Akram Nadwi – Is it permissible for women to lead the prayer?

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of not leaving the mom and not bringing up the idea of a factory or a factory for men and women. They also discuss the importance of not exaggerating when it comes to the JAMA and the Unity, and the need for people to pray behind the same emails for a better understanding of the universe. They also mention the importance of not exaggerating when it comes to the JAMA and the Unity, and the need for people to pray behind the same emails for a better understanding of the universe.
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You know, try to understand Islamic way is that the JAMA Jama miss the unity and the Unity only cause behind one single exam. So that why Islamic worried whenever there is a mosque, there should be one single EMA there without fear of Bengali or Pakistani or Arab, non Arab men, women, everybody should pray behind the same email. That that why Islamic ways people should not leave the mom because the moms speak different language. Because it's not enough from origin. to men and women, everybody should have their disability, which is very, very important five times a day, this unity must be either properly, a mom will do the prayer. And then the people of every country, they must

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pray behind the same email, for some reason, when the people are praying behind them in behind their men to imagine only mind not not not a woman. So they're very clear in the physical, that keep in mind that why 100 people profile everybody forgot, they say we should not make their own Gemma because they started making they're very quickly sweating divided between men and women. And very quickly we will study their own machine, if they have their own demo or their own machine, then what happens is, you know, and the problem will not only bear so many problems, because when it is same was their husband or wife, they can go in the same car children and pray the same mosque and same

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sermon if then they probably they can discuss, but if they go to do two different mosque, two different car, two different timing, so many problems, and maybe there are two differences, preachers and both other to bridge the subject differently. Knowing how this conflict and fighting we don't want to be that this is this routine that you know the believers prayer must happen behind the same EMA for the men and women that why or the Fokine system. But occasionally, the prayer has been Mr. Or the women for some reason they cannot attend the prayer in the most some occasions if occasionally, they do their own prayer. So I personally think really that Hanafi madhhab allows it

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occasionally for the women to do prayer, but women will stand in between the road that way, how do why is that the process is almost an umbrella term. And many women they used to do there used to do when they miss the prayer. Or if there's any Man in the audience, then they would ask them to read the prayer Asha Natasha used to teach and men and women both are learning from her. When the time for the prayer comes and they cannot go to the mosque. Then I shall ask one of our Salah to do the prayer is that no man in with the people, then she will read the prayer. So generally, we don't want any Jama beside the JAMA of the most where people are people should not make any other geomar

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by some time occasionally typers for an excuse to that no hard for men or women or follow up speaking people or for other people to make their own Jama to make it a habit discouraged to really disliked it every going to the period this new team of the believers similarly father another player with a nope Gemma in the budget.

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We don't want people to hijama because basically it's going to make something like an arrival to the to the mosque, but occasionally sometimes happen without calling the people whether men or women they make their own Jamaat generally not regularly, that also can be in accepted. There are things to do in the later books or the hashima that written that you know must appear in every condition is not true. But I don't really think in particularly when it because regular, more regular that in effect happen occasionally with some excuse, then there are no harm

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