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The transcript discusses various topics related to Islam, including debt, housing, and the origin of title. They also mention a proposal to allow people to receive a card, the success of learning to pronounce words, and the importance of learning to pronounce words and practicing them. The speakers also discuss various topics, including shrooming children, the use of sugar, and the use of oil in the writing of Islam. They end with a reminder to check for a later follow-up.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah Salam o Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh everyone. Welcome back to the ASI weekly q&a q&a with Chef Accra nadwi On every Thursday at 6pm GMT, before we begin a brief announcement, our our new two day short course titled The double in pursuit of the Quran begins this Sunday the course will aim to explore the meaning and methodology of contemplating the Quran ahead of Ramadan delivered by none other than our esteemed chef a candidate details on the ASI website and I'll post the link for sign up in the comments. And with that, let's begin with the first question in sha Allah.

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The first question is by Jyoti, who says salam Wa alaykum chef, how can we avoid distraction? And how can we remain focused on good things and study

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Bismillah Rahmani Raheem

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you know, Allah subhanaw taala has commanded the people,

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only those things that they are able to do. Similarly, all the virtues that Allah had mentioned, and they are important for the people to achieve them, they all are, you know, under the ability of the human being, people can achieve them, like patience, remembrance of Allah, you know, concentrating, working all these things people can do.

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So what they need actually is their will, proper will and then do their best effort to if people are lazy, they can't do if people don't, you know, make a will, they can't do anything if the people don't think and plan properly, they cannot do so if you want to study that focus on that is something distract you, then in a force yourself, or move away the distraction. If you think I just remain either I am. And some something will make me to becoming interested, it is not going to happen. You have to force yourself you have to learn this how to force there's no other way of learning. However, if he wants to test you did not know he could have created as a different human

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being that all the good things we are overloaded to do. You know we do anyway. And bad things we award he could have made like that knew what he did really, he made gave us choice to do good or bad. And then he put attraction in the bad thing that people have desire, and they want to do it. But they're the mind which tells you what is good and what is bad. So listen to the mind, make a will and force yourself. That how you do not think there's no other way around that often. dilla how I do you know when I'm writing books and all those things, sometimes I don't feel well very tired and this and that. But still, I didn't watch must force myself. You know, people enjoy the live

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manipulation invite me for the dinner or for the party or for the wedding party. But I don't go because I force myself to something else. So if you force yourself in one day to come you're like you're not far you normally shallow,

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desert low they don't share. The next question is people are in constant debt because of mortgage car payments, maybe student loans and because of that they say they don't have to pay zakat. Is that fair, they chose to be in debt to not pay.

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Don't do what it used to be in the data but the house is the important necessity that people want to buy the house you know, it is important that they buy the house and now they're in debt. So they should pay their debt and they can receive the patterns were to people pay there's a cost to them to depend you know, get free from the data from the mortgage.

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If people borrow money for no reason just or luxury, or they will be questioned the judgment by people have need a house is one of the important need for rich people you know can borrow the money even haram because Hara can Morga haram, but we allow it because it is proper need. So something like that fine. But if people buy cars in one installments, where they have to pay interest and all those things and we can't do that we'll be reluctant to advise because there are cheaper cars, cheaper option. Why you go for that? So it depends really, that you know what if you need it, and then you got it, then you don't pay the data. You actually are you are eligible to receive the card.

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Just that low credit and shift. The next question is by Jo three, who asks who says As salam o alaikum. Jeff, can you please clarify the definition and criterias for Atlas Sonowal Gemma

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truth really is, you know Allah subhanaw taala one limb made a distinction between Muslims, coffers and mana Philippine. So people are Muslims. Muslims are the people who surrendered to Allah, A Guide to the path shown by the prophet, through the people who believe in the Prophet and follow him and then worship Allah. They are Muslims, like you know, they believe in the Quran. They believe in the power of the Lord sermon, they pray it he taught, anybody who saw some have submission to Allah, according to the teachings of the Prophet of Allah, Allah is Allah, they are Muslims, that what Islam means, you know, for submission to Allah subhanaw taala

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don't know Hello Suraj GEMA in the time of the proposal also

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just in Muslim Islam people who are only Khawaja to be Muslim same thing all the time really the reason why people got a hello Oh, hello so now Gemma is because you know let in the agenda the first century many steps you know, came into existence live coverage he didn't return water they learned many of those people they've got sectarian so the people who are many stream who are not in any sexy you know, they have to explain it very long sometimes that I'm not hard yeah, I'm not here Not this Abner this very long list. So then they chose to have a name. So which the easy to identify them. So they call themselves a hello so now Jamala. In we are not except we follow the group GEMA GEMA to

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Sahaba and tsunami tsunami perhaps Allah Allah salam to refer this would not the personnel is Salam. And we are connected to the GEMA the company so the person loves to hear that we use the companies so they could not we also Gemma have already called them coffee. So we are in between that white cane but when there is no sex nothing, then enough people to see that I'm Muslim, that what Allah is going to ask in the DOJ material question will not be that you are under snow GMO not because that is only for this world. This name has to know Jamar has been chosen for this award in order to distinguish you from other sects. That's all if there's no other sects don't need this. This virus

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word is not

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about anything in the DOJ made in the DOJ material be asked about Islam not about to understand or GEMA or anything, or sunnah Jama is your identity in this world.

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is an alloy like a chef. The next question is by Cena who asks who says Salaam Alaikum? Chef? You want set? Ari's today have turned Quran into a halal form of music, which itself is a disrespect to the Quran? Do you ever listen to the tourists citation of the Quran that you recommend?

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You know, and now I read myself don't listen to anybody but in the past or some try to listen to her if he you know, he's good imam of Al Medina, you know, it reading was very good, he did not have all these deception and, you know, all the Matamata melody that people have got. So if somebody reads naturally nicer, you know, Arabic away, and, you know, a good voice, there's no harm, but when people make very long sentence, you know, reading and make people to entertain and enjoy this a bit hot, you know, people used to criticize all these reading in the professor used to do so much of the Quran in the night in Wanaka, he wants to read Baqarah Ali Madonna and Nyssa in one regard, the

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second will be like that, and now the way that people will really you can't read anything like that. So this is a bit that people have mentored. The best thing is, you know, learn how to pronounce the words and then read normal way, you know, and contemplate and think and understand that it of course, I'm going to teach Inshallah, in two Sunday, focus into what is really we need to we need to learn all these techniques, every recitation of we need to understand the book of Allah, and to contemplate and to go deeper, then we act upon that, that you know, there were Quran commands that Quran never commands to do all these mahkamah and all these melodies and you know, some people can

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even copy 15 o'clock sorry, the 16th of Paris, all this copying people, you know, sinful act, you know, rewarding it, and let people come and listen to them. It's all destruction from the Mercy of Allah, eternal people become more important, the techniques become more important the book of Allah.

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Joseph Hello, hater and chef. The next question is by Feriha, who asks, Is it allowed to listen to Islamic lectures and videos on 1.25x speed or 1.5x speed, so that we can we can finish the lecture sooner.

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Do not understand all this because we are known what the spirit means in a Unison anything in order to

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Understand that if you understand the fine I don't know how how much it disappeared you know it is you learning if you want to learn something in the listening experience that you can understand you know they're not perfect just to listen without understanding so you know make effort that you listen properly

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is up to the author and Chef The next question is salam ala kosher what is the meaning of a column? I have four of swords up under the Alabama Bill column.

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No coloring in the Quran always. There's no other meaning in a column in Arabic language meant that what Arabs in when the Quran will reveal to our people and their listen this verse they need to meet certain that our lemma will color it known what a palindrome is Tarun, even pen and writing both have been measured together. It's the payments column is nothing else.

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Just a global clearing shift. The next question is by Mohammed direct who asks a Salam aleikum, Chef, is it permissible to work in a job that deals in provident funds and pensions

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provident fund on a farm purchase? There's no harm in that anyway. So I don't understand why there's a problem in working in debt. Even people who do haram like I mentioned, you know, banks, the bank do interest and all these things. Even Muslims are allowed to work there, you work and you get money, pay for what you do, what they get that their business, they will get so far that by you just do work and you appeared like somebody you're trying to taxi drivers.

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Somebody hurts your taxi and he wants to go to a pub, you you take him there, and he pays you money. Then he goes to pub and drinks it is a problem, not your problem. Somebody does a robbery and he builds a house from that raw money and you work in that house. He pays you for your labor for you. What you do, to save money could be halal for someone and haram. For someone it depends really the means. So if this what you're asking really there's nothing wrong with this anyway. So anybody can work.

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Just a little later and shift the next question is What does s hemma Adam mean?

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Asan means a dark blob on other means.

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Like in the color of the wheat, the wheat people eat it so like their color

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the that Adam and Assam is a dark

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cloth they don't ship the next question is by Farhan who hearts salaam chef I make dua to Allah for my friend who is Muslim but does not pray to guide him should I say this to Him to influence slash motivate him does the power of the reduce if someone shares knowledge of the making dua with the person

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next door inshallah good reward for that and Allah subhanaw taala will guide him in Sharla but sometimes you need to mention to the people that you love them and you are so you know, so keen for them to become guided and to pray and even you make dua for him. There's no harm in that not showing off to justice, you know that you know, you love him and you have a relationship with him. So maybe one day it turns him there's a fine if intention is to show off and impress him that's wrong. Women tension is that you know, he knows that how sincere you are, then that is good.

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Is that low Glow Cloud and Chef The next question is by unknown who asks a salam Wa alaykum. If a person does fingers crossed, or the phrase touch wood, without the intention of shirk, does that still classify as an act of shirk and they must make dogle for it.

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Circle only because sugar with intention but if people do act of sugar something which is symbol for the sugar, there's still a good sin simply be there and they should repent forefathers in the Ecuador become Kapha and mushy, but it is the committer haram to you know the dirt they should avoid i as soon as possible then they should surely confirm that so we don't classify them by the mushrik you know, but I will say that you know if they're doing something haram sinful thing so they should be away from that as soon as possible.

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Is that the law clear and share the next question again by unknown if my mother's bought land for me so that I have secure wealth in the future and I can sell when I need slash the value and so I can sell when I need it the value can increase do I have to pay zakat on the land because it's an investment

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account on the investment on the underlined really you pay the car or you know on the when something's produces something? So if we could do business at the lead, you buy the land and sell the land? Yeah, then you have to pay

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Cut, because in increasing increasing your money, but if you just keep waiting for the future, when the price goes up, then you sell it just waiting, it does not necessarily mean you're earning some money. So you don't need to pay a cut that knows the cut, you know for the property, which you are keeping to work, but if you do business or the property I forgot or something like you know, if a farming or something like that, yeah, then you pick the cotton the product with nothing growing just landed there. And one day you will sell to get no the cart in this period. But when you sell it, you didn't do the cotton beyond that money once the One year has passed, not when the day you get the

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money. But after one year, whatever the lift up is the cotton that

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does Arklow hair and Chef The next question is by Fatima who says salaam Yasha what do the words are Quan and actually run cabbie run mean, in verse nine from Serato Israel? And how does how is this verse understood holy by relating it to the next verse, that Allah wants the unbelievers who do not believe it, believe in the Afra who they will get severe punishment.

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No, call me like a we take him to a lot of water calls, you know, this reason at that dinner time upon me is multiple deal.

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So, you know, that means you know, more value compared to things. So as something that aquamarina more straightforward. So that is, you know, Quran has come, that it teaches people in this world, what is the best what is, you know, compared to other things that you know, more straightforward, more restrictive. And if people do that, they are really they get rewarded in the hereafter. So, actually, I taught the seal of the SUTA. In the past, if you look or listen to that, it will be more helpful, but I think I must have gone in detail. Now I don't remember all those details. If you can find any recording of that theory, I listened to the insha Allah

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is that glow here and ship? The next question is by Imran, who asks, solo illegal shift. Can you elaborate on the Hadith in Sahih, Muslim of the military about the journal narrated by Fatima bin place? What did that mean? See? And how is that possible for someone to come at the end of time and yet be alive during the time of the prophets Allah lives?

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We don't know really what the mean dari has seen and how a creator you know his description is it is something you know, very strange what he has seen how far the island or maybe understory is just he believed in the person. That person said I'm descended and he believed in he just narrated that movie the person who there is a lying. We don't know really, why the professor loves them, quartered the story of them and people think the professor has some nurse the story of Tommy dari, who has seen just Sasa this woman, it means the prophets are awesome I accept is as true. So that's around the data. The problem is may find many people. They think since the prophets Allah narrated the

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story, it means he affirmed the story. No, it doesn't mean that. You know, and actually, this is very clear. The reason is the prophet narrated the stories that the prophets Allah them used to tell people about the John antichrist and many things they were exchanging when he told me it is meant for the people to listen, when dream Daddy brought the story. It also was a strange story to the professor. So use that story to tell these people that what I teach about the judge is not so strange, you can see this lottery winner is so the judge not worth him that he has mentioned that not the profit some kind of because they know that the company is actually some of them used to

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think even as a yard in Medina, He's the judge, or even the professor pastor is still even though Omar and many people opposite of Audrey, they used to believe in this I added the gel. So they do not believe in the story of dream daddy, Dream daddy story, why the only mention for this connection? That that is strange story. And what the Prophet said about the jobs that are so strange, to the profit of water to tell people that you know, there are strategies in this world, like the meme diary measures, but there's no affirmation from the prophet that worth the meme. Daddy has seen that integer. There's not no information that so I'm

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coming to you as in Sahih Muslim, I decided to make it very clear that hadith is an imam Muslim is a writer to include the Hadees in his he does not contract with the Hadith of the jail. No, it actually tells you that there are strange things in this world. You know, and what about the judge may be more is strange, but to some possibility that the reason that not the new property not that

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this just saw this lady, she's the judge.

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There are people who

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The Summary The story of Musa Heath Ledger. There are so many opinions about the job. But anyway, the story attorney buried in Farah semisimple story, we don't go into details of the main theory, rather than what we say that that story if it has some strange, so there's no harm the GRC story or the more you say something more restrained to at least it proves that didn't this what is strange things exist?

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There's Arklow head and chef. The next question is from Youssef, who says a Salam aleikum, Chef, what books do you recommend students of Islamic studies to study in Arabic or English for studies in a normal Quran?

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Your phenomenal Quran actually there are many things written and there are so many books actually there are some modern works they're also very good

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manner he wrote a fine if you're all in the Quran by some I forgot the name is very very good book. And if you want to go for the past, I think the best book from where every all the books are coming either the book of the Kashi to he wrote Abraham fear or the Quran you know, within the four volumes and then saluti like you know, SUTI always comes and summarize to summarize that work. And we either something from here and there, make a shorter version.

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And people read it more than Rohan Babu Rouhani the main thing you know everything from Wuhan suit is very few things around here that the regular regular workday or Wuhan, Allah Buddha, Han Quran by the Kashi everybody take from there, if you want to study properly, read the book or Buddha

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jizz up low iron chef, the next question is a Salam o alaikum. Chef, to what extent can a woman make her eyebrows and wear perfume?

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You know, women when they go outside, you know it should be

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they should not make intention to attract anybody. So if the intention is wrong, that's very bad, really. But it does not mean they need to look ugly or something like that. If people want to be looking nice, there's no harm in their intention not to attack people to wear perfume, you know, they are allowed to have a perfume, which can make them happy but not so strong. That can attract people. So very light perfume which women themselves can you know, feel of somebody very close to them. But you know, if people walk in the street they don't feel, then that's fine. But if it is very striking, they go for the prayer and everybody can be distracted, then that's not allowed.

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Is that low, clear and sharp? The next question is by abroad who asks, is earning money from YouTube? Adverts halal? Meaning that if someone creates a YouTube video, and they allow advertising to show on the video, would that be permissible? I don't think that in Hollywood that you know you do. So one way of making people make money digital. So if you make a good YouTube video, which was the Khaled Yeah, then fine. But if you make something haram Yeah, that's the problem. But if you make something halal, and then people use it for their advertising, and they pay you money, that's fine. I think what some people say about this, Jeff, is that sometimes in the advertising you might

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have haram advert for alcohol or gambling or something like this to come up well you don't actually control that and one thing is if you make something Islamic the know really who is your audience so they will actually advertise those things will suit your you know, audience I think that what they do they're not go to Western you know, advertisement foreign or in dark place. You know, the MasterCard coalition what happened but if they do it and not you're in you can't change it. It did you know, they do they you know, it, but your intention, not that inshallah look at your money. Like for Apple to do that. There are many Muslim newspapers and all these, there are times when it is not

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necessarily all the things are very good. But people do this. There are times when it doesn't matter. Just that no hair and ship. The next question is by uh, you, you said what were the major problems the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam was faced with after he migrated to Medina, and what were his solutions?

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The prophets have actually had many, many problems, who have come up with community is a family problem and all these problems.

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You know, they probably don't believe us in a battle a brother or

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son talk about a big thing in the family. You know, people have used his wife Ayesha adultery. It was very much a big problem for more than a month the prophets are somebody in constant pain. So there are many, many prophets the prophets are the first but he always be good a slave of Allah to he used to worship Allah obey Him. And oh,

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Word for his judgment is command. So in a patient's sobre, there was a solution for us that we obey Allah in every condition, and then do something. The other way that no other solution really do not do this what is good? And if something goes wrong, do something.

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Zach, hello, Claire and chef. The next question is by use of who says, Can you kindly shed light on the dispute that occurred between Mr. Weaver Tamia and even the larvae? In your opinion, who is more correct?

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Inaudible is very senior, you know, even though I've been thinking I've never met him. Even Larabee was from his pen, and traveled very well, then he came to Syria and out there, but before, before he even Potamia

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you know, his opinions are, some of them are very strange. He wrote two important books for social heckum on Alpha 200 Makia, which has many good tests, but this also had a lot of problems. The most important problem actually, in books of r&b, what it's called was to dude. So, you know, they're the only one existence we are all you know, we all are God, you know, everything just got Allah, you know, there's no separation between Creator created to this event. And just really because, you know, a lot of water makes very clear, that is separate from the created, you know, he addresses people people die and they are born, they're created or they were nothing then Allah made by he

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thinks in all the things are the same, and that more than variability in his writings. So this should be corrected that over time you criticize disconcerted very much, not only Himachali many, many people criticize it that our chef has shared with us who are shackled Hardison, Sahara. He used to say that if anybody believes in what to do, I have no doubt that he's a Kafir. So if people like him not to be if they really did the writing, the what and what the written actually they believe in that? Yeah, there's no doubt in the COFRA because it makes everybody you know, Allah, and me and you in the book actually returned that once he passed by a dog. Somebody asked me, Is this also your

00:27:12--> 00:27:57

God? He said, Yes. So in everything, God, so nobody created. And he said, You know, when fear Ana said, another book, Malala, I'm your greatest Lord Rob. He said, This is human, because Iran is Rob. We all are. And he's a greater because he was his power. So you know, to him actually the no difference between human being in between God. So something like that, you know, we call the Christian people Mushrik because they make Jesus Christ divine. Mr. We mix everybody mind, all the people become part of God. So this very, very dangerous belief, really, there's no compromise, you know, between Islam and between disbelief of absolute. So not only with me, you know, many, many

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people have been criticizing it, calling it Kufa.

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Does that Giselle Hello, internship. The next question is by facing who says a Salam aleikum. Chef, I have a question about a pedo groups. Some people from the Salafi group would not take anything from machete scholars even in 50 issues. If someone follows the atheria vida, can they take the fifth year ruling from the Ashanti OMA to read the scholars? Never like Ramos's to be divided. You know, take good things with masa without America. Take your thing and leave you know are polluted cities which are mixed anybody has got a good thing take for me don't divide don't bind to these groups. So I don't like I shall read my 3d Salafi and this and that you know if mom now we write

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something nice take from the time you write something nice, you know we helps you in your religion, take from him take take from Lulu DailyVee if that says something which actually is not in sunnah leave that don't necessarily need to criticize them or call them call for a mushrik leave that in. Just take things which are best Libelula DailyVee if you read his books, some things are very strange. We don't want to mention that. But some of his books are very, very good to take from that. That is best. In other words, if you just keep criticizing everybody, most of us will be more divided into sub sub groups. So that's very dangerous.

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To Zack locator and share final question for today. Someone asks, Can the Sunnah act of Friday such as reading sort of gap, sending blessings upon the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam

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sadaqa be done on Thursday after maghrib does it carry equal reward as doing them on the day of Friday?

00:29:42--> 00:29:51

You know, we refer to Kapha you know, Friday, I have written an article that's not a sunnah. So I read that, you know, there's no sound at least about reading

00:29:53--> 00:29:59

golf, social coffee on Friday. So you should be aware of that. But you read the Quran in our Friday like every day

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You know, maybe it's a little Friday more, but you don't need to just read through cough Salatin, the personnel, it's something you do every day.

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Friday, maybe more reward back evening, every day. You know, people just think days actually have more rewarding I did have some time more reward. But more than that is your purity of the heart or intention. Sometimes could be somebody says something and not in a very great time, but he'll get more reward because so sincere sincerity. There's so many things. If you are 30 You feel better nicely. You said more solid got rewarded for that.

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The tender the Friday will be better. But you know, depends on the condition of your mind and thinking and your sincerity versus sincerity there. Then even it's more thing because the big entire philosophy Hautala.

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Joke Hello. Hey, Ron. That's all for today. Unfortunately, if your question hasn't been answered, please remember it. Please remember it and perhaps we can aim to answer it next week. Just buckle up later and check for your time and just talk a little clearer on everyone for joining and we'll be back next week, Thursday at 6pm GMT. As always, a salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh