Is the Quran from Allah or Satan?

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AI: Summary © A student is discussing the book "Soakable consequence" in Surah 17, which describes the loss of life of the Quran. The student suggests that the book is not from Islam, but rather from the Bible. The student also discusses the challenge of producing a single Surah with similar language, as some people failed to do so.
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Good evening, sir. I thank you for the word that purpose of life which is given today and you have given the surahs and the ayat from the Quran surah 1788 says if all mankind and the jinn had come together to produce the life of this Quran, they could not produce it. But history of Alta Bari volume six page 107 ignatia kitab Al,

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Al Kabir Volume One parts one and two pages 236 and 239. If NadeShot Sirat Rasul Allah, page number 165167 says that Muhammad was inspired by the Satan and spoken on behalf of three gods God is Allah hot Alosa and mana, saying that that in intercession is hope for, after some time later upon receiving further revelation from ancient gibril that those verses what not from Allah, but inspired by Satan. My question is, this incidence has servile implication, the challenges of the Quran to bring the surah like it in Surah 17. Ada was actually met by those satanic was in Muhammad's own time, right, which is turn leads to the conclusion that the rest of the Quran is this from a lidar

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or the word send him? I'm Danny, I'm student I'm studying on the book. Brother Danny has asked a very good question

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that he quoted surah chapter 17, verse number 88, that says that of all the men legend got together to produce the lack of the Quran, they will not be able to do it. That's also repeated in three to chapter number 52, verse number 34, just to help you out and give you more references.

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But he said, quoting somebody and etc, that this verse of the Quran was from Satan. Maybe you read it wrong. It was an allegation that people said these words of the Quran, from Satan, and immediately the revelation came, or for Avaya, chapter 56 was number 77. At saying that this book

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is well preserved, who none shall touch except those who are pure.

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A book well guarded by the Lord of the Worlds this verse came to say that no one be able to touch the Quran in Lahemaa fools in tablet well preserved, except the Matahari that is the pure angels, indicating that the Satan's can come close nowhere to the Quran. So this was an allegation led by the mushriks of Makkah on the prophet that this is a Satan and evil in reply to this. There are various verses. Quran says in Genesis chapter four they do Quran says For Allah yet the DAP Bruna Quran Welaka meaning the gorilla love to do Victor love and Kofi da Do they not consider the Quran with Kay, had it been from anyone besides Allah? There have been many contradictions. Besides this,

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please let me reply.

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Besides this, what you mentioned, Allah gives the challenge that if you said from Satan,

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in Surah, to chapter 52, verse number 34, and three through chapter 17, verse eight, that if all the men and the jinn got together, they would not be able to produce a lack of the Quran, then Allah makes the challenge easier. Allah says in surah Hood, chapter number 11, verse number 13, I'm giving you more material to attack. Allah says in surah, chapter number 11, verse number 13. If all the men and the jinns got together, they will not be able to produce 10 Surah like the Quran? Allah make the challenge here. Rather, do you want to listen to the answer or not? Yeah, go ahead, please. Sorry. Please go ahead. You are wrong. Actually. I just wanted to brother's baseball hat.

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This is not a debate time. No, sir. It's a question and the time you finish your question, your question is over. Now listen to my answer.

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Added Can you give an answer that will be easy for me to understand, but why didn't you add it in the first place? Because it's all you're telling something then I have to add it. So then you go behind the queue and then add no problem. Go beyond the q&a? No, because it was yes, I'm helping you. Okay, sorry. So please go ahead.

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Furthermore, it's mentioned Allah makes the challenge easier.

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Allah says in Surah Yunus chapter number 10 was number 38. That if all the men engine got together, they will not be able to produce a sutra like the Quran. Allah makes it much more easier. And Surah Baqarah Chapter two verse number 23 and 24. Allah says that we're In Kuntum feed AB manners and none of the nah fat to be pseudonymously and if

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endowed as what we have revealed to a sovereign Prophet Muhammad from time to time, produce a surah somewhat similar mystery, not exactly somewhat similar mystery what Osho documented in the law and condemn Saudi King and call forth your helpers and witnesses, if there are besides Allah, if your doubts about true phi lambda falou but if we cannot well into falu and have a surety you cannot forget the coonara lativa Kudo, na Savella Jarrah, Oda silica free, then fear the Fire whose fuel is managed stones which is prepared for those who reject Faith. This is a challenge. It's a standing challenge. Many people tried to produce a surah like the Quran, but they failed miserably. The whole

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language of the Quran is so divine is so pure, not that people didn't try. When the Quran was revealed. Arabic was at its peak.

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It was at its peak, the Arabs, they were proud of the language. Allah says with your language. I've produced the Quran, try and produce a single Surah somewhat similar, not exactly, and some Surah of the Quran one surah is hardly three verses hardly 10 words only many people tried. They failed miserably. If you think this is from anyone besides Allah, you try and produce a surah that's a challenge. No one has done it. Neither can you do it. Hope that answers the question.