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Akram Nadwi
AI: Summary © The importance of history and good character to avoid confusion is emphasized, along with the need for strong message and teaching to pray. The success of a debate and potential one's success could lead to hatred. proper grammar and being a good person are also emphasized. The importance of history and good neighbors is emphasized, along with the potential for one's success to lead to hatred.
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If I understand properly the way of the dog and the parent is that to tie the filter of the people, without the people is that if they get any favor from anybody, they want to think that everybody to fit another human being that we have got so much before you're born and after we about so much they want to thank it. If this nobility concert to their themselves, look for for who to think how to worship. If it is not there, then if prove anything that will happen the first thing actually to make the heart of the people clean your heart to deca for the fitrah. Then after that, no doubt, sometimes people need to debate sometimes can discuss and not for the purpose of Dawa but some for

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other reason. Musan Islam is not the person who chose the debate, actually debate about imposed upon him to sometimes can happen even the Prophet masala Listen, otherwise whenever the prophets messenger have choice. They don't cover the great news or Islam. Every time he meets if people use what he said what are the people? Yeah, even NASA or Abdulla or people worship Allah. They always call to worship Allah to thank him. The Prophet Muhammad Salah used to go to every hacer la ilaha illa Allah, they never debate they never prove anything. But when the debate imposed upon them, even they want to escape that sometime. You don't need out the answers you can nicely it doesn't really

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make much difference to the professor. Listen mostly he never liked this lecture. The Moosa isn't himself it is costing people to know like and when it comes to film, he did not debate anything and philosophy was him to debate asked question, but musasa keeps coming to his door all the time. He wants to avoid his question and a case come to focus on it matter.

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If you look in the history, hardly you can find people who became Muslim because it's a proof of argument. Most people became Muslim because I feel actually that why Quran needs a messenger

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Quran itself cannot people cannot make people talk unbeliever you Parana, one Li works in the hands of a man of good character in Naka, Allah phylloquinone if people who receive the Quran they don't have good character, Quran doesn't work, to what what we knew really love instead of learning how to debate and how to argue What do we need to learn how to do prayer nicely, to have good character, you know, I say, you know, in English, so my time that you know, a South Asian people that came to England, and in every single thing they want to come to Western people, English every single thing, except biryani

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because they are hyped, they know that their food is so nice. They never can leave it. And there's so much Kalamazoo that that even the white people are left with biryani that thing really, if you can emit biryani so nice that other people could delete their food and they're interested in your food, telling me isn't the more important part of the make our prep so interesting, so attractive, that typically prayer itself becomes when people see you playing the table and this is so nice, they loved God we were Muslim with our neighbors. If the Muslims are such a nice neighbors, we want to live next to them that what messenger does, we need to have good characters good Alibaba ibadah had

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more attraction than any food than any debate than any argument to record clear nicely, they have much more power than any debate, any discussion, any argument, nothing can be implicit, it really touched the nature of the people went very personal place to record, it really goes so deep in the heart, you can't imagine ask anybody was there so many people say when see the muscles praying, we had to learn really how to pray and we have to learn how to be good neighbors, good Muslim nice people, and you will see the world will change. And if you keep learning the better, somebody who's more clever than you, they easily can beat you. There are no rational argument which cannot easily

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be you know, broken any argument. If it doesn't mean that you are wrong, right? It just only anybody who can defeat you you only Miss He is more clever than you

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you winning the argument never means that you are right. Winning the argument only means that you are you are more clever that is the same thing. It actually is IRS it is safety like in the cricket match between India and Pakistan in the article when the cricket might not meet their religion, right? No, it only means they know how to play cricket. If you win the debate, it means you know how to debate it does not mean that you are more right. Understand this proper that way the best thing is be a good human being nice character good, I bother not learn how to play, man, your image should be so foreign. It can shave them off, people can see, you know, like I mentioned the bar. They are

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white one of his disciples to write a book to interview all the people who become Muslim in his time. And in order to

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make a book Islam zindabad. In that other interview, one of the British English gardener in India, he became Muslim. People asked him how he became Muslim. He said I had a Muslim sentiment. He was not a learned person. And somebody in his family died. And he came to work and he mentioned to me, but he was fine. You know, we'll just say to I was wondering that, you know, somebody died but he's not upset. I asked him what happened. He said Allah subhanaw taala decided and you know, we surrendered to Him, whatever he does.

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The next time somebody else dies is to patient third time, fourth time they never think really if it happened to us, we become so upset, sorry, but what makes him so firm after all those things? And then he said that what made me to read is about grammar and become Muslim. You see, when the difficulty comes to your suffering can make people Muslim.

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There are women who become Muslim because no Muslim young Muslim students in the US do. They protested the desert so much. They were amazed that these young people they could fall in the desert easily but what makes them too so strong? The salah and Sabra both actually have attraction if Muslims do Salah properly, people will accept Islam if Muslims have set it up properly. People who accept Islam debates and arguments and never never benefit any community actually creates more hatred. Like you know many people do very well on the on the TV people hate hate Muslims because they are so can do, anybody can do it does not help by the end it's going to be sufficiently

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cumbersome, but if not approve the real thing, character of the Prophet messenger how you are how your messenger How is it that what helps you to move to instead of learning diverted learn how to play that article learn how to play agree if you invite those we know if anybody wants to debate debate you tell them no I don't have any debate. Come to my house and make a nice food cream make friendship. It will be more likely for him to become Muslim by friendship. Then Then the any debate. Simple thing made friendship calls into your house and nice food you'll see the change in Sharla

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