Akram Nadwi – Why Does the Quran Refer to Allah as “He”?

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the use of "centers," meaning that a person is not created to be a female or male, but a male is a female. The "centers," meaning that a person is not a male or female, but a female is a male. The "centers," meaning that a person is not a male or female, but a female is a male. The "centers," meaning that a person is not a male or female, but a female is a male. The "monkey" meaning "monkey" rather than "monkey" is also discussed, but it is not just a matter of "monkey" and "monkey."
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is still on the issue of men and women and so on.

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I was recently part of a discussion, which was on a quote by me know a dude, in which she said that she doesn't believe that God, or Allah is female or male, however, because society always uses the term he, for Allah, and she says that we've become so comfortable with you with using that and we think that Allah Subhana, Allah is male, therefore, we should also use she. So we should, you know, for example, in the transition of code, and instead of saying, you know, he, Allah is one, we should always that time say, she, Allah is one and sometimes he Allah is one, because then we will understand that God, you know, doesn't have isn't male, and rather is, you know, transcends gender.

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And in that part of the discussion, which I was observing, some people also said that some of the girls were saying, Yes, I feel uncomfortable reading the Quran, because of this use of heat. So I was wondering, if you could first clarify the, you know, the use of hula, you know, the male in the Quran, but also, on that topic of, let's say, feminism, and so on, and how we approach dealing with inequality? Where are the, if you could give a bit of clarity on where the limits are? Because people in this discussion, lots of them, you know, they seem to be confused with how do we go about in this in this kind of journey of going about seeking rights for women, they start to question

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everything, even when it comes to language and so on. So where do we, you know, where do we put the limits when we seek that, if that makes sense?

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Very good question. on it the kisser coming. And certainly because, you know, I, I really have finished writing a book on the same matters, you know, dealing with the questions raised by many feminists, I read so many other arguments and some discussion for which is a lot, you know, these women were feminists, you know, they have many, many good arguments, and in many things you can learn from them. But certainly, there are certain things which I think are the misunderstanding and duty for us as well is not to refute them, or to oppose them or to declare them profit of ask our duty to help them how to, you know, how to reform them, how to make them because they originally

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they wanted to learn, we have to help them how to learn because they have grown up in an environment where these questions are very genuine. So if become offended, and become angry, I'm not going to solve the problem. We have to face the problem. And I think really, when I will, I've been hurt by many of these questions, I feel I get reward, but if I become a heart and I totally said Oh no, right, this thing, I don't want rubbish, I don't want this and that has got to solve the problem to somebody had to sell to somebody to read this stuff, and sell the property this question which you ask, you know, I'm aware that this question actually is a question in the society and people who

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grew up in discussions keep coming. So the primer really first thing understand really, the satelli Allah, Allah beyond this thing anyway, Allah subhanaw taala is the creator is not created to be male or female is something creation, nothing to the lasala let beyond all that.

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But Allah subhanaw taala description or awaited I mentioned in our teaching, but it will allow us to when is that allow summit it has basically come out of that meaning in attaching to Allah anything which can have a defect in the mind of the people is not appropriate for any defect

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describing who with any gender, it is basically a defect. So this is not allowed when you say she you basically making him feminists to disagree not allowed basically you make him

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attach agenda then people will say when you say he it also gender but this actually misunderstanding of the human language and not only our Arabic even other language I'll come to that later. But first let me start with Arabic language. The poor actually don't understand that Arabic language is not that you know, the masculine feminine is not our language is Arabic language is it that they want to make a sign for, they need to know feminine for certain reason. But they don't need things which have masculine gender or no gender, that they don't need, but feminine gender for somehow they need to reveal their father Father to begin with.

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So anywhere where feminine password is there, they want to be distinctive to either some time by you know by being female, is somebody female, to the circulaire. Anyway, if not a female, then they have certain signs that are and this and that they were they do but otherwise, if they're no need for feminine, I did nothing, then they use basically, I know a pronoun or whatever can say does not have gender, it basically beyond gender, to not being feminine, sometimes couldn't be masculine, but actually that's really not necessary. The

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camera needs the moon. To when we describe a company does not mean because a gender has too many methods in the Arabic language when we use whova our Valley can

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tilicho kita kita

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kita kita had nothing to do with being Mr. feminine kita beyond that book in our Mr. feminine moon in order Mr feminine to try to understand the Arabic language in homeschooling is not only used for you know, to make a gender it also use for to make it beyond gender to things which are beyond gender even for that one that way. But when you say she in that language here, Miss gender, but what are not mean people don't understand what are not mean gender, who actually means both who couldn't mean some time, but who only Miss gender when it opposes hear that the adversary they you know, when the describe you know, read any book written before the time of feminism, because if you read now,

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do you think or maybe in any book or grammar before feminism, you will say they always say about feminists about Mauna Kea, Maya avelumab Carnaby is a he was a term

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that that vijender music anything with with a car to them actually basically means that whether one nothing oppose it, if that normal one

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it is beyond gender, but though they use similar to mana, how to different moda karma masculine basically me to Arabic language when there is one when the normal one did not occur, it is beyond gender. It is it is a common but the problem is many of the later grammar they don't listen to that easily. There's a simple Docker for every single community easy to say. But it's not how our people have been. So Allah subhanaw taala his before crash of the masculine feminine there are no gender nothing he's no image this too far him we use, you know a pronoun in Arabic language, which basically can not cut is beyond any indication of any gender. If you say here, then you make it

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feminine, but when you say whoa, it does mean ergonomy who actually means only gender when the opposite gender

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otherwise the whole word does not mean gender is it clear for you or Raul then also Hawa to gender why because our radula head opposite Amara winter opposite gender then Hova Musa masculine if that no opposite gender it does not mean no masculine it actually basically means something beyond that and many many for many meetings, but there are a door for other things which are clear and have no gender sometimes our people make feminine for a purpose for a reason not because you know the relative gender they want to mix in it for gender, they think

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like Oh,

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the ordinal began with a feminine not because it is gender you know in a war with the masculine war and feminine war. The reason is did they make a war similar to feminine because the ethic work serious problem the order the contract mother, there was a thing to all like a mother career provided to them in their mind it would generate something to when the mind comes to generate generating something today mixing that to the feminine sexuality because it's this man art another because they're thick or something grows to whenever their mind comes to something similar to the feminine, then they attribute to gender but that's why other people are very clear, it's not against

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gender, the settimana fluffly even if you make

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it beyond gender anyway, calling it one is just a lovely basically, you know if you are allowed to use even more data for that, because beyond gender to that don't be confused when they make the first thing or one not happy one really monosyllabic languages you know do other things which have opposite gender masculine that are really isn't

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anything we just not opposes gender, it is neither America right? It is beyond that. But still you find our people use someone which actually had nothing to oppose gender reason is not because they create a gender reason is because they have got some similarity in their mind for Africa to village Medina tune net uplifting because getting place in Missoula can produce people it's generally or something that could be well, because generous water disability may provide a quality bond, that that wonderful thing is occurred to you, too when we sell for Allah who it is because hola in Arabic language beyond gender,

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it will leave message and data when did uploaded gender and Allah for Allah who only Miss beyond the gender, but for our region over my school why because God Allah motto for Allah in my school because Allah has got a room to rent somebody has got a voltage under that how Arabic language has been and that basically has been all the languages even English language has been like that in modern time when people think he miss Muslim and she Miss feminine. If you read it some stuff, even 100 year bike, you can see very clearly whenever in English, the word to write something common to men and women both are beyond gender. They use the word he he or she is very, very feminine. He that he

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means a man

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Good morning, it is lead feminine, he actually mean used to mean English and you know gender and also beyond the gender or common gender both it has become more difficult because language is become more political now, but ordinary language you know in order language in order number one is a feminine, then it is basically one It means you are injecting gender into language when you make a masculine it does not mean necessarily it could mean him with a car manipulation, it also could mean something more general more common to when he use what however for Allah, it is basically making him beyond gender. But when you say here, then indicating a gender and you want to make a Hawa to you

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say something awesome to have meaning here, you want to say sometimes Moscow supply feminine both, but when you just don't hear that you never make a masculine Hawa for a lead not masculine or feminine take it beyond that is a killer but when you say hello here, once you make once you You're the only one time here for Allah then next time when it become my school that people like want me to do when they think we want to become equality sometime who are some time here that even if what becomes gender, but when you don't have here then who has never gender only become gender when the opposite gender otherwise why not? Always common? Always gender actually even if you own gender? Is

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it clear to everybody

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