Akram Nadwi – Should we make effort to earn money?

Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The speaker advises that using the means is a fundamental duty and should not harm one's health or reputation. The speaker suggests that people should use the means to make effort and avoid causing harm to their environment. They also mention that people should use the means to make money and avoid causing harm to their friend's friend's family.
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You should make effort for worldly matters, like earning money feeding the people, either on a diet as long as that effort does not harm your religion, too. For example, you want to Armani, Armani make effort, but do the prayers on the time.

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But if you're too greedy to earn money, or you missed the prayer, then that suburb is wrong,

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too, if any, in using any means, affects you, makes you to disobey your Lord, the certificate that connect to the trust in a lonely can be right when you trust in him use the means, while obeying Him because using the means is actually his command. But it is not that you use the means and then you miss the prayer the prayer is more important or like fasting in order to always keep understanding people have duty to earn money to make effort, but that earning money should not cause them to commit any sin any disobedience because this command is much much stronger than the command to earn money. So that how can you take both Now also, when you use the means obligation is to get that much

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money which can help you and your family

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any more than that not as necessary sometime maybe advisor because you want to spend part of that figure really if I spent so much time on earning money in those time I can learn a Quran or Hadith lasuna which which one I should do it up to you to some type could it possible that you have enough money to survive it still people want to make more money, they become greedy to death not really they surely spend rest of the time in Alibaba in learning and studying. Sometime when the community needs your money and you want to be generous, it will be allowed because sometimes needs are that very important. But if that intention, but most people they want to make more money for themselves,

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not for the people

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to any the simple matter. People must use the mean. lawful means to help themselves their family as long as using the means it

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does not affect your elevada does not cause you to disobey your Lord. If caused you to disobey your Lord, then that is because you're not allowed to that to all advise and do distance within the limit.

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