetero wizard or neighbor and he's going to write something it's all these letters that are stuck together and you take and put it onto your pillow after you drink county after you put it in water and drink the water and give it to the other person and all this others all this b all this behavior that is just just sweep it all up put it in one pile all the garbage of superstition and all that comes with it it is not a part of the deal not with keeping with our core values it's not it's not in keeping with our core values we don't follow it we don't think like that we don't make decisions like that

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we don't do it we don't have it done for us that's what the how do you just say you know if you do it, you only do it we don't have it done for us we don't go to people to help us with it and we don't give it any weight at all. Add to that we in our current situation those who decide to blame all that happens to them in their lives upon the unseen on I in and has said and gender and other stuff. Just blame everything that you don't like your life on that that way you don't have to be accountable to any of your personal choices. Add all that thought process into one big pile, call the garbage man and just and just ship it away.

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Because that's not a part of who we are. We don't think like that we don't function like that. It's very important that the next generation is rid of this even if that even if I'm quite I'm trying to rid you of something that is stuck to me even like I'm the stickiness of the still on my generation, I will be able to complete it and I'm trying to get rid of you of it, so you have to deal with it anymore, because it's something that just was carried down for a long time. meaninglessly needlessly. It only brings it only brings hardship but only makes it difficult for people to do anything that is played and it only it only takes away your ability to deal with life with this

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difficult with the difficulties of life and the hardships in a proper manner and actually face that wish didn't work in a way that's meaningful and that's why the Prophet Allah Islam would use and the same Hadith three phrases and say it's not in keeping with who we are. The second Hadith I wanted to write to you you're

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listening for you so if you're gonna be dealt with the Allah and Akaka and abused by Salam, Madame la sallahu Felice Amina Walia, Tebow, Nakata, who Mina know, anyone who claims that they own something, or they are a part of something that they are not, that's not in keeping with who we are, and may they see with their own eyes and visualize their place in jahannam. When you claim something that isn't yours, when you claim, so anything that you claim that isn't yours, whether it's a lineage, or its land, for example, or it's a connection, or affiliation, and association, or taking credit for something that you didn't do, and it's time, it's a big deal, it's not in keeping with

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who we are to do something like that, and keeping a dream to be a part of what we've been this relevant. But it dawned on a citizen, when someone claims that they own something that they don't own, that a piece of land is somehow innately that they inherited it somehow in a godly fashion when they didn't, that is an active, that's not what we do as muslims, when by the way, as Muslims, we don't claim that we don't claim that Allah subhanaw taala signed land for us know, wherever you are, Muslims throughout history have lived with every single group of people. Every single faith and culture have lived with Muslims. That's right, because Muslims actually belong to every single race

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and culture go anywhere you want to find the find Muslims, it's the north, we've never had a problem living with people or having people live with us. It's when it's the opposite. That's the That's the issue. For us. It's the opposite. And that's really important to remember is you kind of watch the news and listen to a lot of the garbage that they're trying to shovel into people's ears. When it dawned on a seller who failed a seminar to claim that which is not yours is not a not a part of our core values. We don't claim that we don't claim that we never have and we never will. And this conflict by the way that you watch is not a conflict of Islam and Judaism never was. There's never

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been a conflict between Muslim in us now. It's something much different than that. It's a very different conflict in nature. It's a conflict, a political conflict that is based on racism and apartheid and Zionism. It's not a conflict of religion. Muslims don't have a problem with actually the closest face faith to us as a Jewish faith. We're very similar. We carry very similar values, we practice very similar concepts of the Prophet alayhi salatu sons Quran, the Quran is filled with most of the Taliban at humulus Dora, and she is added to it every couple of times. It's always going back to that we have a lot of similarities. It's never been a conflict of faith. It's a conflict of

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a different nature. And I think we have to remember that as Muslims because it's meaningful, to be very clear to offer an explanation that doesn't that doesn't allow the other group to come up with arguments that are meaningless. The hook here is very simple. That was very that was dead simple requires nothing. Any The facts are overwhelming, but again, that would only matter in a world where facts actually carry some weight. You got to read about it. You know somebody was sending an accident on the highway ultimately Allahu Anhu Partha, and the use of Allah Allah He was like with some lace I mean mantapa Yara o te Rolla. Oh taka Hana otaku? Allah Odessa hello to So here Allah we

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all even when Muslim with us so he will be Allahu Anhu upon by an abuse of Allah Allah Salam many Marie Sela who Falaise I mean well yet my father whom and I know silica Sula, he said Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Atlantis What's it Allah wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Yunus I wish me luck when Latina burdock Allah Hagen inshallah we will see you tomorrow and tomorrow at 230 sharp and sha Allah said I'm gonna play

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