Advanced Hadith Analysis and Isnad Criticism

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Going to find the teaching of how these two books that say Buhari and Sunil, tell me the, you know, my own understanding for a lump these two books properly, it will be easy for the person to understand other sorts of the Hadith. And I was very pleased to find that on that even more of Angola, Angola in India, the greatest scholar of Hadith and the button person who actually started teaching our six sound books. You know, what people call Dora? He's the one who started Dora. He himself actually said that if people learn these tools properly, then after that, you know, even just have some hearing for them. It will be enough. Why Buhari reason is no doubt Buhari the most

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sound of going Islam after the Koran. And the Buhari does two things. Very important first thing with it, it actually has brought out the most sound how the other security Buhari does is that the the most sound hobbies, they are enough for our religion. So buka Buhari and 100 prayers, it's just too hard to understand how this great man has selected the the Hadith from so many 100,000 Hadees you know, what, whatever he had done. Our second thing is that how he has used it did Hadees to prove certain points that you know, in the in the fifth ended in the theologie. And so I avoided studying these words, I really I make effort to to teach properly. In the case of narration in how

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and how many snod would have been possibly for that same Hadith in like the mousseline nabooda tirmidhi wibu Buhari among all those now has chosen this one. If there's any problem or any question raised again, there's another Buhari by the earlier people at DARPA and others, or even by some orientalist to make effort to discuss those problems, or to find out why Buhari while knowing or distrust is still he has chosen or opted to, to get the Hadith in Bukhari that actually helps us to understand the reasoning of the Mahabharata and they are in the way of how to verify one it's not a second thing which Buhari does it because since there the number of the Hadees which appear more

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sound, they are very few just you know, 2000 something, but Buhari caught his intellect in terms of power, he used those few Hadees to prove so many points, sometimes he brings same hardisty five times seven times and more than that, sometime, no less than 32 we have to understand how from one hallisey cannot derive so many different knowledge and it also helps us to you know, to, to figure that out Allah has provided us this, this book with the most authentic work and and he proves that this book was enough for the people of his time, tonight our time when there are so many new issues are coming, which are not in his time, how we can use the cyber hurry to get answer for those new

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questions. So, you know, these discussions Alhamdulillah you know, help in the class, make the students to understand it. And one thing to be I always focus very greatly in the classes that Buhari is, you know, bohart his work is the most professional work one can imagine, because we have seen actually so many works in a profile do academics do, but the fail to remain consistent in the throughout the work Mr. Bahari from beginning to end is a very consistent and he really this work is the work of a proper professional, who never lazy and never tired in his work. The second book that I've chosen is Mr. worker, because of the one the reason for this actually is that this is the door

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it looks easy book, but him out loud Allah, he he slips adore her DC, which can teach people not only the rulings of the field by law, but also in the business of doing this they can teach people, the idlers, the problems in the Hadith, and how people have resolving them to something to discuss something does not discuss it. But you know, then I bring the discussion from the earliest sources, from Darwinian or from from other people. So this one second thing, maybe because he has arranged the bookmaker to the work of the filter, and he after every single Hadith, he makes effort to bring the opinions of the people for Allah Sahaba and Tyrion, and he brings their arguments very clearly.

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So this helps the student to understand that how the people used to derive the knowledge from the Hadith and when the Hadith used to go against their opinion, how these to understand it, and what you know, on how to reconcile between two devotees sometime. So this book is good training for the for the promise of the Hurry, and also at the same time, very good book, to train people to understand the fear of the Hadith and to understand the arguments of the other

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Julius Malema Sahaba are you most likely mom to be an authority of people of Kufa and people of Medina and the humble is half of Ravi and other people

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