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The segment covers the story of Alia's murder and Moher's claim of being killed by a woman named Moher. The group discusses the importance of being informed and being cautious in events. The conversation also touches on the history of Islam and the need for people to convince them. The speakers emphasize the importance of being true to oneself and avoiding giving up on others.

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I'm going to paraphrase maybe certain parts of it just so that it doesn't take forever to generate. It's one of my favorite because as an a story to it, and it goes like this, but I couldn't know what oh then how the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam or Mahayana, Albert Korean or Amara, whatever. You were all sitting amongst the Prophet Alia salatu salam in Abaco and Ahmed were there and a couple of other people fall for karma and now Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for Abu Bakr Lena Prakash Sheena and your taqwa. Duna.

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Professor Yana takuna, according to a Willem and fuzzier

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so he's saying, you know Ibaka. Herrera here does a little bit of bragging throughout the Hadith, like he doesn't believe it, and then he gets punished for it. So so you'll hear, you'll hear it kind of goes. So he says, we're sitting there, and the Prophet alayhi salatu salam got up and he left us for a little bit. And he took a long time. Like he said, I'll be back and then it took longer than what we're used to use used to him doing. So we got scared that maybe something happened to him. So we panicked a little bit, and we started to get up to go so I was the first one to get scared. I was the first one to panic and I was the first one to get to go do something he was talking about

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himself with a low IQ. And this is this just I mean I could I could take time he just talked about that piece that this is what they were living in danger for the majority of his life it is slow to listen, there was lack of safety. If you're sitting with a friend or a group of people and like I'm going to go for a while come back and they're late you're not going to panic or think something bad happened to them. But the product is awesome during that time. Even in Medina there was always there's always fear always danger of spies or mercenaries or someone who would come and harm him out of your assault or kidnapping him It slows them so they wind up looking for they happen to have to I

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know what was sold to me on Saudi men in a jar. So I was looking around for him and then I found a

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an orchard for Bernina gr which are a group of the Ansara and you can see the profit Alia Cyberoam image but he her Rasulullah Ali's I could see him inside

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but they have to up hustler who and bad for them agita who bourbon, so I'm looking I'm going around usually a high up is a wall and is referring to an orchard that has this world around so it's closed in so he went around looking for a door and he couldn't find a door to get in for a two. Robbie one. Alright Robbie and yet Hello Jehovah Elohim in between ha Raja so what I saw was I saw a spring of water and a small stream of a stream of water that was going into the orchard from under the wall right so if you live in the in the the fire in the countryside, you've seen this before. So sometimes you don't have an actual spring inside your orchard but there's one right outside so you

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just make sure that there's a little bit of a pathway for the water to go from under the wall so you can see malefactors to come if he's with fella by the hull to Ala Rasulillah so So I entered just like a Foxwood so I kind of I squirmed under the wall in the water to get through to the other side. It's like I squirmed in like a like a fox. So I get to the other side to the in the rough alley. It's also I'm Carla Abu Hurayrah Sultana Amira Rasul Allah Yes, it's me Takala Arabic Why are you here? Bacala Quinta Marina, first draft, but Prakash Sheena and Takata prefer Xena commoner for control while I'm in physio

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for I took her kill her. But actually the bourbon factor for years to come I think was was the eye level and the head of robbery. But it took so he explained the whole story to the Prophet it starts I told him so we were with you. You left us You said you're gonna come back. It took a long time. We all got worried I was the one who was most worried we all got up but I was the first one to get up and I was the first one to look through and I found you but I couldn't find a Dory. I was taller. So I the only thing I could find is this is the spring in the water. So I like a fox jasola I put myself under so I could come and find yourself on a limb

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so he kind of bragging a little bit to the prophet Ali Hassan so how much he loves him.

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Whenever you always have some kind of a kind of fear the Rasulullah he and Allah. He had his two shoes in his hands out of your southwest

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Bacala Yeah, about Herrera who's nallah Yeah, her team. Put hub for Maliki to Allah. Ha ha Lt. Yes. How do Allah Illa Illa Allah when the Abdullah who was Zulu for Bashir, who will Jana? Take my shoes. Now, you're wondering why on earth would you didn't have a lot of accessories back in the day. And there weren't a lot of things that you were known by.

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Shoes. Were one of them. Coming by good shoes was a big deal. A big deal. Well, I not even 5060 years ago, if you go to the Middle East, if you can, if you have a good pair of shoes. Yeah. And you are very, you're very wealthy. That's why why do you think people have problems coming to my session? Because what's the thing that happens every time you come to the masjid, you walk out no shoes, because there's a good piece of shoe a good pair of shoes are worth taking. Right? So it's actually makes it so the brother is on his shoes were known. So the problem is I want to give away something for him to prove that he met him. Right? Because apparently there's what the lemma think

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the brother Ali Hassan went and he met Gibreel in it.

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Hey, everybody had a discussion with him. Maybe it was Quran maybe it wasn't. But the prophet Allah is awesome concluded from this. The words that he told Abu Huraira to go tell people take my shoes and whoever sees you tell him I met him I must have Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah and he told me to give the good tidings of Jannah to anyone who says La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah, so I took his shoes and I left la wahala to kinda, oh, well am I lucky to Amara, the first person he runs into is I'm gonna be local pub is bad luckily lawan your resident dharma? Nakata?

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Her tourney. Nyla. Sula. Are those issues of the Prophet in your hand? People were known issues were known. Kala Nam Takata Maha Melaka moto be quite why are you carrying them? Are the low handle in the Rocky to rasool Allah he's also let me tell him the story the whole thing for Bharani and others have been lucky to hahaha at Uber Shiro who will Jannetty incarnation to Allah. Allah Allah Muhammad Abu who was he told me to take his shoes whenever I meet outside this wall to tell them that ALLAH SubhanA gives him the good tidings of gender if they believe in Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah fedora and Yama Barberton Hara to fee is the Camarilla when I said those words He slapped me hard so

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hard that I fell back on my behind

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Welcome to the curriculum is a lawsuit I gotta get up. Tell me where the profit is up to a judge who Booker and I'm crying I'm walking like breathing heavily crying and we're having a few Memorial Kabuli almost right behind me pushing me just to move move Where's Mohammed were the prophets I said the move move in front of me and what is the you so the entrance to the

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glory that comes in is crying for Father and that he also Salah Muhammad Mara DECA Yeah, all right. Why are you back to Florida Hello still and tell the whole story again if you're very long I need to because I wanted to keep on telling the whole story. I went out. I did what you told me I told the person I ran into him I told him the thing he is but if I don't have any money Rasul Allah for 100 to 300 USD hit me really hard and I fell on my behind for another interview someone sent me lumber for Colorado. Ma hemella Canada why you do this Bacala Yasser Allah and Berto and yet who then are Laker so he had to have a call for her that her at your best showroom and your Pulu La ilaha

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illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah bill. Jana, do you tell him to take your shoes and go tell anyone behind this wall that they say La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasool Allah intergender

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Castellana on Myanmar excited for call ya rasool Allah

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in NACA in Yaksha. In vile to Delica. And yet Tiki Lu fella Allah, Allah yeah Malou

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for Hunley, him Yasser Allah He Yama loon you said your Salah and fear that if you go tell people this is beautiful, then they stopped doing anything. They misunderstand you.

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They misunderstand you and they misunderstand what this message is. And they sit around saying well I say La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad was when they stopped doing anything at all The Hunley him yeah Milo let leave them, let them do let them work. Let them continue to strive towards what is beneficial for them to call us that Allahu alayhi wa sallam the holy him, let them let them do that. Now if Ahmed was wrong, the prophet Allah your thoughts I would have told him no, no, no, no, no, this is very no the robber out as I said, I'm actually said yes, let them because it wasn't. The Ahmad was correcting the Prophet alayhi salatu salam his message? No, it was the Promise of Allah I

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know pointing out for the Prophet Allah your salatu salam, that's your message this way will probably be misunderstood. It's not a correction of the message is it's a fear of misunderstanding the message. The Prophet alayhi salam never said Allah, Allah says Allah, never in his life. Did he ever suggest that if you just said two words or two phrases, that and sat around doing nothing for the rest of your life, contributing a no fashion at all, having nothing to show for it at the end of it that somehow you're going to make it onto the edges? But no way? Did he ever suggest that so Allah Allah is on your side of them. And they're Ahmad was just saying, tell us what Allah what

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you're saying, can be misunderstood that way. So maybe let people continue to work hard the way they are, because they're not gonna understand what you're saying, for the Prophet Allah usado. Salam said for Helenius you're probably you're right. But the Hadith has value to it. Because the hadith is saying this was actually it this teaching this beautiful little story we heard that saying La ilaha illallah, Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu. It's like, which may means that you will continue to work to the day you die. That's what it means, meaning it contains within it a clause of striving until you meet God himself. It can take it's a covenant of work, actually, it's a covenant of site

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of striving and putting your effort that's what it is. But if you if you decide to understand it some other way, if you decide to say no, all it is is just a declaration, so I'll make the declaration I'll put it on my Facebook page. Facebook is forever right? So I'll post it publicly there I'll put it on my social media accounts already and that way I've declared I believe in this then I'll make it your milk gamma regardless of what I do.

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He never

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We're taught that some Allah Hi Simon Sinek ever he never taught that at all. But he sent ovaherero with this beautiful with this with this beautiful piece of information why? The reason why this is so important the reason why is because those who believed Allah, Allah illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah who are with him, we're working day and night for the sake of Allah. We're still very very afraid of punishment. We're still very we're sleeping at night afraid of being punished by Allah subhanaw taala for for their shortcomings for the lack of insincerity for the lack of commitment for the lack of love for the lack of certainty for the amount of doubt for the amount of wasted time for the

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mistakes that are repetitive for the chronic issue they didn't deal with they're scared so the Prophet Allah you saw some sentence I was like no no if you say that you know in the law Mohammed also Allah and mean it actually another narration for Saudi man wasn't mistaken. And Bihar culpa. Oh, Cobo mean his heart is filled with it. He has full certainty and it will stay open and be helpful but there's no doubt it as art then you'll make it Inshallah, but almost correctly was scared that maybe if you say it this way, people just think it's enough to say it and not do anything. Now, here's my question to you was alright.

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Well, the Allah who I know,

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hit the nail on the head.

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He couldn't have been more accurate or the lady knows exactly what it was like he knows people are the other one. The proper audio source, I'll tell you what happened at a moment where he was speaking to Gibreel. And he saw so much of Allah subhanaw taala is compassion and mercy. He was overwhelmed by it. He was overtaken by the beauty of what he heard from Djibouti data yesterday. And so he felt he just has to give this good news. He couldn't help it. He wanted to give this good news to people because he felt that ALLAH SubhanA has mercy will come it will encompass everybody that Allah says compassion will reach everyone. So he said it all just came with a little bit of realism

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to it. Don't misunderstand it. You're right, of course. So Allah Hadees I was gonna be saying the truth. Those are the words he said are the truth. But just make sure you don't misunderstand them. Because if you do, then you're putting yourself in jeopardy and pulling people around you because he never claimed on to you. So to assume that your tongue just saying something with no conviction with no commitment with no covenant to be fulfilled after that is going to take us anywhere. I hope that is a benefit to you. I won't repeat that it is a long Hadith when we tested Bancolombia 100 Allah Allah hinda and if you go to Lake wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad Orissa which means like

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Mala halen Baraka Luffy calm, have a nice night. See you tomorrow Shala for Jomar 115 Salaam Alaikum. I would like to autoboca