Haleh Banani – Why Do We Feel Empty Inside

Haleh Banani
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of evaluating and identifying a void within oneself that may not be filled with something more meaningful. They suggest that this void may be related to past experiences and that recognizing and identifying it is crucial to solving problems.
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Each person has a different sense of insecurity. And that insecurity could come from something that happened to them now, whatever that is, you have to pinpoint it. And you need to try to fill it with the right things, because what ends up happening is that people have this void, and they start filling it with the wrong things, you know, I have clients that will go and they will spend 1000s of dollars on a monthly basis because they want to fill this void. So it's like maybe if I have more kids, maybe once I get married, I'll finally feel fulfilled. And it is really critical to evaluate that and recognize what it really is because sometimes when we are told that this void needs to be

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filled with something more meaningful, the person doesn't want to hear it, it's a lot easier to just go and just swipe that credit card and just keep adding to fill that but it is a lot harder to see yourself in the mirror and recognize that there is a void there is something within myself that I need to fill and if it's not meaningful, then nothing is going to fill it

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