Akram Nadwi – Weekly Q&A 10-12-21

Akram Nadwi
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AsSalamu Alaikum everyone welcome back to our q&a with check comm nadwi Every Thursday 6pm GMT thank you everyone for joining us and already mashallah sharing all your questions

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just quickly anyone who is new here for if you want to ask a question from the relevant social media you're on so we're live on Facebook and YouTube, just ask you a question in the comment, the comment bar of the live stream inshallah and we will try to go just in order of who asked the question first and Sharla.

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Okay, we've got quite a simple question here from Sonova can we donate to non Muslim charities

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can be similar of money or

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you know, when it comes to the help, or helping the people, Islamic who does not make a distinction between a religion and the religion, it all the needy people and help can be many, many ways. One of them is a, you know, charity, you can get soda charity or any kind of things for the sake of Allah to Muslims or non Muslims if they need. The only thing that we Quran and the Hadith make very clear, it must be given to Muslims zakat, if you give zakat that you're unwell thing from your diet, make sure that you give to Muslims

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in Zefram zakaat you can give to the minister what those non Muslims who you think helping them will help Islam and Muslims then might be otherwise anyway you know, any type of charity then the card can be given to non Muslims.

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Okay, just refresher.

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Our next question is how do people have knowledge like Imams and scholars Lucifer of Allah and commit heinous crimes like child abuse, *, murder and hiding the truth?

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No, thank you that shaitan is with the people all the time and what matters is not so much knowledge, but over the fear of loss of Motala you know, people can sometime Could it be that people use religion, you know, as a position, you know, the fear of Allah is not there. So, it is very dangerous really, and

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especially if people who commit a sin say, you know, continuously Advil ranges in among the Sahaba you can find there are people who did zinna by to not only once happen, but they are not doing something you know, for long period, either you can see in the news these days, so disappeared and just we should ask us for motor to protect us and to save us from since like that, but nothing to do with Imam so our lives on an island, it is all about the fear of Allah that the Quran makes always clear that people should feel like people don't fear Allah could be they are all in a religious figures, and they abuse the religion. And there are so many you know, need this is not only thing

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that people have child abuse or * or murder, there are people who make a business. You know, people say that, you know, you're possessed by jinn. And then they're exposed to that took your money, you know, online exploiting the people, there are people who sit on the shrines and you know, and then you give them money. There are people who say if you don't have child, you come to me you can get child in all these done by Allah, Allah Masha you and pious people. So don't be deceived. Just because somebody's religious, it does not. alim, it does not mean, you know, they are pious by Tina Farah for life, something different, that I always advise, you know, the men or women both.

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When you make your children to study with automa, be careful, because you don't know who you're sending somebody just wearing nice cloth, does not mean that he applies in similar fashion to children. The mother says, Many people ask me in this country, you know, from the north, especially my friends say, Should we send our children to Madras? I said no, the best thing is teach them your normal schools and then supervise their education, you know yourself, because you don't know what have proved people are there and there are so many, you know, cases. So it is very important for the parent, to be careful and not to trust in anybody even you know, you can see somebody very fast you

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don't know really what it is it inside the heart. So people have to be very, very careful. There are many cases in many cities or this country and people sent me

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you know, the details, a written detail by those people who have been

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I've used when there are children, at the some in frightening that we read these people's future had been disturbed. They're wrong, they're Muslim Congress would help them. And some of these images that tell the victims that if you go to, to the court, let people know that our gene will kill you. So this is actually is all like, No, God will come and help, you know, these people who are doing something wrong, to be very careful, and people should stand up about the people against the people who do wrongdoings. And Islam is the one who difference with the first round people. So parents should be very careful. And if somebody has been wronged, the society should come to support those

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people and to bring the, you know, wrongdoers to the justice.

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Okay, let's go on to our next question. Which is, is it permissible to do to keep Nephal fast every Thursday and Friday,

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as I'm not sure what this word is minutes, which means specific intention for the cure of a disease

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or do not monitor, you know, you know, though, is a minute, means up for some time, you know, they say, Well, if I pass the exam or something happen, then I fast one day or two days, I pray this car, you know, there's another, they are not really very good things, and the professor did not like them. But if you have done it, you have to fulfill it. You know, don't make something like that will let you know that if you do this, I will do this, you know, do a very high bar, then ask Allah to help you don't connect, you know, whatever you ask him with your action. The key fasting Thursday and Friday is enough. And ask Allah to help you, He will help you, you don't need to say if you do

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this, I will do this. So anyway, simple matter if you have done another, you can fast those days. But there are no need to do this.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's take a question from Palmer here.

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Well, we have a sinful keeping our kids in Western countries and due to that, they and their offspring commit to more sins, maybe losing their faith eventually, where does our share in their sins and

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you know, certainly if you know that, by being in a place, your steering, I will be misguided, or they will lose the faith, then it obligatory to move to a place where you think it will be safe. So that what Hegira has been, but what I feel really now is that the whole world is seen wherever you go, same problem, you know, people who lose their faith, I you know, they are in Saudi Arabia, they are in Pakistan, Bangladesh, everywhere, and people are good believers. They're also in the Western countries that are good, good believers. So at the end of the day, what matters really is you know, rising up raising your children properly to instead of doing Hegira Why don't you make effort to

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establish good educational system in your locality? With her father most other people can benefit from it. If you move to Bangladesh it's still the same problem to the stem moving from here to other places establish something do something be active what I feel very Muslim everyone lazy, they don't want to do anything. They want to order my to do something people ask me so many things to do this this there's so many paths when we wake up when we want to do nobody supports us to just think really you just sitting there doing nothing to do you think he's ever solve your problem? Why don't you become active? Why don't you think really it is serious matter? Let's do something maybe you

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need help off Alma. So they lead you but support them because they can't do on their own? You know, sometimes we make some initiative you know to help future generation but it can't succeed because nobody comes to support nobody wants to stand everybody leaves so this is the problem really to the you know, brother Omar if you're really serious, so the best thing is not to do Hegira because wherever you go same problem and also the media and social media, oh they have some problem and the children have access to everything everywhere. Best thing is to establish good education system Islamic education, where people can learn Islam from their mind reasoning thinking properly that

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what we need to do

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okay, just Russia

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Our next question is what is the lesson behind the untold story about Mozart asylums family after he was appointed as a prophet at them a huntin?

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Why don't understand what the lesson behind the untold story about Moses family?

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Yeah, if this question Inshallah, if you could provide us if you could ask me your question a bit more specific.

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Because what is the untold story? If it is untold? How do you know? So if there are stories untold? How can we know how because I think really people should understand one thing, you know, learn from what Allah wants to teach you.

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If he does not mention something, don't worry about that too much, because what he has mentioned that enough for you to learn. So now, you know, maybe the person wants to ask that, you know, when Musa Allison can refer to what happened to his family, and what was the condition, it just entertainment really, because there's nothing you can learn, whatever you need to learn, Allah has already said that what many people are weak, and they need to pray, cyber, and all those things. So in this instead of being interested in untold stories, become interested in told the stories, the stories that have been mentioned in the Quran, and what the Quran was to teach you. So it's not at

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what I want to learn, also learn from Allah wants he wants to teach, so that he will be more helpful for us inshallah.

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Inshallah Janaki Crusher,

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for us is asking, are we going to kill insects for the purpose of studying?

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Yeah, that's fine. Because that's a helpful because, you know, and they do experiments, and then they bring something good. So there's no harm, we don't want people to take a life unnecessarily. But if there's a need to help the community, and, you know, human humanity, that's fine.

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So this extends for like, doing experiments on mice.

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You know, anything Iserlohn is don't do distinct just for sake of, you know, fun and entertainment. Like many people, you know, they want to, you know, correct their target and then just, you know, user, you know, the targeted enemas does not like the process of forbidden that. But if there is something happening, you know, for the sake of research, then no harm in that.

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Okay, exactly. I was going to mention, like, for example, makeup products or like skincare products, they're not necessarily essential, but you do hear of brands that

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test their products and animals, this wouldn't be allowed, right.

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You know, thinking that if they don't really torture animals and you know, kill them properly and use for something beneficial, you know, 10s which are not necessarily they also can be beneficial in a beauty is one of the important thing the life so, you know, some people want to beautify themselves, that is a good part of the life of we don't stop people from that if something can help you can what we don't like really investing destroy the life of things unnecessarily dirty, not allowed.

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Okay, that that makes sense.

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Next question is can we wear perfume that has a large proportion of alcohol in it?

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We're not thinking that really, you know,

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some people think that you know, why in all coal, they're impure. What is clear in the Quran, you're not allowed to drink it, but does not mean that you know, you can't use it somewhere else. You can't apply in drinking different matter. And there is opinions of the many our ama that you know, these things are not impure. So if perfume anywhere there is alcohol or something like that.

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There are many people who say that nothing is nothing harmful, but that's not forbidden. What if I didn't drink it, you don't drink it, you just apply it on your body. So you know, there are no harm in that. So that effect, why follow that? You know, alcohol, oh, wine, if they're not use it to drink or eat? Yeah, then that's fine.

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Okay, Inshallah, let's take a question from Tamina.

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Please, can I ask what the evidence is in Hanafy for core nursing a child over the age of two?

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And then her second question is what's rolling on breastfeeding as some cheese some women choose to only give formula or formula with breastfeeding?

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You know, or to bathe him, you know, and Hanafi madhhab Mao Hanifa said

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the children, no children can be nursed up to two and a half years. Okay. He think the Quran has allowed up to two years. So by the time which you make your child to come to the bed to eating properly, it will take another six months, six months to then until other six months is still a basically men, you know, nutrition is the milk that was allowed also from the chronic oversee. You know, he inferred that and some people remember the offer has allowed for three years, up to three years, or him I showed the lesson it used to allow for whole life. Anytime anybody take milk off a woman, she becomes mother and he becomes

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Son, so, so there's, you know that a lot anyway, there's Hanafy mother, most people say within two years

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Okay, Inshallah, let's have a look for the next question. Just give me one moment.

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Okay, so we have a question, if I guess talks about others, some times backbiting and other times just general catch up, but I can't stop them. Do I also get the sin of backbiting?

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Yeah, you know, some people are backbite someone on you or they're listening? Yeah, it is sinful, you know, you should actually get up or should change the subject. I tell the people, you know, if they started by biting your mom, or your father and hurting them, you're going to start them you're going to mind it. Same thing other believers that they are, you know, that you should respect them. If somebody talks about other believers badly, they're like your brother, sisters. People should defend either agree or disagree toto defend. Any believer, Allah will defend them on the Day of Judgment. So be very, very careful. You know, just because, you know, your attorney guessed, it does

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not mean that you destroy your religion, he has come you know, you can feed him you can do instead tell him that you know, and respect respecting you, but something which religion does not allow, you know, how can I support you, if it were to harm you and me both, you know, to be very careful, not worrying one day, he will actually appreciate you that, you know, taught him something good. So, be very careful about your religion, simple matter, because these are very bad manners happening all everywhere in Muslim society, that whenever two people get together, they start talking about other person and backbiting. And think, really, the person who does this with you, He will go to somebody

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else house and we'll talk about you negatively, that will help people do it people do. So don't respect people like that.

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Okay, our next question is quite interesting. Sara is asking, Is it allowed to stay single? Or females by choice?

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You know, if so, for some reasons, reasons, you know, marry not obligatory on everybody. You know, some people think if they don't marry, they will fall in sin. Yeah, donated, they should marry they can find it, you know, the possibilities there. But if some people think, you know, by living alone, they can manage their life, they will not fall in sin, and nothing will happen celebrities are some people don't have such a strong desire. There's no harm. There have been many women Islam, very pious, and they never married. You know, we have Sahih Bukhari narrated by one of the most pious woman in the world her her copy of say, buhari, the best one, Karima llamado Zia. And she lived

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nearly 100 years, but she never got married, then other ones then have been to come on. She lived nearly 90 years. And she taught hundreds of the books or the Hadith, all her life, and she very good teacher, but she never got married. So there are people who never got married. You know, the marriage is not obligatory on everybody. I say sometime could be sinful, if some but they think that if I marry you know, I will not manage to live in a PC with my partner or my husband or wife, then people like that should not marry

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Okay, we have a question from Farah here. I have a feeling this question might need more time but you

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will seem shorter. Can you explain the context of Surah nurse and so is it because the prophets had no the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had kneser Or black magic? There are a lot of books that are probably a lot of them was under magic and had nazzer hence the source

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you know I read an article

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about this matter to you should read and Farhana who this year are turned to Mike Ross. She shouldn't be able to do the other because she's not learning Arabic. Two first thing I would ask her he spent two years in a salaam done or be properly and then you learn many answers these questions. Otherwise you know, you will read other people's a book and everybody can misguide you too when you learn Arabic properly, nobody can misguide you. So to follow up consultant NAS basically are just explanation of Hola. Por la has come a word Allah Who summit to Allah allow Samadhi is a very important word to Allah revealed to to Surah to explain the meaning of this word that what it is,

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and the Prophet sallallahu sallam, it was very pure and safe and Allah sorta has met the Quran Quran very clearly, Allah will protect you. So anyway, these things I have discussed, you know, in my article in more detail, please read that.

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Okay, Inshallah, and would this be on your Facebook page? It was some there must be Yeah. Okay. Let's see each other. And next question is from Habib.

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or recommend

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if someone has many qualifications and one of us is if one of the certificates is a fake and they apply for a job with this will their income be haram

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I think we'll just take this part of the question shall you know thing is that

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if you have been given Jafar something lie and you know if he lies he discovered you will not be qualified for the job then yeah then then you should disclose it and make very clear because all is just fake you know not right.

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Granted, if they still accept you for your other qualification, that's fine. You know, test one lesson Motala you think really for your other qualifications you can't get job not right bit true and be honest. And you know listen what Allah will give you some sometimes people get haram job. Doha Allah is waiting for them to you chose for ranking in a law firm that is going to feed everybody you will feel to you as well.

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Okay, we've got a question from John. What is there evidence for praying for sinner aka one girl as opposed to to rocket

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into intervals of two?

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Yeah, you know, sooner raka they'll have a difference of opinion. Among the scholars, too. There are people like Imam Shafi or many others, who says sooner prayers just should be done to raka with one salah, not more than two. Amo Hanifa Raman Allah Tala. For some reasons he allows, during the daytime, that you can pray for Raka or 260. Maybe with the word salah. In the night prayer you can do up to eight raka it'd be the single Salam. So you know, you just infer from some Hadith, I don't think we have time to explain this thing. So don't worry about this too much. There are two opinions you can follow any of them if you are happy with Pooraka sinner Salam due to raka if you're happy to

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pray for our customers ram you know at the end of the day, what Allah wants from you the prayer it doesn't matter whether to one Salam or to Salam he's not going to question you about those differences. But he certainly will question you whether you prayed or not. If you pray you get reward to just simply don't worry, you know, any any any matter about to wish the earlier generation has deferred that for any of them, Allah will help you inshallah.

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Okay, does actually Harsha. We have another question here. What advice can be given to brothers who are trying to become happy to have the Quran but are struggling with major sins such as music and *.

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thing really memorize the Quran by heart, but you know, it's not obligatory, but protecting yourself from the sin is obligatory for them. So people have taught us don't even don't worry about his or the Quran. But this will be more serious matter. This is going to ruin your life, your future, you know, and this Maharaja, the Quran will not go to help you. The people have to understand that no obligation is to memorize the Quran, but their obligation Islam, that people should be you know, safe, they should protect themselves from from committing any sins. You know, learn Quran with understanding, think really, instead of memorize the whole Quran, learn one part or two parts with

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full meaning that it will help you more than just memorizing the Quran to I'll say, really, that, you know, they're not benefiting memoranda Quran if people don't care about what Quran said.

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Okay, just talking to fascia.

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We have a question from Essen.

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And his question is it said that we should make Darjeeling tahajjud as most people's wishes are granted during that time, but are we supposed to make the dies during the search to have the ship tattooed or do them after

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you can't do anything at all sometimes you can make dua you know in the size the sometimes you can make the you know when you sit in the car after Sadat and the profit you can do something after salon you can make generally we advise people that you know your own dollars cheaper than to no after salon by people do within prayers. There's no harm can inflict prayers you people are allowed to make their own dollars

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okay, let's try and find one moment. We have a lot of questions, but we have discussed many of them in previous q&a. So I'm just trying to find one that hasn't been discussed before.

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Sorry, chef says a lot of the questions are really big as well. Let's see.

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Okay, let's get this question from answer. I've seen the chef having mixed feelings about the sell off. Can you elaborate on your stance and how one can practice? Yes. And in today's world,

00:25:24 --> 00:26:08

we're signed on not notice of a solid Miss to beautify your Alibaba. And that means that you, you know, think about Allah subhanaw taala that he sees you, you know to them when you know that Allah says you, you fear him and then you improve your eyeball that that means Sahaba had a son or daughter itself. So, you know, for Asana, people don't need this. By it could be possible. Some people who have to solve, they also can have a son. So that find if the Savoca makes you to, you know, see Allah and or at least to believe that Allah sees you, or it helps you to protect you from the sin. Then finally, we don't mind what we might really be doll inventions. There in the name of

00:26:08 --> 00:26:51

the several people do many things, which really make them away from Islam, you know, dancing music, and you know, mixing with the, you know, so many people I say there's so many things I cannot say now. But simple thing is obligation that you should beautify your Alibaba. So, you know, that he should do as the prophet has done, you know, with the, you know, think about Allah subhanaw taala but by thicker, avoiding a sinister and the prayer reading the Quran, by some people have some Sufi chefs, who are very pious and they can help you, too. We don't mind that but be very careful because many the self is also big business in the world. So you know, if you see somebody doing business,

00:26:52 --> 00:26:54

they can't help you to beautify your Alibaba

00:26:59 --> 00:27:07

Okay, let's see, maybe we can take one or two more questions just for the future shallow. If you have a question, please try to keep it

00:27:09 --> 00:27:15

as short as possible Inshallah, because some of them do get cut up for me and I can't read them all together.

00:27:16 --> 00:27:18

Okay, so we have a question from your seen.

00:27:19 --> 00:27:32

If a person keeps laughing at an Islamic or blasphemous thoughts, were even Allah is attacked or the messengers on Alajuela Selim. Should he retake his shahada after laughing

00:27:34 --> 00:28:15

You know, sometimes people are, you know, they find something funny or interesting. They laugh, but not necessarily they insert the prophet or the prophet or the insert Islam. It could be something like that, not very thinking. So, you know, still there believers by some people laugh at anything Islamic because they hate it. Or they think of the lower mean, you know, they want to really intentionally insert Islam. Yeah, then it's a serious matter. It could become COFRA that they should repent to Allah subhanaw taala Allah will forgive. But if somebody unintentionally the intention is not to, you know, humiliate Islam or insult the Prophet in when something happens. So it is bad is

00:28:15 --> 00:28:35

not good men are really to laugh at anybody's bad manner. You know, especially on the prophets, Allah Salam, to vary by the matter, but it does not make people unbeliever unless they have intention to humiliate him. If you have intention, humiliation, that is a very, very serious matter in order to refer to people should repent to Allah subhanaw taala.

00:28:40 --> 00:28:48

Okay, I think we will leave it there in Sharla to 630. She's aka chef for your time, and everyone else for joining us.

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Just quickly, I've noticed today that we've had a lot of questions that have been asked before or have been answered multiple times. For example, some questions about the importance of woman praying in the masjid, or whether it's fair for them to pray at home or in the masjid. We've had some questions about monetizing on YouTube. A lot of questions about whether music is haram or not.

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All of our previous q&a is are available on our YouTube channel to watch back and what we've been doing is we've been time stamping them so you can go back and find that timestamp for the question that you want answered. So I do recommend if you do have a question that hasn't been answered, chef has also discussed

00:29:31 --> 00:29:59

extend extensively with regards to working in a bank. The ruling for that again about music, men and women praying in the masjid which one's better? Please do go back and watch back our YouTube our live streams on YouTube. They have been time stamped and we're working on getting them all time stamped Inshallah, but also follow our Facebook, follow our Instagram or Twitter we've been doing a lot of new things recently trying to share share

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articles in news type of styles and we do always want feedback so please if you have any requests for new things that we can do anything that hasn't been done before, please do message us as well Inshallah, other than that, we will see you next week Thursday 6pm GMT so I want to come

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