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The speaker discusses the importance of surrendering to Allah's command and not doing things that he wants to do. He emphasizes the need for people to be aware of their actions and use their ideas for their own gain. The speaker also discusses the need for people to be aware of their desires and use their ideas for their own gain.

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You know when when we say Ali Baba worship Allah subhanaw taala what we mean by that actually the in the light of the Quran and Sunnah, the two things that are, you know, essential for any Alibaba, one is there to turn away from everything other than Allah. The first condition of Alibaba is that you leave everything other than Allah. And second thing is surrendered to Him properly to his command, no question whatever he commands to do it without any question without any doubt, believing in his inner rewards what he said fully, two things are conditional. If people prefer the prayer and their heart is in a withdrawal, it is not there. And if people come to the prayer but the door surrender

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to Him, don't do as he wants, it is not a prayer, any I bother if you do like fasting, but you do want to leave the dunya fasting backbiting lie lying cheating and all those things and then when you do dot obey properly, it did not really bother a bother must have these two things

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coming to the king of the kings, and we come to him and mind is to something else. And that what is said in the parameter either you know, this is expressed in the Quran on the tongue of Ibrahim or Islam. You know, I've been hunted Ibrahim alayhis salaam and he will also Muslim to Ebrahim Marisa Mila has this to condition honey often Muslim and Hanif means to in Arabic Allah Subhana Allah, it means to turn away from something to Hanif means one who has done away from everything to Allah subhanaw taala. And Muslim is the one who surrendered to

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a condition of everybody. Whenever you do I bother think really, that I have I turn away from everything other than Allah.

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Fasting, a second thing? Do I really surrender to Him properly? Do I have to submission to him? Because there are many, many Muslims, you know, they're Serbia believers, but for every sinner to the question, they're not, alas, come on, but this is what the logic behind that what's the reasoning behind that? Then you are not a believer, because if you believe that he has commanded whether you understand logic, we don't understand. You know, don't be silly, if your reasoning and reasoning actually is not absolute Anyway, you know, why somebody why somebody will think that reasoning has more power than the revelation your mind, why you think a revelation of Allah satara

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needs a proof or reason does not need a proof, if somebody says, you know, my reason, to work in question really that your reason I the proof, if a revelation you need a proof, why reason does not a proof, why reason can be absolute authority, where reason can be unconditional 30 reasons, have same problems as any other argument. Otherwise, if a result can be absolute, you know, or 30 then the people of reasoning should not differ,

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then all the philosophers and all the people the reasoning, they should agree, but if reasoning of one philosopher cannot convince the other one to think just similarly, how reasoning can be assumed authority

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and unless hautala has in America this revelation something's beyond beyond the human

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sources, the people need really and this inshallah will explain in some of the do's and maybe you can start thinking on that, that is the human being, you know, a human being we really need to learn properly that how we are and what can make us to use our our faculties as well as gifts properly you know, what how can you use why you know, anything that we have got, how can we use properly what can make it So, the solution actually isn't there nowhere other than an external command and the formulas other people think that we have got all those things and this youth either we want to we want to miss what our desire then basically every test you have got is going to use it It can't be

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your desire, then your eyes Your AR your enjoyment, your taste, your everything your mind will be servant after the desire that will happen you know people take us out of the desert unless people believe in the you know thing really even leave Allah tala. You know, where people live in a civil society. Are people allowed to live as they want?

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that everybody knows that you have to follow the law and live something's external, enough from inside. And those are laws, if you go deeper, really, they also are desires, they actually have been have been made to serve a certain purpose, certain desires, maybe desires of a nation, desires of certain people from the power to the only law, which actually sincere for you, which actually wants to help you know, that viability that Islam really Islam means to surrender to external command which is coming from Allah, that why people need revelation. And that was a source of Revelation is the absolute source, and it is it beyond the inner human faculties. It cannot be influenced by by

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any desire and by any human reasoning.