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The speakers discuss the importance of learning from the Quran and Sun communicate to achieve the right knowledge of the universe. They stress the need for proper understanding of the language and the source of the Bible, as well as the potential for the title of Islam to be a reference to the culture of the people. The history of Islam, including the rise of Islam in the first generation, is also discussed, along with the importance of understanding and learning to be more aware of the Hadees and the importance of intentions in actions. The speakers emphasize the need for understanding and learning to be more aware of the Hadees and the importance of intentions in actions. The importance of mental health and proper intentions in achieving goals is also emphasized.

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I'll give you some level of my llahi I mentioned that the Food for the Soul is a bother with hardware sitting in lots of hardware thanking Him and without praising him and we'll have worshipping Him people remain all the life hungry. That what happens to the Food for the Soul is the Alibaba of unless a hotel and hand is part of that. The first thing I wanted to have to thank Allah subhanaw taala to praise him by a bada is the food father, as I mentioned to people live for a while you need fitara right nature then you need a will in order to really to know in properly that I mentioned example, that in the first thing in the society of God, then it will to find something

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which can quench your thirst and the third thing is to find them to have knowledge of the water and the 40 to bring the water to similary the first thing you this test after I bought a new heart second thing with the with the errata to get the right knowledge and the fourth one regret the gnarly the 40 to act upon that to what is the right analogy right and whether I buy that can come how would you do will follow up about the water you need to know for a man who knows for anything this word the knowledge only can be correct if you take from the right source you know for Apple if you don't know a path The road is coming to Medina first time ask people where the most of the

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parcel alyssum. And if you ask someone who did not know he will just guide you anywhere you go. In the world. If you want to find out any address any any way, you have to find the right source, the people happy food must actually learn that they know about the right source of Alibaba, a bar that cannot be taken from anybody a bada must be taken from its right source.

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If you want to learn about mathematics, go to mathematician. If you want to learn about the poetry go to poets, thing like that. If you want to learn Alibaba, you don't need to go to a philosopher. A scientist will not help you who will help you the prophets and messengers because the prophets the messenger we are those who have right fitrah and the made effort to find the right answer from Al Assad Allah and Allah revealed to them that the Quran is about the Prophet Ibrahim a semi new Karna Cydia

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sadaqa means he has to lead node is tasked to and will deliver to find the answer. And then NaVi means Allah revealed to him to answer that how to worship me to the prophets and messengers, they have right effort and they have got to the right knowledge of the Avada. To date why Avada must be to have taken from it's the right source and the right source of the bada is the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet zelinka both revelation two right sources, the revelation or revelation two types one is the Quran and the second is the should not the professor lyricism.

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What it means is, you cannot worship the Lord but by your mind. The reason cannot help you how to worship.

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Reason can help you for many things, but reason cannot help you how to worship reason will not teach you about the reason it cannot teach you how to pray, reason will not teach you that you know there are five times a day reason conductors you too You have to learn from from the revelation a bada must be based on the revelation, if any by teaching you something and we know that it has reward or does not have reward if he does not have the proof from the Quran and Sunnah from brightsource. It never can be Ali Baba. Is it clear? That likely there is so much mystery No.

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Pizza in the Quran soon have evolved and evolved without shilka basically is it you make another source other than Allah subhanaw taala. And the Buddha said that you know, you mix with their source something else, that without the Shere Khan Buddha, both are not allowed. Shirky basically means you make in Alibaba in any other partner, and be diamonds that you are not happy with the teaching or the price analysis. You want to add something more from yourself from someone else, and they become happy Avada must be taken purely from the from Allah and His messenger. Nobody has a source of Alibaba. Allah can make an effort to answer your question, but they are another source. If they make

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effort sincerely, and they are right, they get double reward. And if they are a mistake, they get one reward. But nobody has a right to add anything from their own without any proof anybody or something from their own without any proof of it is really big mistake corruption of the religion that would be one of the big problem. In fact, in any community, that the source of the knowledge what the Quran and the Sunnah of the professor last of the two sources, and they mentioned the Quran is the real teaching of formulas hautala and as soon as applying that teaching, by the professor, listen to soon either application, that how the messengers applied the Quran to the life that why

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you know people, ma Shafi and many people say the Torah as soon as the Bian of the Quran to whatever Quran happy teaching

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The prophets Allah Alayhi Salaam just implemented that Quran in his life, sometimes not very clear to the people how to connect with the Quran. But if you look deeper you can find a very soon somehow it is connected with the with the Quran, the prophets Allah gets that information from the Quran and very applied to his own life. So, we have Iran and we have got the sooner the first application, these two things are essential without them, you never can apply for not to your own life. You can lay it out and people say no, we have to test it. And we know our contest. Let me you know, read the text and apply the test to our contest. This mistake. It is not enough that you know the text it is

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very important that you know how the text is applied by the first person by the professor Listen, simple thing in the Prophet mama Latham was not opposed to man that he came and delivered the Quran every house. He was a messenger he received the Quran applied the Quran, and he taught you how to follow the Quran. Not that he delivered the Quran here every house and then after that if we don't need him, like a postman delivers a letter, then you don't need to know him. He just want to read the letter. He's not like that. You need to know him. You need to know how he understood the Quran. You need to know how to apply the Quran. Allah said that no letter by Jerry NASA man was really more

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like a messenger. We have sent you to you explain to the people what has been sent down to it his duty of the messenger to tell people how to act upon the Quran. You in this religion can not be understood and followed properly. Without the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam simple thing you cannot separate the Quran for the sooner it's impossible. You cannot separate the sooner from the professor from the Quran. It never can work. And therefore the Quran says come to Hebron Allah factor only you have a formula. If you love Allah, then follow the professor lasma Allah will love you to my son did a very very important and that why Muslims from very beginning they had been very

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keen to learn the Sunnah of the professor listen when he was alive. He was the reference of the Quran. If you want to know how to apply the Quran, go to him. And he said he used to say the son Luke Amar is to universally pray as you see me praying. He said in the hoodoo Omni Manasa cocoon taken for me, the receivers are the height, he was the only reference no other reference. If you want to apply the Quran follow him when he died, then people need to learn from his companions to now. So now became basically recording after the sooner means that there are records that people will tell you what is now on this record are there is this in the manner that people are in the

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writing the we got no new word howdy to hide this is what how this is recorded the sooner to be aware the sooner applications upon then we will have the hardest game to record this will not the personality column which was preserved either in the mind of the people or in the ratify very beginning there are many companies who need to write down the sooner the process or lessen them and there are companies who memorize them, you know from their heart I don't want to go in history. And then second generation. Third generation until we got in a major media was in Islam like Sahih Bukhari Muslim Abu Dhabi, Timothy and so many verses. You know, the one of that type of the you know

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collection has been in Islam in the Hadith is what you call about not the 40 Hadees in the surah some we call this which actually tell you the virtue of 40 Hadees the many many people have been compiling it. There are 40 Hadees somehow the 40 Hadees which compiled by Bon Jovi became much more famous. So there are many hundreds of the 40

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this is one it can become very, very famous. And it is anybody ma'am. Now we rahimullah to Allah.

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Who in his full name is he

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was the Korea is a punia and mohiuddin is titled to Musharraf, Abu Zakaria Murthy Dean and now we shall fail to shuffle and know if because he's never in Syria and he was born in Muharram the air 631 that you know that when he was born and he died in the year 676

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the wild boar 631 and died in the year 675 very very short life but in that life affiliate you know he's really you know, produced so much things and he has been teaching and damage can in

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the philosophy

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in this 40 hadiza mono he has mentioned that is compiled the history just say oh Hassan

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doctor there are a few Hadees which are weaker in our 700 to 700 collection there will be some very very weak to when it will come and shall I'll point to you that know what what these are these are so we don't have any so much time to go in detail about many of these things, but he shall I read it unexplained little bit which can help inshallah to understand that.

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So he has Boca demo. I'm not going to be from

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the DC circuit.

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so the first physician in this collection is had this

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intimate family with

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the Mona Lisa Allah says Allah Miriam Amina. We have seen on a lot on policy matters with Elias and Allah Allah Salama. yaku in nama Armada Binya ye Nirmala Kula Marie MANOVA from Karnataka Tamil ally What does he for his era to rely on a su li, Oman Canada to ladonia dunya Sega of America and kaha for here to Villa Mahajan, la Arawa. Mr. Manmohan had the theme of Abdullah Mohammed is Ma Ma Hema and Lolita in the Bodhisattva. Under Buhari you will have a say in a Muslim Rohingya Muslim and koshary UNESCO booty

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FISA Halima under daily hamasaki bossa nova

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so this hadith of enamel Albania, which is narrated by Ahmed Qatar, the latter on who

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so this is a famous artist, you know, everybody knows it. Doctor the Indonesian had this was not so famous among all the Sahaba The only Sahaba nerja this is Omar Abdullah

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This is the sound is not from America Latin Otto The only person who the rest is

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my workers and laity.

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And from Alabama, the only person who read the Hadith Muhammad Ibrahim attack me and from time you the only person arrested this yahaya hemosiderin asare in the fourth generation you have got only one person

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we are here in Southern asare from Muhammad Ibrahim A tiny and tiny from Alabama, and Alabama in World Class A lady from America latonya there from Yahoo I'm sorry, sorry, hi this became very famous. Everybody in the world actually coming all these cars coming and learning from him. And among the major people in the red the hotties from Santa sorry, Mr. Malik, soufiane authority, Sophia and Marina in a big big people of Islam and all the 300 people that 300 people who just learned this harness from yahaya in the size of the study, after that, he became famous everywhere, but in the first four generation it was basically a generation of only one person.

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Remember how to handle that I had mentioned this in his book seven times. The

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same time number five, Rama only mentioned is the most authentic is not the most authentic is not he has got seven seven most authentic if not far the hardest. And he mentioned at the same time each time for a new information to teach you something new that how he does actually the first time when he says

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is is not complete incomplete. Or the third reason may be in a five time shala I'll explain.

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First I translate the Hadees and then comment on the Hadith. So the Hadith is coming from Alma de la Rondo, his cuneate Abu Hassan and he's among many in the first person who became agrimony salami, or Martha lathan and before that the Casa de classe called a halifa to Isla Salah Salem. The title amirul mumineen came from Alma de la Toronto. He is the first time he had out of the title of a little mini Anika in a command of the believers and he's saying that I heard that a lot of messengers allow something in nama Armada beneath the actions are only with the intentions that has never demeans later on and for every mile is what he intended. So whoever hegira or you know,

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migration is to Allah and His Messenger, then his his right to Allah and His messenger and whoever his era is for dunya to get it oma to marry her. Then his his right, whatever he did his era to and the Hadees is mentioned. Amano we said by Mambo Hari sorry. And by ma Muslim. In Italy in North Africa. This exists in every book in Abu Dhabi and to me the NASA imager. Most of the spider mortar don't have this horizon. But no staff Imam Mohammed in Astana Shivani. He went he narrated the motto for magic that will regard this Hadees but other than the most popular one, you have a highlight in others, they don't have got the heavy stuff.

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These are this is a very important, too, so important to remember. hamara Pamela says that the foundation of Islam, foundations of Islam are three her these three are these are foundations of Islam. The first one he had these are for Omar in Ahmed Ahmed in the

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300. These are foundations of Islam and the first one is how do you have Omar in Mr. Ahmad in the second Hadees Southeast Asia Manasa t Marina hada ma Lisa Amina for hora de anybody who invented in our matter on this matter in the salon, something

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Not from data. It you reacted. And the third one is suffer and not mine but you are the latter Idaho, Idaho Colorado by June, one harangue by holiday scarier and harassed is all three it should come here anyway in in this book.

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Ma Ma hombre de la salle leycester Thea Barnabas, Allah said Shay azima. Will Elena will act Rafa I didn't mean hodel Howdy, amen all the reports which come from the prophets of Allah seldom, there is nothing more comprehensive, more beneficial and more useful than this How does this how this is the most useful how this people can learn any you know, this or this you can teach anybody at any time

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you know, there are some hobbies you know, people don't need to teach panoply in simple hardware

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in simplify the Hadees so that you know that the professor lesson came to a place

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and he urinated while standing to hide the stuff you urinating while standing outside say Buhari enough Eddie mom comes in the mosque and he teaches people that the process allows them you know, what you read while standing. And essentially it's a very narrow teaching, you know, if you teach them how to be near the most everybody that actually more useful, but teaching that how this which is a very universally useful for everybody, it could be useful for some time, but not all the time. to somehow these they are useful and beneficial for that will all the time, something people need only in a very small question to understand many people don't understand this thing that Hardison

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not all the hobbies have same importance. I found that to be when your your event, a parent in the house, that teach their children something to every single instruction that the game nothing is important. Something more report something less important. When you learn anything in the science, something are more important and less important to that we must be understood properly. Many people don't understand this. And they say no, we are teaching her this. He says come hobbies even if you teach it is going to divide the Muslim community in a way to bring more power for the commission. They don't care. They said the teacher This is not right. Well, you must learn really, that what to

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teach and when to teach and who to teach

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is not enough that

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you have to know a lot properly that you know, dude, people need to learn this, this knowledge and when they want to learn when they need to learn. If you're teaching can go on to hire people more than benefits them, then you cannot teach them you're not allowed to teach them. So this must be kept in mind that whenever in order to understand really what is more important, and this or this certainly is the most useful thing that people can learn everybody if you should learn it, teach your children teach your family people teach your friends, this or this everybody knows them.

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Mom or Dad My mom is one of the great reformer of Islam and shefali, Salama bussola Masha and I have a humble admission, Alia Medina abou da da da da kutani. So many people, all of them say about this, this is 1/3 of Islam. If you divide this run in three parts, this her This is 1/3 of Islam, this people say

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Rama Rama Rama said you had the full of etha Latina bourbon minute this holidays is useful for the 13 chapters of knowledge. The 13 chapters of the knowledge where you can use this Hadees Mr. shafia Hello Sir, yes, sir Alina Baba, ma Shafi said first 70 chapters, the 17th in the things that for which you need this are these Adorama de ser Jamberry, a new Yamaha de todos akula bobbin. These are these should be made heading of every chapter. When you start a chapter we start with this, I think it's so important to know the people have to understand this or disagrees so important

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to what this means, you know, we have to make effort to understand property said in number armato Binya the actions are only with intentions, meaning, actions, validity of action, only a person with intention.

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So what's happening actually is a human being is a creation with a will.

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You never can separate human action from the human will. It impossible if you want to understand human action, without understanding the human will. You never never can understand.

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If you know that somebody hits someone, only you know that he had hit someone and you want to understand you know, a conductor

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bite because it is sometimes kind of out of love.

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Sometimes people love and stuff like that, and hating hitting a subject. You know, just hatred. People don't like sometimes discipline such as something else. If you don't know the intention, the will behind that. You never can do the action that a

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See like any any random leave Islam only even a British law when something becomes crime, when some people say it is a crime, with intention in there, if that no intention not a crime in any law, the crime will lead because crime with intention. If people do the same thing but with mistake or something, it's never a crime is a clear two simple things you cannot separate a you know human action from the from the intention from the real human who will actually basically there, it must be understood why in normal armato actions are conceived with intention. If you don't know if x intention is not understood properly, actions cannot be understood that way unless wahala looks at

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what the intention because that would accept actions or intention both are connected. But same action can cover up to differentiation

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in some time can go into intention for the same action. And sometimes for Apple when I play, it could be I want to praise my Lord. But sometimes I'm praying to teach my student how to pray to attention. The first one I bother to ignore the second one what to teach the student how to be a bother it also bother with the secondary. The first one was my own alma mater second, how to I'm teaching. And the third one also can be I want to show people I'm surprised that people know that like pray all the time, then it's not. It's not beneficial if we sin, knuckle chefs out there who lost their kidney there was a hostile animal get there Jasmine martyrdom was sorry, that was the

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prayer that you make it longer in the eye of the people, it is key for the gate or the fire of the prayer has been made to make an intent to paradise. But the prayer if you do with the intention of showing after showing the people what happens, it becomes a key for the firefighter to get away to the very important in normal armar Binya actions are with intention, when people make intention and action both to what they get.

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They get what they intended to do by nesting acknowledges to the first thing for the media to dispel that you cannot separate human action from the human will both are connected. In normal Amara beneath actions are with intention. The second thing is coming in why Nirmala could limit in MANOVA for everybody, whatever he intends, if you haven't good intention, you get a good good reward, if a bad intention, your bad reward consideration referring your friends as well. You know, if somebody you know,

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makes a property or something, somebody hosts you and you know nice food and all those things are the intention is to respect to you. Nothing else he does not want anything from you. Do you love him. But if somebody knows, save food, somebody gives you same food, same respect is the same. But then he tells you the reason he you know received so well, because he wants you to do something for him. The reason behind that, to tell me I would restriction. You can't fulfill it in whatever he wants it because he does something for you, if you ever do want to do it similar to him, but not setting your mind to when people actually get whatever they intend to do, no matter why nobody

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called me MANOVA if people prefer to for Allah subhanaw taala the greater reward if you pray, because you want to teach someone, you get the reward of teaching, not the reward or the prayer. And also the hardest said when nobody could really call them Ramana whatever they intended, it could be you do an action, and you have an intention, you get that you have an action and you have to intention, well that is the main intention you've got you've got the what if I said man or whatever intended to further put some time in when you go for the project where you apply the perfume on your cloth nicely. The intention Academy that you know, when I apply the perfume, then you know I feel

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nice, and then my heart is full in the prayer, you get to vote for that second check. And when I do this, I you know, I feel nice. And also I'm just the like distinct. Do you want to please the angels, you get a booty vote 13 verse and 10 that when I do this, then I also please the believers around me, so they don't feel hurt by me. No, they by dismiss everybody make them happy. You got three votes, you can see same action. It depends how many intention you can make, that by the most time the difference between two believers is that they do different things. They do the same thing, but their intentions are different.

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So that way, you know because Because Allah subhanho is not that his prayers were different from other two were very much by intention about different. He could make from same thing so many good intention. Most people don't do that vice versa. Rhonda used to say that the problem of the Muslims in our time is not that they have bad intention. The problem is they have no intention. They do good thing but they don't intend that. You know we intend to the mosque with the right you know, right was faster. But we don't think this will not pass the listener. We to the right hand, but we do want to make intention. The people do but they don't have intention. And once you make intention, then

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you can either

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ibadah never can be without intention, what separates what distinguishes a bada from the other intention?

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Are they something which people do with no intention? On Alibaba is something we should do with intention to please your Lord, to if you do an action to police your Lord, that it comes Alibaba to to distinguish the action from the order that people need,

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if somebody had left his house, in his home town or where he has grown up and his property, his house erected everything, for the sake of Allah, His Messenger, then he gets removed from our lead messenger in devious property for unlimited you get really better than that, if you leave your family for Allah, His Messenger, then you get better returns and then if people's intention that they get like that, like when the campaign is delivered, or Rama intention what for the sake of tourism, so unless you're happy with them, but when people leave their their houses for the sake of Julia,

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then they get dunya to live for Apple when in india pakistan were divided to many people they left India and they went to Pakistan, for what purpose? Not for deed not to please Allah His Messenger, many people went because they thought you know, if it is a Muslim country, we have more space and better India, then we can do our business properly. They wanted basically more safe in home today they move to Pakistan. And now they call Mr. Mahajan and in Pakistan, Dr. Mahathir

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Mohamad, Evert MA in Mahajan, he does not need to explain most of the Mahajan did not play nothing. The Maharaja does the Nana Mahajan, but they don't appear actually, I think many times I feel any that Muslims who do not do here are from India, they are better in Alibaba than those who did. He said those who call this a module. This is not religion, this is that basically father for the world purpose. Similar for Nepal, we people who came from India and Pakistan to England, do DVDs rifadin. For the for Allah is better for dunya for dunya. So if people do his refer dunya they get whatever they have done here for people can change their intention. But whatever you make and decide that

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what you get out of people do is refer a woman to marry or rapport, you know, somebody want to marry someone, and she makes a condition you only can marry me if you move from your place to live here. And then the person moves, that's fine, but he's already got reverb from Allah, you get rewarded the money but not equal for all sorts of sometimes american medical condition that if you want to marry me move to my place to this EGFR. Dunya directly, companion said,

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it actually is narrated by

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Amish rahamallah thought it was written in his book for a mushroom shall avoid often the law. He said about when he proposed into oh man to marry her. And she was in Medina. She said to him, you if you want to marry me, you have to leave your place and come to Medina, certainly Medina, then you marry me. He came, he left his hometown, he came to Medina and lived lived there. And two people used to call him Maha Jerome is the owner's name. What omocha is, for the sake of Omakase. So that's mohammadreza mohindra. To leave actually, for the sake of Allah and message, him putting this matter easy. hegira first should be mental by mind, then physically, the problem is when people want to do

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physical here, without a mentor here, there are the messengers, they spend a lot of time in email, there is a lot of the first thing in the mind in mind, you need to move from the California area to Islam. So once you have moved from your mind completely from from cafe Ceylon, then it becomes obligated to move with your body also from Cofer to Islam. But if your mind that you had not done and while your body does here, it doesn't matter anything, it has no meaning really, in our time, there have been so many more from demand. Oh, in England, you know, if you don't listen to that, and nothing happened, you should leave England and go to certainly Muslim country do hegira this hegira

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has no meaning because your mind actually you have not done his properly. First thing we do hegira with the mind, mental hegira Once that happens, then he said with the body can be useful. I have seen many people they left a New England and they went to Pakistan because they said in this place not very good for the children and this and that. And within 10 years again, I saw them again in what happened his original workout properly and so many crowns this and they came back reason is because we're not properly done. The first thing make effort really to teach your children Islam there, if you fail, and really you really hit cofra Shikari, what, then it will work out. But you

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just have some imagination, your mind just moving without thinking. This is not hegira to first obligation hegira in the mind, he's rough around the mind is very, very important people in the monster book from the Quran from Jahangir from the ship to Allah subhanaw taala make very clear, they're basically physical is not so important. It's important sometime

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But sometimes without that is still you can survive, but if your mind had not had not done properly, it does not work, you know, necessarily, okay the few more things really in this or this we need to understand and initially move.

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When we say intention,

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you know, people have used this idea for so many years really one of my teacher in one a Shabbat and I learned from someone, he said, you know, somebody asked him that how many in question can be answered in the light of this or this? To my teachers? I said only one question. He said, No, no, we have done the the 400 questions, is this or this can be used for 400 things, isn't that the theory that people don't have an answer or the question that people are thinking that people think are the same meaning is it that you know, if you come to fall for prayer, and if you made intentional for us, it did become us, this has nothing to do with that had this actually something more than that,

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whether you make intentional asanas or it is not for Allah unless you make for Allah, this her this for sincerity, it is not this intention, let me actually make much more clear. There are two types intention, intention,

00:31:10--> 00:31:57

which is with the mind. And it instead of with the heart, intention with the mind, it means intent making intention to separate one separate the other from the Avada Avada. From the other intention to separate one Alibaba from the other either that we call intention, near or near to, near to the Academy is that to separate the Alibaba from the era from from the order of separate one Alibaba from the other I bother to for example, if you in the morning, you wake up and you never have any food and you don't feel well and all the day you spend eating nothing until sunset and then after that, it so it is not fasting. Why because you do not have the intention which can separate the

00:31:57--> 00:32:06

Avada from the other. Basically, you just didn't eat it like many other times we don't eat, not eat. But if you wake up in the morning and you make intention, you want to fast

00:32:07--> 00:32:53

then you basically make your mind it is the kidney of the mind to separate the body from the other. If you come to the prayer and you have no intention to interfere with make intention to make it for the prayer you're separating one Alibaba from the other that will call near to near to a nice rotten apple basically in order to separate my body from the order of the separate one Alibaba for another I bother to if I'm fast into it to my attention too fast enough in the first thing Why do they bother in order I'd miss one fasting Ramadan to I make intention to do for other other fasting to this is the garden Yes. And yet it basically is to separate the ibadah from the other or to separate

00:32:53--> 00:33:16

one out one from the other. By the when you read the word near in the books at the Fed. This is the near that they mean word for God discuss the near that what they mean? They mean Disney after Apple which separates Alibaba from the other. Are we separate the Avada from the other Alibaba? Is it clear to near to Apple is it intended when the FOCA high use the word near?

00:33:18--> 00:33:30

This is not mentioned that adorable is not about this or this or something is the meaning of the Hadees is that when you do action, what you end up with is why why are you praying

00:33:32--> 00:34:13

to praise your Lord to grow paradise. If you intention to create please your Lord, then you can reward but if your attention for Napoli five praise or a meditation, as I say, if you make an effort to resort, but my intention is to please the people to show them a guide to focus my attention corrected the crime make intention for the Lord's Prayer be a catalyst for this inner correct this Hadees basically discussing the knee of the Taliban not tackling this head is about not about the intention that for this but many people that could do mistake again again. So like Mr. shafia, many people have they say that this hadith is appropriate for 70 chapter 13 chapter they mean the near

00:34:13--> 00:34:24

the other of the outlet, not near the near the RV new for everything, not for seven to 30 chapters. Every single action of the believers must be purely for Allah tala, is it clear?

00:34:25--> 00:34:49

to this or this one misunderstanding of the Hadees has been that people think this Hadees means the knee after outlet, near which can separate the body from the other or near that can separate from one Alibaba from the other brother. To explain that this is not the meaning of the head is meaning the head this is after you have done that near. Then you need also Nia to please your Lord. Sincerity if that is not there, you don't get rewarded.

00:34:50--> 00:34:59

Is it clear? Now coming to a third media which we have our time that actually has no value anyway, that near the tongue. The people think they are in India

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Standard You know, when you pray, you saved your tongue that I pray to Raka for Aqaba, Sema, this year has a no way you can anybody, you say your tongue I pray for Raka and your heart is in your mind. So it will also whatever you do is turn your head no meaning Anyway, you don't need the electric there's some of them set it up that to select their pain, either can be the intention of the mind or the heart. Nia had nothing to do with the tongue. Nobody has used the word near for the tongue. Nobody to people don't need to say with your tongue when you praying janazah prayer God knew to say I'm praying in other words, you might you mind is very fast in the month of Ramadan. You

00:35:39--> 00:36:13

don't need to say fasting in the month of Ramadan, just your mind when you woke up for supper. That's how you manage fasting. That's enough. You don't need to say this. Is it clear? So the Nia with the tongue that many many people do and they learn and decrease the teaching of the language in the books. Sometimes I've seen the mom before another play that remind you how to make the intention for the other player. And they spend half an hour to teach you how to make intention for each player. The decrees that teach people how to make intention you know, you love that it doesn't make any difference at all. But you don't need any intention, but by the word you only need intention in

00:36:13--> 00:36:24

the mind for the intention the intention by the mind an intention that actually how this is teaching you at the core is teaching you intention from the heart purely for Allah subhanaw taala Is it clear?

00:36:25--> 00:36:33

So, that you know this is should be known properly that we don't need to learn intention no but by the tongue

00:36:34--> 00:36:41

no doubt is a very important that people occur to the Hadees that people should not do things for the sake of the people actually the problem of the people is really

00:36:42--> 00:36:53

because I mentioned earlier yesterday that most time actually you know in this world you know we are impressed by the things by which other people are impressed

00:36:54--> 00:37:02

for Apple when you see in the your child goes to school and he wants to buy you know certain types of shoes what are the reason is

00:37:04--> 00:37:39

that because you know that what he needs? Or it is because that what other people do the many people do this because somebody else does. So they're impressed by the people the most people do this because they're impressed by the people and why the poor are impressed very often by wrong reasons maybe even the most people in there basically in the world they do things because some rather impressed by someone to say people want to a certain type of car not whether they need the car because somehow they're impressed by the people who have who own or own a similar car. Do you want to have a car like that? To many young people you know the growth in their food in their style in

00:37:39--> 00:38:18

their work they want to simulate by the people to the people by whom they are impressed unless Mata is never impressed by that the word can impress the people it necessarily not necessarily can impress a massage also keep in mind properly it not necessarily that you know in all those you know expensive expensive shoes or cloth in that you buy it also can also can please your Lord No he's not impressed by those things to any type the house for lack for some type people think that you know I need to buy a house in this in this area in a very expensive and people think the area's rich people and loved it people and dispute that people you can buy the house there by does not necessarily mean

00:38:18--> 00:39:00

he's going to please you Lord, in order to make him happy they spending money but in order to be happy to Allah did not impress or tell necessarily by what people are impressed is a clear, last hottest criteria different from the people's criteria. Most time we people, we basically we are busy to in a tool to be true to the criteria that people with that will limit our image in our mind actually is the major metric that we see around to when we do action. There's what we do when we buy a cloth. Not that is going to please Allah but it is going to be impressive when we go to a restaurant to eat not because this is the food is I needed. No because it actually very interesting

00:39:00--> 00:39:02

the society to attend to go to the restaurant.

00:39:03--> 00:39:46

When when we want to visit a place we want with the prisoner that lets water once know the workplace that people love. The most time people are busy to make their place in the heart of the people. And Allah wants you to make your place to Allah subhanaw taala that he was that he was teaching there what this means what this means, do things because you want to make a place next well near to Allah, not in the heart of the people. It could be that what you do people don't like, but your Lord likes it. They do things because he likes it not because people like do the way he likes not the way that people like that he was that what I said to you that actually mentally make your mind to move

00:39:47--> 00:39:59

to the moon many people think if you move from from Manila to Saudi Arabia, you're done. hegira Well, if you come to Saudi Arabia and you watch TV, it is something that typically we say we want the world to tell me what difference acnezine

00:40:00--> 00:40:30

If your mind already in TV, it doesn't matter even if it's sitting in the harem and you have a TV on your you know, on your phone to work What if it's physically harder, but your mind somewhere else, we need the mental here that helps unless the first thing to do is correct the mind that the people before making his era before making any physical effort. First thing is correct the people's mind properly to what I teach you. That meant teaching other prophets messenger is that make your place to Allah subhanaw taala not in life the people pleasing

00:40:39--> 00:40:56

and this intention is not easy. It really makes a lot of effort for the Lima z acid. So altova Abdullah Jani Yani medallion near Milan, pulled okay for Nia Alejandra Eunice the who is arada Hamelin URI read the beginner's

00:40:58--> 00:41:12

father Lindsey Asad I asked him a hammer the hammer Allah tala what intention mean, how can be. His intention is that you make effort, you make effort that when you do something, you don't want to please the people.

00:41:13--> 00:41:14

That the intention that

00:41:16--> 00:41:57

the need any effort, no effort, it is so easy. The intention is tocar teaching, it does not involve any effort. There's no any favors or just making think about this all the intention that how this teacher is a new effort that we're passing Roger, force yourself make effort that you're doing this action, but you don't want to please anybody understand properly. You never can beat your Lord unless you make effort with the intention that for our sake it could be important intention by does not need any effort by tension that's how the citizen is certainly nice effort and that he needs to make effort not to please anyone other than a loss of yardage and that's the who is Ramadan law you

00:41:57--> 00:41:58

read a bit NASA

00:42:06--> 00:42:15

Yana because he wrote him a lot rahimullah one of the director and director of the hajis at mctague going on some people say he's one of the six pillars of the Hadees he said

00:42:16--> 00:42:56

the other manita for in the heart of a Llama Llama lamb the intention? Because it is more effective than the action. The thing really profit what we do. We learn the null intention. everybody learns how to pray. But people actually don't learn why to pray. What for the pray why what they want from the prayer people don't love this thing. Everybody loves you know how to do Amara, but they don't learn why want to do more of what you saw behind it. What is the purpose behind it? What are they doing? When you read the prayer? You know, you learn all those things but you don't learn anything but for Apple when you learn that the prayer I'm sorry for your time and adore what it's all one is

00:42:56--> 00:43:01

finally the entire time for my son declines and oscillates this time Not this time. So this time

00:43:02--> 00:43:42

you learn distinct you learning but you are not learning really the Nirvana thing properly. Why unless Natalie married the father in that time, why he made the hole when the sun deck aligns with him why he made Astra when the sun is about to set, why he made the Astra Marie Wilson shares why he made the Asia when darkness is and why he made this time, what difference it makes, think properly it will help you to understand His purpose and the action, the only qoocam action when your intention emits the intention or the lawmaker. If Allah taught me something for a purpose, and you also the same purpose for an exam, then you get a good reward. If you have different intention, you

00:43:42--> 00:44:21

don't get the reward anything. If I were the father time for a purpose, and you had the same pattern in your mind, then you get the same reward. But you pray for your time and you don't know the reward for your time means if you don't know what it means. You don't know what are streaming your music. When you stand in the prayer. Then you read the Quran in the request they don't read the Quran if you don't understand why why reading the Quran that vibe signed and why in the one side that that's not in the Quran. If you don't understand properly, you don't need to properly you can plan some reward but not actually what the real thing that right is very very important to let the near and

00:44:21--> 00:44:59

near only can come when you understand what is the purpose behind this action. The palapa mid eye to see. Eye nose to smell and mouth to eat. You know this thing they're used properly by somebody that not love this thing and start eating with the with the eye and smelling with the mouth what will happen till what will happen in Iraq and benefit that actually happening for many of us. We people do many actions, but we really don't know what purpose to be misused him to we don't get the real thing that why the forecast in learning the Nia intention is a much more important action first. Thirdly, why

00:45:00--> 00:45:07

Let's have them read them, you have the same intention, intention of them, the slave must emit the intention of the master.

00:45:08--> 00:45:15

The master asks you to do something for a purpose, the surveyor must do the same thing with the same purpose.

00:45:18--> 00:45:39

So like, you know, in India, you know, the mobile ruler they have made in such a big, huge building, big, nice building in old palaces, to live. Now, if you go there, monkeys are jumping there, did they make the degeneration? what the purpose of the morning prayer was that the monkeys will come and jump in the palace, and they lived there another purpose not ever happening? Unless 100 100 this universe for what purpose?

00:45:40--> 00:46:16

It is a food for your mind for your brain for your heart. Now people are misusing them, you know that they go to the to the seaside, and water site is happening from that they go and they become naked and you know, take out the cloth. Do you think it's a mystery to use use of that thing? That Well, it's not that typical how much this is happening. People don't understand really, why and love near something and how you use them. He made for something else. He made the note to say, you know, to submit and now they're eating with the nose, too. How can he How can you appreciate that? The second what that why they say learning the Nia is more important than learning the Ahmed. Anyway, I

00:46:16--> 00:46:20

established arratia loca they need to have some question and

00:46:21--> 00:46:22

if I possibly

00:46:25--> 00:46:27

just you mentioned in the beginning that

00:46:28--> 00:46:36

the Hadeeth is already in the beginning would that not take from the authenticity? Because it took four generations for it to become mature?

00:46:38--> 00:46:39

And you said no, because I think

00:46:40--> 00:46:41

this is not a

00:46:42--> 00:46:46

this is a subtle condition. So how this

00:46:47--> 00:47:05

is how this nonlinear integration comes from the source of which are reliable sources. So that what we need to learn not necessarily every harness because, you know known to everybody and everybody nurettin obey the law. No, no doubt he taught the other member too many people know this, but only one person narrated.

00:47:06--> 00:47:10

So there are many other parts of our lesson one the one or two compassionate.

00:47:11--> 00:47:15

It does not mean that people do not know but they only learn it to her this being very dynamic

00:47:20--> 00:47:22

from the sister sides.

00:47:27--> 00:47:28

Okay, well, one question from abroad.

00:47:29--> 00:47:31

I just wanted to ask,

00:47:32--> 00:47:35

I make an intention to do something.

00:47:36--> 00:48:12

My teacher, you know, Allah is aware of that, and what if what if I'm boastful I then come back and make an announcement of my intention is that any way decrease the edge of my arm will have my action because of my boastfulness, depressingly, when you announced it was interesting, then you have because sometimes you have a parent SFR law and then you announced because you want other class or to follow the same intention, you can double devote the couple, you know, you want to build a mosque and you have only 1000 pound to make addition that will be only want to make build mosque, and then you still if you announced that you have given 1000 pounds the other pillar also will give you get

00:48:12--> 00:48:39

rid of all the people but if you you know a happy orientation, then it shut and think oh, let me tell people that people know how important you know how pious I am. Then you corrupting your attention to basically even announcing arses connection to you have to have purity of intention in every action to where you first I met intention, pure intention where you want to tell the people make your intention. Every single time people need to make more than a pure intention every single time.

00:48:46--> 00:49:16

Is there any situation where sometimes people it's the thing that's common amongst the people, when they when they talk they someone does something wrong? For some something that's clearly horrible. They just say now, it's a common statement, we will just say our actions are judged by the intention. So he meant well. So somehow that takes away the responsibility of taking care of avoiding the harm for example. So is that ever possible? Is it something that you can Yeah, I noticed. I have seen Elisa, that when Alice Mata said

00:49:18--> 00:49:46

he wanted this to you who is the best in action to think meaning to do meaning, right intention, either right action, do a kind of sooner and sincerely for Allah if actions are done not a kind of sooner, don't have regard to for example, like you know, if you're traveling from here to England, to orientation, you want to go to England, but you take a flight going to Paris, to tell me what will happen.

00:49:47--> 00:49:59

If you take a flight from here, music goes to Paris an intention to go England or go to arrive to learn. No, you need both you need right intent intention. And you need right after right action depends on right

00:50:00--> 00:50:24

nausea But anyway, so people need to do extra kind of sooner. They need to please Allah subhanaw taala both are important. Alpha only sooner unless you're sincere action and more excited to see another person Allison haraam. Annette people think haram can make them to reach Allah. Allah said, Cofer today say somebody is gambling and say Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem or gambling. They say it is

00:50:26--> 00:50:46

not that easy to haraam with intention of good Allah subhanaw taala in the law, even liable data, even Allah is Bill, he does not accept except to know that you do robbery, an intention is you go to help the poor people know if you want to help poor people, or money make a little money, but it's but not with the robbery.

00:50:47--> 00:50:50

Yeah, I would take one question from the system.

00:50:53--> 00:50:54

Or sometimes we start off

00:50:56--> 00:50:57

with intention.

00:51:00--> 00:51:01


00:51:05--> 00:51:09

we don't purposely change our intention, or you know, we don't want to change it. But we're gonna

00:51:11--> 00:51:20

start off with the pure intention, good intention for something, and was for second come in and cause you to change your intention will give you thoughts in your mind, and

00:51:21--> 00:51:39

how would you advise us to try and maintain the purity in our intention and try and maintain, you know, what we began with the good intention that we started with, you know, understand the problem, you know, properly, then in the life believers are in always in a fight with shaitan.

00:51:40--> 00:51:57

It never can happen that he leaves you, he never loses hope. He all the time, keep fighting you to when you make a change there, then he will remain with you until you cross your attention to liniger, you must do Masada full effort all the time until you die. There's no easy way.

00:51:58--> 00:52:29

And in order to keep making effort, but when you keep making effort, it becomes easier for you to do but it shatters or will remain there that test is there no solution really. But understand that chetana cannot force you. He only teaches you if you learn his things properly, you can defeat him. But in it no doubt is there no easy solution, it's always probably cut people make entation than they should have corrected them in the way that again, they improve the interaction, then again, it's just it keeps coming and going. So you have to be aware of that all the time.

00:52:34--> 00:52:40

You said this particular Hadith can't be used for the

00:52:41--> 00:52:47

the intention actually, and how scholars have applied it to the 50 questions.

00:52:49--> 00:52:56

And this actually could actually applies to the whole of Islam, rather than just those specific chapters. So which haddie do you think

00:52:57--> 00:53:06

applies to those cause effect also needs proof right. So if this isn't a headache, that those colors have to refer to, in order to prove the

00:53:07--> 00:53:40

importance of intention, Apple intention, which is the other one that they would have to use. Now, this empathy basically is that accurate to us is more connected to the action rather than intention, you know, that intention is actually still action to me, like in a prayer, it was the action, when you say prayer, so it is simply the action. The real intention, really easy, distinct, sincere sincerity, you can say that in when we say no to action, meaning when the time comes, presents, where is the time that

00:53:42--> 00:53:59

you're not playing to basically that intention for the safest part of the action, if not really something different, the meaning of the transitory plays or if you do, or that you do, that would actually if you do, make intention of not even not doing the action, to dedicate more time to action, not not really with the sincerity, the clear.

00:54:07--> 00:54:15

If you haven't a pure intention for an action, and afterwards, people are impressed by this or people praise you.

00:54:16--> 00:54:57

If you become if you naturally just become pleased with people's reaction is that corruption of intention, you know, no doubt, somebody mythical rotation. So Allah subhanaw taala sometime wants to reward you in this world that people see and appraise you in all those things. So then no harm in that report from satara unless it next time, that acid capacitation that the problem is that why don't look at what people do prefer after that if people praise you, thank you, whatever they do, not worry, you know are the messengers. They are so hard but then people praise them, the think of them, but the internet to the door. Like you know if people teach people to lead the prayer people

00:54:57--> 00:54:59

read the Quran if the intention is pure detail.

00:55:00--> 00:55:13

Some people appreciate their appreciation other people are not corrupt you unless you correct us say putting his bad intention is not something somebody else can influence you. You do intentionally your own action you you're yourself actually make it.

00:55:14--> 00:55:27

If you make effort to make a system, it will remain sincere. That why people are responsible. If it is other teams action, you will not be responsible to everybody. The intention is their own action. They have to think the people praise you the matter